All you need to know before an abortion in Dubai in 2022

Dubai has so many man-made wonders in the world. Although the UAE ranks first in the world for treating women with respect. However, women in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah and all parts of the country suffer gravely when unwanted pregnancies knock on their doors.

Unexpected and unplanned pregnancies can bring the life of any girl or woman to a standstill. And it can come to all sorts of girls and women throughout their reproductive age. As per various surveys, nearly 45% of all pregnancies are unplanned.

And nearly 70% of them face abortions as the final fate. Sadly, most of these abortions are self-abortions. They result in moderate to severe complications. Unsafe abortions continue to be the biggest reason behind maternal mortalities and morbidities.

The legal scenario of abortion in Dubai, the UAE:

The major reason why women and girls resort to unsafe abortion methods are the restricted abortion rules of the country.

So, if you are residing in the UAE, your country does not allow legal abortions. It is permissible only in special cases like to protect the woman’s life. And even in case of serious fetal developmental disorders.

And do you know that it is available to married women with their husband’s consent? You cannot have your maternity file opened without your marriage certificate and the consent of your husband. So,

  • If you are unmarried, you cannot obtain a legal abortion in Dubai.
  • If you opt for an illegal abortion, such as buying abortion pills for sale in Dubai, you can end up in jail. Expatriates may have to face deportation and they may not be able to fly back in the country after that.
  • Even in the permissible clauses, legal pregnancy termination permission is only for up to the first 120 days into the pregnancy.

So, if you are planning to opt out of your unplanned pregnancy, then you have very limited options in Dubai. But do not worry! This post intends to help you explore your options for abortion in India at the best abortion hospital.

You must obtain a safe abortion for your long-term health and life. And abortion can just be an as simple, quick and comfortable procedure. The only thing is the registered abortion hospital that you choose for your abortion.

Do not panic until you dig deeper to find your safe abortion options. And if you are reading this post, you will learn how to obtain a safe abortion easily.

What are your early options?

See, regardless of your marital status, profession and age, if you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. There are two broad options. The choice is always for you and your partner to make. These options are:

1. To carry ahead the pregnancy and go through childbearing:

Well, married couples can think of that. If you are married and looking forward to having an addition, but not so soon, then you can think of some change in plans. And carry the pregnancy through the full term if this adjustment is feasible for you.

But sometimes, married couples have different plans ahead. Other married couples may have a complete family already and they may not be able to support another one.

For unmarried girls, if they are ready to go into wedlock earlier than their hopes, they can proceed ahead. Even if a girl is ready to raise the child as a single mother, she can go ahead with the pregnancy.

Whether married or unmarried, you have another option if it suits you. And that is to give birth to the child and give him/her away for adoption. But all these choices are very much personal and yours to make.

However, you should be sure of one thing if you look forward through this option, that the responsibility does not end with childbirth. It actually starts there. And you should look into all pros and cons before arriving at any conclusion.

Going through childbirth and raising should be practically, emotionally, economically possible. In any circumstance, child upbringing should be in a safe and balanced environment. And if you are not sure about it, well, you can think of an abortion. 

2. To go ahead with pregnancy termination:

Most of the unexpected pregnancies face this fate. However, sadly, they seek unsafe abortions either due to a lack of knowledge or lack of resources.

Abortion or medical termination of pregnancy is the most preferred choice, especially for unwed couples. Most unmarried girls fear the stigma attached to premarital sex. Some are no longer in a relationship with the partner responsible for the pregnancy. And raising a child as a single mother needs a lot of emotional, economic, social and professional support. That choice is not so easy to make.

Even in married couples, their social and economic conditions vary largely across different sectors. Therefore, additions are very much closely looked at before proceeding ahead.

Speaking of adoptions, they are not much likely choices. Its not an easy decision if someone else could be a better parent for the child. And therefore, only a very limited number of couples can go for this option.

Most people with unwanted pregnancies are sure about the termination decision. And it’s absolutely fine. The only major thing is that it should not impact a woman’s physical and/or mental health and life in the long term. Therefore, abortion should be safe.

Couples look at both sides of having an abortion and then they make their decision. Although they are sure about termination they are not sure where and how to get one. When people know that abortion is not legally permissible, they hunt for illegal suppliers for abortion pills. And many of them also fall in their trap.

But this can have very dangerous consequences. Therefore, never self-administer abortion pills without proper consultation.

Schedule an appointment at the best abortion hospital for early safe abortion.

Abortion in India for Emirati women and girls:

Hello, all young girls and ladies! Now you have come down here in this section of the post, then you may be probably looking forward to obtaining an abortion. As abortion in Dubai is illegal, there is no point in waiting for long. It is only going to increase your pregnancy length and decrease your abortion options.

It is best to travel to a neighboring country where you can get a legal, safe and confidential abortion. Now, none of the neighboring countries like Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait or Oman can give you what you are seeking.

Again, it may not be a good idea to go ahead with illegal abortion pills. If you are thinking about the same, do give a quick read into the risks with abortion pills in Dubai.

It may be best to travel to India for a legal abortion due to the women-friendly abortion rules in India for foreign women. Any Emirati woman, a non-resident Indian, an expatriate or anyone who wants a legal abortion can travel to India.

Here’s a glimpse of abortion rules in India for you.

Abortion in India is legal in various circumstances. These include pregnancy termination by choice if the pregnancy results from contraceptive failure, rape, incest. Indian abortion law also permits abortions for terminating pregnancies that can endanger a woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life. One can also obtain an abortion for a fetus that has been detected with developmental anomalies.

And all these and coming rules apply to abortions in India, not only abortions to Indians. So, an Emirati woman, an Indian ex-pat or any other country’s ex-pat living in Dubai can obtain a legal abortion at a registered abortion hospital in India.

The next legal clause is the ceiling age. We mentioned that delays in abortions can narrow down your choices. This is because abortion in India is available for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances. However, the method of abortion may vary with pregnancy length, location and patient-specific medical factors.

As far as consent for abortion is the question, You can obtain an abortion in India with your consent only. If you are above 18 years, you can choose not to involve any other person. You do not need your partner’s approval. You also do not need your parental consent.

See, the law has done half to relieve your stress. So, if you are looking for an abortion, watch out for your pregnancy length. Do not delay any more.

Schedule an appointment to know your best abortion options.

Abortion at the best abortion hospital in India:

If you have made up your decision to travel to India for an abortion, the next step is to choose where in India. Because further arrangements like travel, VISA clearance, overnight stay, return flight, all shall depend on the location.

India is a vast country and the rules span the country alike. But abortion care, time, abortion methods may vary from hospital to hospital. Many Malayali women living in the Middle East countries often travel to Bangalore for Gentle Care abortion services.

You can check out the reviews of the hospital as well. Do not take our words for the same. Have a look yourself! You can surely trust the independent reviews by happy patients of the hospital. Here’s a few for you.

Travelling to Bangalore from Dubai:

It may be best for you to first call the helpline number of the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). The coordinator there can guide you into your earliest available slot for abortion. Since the hospital provides personalized abortion care to each patient, it is mostly occupied. And you may not want to first reach Bangalore and then wait for another couple of days to get an abortion appointment.

So, it may be best that you first know the earliest available slot for abortion. Accordingly, you can apply for VISA as a part of medical tourism or just a short vacation trip. If you are a working professional, you may want a shorter trip. If it is so, then you must be glad to know that your abortion trip with AHB can be as short as just a couple of days.

You can obtain the same-day single-appointment Gentle Care abortion. And then, you can happily and healthily return to Dubai the following day knowing that your pregnancy is over.

In case of any help, the coordinator can help you in booking the earliest available flight from Dubai to Bangalore as per your appointment date.

Stay options:

Since it is not a vacation trip, you may want the rest and comfort of home after the procedure. Also, you may need to have a healthy platter.

You can choose to book a hotel if you like one for your comfort. But a hotel is not the only option. You can also look forward to more homely stays in Bangaluru. It is easy to find a comfortable home-like stay on Airbnb. You can find the one that exactly fits your custom needs. Airbnb offers plenty of selection and you can easily find an excellent option.

With a medical procedure and a comfortable stay, feeling at home helps in healing early and better. You can also ask the coordinator to have one booked for you. The homestay also offers privacy besides the comfort that you may be sheerly seeking.

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) founded in 1995 has extensive experience in personalized abortion experiences. Well, this may come to you as a wonder that how can an abortion experience be personalized. But AHB has been doing it ever since it came into being.

They provide top-notch abortion care where you can witness the team’s professionalism, care, kindness, attitude and dedication towards their service for each patient. The team makes sure that each patient feels her being the most comfortable patient. 

Their abortion care starts with the patient’s first call and the post-abortion services they provide as a part of follow-up after discharge is unique. You may have never thought that abortion experiences can come gently amidst emotional and psychological stress. However, Gentle Care abortions at AHB have made it possible. 

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you first arrive in Bangalore, you can take a comfortable Uber. It can take you directly from the airport to your booked homestay. It’s an easy process. You can do it within a few clicks from your phone and an active internet connection. Or you can just have it scheduled through your coordinator. 

You can get some rest until your abortion appointment time. When it’s time, just another Uber can bring you to your abortion destination. You can see a calming and relaxing atmosphere. Since the hospital closely monitors and values each patient’s privacy, your abortion appointment time is only yours. Neither you’ll have to wait nor you’ll see any fellow patients. 

You will then see your doctor in a private consultation. The doctor will ask you some medical details essential to your abortion method choice. These may include:

  • Your Last Menstrual Period (LMP): The first date of your last menstrual period.
  • Any medical condition you may be suffering from.
  • Medicines, if any that you are taking.
  • Any history of illness.
  • Any medicines or food items you may be allergic to.

Also, the doctor will advise you on some routine blood and urine examination and an ultrasound. You can obtain them from a nearby lab in less than an hour. When you come with reports, the doctor will check for your pregnancy length, location and other medically important factors.

As per your particular factors, the doctor will advise you of your available abortion methods. And also, what to expect from each method.

The Gentle Care abortion methods:

AHB completely qualifies for all the safe abortion methods as per recommendations by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Gentle Care Suction abortion
  3. Gentle Care Surgical abortion

Medical abortion at AHB:

Medical abortion is the medical termination of pregnancy method with safe abortion pills.

This is the earliest available abortion method in which pregnancy termination takes place in two stages. In the first stage, the pregnancy stops and in the second stage, it expels naturally.

Who can have a medical abortion?

Women and girls who qualify for a medical abortion have to be eligible based on various grounds. These are:

  • Gestation length: Your pregnancy needs to be between 6-8 weeks for a medical abortion.
  • Location: Your pregnancy location should be within the uterus for a medical abortion. Ectopic pregnancy removal needs a different set of medicines and surgical procedures. Ectopic pregnancies can lead to life-threatening complications. Therefore, it is essential to rule it out before prescribing abortion pills.
  • Co-existing medical condition: Patients suffering from certain disorders like that of adrenal glands or taking long-term corticosteroid therapy or blood thinners are not eligible for medical abortion. They can proceed with a suction abortion. Some medical conditions and medicines impact the working of abortion pills. And it may result in contraindications or interactions or an incomplete abortion.
  • Duration: Since the abortion may take a few days and may get complete in a week. So, women who can afford a week off from work or in Bangalore can opt for a medical abortion. But the ones who want the abortion trip to be short and not more than a couple of days can again go-ahead for Gentle Care suction abortion.
  • Pain, bleeding: Since the abortion takes place in the form of moderate to heavy vaginal bleeding, women who are comfortable with the same can opt for abortion pills. Whereas the ones seeking painless abortion with minimum bleeding can seek a suction abortion.

The Bedroom abortion:

The doctor shall give you the first pill in the clinic. You may get the second pill also at the clinic. The doctor will give you directions regarding when and how to take the second medicine. After that, the abortion will take place in the comfort of your bedroom. It may be good to have a loved one by your side to help you stay relaxed and attend to your needs.

Most women get their abortion complete within a week and bleeding gradually weans away. However, since the medical method is not 100% efficient, there is a probability of incomplete abortion. This is why most women from Dubai who are eligible for medical abortions prefer Gentle Care Suction abortion as it assures them of a complete abortion before they fly back.

Schedule an appointment for medical abortion at American Hospital Bangalore.

Gentle Care Suction abortion:

It is the method of choice for terminating first-trimester intrauterine pregnancies. It is a painless and gentle abortion method.

If you are less than 12 weeks pregnant, you can have your pregnancy terminated with this procedure. It is a quick, convenient and comfortable in-clinic abortion method. Unlike conventional surgeries and cold operation theatres, at AHB the doctors perform this safe procedure within the comfort and privacy of the patient in a private examination room.

A supporting and caring nurse always stays by the patient’s side. If you want, your partner may also accompany you. The nurse will help you lie comfortably on a comfortable piece of furniture. Then the doctor shall examine your cervix and also clean it to prevent infections.

Then, she may introduce a soft, flexible tube inside your womb through your cervix region. Next, an aspirator that is a hand-held device will create vacuum pressure. This will gently pull out your pregnancy and other gestation products easily without hurting you at all. It is a quick procedure that ends your pregnancy in less than 5 minutes.

You can relax in your private room as long as you feel like resting. Most women are ready to return to their hotel or homestay within 15 minutes. You will receive proper post-abortion consultation to ensure you heal early.

Since AHB caters to only a very limited number of patients each day, you may not want to delay. All slots are mostly pre-booked for up to 7-10 days. This would mean an additional week in your gestation age. But you can call and inquire about the next available slot at the earliest.

Schedule an early appointment for a Suction abortion.

Gentle Care Surgical abortion:

This is the abortion method for terminating intrauterine pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. Gentle Care surgical abortion is also a painless, quick and comfortable procedure performed under anesthesia. It takes less than 30 minutes.

The physicians at AHB perform a surgical abortion with the Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method. They do not use sharp curette or other tools that can lead to future complications.

All abortion procedures at AHB are single-appointment and same-day discharge. However, the choice of method depends on the patient’s entire medical condition and pregnancy.

A Gentle Care abortion does not impact your future pregnancies.

Schedule an early appointment for a Gentle Care abortion today itself.

Do not miss out on an early spot. Call the helpline number today.  

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