Abortion at 7 weeks pregnancy – What do you need to know?

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Unwanted pregnancy at 7 weeks

Abortion at 7 weeks: Where is it legal?

Methods of abortion for terminating 7-week pregnancy

Gentle Care suction abortion: The best abortion method at the best abortion hospital

Unwanted pregnancy at 7 weeks:

An unwanted pregnancy is not uncommon. You may be surprised to know that nearly half of pregnancies (nearly 121 million worldwide) every year are unwanted. The United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency took note of  the existing conditions of abortions across the globe. It deduces that what a woman decides to do with her pregnancy is the most life-altering reproductive choice. And, hence, if you too are carrying an unwanted pregnancy, it is normal. And you are not alone.

This post intends to help all such women struggling to accept an unexpected pregnancy learn their safe, legal and confidential abortion options. Nearly 60% of unexpected pregnancies end in abortion and most of these are very early. If you are 7 weeks pregnant, then, you too are one among them. Any pregnancy termination before 12 weeks of pregnancy is an early abortion. 

But, shockingly the number of unsafe abortions is nearly 45%. And 5% – 13% of maternal deaths are due to such unsafe abortions.

(Ref.: https://www.unfpa.org/press/nearly-half-all-pregnancies-are-unintended-global-crisis-says-new-unfpa-report#:~:text=4.,abortions%20performed%20globally%20are%20unsafe.)

Your reason for wanting a pregnancy termination may be different from any other woman or may be similar. But, how you choose to end your pregnancy is really important. This decision can affect your health as well as your life. And hence, it needs to be wise. 

We are coming here directly with advice from medical professionals to help you learn the dos and don’ts once you have decided to undergo an abortion. Stay tuned to know how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy at 7 weeks and your abortion options. 

Please calm down and relax. Abortions are safe medical procedures to end unwanted or complicated pregnancies. But, it is not legitimate alike in all countries. All countries have different regulations concerning abortions and women’s reproductive rights. Even the circumstances under which they allow abortions vary from country to country. 

Then, there is a variation in laws concerning pregnancy length up to when a woman can get an abortion. Furthermore, it may also vary on a woman’s marital status. 

If you are residing in Gulf countries, probably abortion there is illegal. It is even illegal or restricted in many other countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Bhutan, etc. So, people from these countries often travel to India for legal abortions. Abortion in India is legitimate on broad grounds. And its women-friendly abortion rules make it one of the choicest destinations for abortion for women coming from across the globe. 

Many Indian expats, NRIs and even foreign citizens travel to American Hospital Bangalore to obtain safe, legal and confidential Gentle Care abortions. The hospital has been catering to foreign patients for more than four decades. If you too are residing in places like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, Ajman, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, etc., then, you may be happy to know that you are not alone. Many patients from your native places avail of Gentle Care abortions in India. And you too can!

What do you need to know about abortion laws in India?

So far, you know that abortions in India are legal for foreigner women. However, it is best to gather some more pieces of information to keep you well-informed. Having more knowledge equips one to make better decisions. So, here are some more things you need to know about abortion in India at 7 weeks. 

Permissible grounds:

Abortion in India is permissible in the following cases:

  • If the pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure. Most unexpected pregnancies are a result of contraceptive failure. Contraceptive pills may not work as expected. Condoms may leak or tear away. Besides technical issues, many contraceptives fail as a result of a lack of knowledge about using them. And hence, they can result in unwanted pregnancies in any country to any woman at any time during her reproductive age. If you are one such woman, you can get a legal abortion in India. And you also may choose not to disclose to the doctor what contraceptive you used that failed. Such a piece of information completely falls in the privacy realm of a patient. 
  • If the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life. Many pregnancies are high-risk and involve mild to severe complications. Doctors may prescribe and also consider it better to terminate such a pregnancy. Abortion in India is legal for such cases. Many countries often allow pregnancy terminations for such reasons, however, they may require a woman to be married for a legal abortion. 
  • If the fetus presents with some anomalies. Many tests can reveal that the fetus may be having some serious medical conditions. Doctors may advise and even such couples may consider it better to terminate such a pregnancy. They prefer not to give a life full of struggles to the child where he/she may be fighting a disease all her life. 
  • In case the pregnancy is a result of a sexual assault, even then, one can get a legal abortion in India. 

Gestation age:

Abortion in India is permissible in the above conditions for up to 20 weeks in normal cases and up to 24 weeks in some special cases. However, sometimes, abortion can be made safely and legally available to a woman to protect her health and life. 

Since you are considering getting an abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy, yes, it is absolutely legal in India. 

Marital status:

One of the most significant reasons why women resort to unsafe abortions is the stigma attached to unmarried woman’s abortion. And many countries do not even permit legal abortions to unmarried or single women. However, if you can make a point to travel to India for an abortion, a piece of good news is that abortion in India is legal for both married as well as unmarried women. 

Consent for abortion:

You will be further glad to know that any adult woman in India can get an abortion with her consent only. All women above 18 years are adults and do not seek any permission or consent from anyone besides themselves for the abortion. 

Now you have enough information you may need to get a legal abortion in India. Since you are having an unwanted pregnancy at 7 weeks, you are eligible for the same. And there may be different methods of abortion based on the patient’s medical condition. It is always better to know what to expect from each procedure so that you can come out of an unwanted pregnancy positively. Let’s have a look at these methods.

Methods of abortion for terminating 7-week pregnancy:

Most women come to know of their pregnancy when medically they may be in between 4-6 weeks of pregnancy. You too may have realized it around the same time. Or it may have come to you as a surprise when you are already in the 7th week. But, relax, it is normal. 

However, it is important to have an ultrasound scan before the doctor can decide what’s the best abortion method for you. It can give an exact pregnancy length and location. So, if you have not yet undergone sonography for this pregnancy, we advise you to get it at the earliest. 

And just in case you may need a doctor’s prescription for the scan, you can schedule an online consultation with our healthcare provider at: Contact us for a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore India

Method of abortion for an ectopic pregnancy at 7 weeks:

Some of the readers may be knowing about ectopic pregnancy. And there may be others who are hearing this term for the first time. Well, pregnancy can be of two types. Most women assume pregnancy is always normal. For them, after fertilization, the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube and rests in the uterus where it keeps growing for another 35 weeks. 

Although, this is what the natural process is designed for human bodies. However, there are instances when pregnancy does not progress as expected. In some instances, the fertilized egg fails to reach the uterine cavity. And in some other cases, it passes down to another wrong location. Such cases are known as ectopic pregnancies. They are common. Nearly 1 in every 50 pregnancies are ectopic pregnancies. 

In case your pregnancy happens to be ectopic, you may need immediate treatment. It’s a medical complication and can even harm your life if left untreated. You really do not have much time because an ectopic pregnancy can rupture anytime. And if you think taking abortion pills will help, no they won’t. They are only going to worsen the medical scenario. 

Your treatment for ectopic pregnancy may depend on the size of the pregnancy tissue and its exact location. There are both medical and surgical methods to treat the same. However, delay is not an option at all. A ruptured ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening complication and can impact both your fertility as well as life. 

Get an appointment today to check for your pregnancy location and abortion. 

Method of abortion for an intrauterine pregnancy at 7 weeks:

Most pregnancies are normal, i.e., they are within the uterine cavity. If your pregnancy is also intrauterine and the length is also 7 weeks, then you have two choices available for abortion. 

The two methods approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) for terminating intrauterine pregnancies in less than 8 weeks are Medical abortion and Vacuum Aspiration abortion. Both methods are safe. However, each of them has its own specifications. And the doctor may decide what’s best for each patient depending on her specific medical condition. Each patient is an individual and needs an individualized treatment approach. 

Who can have a medical abortion at 7 weeks?

Well, popping in abortion pills seems to be the most convenient choice when an unintended pregnancy knocks on the door. However, many patients do not bother to visit a registered abortion clinic near them to check if they are eligible for the same or not. Abortion pills do not work as expected always and every time. Even a woman for whom they may have worked in the past may face complications at some other time. Therefore, it is essential to get yourself checked if you are eligible for abortion pills or not.

And even if you are eligible for abortion tablets, you should know beforehand what to expect from the abortion. This will either help you to be prepared for any emergency or can help you make a better choice of opting for a better abortion method. 

So, let’s first see whether you are eligible for abortion tablets or not. 

A doctor may prescribe you abortion pills at 7 weeks of pregnancy for pregnancy termination if:

  • Your pregnancy is intrauterine and not past 8 weeks. 
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition that can worsen the treatment outcomes. 
  • You are not anemic. 
  • It is okay for you to visit the abortion clinic on one or more appointments as the case may demand so. 
  • You are not undergoing any medical condition or taking any medicines that can impact the treatment outcomes. 
  • It is okay with you to be undergoing abdominal cramps and pain. 
  • You can be with someone at the time of abortion to be able to seek emergency medical help in case of any need. 
  • It is okay for you to be undergoing heavy bleeding for a few hours. 
  • You are ready to undergo a surgical abortion in case abortion pills fail. Since abortion pills are not 100% efficient, there are chances of incomplete as well as failed abortions. If such a case happens which is quite common these days, you need to be ready to undergo a surgical procedure to remove products of conception. 

Many patients seeking abortion want a quick resolution to their problems. Each passing day adds to their anxiety and even lessens their medical time available for pregnancy termination.

In addition, when patients travel to Bangalore from other cities like Mysore, Mangalore, Trichur, Chennai, Coimbatore, Ernakulam, Kochi, Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad, Trivandrum, etc., they want to return with a final solution. In such events, patients prefer Gentle Care suction abortion available exclusively in Bangalore. A Gentle Care abortion helps them find an efficient solution and that too on time. And the result is happy and satisfied patients who can resume back their lives positively. 

You too can schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today.

Vacuum aspiration abortion at 7 weeks:

Another abortion method recommended by the WHO for terminating an early intrauterine pregnancy is suction abortion. A suction abortion is one in which the embryo is sucked from the uterine cavity. Suction pressure helps in creating a vacuum which sucks the embryo and the placental tissue. 

It is a better abortion method than pills because the abortion performing doctor can deduce it better if the abortion is complete. Then, it comes with only mild cramps and the patient may not feel any pain post-abortion. Patients even recover better and earlier with a suction abortion in comparison to medical abortion. 

Patients who are not eligible for a medical abortion can successfully undergo a suction procedure. And even the patients who are eligible for medical abortion can choose to have their pregnancy terminated by this abortion method. 

Gentle Care suction abortion: The best abortion method at the best abortion hospital

Gentle Care suction abortion is a safe, 100% efficient, painless and quick method to terminate a pregnancy that is less than 12 weeks. For women who are 7 weeks pregnant, it takes nearly 3-5 minutes to complete the procedure.

The painless abortion method is so popular among women, that patients travel to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) from not only far-off cities like Mumbai, Pune, Kozhikode and other parts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Chandigarh and Karnataka but also from different countries. AHB regularly witnesses patients from offshore countries and cities like Dubai, Abu DhabiKuwait City, Muscat, etc. 

Who is eligible for a Gentle Care suction abortion?

Any woman carrying an intrauterine pregnancy which is less than 12 weeks is eligible for a Gentle Care suction abortion. Even if the patient is anemic, she can safely undergo this mild procedure. Since bleeding with this procedure is very less, it does not pose the risk of heavy blood loss like that with abortion tablets. 

Even if the patient is suffering from any medical condition like hypertension, diabetes, renal insufficiency or any other condition, she can safely undergo the Gentle Care suction abortion. Since the procedure is non-invasive, even diabetic patients may not find any trouble with this abortion method. While with surgery, sugar monitoring and even insulin administration may be necessary, it may not be a necessity with the suction abortion. 

With this abortion method, no medication is usually involved. Only prophylactic antibiotics to prevent the onset of infection and some nutraceuticals to help in early recovery may be a part of the post-abortion prescription. So, chances of interaction with any other medicine(s) the patient may be taking around the same time are minimal. 

One of the most important reasons why women opt for a Gentle Care suction abortion rather than the abortion pill is its efficiency. It is a nearly 100% efficient abortion method. Therefore, the patient can return home with the confidence of a complete abortion. And that too on the same day. Yes, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, the patient can take discharge as soon as she feels comfortable. Most patients take rest for 15-30 minutes in their private room and then take leave. 

How is a Gentle Care suction abortion performed?

Pre-abortion consultation:

Before the procedure, the doctor shall speak to the patient in her comfort zone. The patient can comfortably and openly speak to the doctor regarding what she is feeling and is going through. The doctors at AHB are highly professional and non-judgmental. So, even if you are an unmarried or a single woman looking for a confidential abortion, do not worry at all. All your personal and medical details remain safe at AHB. You’ll not feel any difference in the medical treatment or the behaviour of the staff and the doctor even if you are seeking an abortion as an unmarried girl. 

During the pre-abortion consultation, the doctor shall analyse your medical condition. She will check your vitals to see if you are ready for the abortion. Also, she will ask you some queries regarding

  • your medical condition
  • Last Menstrual Period (LMP),
  • overall health,
  • allergies, if you have any,
  • any medical condition you may be having, and
  • any medicine(s) you may be taking. 

All these details are important for the doctor to manage your case individually and provide you with the best treatment. 

Then, the doctor shall explain to you how she will be terminating your pregnancy. It will help you learn what to expect from the procedure. In case of any concerns you have, this is the best time to speak with the doctor. If you worry about pain with abortion, Gentle Care suction abortion is painless. However, some patients may choose to get it done under short-acting anesthesia to have a further pleasant experience. 

The abortion procedure:

Once you are all set for the procedure, the nurse shall take you to a private examination room. At AHB, you can expect a friendly, supporting, caring and non-judgmental nurse to be by your side from the start to the finish. She will help you lie comfortably on a comfortable piece of furniture, unlike an operation table in an operation theatre. 

Next, she will clean your cervix region to prevent any infection from making its way in. If you choose to undergo the procedure under anesthesia, an anesthetist will make sure that you do not feel any pain. The best anesthesia as per your specific case may be administered to you.

The doctor will then insert a small, thin and flexible disposable vacurette in your womb to evacuate the embryo. The doctor will be having a hand-held small device in her hand which she will use to create suction. The embryo and all pregnancy tissue will collect in the collection bottle. This will complete the abortion. 

Now, you can rest in your private room and take discharge when you feel sufficiently rested. Before discharge, the doctor shall give you post-abortion recovery guidance to ensure a speedy recovery. 

Since AHB provides premier abortion services, it caters to only a single patient at a time. And there is no time you have to delay with a situation such as an unintended pregnancy. So, what are you waiting for? Just pick up your phone and inquire about the earliest abortion slot available at the hospital. 

Schedule a Gentle Care suction abortion appointment today. 

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