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Pregnancy Termination Abortion In Bangalore India

Abortion in Bangalore India, otherwise known as a medical termination of a pregnancy (MTP) is mostly performed for unwanted early or first trimester pregnancies.

Women in India often find it difficult to have an abortion in Bangalore or anywhere else around the country. This is due to the social stigma surrounding the topic, even though abortion is legal, if it is not requested for gender selection.

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act has made legal abortion possible in 1971, upon its passing and inclusion in the Indian Penal Code

There are situations when an abortion is not only a decision, but also a necessity, due to the certain risks the pregnancy bring to the mother. Choosing the American Hospital in Bangalore is the right thing to do.

Our internationally trained team of skilled physicians, gynecologists and technical staff is ready to offer you support in such delicate moments and provide professional help.

We abide bythe oath we have taken to put our patients first, and the medical treatment and procedures we provide go hand in hand with accuracy, hygiene, and a comfortable soothing environment. Youwill receive the safest abortion a Bangalore hospital provides.

An early diagnosis might recommend a non-surgical termination of the pregnancy, performed with abortion pills in Bangalore. However, since you will have a full set of medical analysis performed, the results might indicate you are allergic to the active substances or the excipients of the abortion pills. If this occurs, the abortion procedure will be modified, to best suit your needs.

Most so-called abortion in Bangalore hospitals and some abortion doctors in Bangalore perform the abortion and do not consider the overall health condition of a woman. We, at the American Hospital in Bangalore offer complete services, with healthy meal plans and diets that ensure a fast recovery, supplementing blood and essential hormonal loss.

International recognition from prestigious medical institutions and hospitals has been granted due to our “Care to Humanity First” policy.

Since having a medical abortion in Bangalore is a sensitive topic, we understand the need for privacy and confidentiality.

From your first phone call to the last follow-up session, you will have complete guidance, all under our privacy and confidentiality policies.The policies restrict any employee from sharing information regarding your request or condition to anyone else besides yourself.

Call 934 382 6182 to speak directly with a doctor regarding your questions and concerns.

The American Hospital in Bangalore offers the safest medical abortion in Bangalore India. This is done under the protection of our strict privacy and confidentiality policy.

Depending on your pregnancy’s age, our Bangalore abortion clinic doctors will assess if you need a chemical abortion, done with abortion pills available in Bangalore, or a surgical abortion in Bangalore. The chemical abortion might not be suited if you are allergic to the active substances or excipients of the pills.

Since abortion implies blood loss and emergency conditions may appear during the procedure, the American Hospital in Bangalore is associated with blood banks in order to be fully prepared for such situations.

Our hospital is equipped with state of the art operation theaters and has an updated gynecology center, including the latest technology.

The management system is patient oriented, making the entire process easy.The American hospital patient aftercare is provided to abortion patients after the procedure.

Important: Do not consider any of the situations or possible solutions below. You could endanger your OWN LIFE!

No matter how well you know your body, do not perform self-diagnosis. Also, remain calm and don’t make any hasty decisions out of concern or in a moment of panic and distress.

We have former patients whose situations could have been much easier, if they would have remained calm when making decisions regarding their health. You are the most important, so think about your safety, well-being and health!

Call 934 382 6182 to speak directly with a doctor regarding your questions and concerns.

Under no circumstance you should do the following:

  • Do NOT consider having an abortion in Bangalore at home. The main abortion cost in Bangalore is losing your life due to complications.
  • Do NOT accept the service of fake abortion centers in Bangalore or those of any uncertified abortion clinics in Bangalore or anywhere else.
  • Do NOT buy and/or use abortion pills in Bangalore without a prior medical consultation with the gynecologist.
  • Do NOT wait for medical help and guidance. If you feel misguided, without help, or even alone, call our doctors. They are here for you!
  • Do NOT choose unsafe Bangalore abortion clinics or the unlawfulabortion centers Bangalore sometimes hosts. These are unqualified and unlawful facilities and having a medical termination of a pregnancy in such a Bangalore abortion clinic may cost you your health and life.
  • Do NOT rely on the advice of your friends or family members only. Medical assistance is mandatory.

The unfortunate cost of abortion in Bangalore at unlawful facilities is losing your life, but there are other abortion in Bangalore costs you should remember:

  • Infection due to incomplete abortions
  • Excess scraping of the uterus can lead to permanent damage of the uterine walls. This can lead to the woman being unable to conceive.
  • Reutilizing tools without sanitizing them can lead to vaginal or yeast infections.
  • Serious, permanent health risks.

All of the above can be prevented, and the overallabortion in Bangalore cost regarding your health can be minimized. Consulting a qualified gynecologist or physician is the first step you need to take.

The American Hospital in Bangalore abides by the Supreme Court law, respecting the law and carrying safely every medical abortion in Bangalore.

Life threatening procedures shall not be performed under any circumstances (for example, abortions for very advanced pregnancies or gender selection).

The American Hospital in Bangalore provides a safe, pleasant and comfortable environment, allowing the patient to benefit from high-end technology and highly trained doctors, gynecologists and nurses. All this is done in privacy and confidentiality.

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