Abortion at 20 weeks pregnancy: What to do and how to plan?

We may call it abortion at 20 weeks pregnancy or a second-trimester abortion or the abortion in the 5th month of pregnancy or just a late-term abortion, the abortion rules governing them vary largely. The variation may range from country to country or even state to state (as in the United States of America).

The terms and the rules governing abortions may range from completely illegal to highly restricted to permissible.

Can abortion be done at 20 weeks pregnant?

If you are seeking an abortion at 20 weeks of pregnancy, it is essential to learn whether it is your option. Also, it is important to have a safe and legal abortion.

In this post, you may find all your answers concerning this second-trimester abortion.

20 weeks in pregnancy is quite a time and abortion risks and complications increase with gestation age. Hence, it is crucial for your health and life to opt for a safe abortion.

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Here’s all that you may want to know about abortion at the 20th week of pregnancy.

Why a woman may require an abortion at 20 weeks?

Several personal and medical conditions may be responsible for a woman’s decision to undergo a late-term abortion.

Although it is the reproductive right of every woman to choose whether or not to carry on with pregnancy at any time, medical conditions and abortion rules may not allow her to exercise this right similarly in different parts of the world.

However, countries that do permit legal abortions for multiple reasons also restrict late-term abortions owing to various medical, social, regional, religious, ethical or moral concerns. They may allow early abortions for women who deny to carry on with their pregnancies.

But at later stages, complications and risks with abortions may increase. Hence, they are guided or prescribed only for certain medical conditions.

Some of the reasons that may draw our attention and may even be your reason for an abortion at 20 weeks are:

Termination of pregnancy for fetal anomalies:

With the advancement of technology and techniques in prenatal screening, it has become possible to detect some fetal deformities early.

We can expect a woman to be carrying a wanted pregnancy but some prenatal scans may reveal that the child has multiple deformities or will be born with a disease that may make his/her life worse than death.

Since most of the anomalies (structural or developmental) that may call for abortion are detected between 18-23 weeks of pregnancy, hence these women may require to avail of a safe abortion at nearly 20 weeks.

Some of the fetal anomalies that may call for abortion are Down’s syndrome, disorders of the nervous system, chromosomal abnormalities and some others.

In such events, an abortion may be medically prescribed.

To save a woman’s health or life:

Sometimes carrying on with the pregnancy, whether wanted or unwanted may pose a threat to the woman’s life. On such occasions, to save her health and life, a late-term abortion may be prescribed.

In case a woman could not avail of an early abortion:

Most of the times, women may not be able to avail of early abortions either due to personal or social or legal reasons. This cannot stop the gestation length from proceeding further and hence when they are able to find a safe and legal way out of their pregnancies, by the time, they may be in the second trimester.

In events of difficulty in obtaining transportation:

There may be women who want to terminate their unwanted pregnancies early but are unable to avail of them in their native places. The reasons could be the non-availability of safe abortions in their regions or abortions may be illegal in their countries.

They wish to travel to other places or countries where abortion is legal, such as in India. But due to the unavailability of timely flights or other transportation facilities, they may not be able to avail of early abortions. And hence they may need to seek an abortion at 20 weeks.

Many women have suffered this complication in this COVID era where global lockdowns and travel restrictions prevented women from travelling for safe abortions.

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Since you may need to rest and have a comfortable place to stay until your return flight, you may check out the hotels in Bangalore near the airport.

These and several other factors may slow down a woman in seeking an early abortion.

Abortion at 20 weeks: The abortion procedure:

Since the abortion procedures are guided by the gestation length, abortion at 20 weeks may be performed by the Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or commonly known as the surgical method of abortion.

It has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to carry out a late-stage abortion only by surgical means for the safety of the woman.

Not only the procedure has been recommended by the WHO, but also guidelines have been framed for safe abortions. The abortion clinics, performing doctors, safe medicines, the techniques to be used, the medical tools that may be used all are specified.

Surgical abortions need to be performed only by qualified doctors who have received extensive training. This is essential both for the efficiency of the procedure as well as for the safety of the woman.

Since there are several complications and risks with abortion by invasive means, it is advisable never to visit quacks or opt for abortions in unsafe settings.

You do have better ways even if the pregnancy is unwanted like travelling to a foreign country where abortion is legal for up to 20 weeks. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks under general circumstances and for special circumstances, the legal permission was recently extended for up to 24 weeks in the year 2020.

Coming back to how surgical abortion is performed.

There may be several methods of performing D&E abortions. Some may require an overnight stay in the hospital since cervix dilatation medicines may be administered. While there are others where the latest techniques are used and abortion may be performed as a single day procedure.

If you want a single day procedure at the hands of highly qualified and experienced doctors with assistance from internationally trained nurses, then we would recommend you to consider travelling to American Hospital Bangalore.

Here, you may avail of a safe, legal and confidential abortion whether you are an Indian citizen, an expatriate or a foreign woman.

Here’s what to expect during a surgical abortion at AHB:

  • It is always better to call the hospital’s helpline number and visit by appointment so that you can have a hassle-free experience. The hospital can have it scheduled and all the necessary settings for your abortion may be made before your arrival.
  • You will be guided regarding what all medical reports and documents may be needed. The great news is that only the woman’s consent is needed.
  • Allotment of a hygienic private room furnished with all facilities for your comfort; assigning tasks to the nurses; keeping the operation room ready with all necessary medicines, sterile medial tools and documentation work may be ready already. This may save your time and shorten your waiting period.
  • You will receive private one-to-one consultation with the doctor. Your medical condition will be checked. Some diagnostic tests and ultrasounds may be performed to rule out risks with abortion.
  • You are advised to tell the doctor of all the medicines you are taking and if you are suffering from any medical condition.
  • During the procedure, you will be administered an anaesthetic that will make the entire procedure painless for you.
  • Sterile slender tools may be inserted through the vaginal route and your uterine lining will be shredded to remove all products of gestation. The fetus will be made to detach from the uterine lining and maybe sucked using an aspirator. For all other gestation products, slight scraping may be done.
  • The entire procedure may take not more than 30 minutes and you will wake up with the confidence of successful abortion.
  • For wanted pregnancies, there may be emotions associated. We utterly realize the same and the nurse assigned to you will help you cope up with your emotions. All the nurses at AHB are highly caring and compassionate besides being precisely professional in their paramedical assistance.
  • You may expect to get discharged the same day in a couple of hours when you feel comfortable.
  • You may return home and rest. Post-abortion medicines and guidance will be provided to you before your discharge as a part of post-abortion care.
  • You may feel free to follow up with the doctor anytime as you may feel the need to help you in rapid healing.

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Abortion at 20 weeks: The abortion rules

Let us first find out whether abortion at 20 weeks pregnancy is your option as per the abortion rules of your native country or the country you are residing in as an expatriate.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Dubai, UAE?

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Sharjah, UAE or any other city in UAE?

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in UAE.

The law:

They have been laid down under the UAE Penal Code as a part of section 340. Abortion in any city or part of the UAE is illegal and is permissible only in two events. These are:

  • If the life of the woman is in danger and this has to be medically proved by multiple doctors of the State hospital.
  • If the fetus has multiple anomalies due to which the child if born will either not survive or will have to stay with an incurable disease or may be short-lived due to an incurable medical condition.

Other than these events, abortion in Dubai is illegal.

Abortion for unmarried in Dubai, UAE:

Are you unmarried or a single mother or want to end an unwanted pregnancy for a reason other than the ones mentioned above?

Sorry to say but in UAE, you do not have a legal way out of your unwanted pregnancy in such a case. Abortion in Dubai or any part of UAE is legally available only for married couples and only for the conditions mentioned above.

And the couple has to prove that they are married by providing a valid marriage registration certificate.

The consent for abortion in UAE:

Other legality includes the consent of both the parents for such abortions.

Penalties associated:

If you try to avail of abortion in UAE, you should know that it is legally a criminal act and is punishable. The punishment for the woman and the provider may be up to 100 lashes or up to five years to be spent in jail.

Gestation Length:

One of the biggest challenges for women who seek abortion at 20 weeks in UAE cannot avail of the same with existing laws. This is because even if all other criteria are fulfilled, even then abortion in UAE is legally permissible for only up to 17 weeks.

The piece of advice:

Do not buy abortion pills for sale in Dubai online or through illegal sources. It may put you in huge trouble.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Bahrain?

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in Bahrain.

The law:

Abortion in Bahrain is illegal and may be performed only in events to save the woman’s life.

A panel of three doctors who work in government hospitals is formed. If they all certify that there is a danger to save the woman’s life and terminating the ongoing pregnancy is the only way to save her, only then can an abortion be performed.

The consent for abortion in Bahrain:

And for such cases too, women consent is not sought. It is the person deemed in charge of the woman like spouse or parents whose consent is required for the abortion in legally permissible events.

Penalties associated:

Additionally, unsafe abortion in Bahrain may present you as a criminal at the hands of the law. For this, you may be imprisoned for up to six months.

The piece of advice:

For unwanted pregnancies, please never self-administer abortion pills or opt for unsafe abortions. There may be severe ill effects and irreversible damages of such abortion decisions.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Bhutan?

Legal permission:

Abortion in Bhutan is covered by the rules framed under Bhutan’s Penal Code 146. According to it, abortion in Bhutan is illegal and legal permission for an abortion can be provided in cases where:

  • Pregnancy is a result of sexual assault and it is proven in court. Such women or their families often opt for unsafe abortions since they do not want to compromise confidentiality. Fear of the future from society, community and even family makes them take the wrong abortion decision.

But they do have safe and confidential ways for abortion in Bangalore, India. If you too are seeking an abortion in Bhutan, click on the below link to know your options. 

Abortion in Bhutan Compared to Abortion in India

  • Pregnancy may pose threat to the woman’s life.
  • Fetal anomalies have been detected during prenatal screening.
  • The pregnant woman is mentally handicapped and incapable of childbearing.

Penalties associated:

The woman: If a woman tries a self-induced abortion in Bhutan, she may face imprisonment for a minimum one-year span and a maximum of up to three years.

The helper: The helper if a doctor may have his medical practice license cancelled for a lifetime.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in the Philippines?

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in the Philippines. 

The Law:

Abortion in the Philippines is governed by the abortion laws framed under Articles 256, 258 and 259 of the Revised Penal Code. 

As per these laws, abortion in the Philippines is illegal and may be performed only to save the woman’s life. However, this law still awaits final approval from the country’s highest judicial court, the Supreme court. 

Penalties associated:

The woman and the helpers may be imprisoned.

The stigma:

Besides legal punishment, the gravity of stigma associated with abortions in the Philippines is immense. For unmarried girls, besides punishment for abortion, they are punished for getting pregnant without marriage.

In events family’s honour is tried to be saved by abortion of an unmarried in the Philippines, the girl, the abortion provider and her parents all are punishable by the Philippines law.

The option ahead: Philippines

This makes Filipinas travel to Bangalore, India for a safe, legal and confidential abortion. You do have a similar choice. So, please do not fall for an unsafe abortion and risk your health and life.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Kuwait?

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in Kuwait.

The Law: 

Abortion in Kuwait is illegal except in events it is performed to:

  • Save the woman’s life.
  • Terminate a pregnancy where fetal deformities have been detected.

Even in these situations, abortions can be availed of only by married women.

Gestation length:

In the aforementioned cases, abortions in Kuwait may be availed of only up to 17 weeks. And as discussed above, most of the fetal deformities are diagnosed in weeks 18 through 23, abortion at 20th week in Kuwait cannot be sought even by married women.

Penalties associated:

A woman who is found to have availed of an illegal abortion in Kuwait is punishable by law and may be imprisoned for a minimum of up to 3 years and a maximum of 15 years.

The piece of advice:

Never buy abortion tablets for sale in Kuwait. They may pose your life in danger. For further consequences of buying abortion tablets online in Kuwait, you may feel free to click on the link above.

You may not only learn the consequences of buying illegal abortion pills in Kuwait but will also realize your best abortion options.

Are you seeking an abortion in the 20th week in Oman?

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in Oman.

Legal restrictions:

Abortion in Oman is illegal and legal permission may be provided only in events abortion is sought to prevent the woman’s life. The same has to be certified by multiple doctors.

The consent:

Both the woman and her husband’s consent is needed for abortion in Muscat or anywhere in Oman. And therefore, legal abortions are available only to married couples only to save the woman’s life and only by proving their marriage through a marriage certificate.

Penalties associated:

Legal punishment is awarded for illegal abortions in Oman to the woman, the abortion provider and other helpers.

The piece of advice:

Never buy abortion tablets for sale in Oman or you may end up with serious complications. 

To know your abortion options in detail and have access to a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Oman, click on the link below.

Abortion in Oman Versus Abortion in India

Are you seeking an abortion in 20th week in Qatar:

If yes, here is what you should know about the abortion rules in Qatar.

Legal restrictions: Permission and gestation length:

Abortion in Qatar is illegal. Legal abortion in Qatar can be provided only to married women in events three registered medical practitioners certify that an abortion is the only manner to save the woman’s life.

Abortion in Qatar may be legally allowed even in events where it is done to terminate a fetus that has been detected with fetal deformities. But many anomalies are detectable only in an 18-23 weeks period.

What is the option for these women since abortion in Qatar is legal in the aforementioned cases only up to 16 weeks of pregnancy?


Even for legal abortions, consent of both parents is sought and hence unmarried girls or single mothers do not have this as an open option.

Penalties associated:

Both the woman and the provider may be imprisoned for up to five years for carrying out illegal abortions in Doha or anywhere else in Qatar.

The piece of advice:

Refrain from unsafe abortion. Even if you are trying to avail of abortion pills in Qatar, never buy them online or from illegal suppliers. To know, how serious it can be, you may click on the link above.

The option ahead:

You may consider travelling to Bangalore, India for a legal, safe and confidential abortion. Click on the link to have a handy guide for the same.

Abortion in Qatar Versus Abortion in India

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