Private and confidential abortion clinic: Finding the best?

An unwanted pregnancy is an alarm that cannot be snoozed. Where ever in the world you may be residing in, an unwanted pregnancy is sure to bring turbulence in your life.

So, what are your best options?

Much likely abortion options are largely dependent on the abortion rules of the country you are in. You are lucky if you are in India or can travel to India for an abortion. This is because abortion in India is legal. It is legal for a wide range of circumstances including that of contraceptive failure, the major reason for unplanned pregnancies.

Plus, unmarried girl abortions in India are also legal.

But what about the stigma associated with it?

It may take time for society to banish the stigma with abortions. But you need a confidential abortion option now, today. So, this post is here to help you find the best confidential abortion clinic near you.

Finding the right abortion clinic: Affecting circumstances

For getting the right advice and unbiased information, you need a trustworthy healthcare provider. There may be many certified abortion clinics that you may find enlisted near you. But how can you find out which one suits best to your needs?

Every woman has a different set of priorities when it comes to abortion advice. The circumstances under which a woman seeks an abortion is one of the biggest factors that may toggle the priority list of different women.

The legal status of abortion in India:

The most important factor that can affect an abortion is whether the law permits an abortion or not. So, here are the circumstances in which you can avail of legal abortion in India:

In events of contraceptive failure:

This happens with many women and if you too are sailing in the same boat, you are not alone. Nearly 45% of pregnancies worldwide are unplanned and many of them may account for contraceptive failure.

This can happen both with married women and unmarried girls. But confidentiality becomes prioritized for the unmarried ones. While married women may have the support of their husbands, unmarried girls are many a time left on their own to deal with the messy situation.

Neither are they able to tell their parents nor do they choose to visit nearby abortion clinics to maintain privacy?

Legal message to take home:

We all understand abortion is a sensitive issue. And hence here is what you may need to know about legal abortion in India in events of contraceptive failure.

  • In India, abortion can be availed in events of contraceptive failure up to 20 weeks of gestation.
  • The law stands the same both for married as well as unmarried women. Earlier, the clause of contraceptive failure was available only for married women. However, looking into the fact that unmarried girls are opting for unsafe abortions and risking their lives; abortion in India for the reason of contraceptive failure has been recently legalized even for unmarried girls.
  • If you are an adult, you do not need any parental consent for obtaining a legal abortion. Nor do you need your partner’s consent. You can avail of abortion only with your consent.

In events of rape/incest/sexual assault:

Rape is a brutal and immoral act. Such immoral acts grapple many women and girls.

“In 2020, India’s National Crime Records Bureau recorded 28,046 rape cases – or nearly 77 cases a day.

Campaigners say the actual numbers are much higher as many are not even reported, as rape is still seen as a taboo subject by many in Indian society.”


After a brutal act, the news of unwanted pregnancy as a result of rape encumbers the victim. Abortion is needed desperately in case of rape survivors to protect their physical as well as mental wellbeing.

Parents of such girls or the women themselves out of confidentiality and fear of being targeted seek confidential abortions.

They are even reluctant to report the cases fearing many concerns like;

‘What will the society say?’

‘Who will marry my daughter?’

And then there are marital rapes also. Women in such events are also not ready for childbearing.

Misinterpretation of Indian abortion law for unmarried or for rape survivors can harm their wellbeing. This also makes access to safe abortion very complicated.

Legal message to take home:   

Here is what you may need to know about legal abortion in India in events of pregnancy from rape.

  • Abortion in India is legal if the pregnancy has resulted from sexual assault up to 20 weeks in general circumstances. 
  • In some events where due to legal restrictions or denial to abort by the abortion hospitals, minor girls and women often knock on the doors of the courts. In those events, access to abortion may be made available even after 20 weeks.
  1. Recently Kerala High Court permits the abortion of a rape survivor past 20 weeks. Read the full story.
  2. In the case of a minor rape survivor, she was allowed to abort legally after the court hearing. Read the full story.
  • In these cases, too, only the adult woman’s consent is needed legally. In the case of minors, consent from parents or guardians is needed.
  • Many times, rape survivors may not be mentally balanced to give their consent. In such cases, parents or partners can give consent and seek safe abortions for the victim.

The legal status of abortion in India to prevent the health and/or life of the woman:

Here is what you may need to know about a legal abortion in India in events pregnancy can pose threat to the woman’s health or life.

  • Abortion in India is legal in events an ongoing pregnancy endangers a woman’s physical or mental health and wellbeing.
  • Gestation age that gets legal permission is the same, up to 20 weeks in normal cases. And maybe 24 weeks if the problem is detected in the late stage of pregnancy.

The legal status of abortion in India in cases of fetal abnormalities:

Fetal anomalies are detectable during prenatal blood monitoring, ultrasound and some other scans. Abortion in India is legal in such events and the permissible gestation age is up to 24 weeks. This is because some fetal anomalies are detectable during the second trimester.

Why choose a private abortion clinic?

Although there are several certified abortion clinics near you, getting an abortion at a private clinic may have an edge. Coming to the advantages, let us get to them one by one:

Early Appointment:

In government hospitals and many multipurpose clinics, the doctor to patient ratio is high. Most of the hospitals have a walk-in system and you may have to wait for your turn.

Your entire day may go only in availing consultation. For the abortion procedure, you may be given date according to the availability of the Operation room and the doctor.

Even if your abortion is to be carried out by the medical method of abortion, you will have to keep visiting for follow-up until the abortion is complete.

This delay in getting an abortion may decrease the time available for a legal abortion.

Moreover, risks with abortion increase with the increase in the gestation period. And the method of abortion also depends on pregnancy length.

On the other hand, in a private clinic, an appointment can be availed only via a phone call. And then, some specialized abortion clinics admit only a limited number of patients each day. And hence, they give appointments accordingly so that the patient can avail consultation and abortion on the same appointment.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is one such private abortion clinic where you can avail of a legal, safe and confidential abortion on a single appointment. 

Save your seat at AHB amongst the earliest available slots today itself.

Personal control:

At government hospitals, it may be difficult to have a single-day procedure. You may be given a date to come for an abortion. Then, you’ll have to undergo formalities for admission. And next wait for your turn for abortion in a line with many other women waiting for their turns for different gynecological procedures.

Whereas, at a private clinic, the patient has a choice of the hospital, the treating doctor and even nurses. You have an opinion in deciding the method of abortion.

For example, women who are early in availing abortion can avail themselves of the so through the medical method of abortion. But due to the want for a convenient, painless, single appointment and an efficient procedure, most women opt for the vacuum aspiration method of abortion in the first trimester. 

Government and state hospitals may also give this choice. But there, the availability is dependent on factors that are not under the woman’s control. Some of these factors as discussed may be the availability of the doctor, the operation theatre, nurses, private room, etc.

Personalized care:

In a private abortion clinic, the patient can have a direct one-to-one consultation with the doctor. Even one or two nurses may be solely dedicated to a single patient’s care at a time. On the other hand, in general hospitals and other clinics, the same doctor and the nurses have to attend to multiple patients at the same time. So, completely dedicated nurses and their attention may not be available.


In general hospitals, one may or may not get a private room as and when needed. Sometimes, it may be available while in others, it may not be. There is no assurance.

While seeking an abortion, if privacy is the priority, then there is more probability of its breach at common places. There are common waiting halls and that too crowded. One may hit into a neighbor and even the consultation room may have more than one patient at a time. Even if a patient somehow manages to get operated on, she may not get a private room to relax.

In the general ward, she may have other patients sharing the same ward. And the probability of meeting an acquaintance heightens.


Comfortable, peaceful and friendly environment has an important role to play in hospital settings. In common general hospitals, there are diverse kinds of patients being treated at the same time. This creates a very diverse and dense kind of environment.

Since abortion is a stigmatized issue, anxiety associated with it is quite common.

For a sensitive issue such as abortion, especially in events when you seek a confidential one, you need a friendlier and comfortable place. A friendly atmosphere may not seem the likely need when it comes to attending medical needs for most cases. But when speaking of abortion, the case is genuinely different. Attitudes associated also vary.

Abortions are seen as tainted even by the medical fraternity at some places. For instance, in Kerala, women who sought abortions were not allowed even when it is legal. They received harsh comments from the doctors and the nurses further deepening their disappointment and mental peace.

And, hence it becomes important in case of abortions that the patient is treated in a comfortable and friendly environment. Only at such a comfortable place, the patient can openly discuss her case with the doctor.

The doctor and nurses’ behavior towards the girls and women seeking abortion may help them feel safe and relaxed. And you cannot expect this personalized, non-judgmental behavior at any abortion clinic. You will have to pick the one that best suits your needs.

The abortion hospital should be a place where the patient can feel safe and relaxed and not guilty and depressed. 

AHB is a premier boutique abortion clinic near you where you can expect to receive personalized care and support needed for an abortion. 

How to choose the best abortion clinic near you?

If you choose to have a safe abortion at a private abortion clinic, several factors may govern your choice. Let’s have a look at each of them and how to narrow down your options to make the best choice.

Abortion rules of the country:

The first and foremost thing about wanting an abortion is to have a look at the abortion rules of your country. All countries have a different set of rules governing abortions. There are some countries like the UAE, Oman, Muscat, Kuwait, Qatar and many others where abortions are highly restricted.

In some countries, abortions are legally permissible only in events to save the woman’s life. In many countries, unmarried girls are not allowed to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

And there are other countries like India with women-friendly abortion rules. Here, you can have a legal abortion. So, if you are a resident of a country where abortion is restricted, you can choose to travel to India for a legal abortion.

And if you are an Indian woman, abortion here is legal. The next question in front of you is to where to have a safe and confidential abortion.


Now, India as you may know is the seventh-largest country in the world.

So, can you avail of abortion anywhere in India you are?

Although, there may be state or government hospitals near your location, is there a private one for confidential abortion? If privacy is the priority, you may not choose to visit the neighborhood civil hospital for an abortion, right?

So, location is the next deciding factor. If you can travel to a far off city, then you need to check down your travel options.

See, we are discussing these points one by one to filter off the factors and make the best abortion decision. You can side by side create a checklist and eliminate the options that are likely not available. This will leave you with a limited number of options from which you can pick the most convenient.

It is just like shopping. When you shop, you keep certain items on your wish list. Then, you start eliminating the ones on the bottom. And finally, you buy the best one, the color, the fit, the occasion, the elegance, subtilty all go in making the choice.

Health is more important than anything else. If you are healthy, you can achieve anything. Hence, it is important to choose the best abortion clinic where you can have a safe abortion.

You can choose to travel by short flight or by train or by a cab or by your vehicle. This depends on how far you are from the abortion clinic and what all available travel options are accessible.

So, let us next proceed to choose the abortion hospital.

Methods of abortion:

Now, there is a difference between any MTP centre and abortion clinics that you may need to know. And also the doctors who can perform abortions.

In India, abortion rules not only state the circumstances where a woman can obtain a legal abortion. But also, the hospitals are certified and registered to be able to practice abortion services. And the doctors also need to be qualified and trained as specified by the law to perform abortions.

Recently, according to the new MTP Act, 2021 of India, the medical method of abortion may also be performed by healthcare providers other than the ones practicing allopathic medicine. Even Ayurvedic doctors, Unani doctors and some other practitioners can prescribe safe abortion pills.

But for surgical abortions that are recommended beyond 8 week period, you may need to visit a certified abortion hospital. Only certain hospitals and doctors qualify for performing safe surgical abortions.

So, according to your gestation period at the time of abortion, you can add or delete the abortion hospitals on your checklist.

Travelling options:

When you choose to travel to an abortion clinic, it is not just the distance that matters. You need to have access to and from the hospital to wherever you may be taking rest in case of a surgical procedure.

For instance, if the abortion hospital can be reached via your car, you may need someone to drive you back home. Or if you have travelled from a distant place, you may need to have a prior booking for the hotel as well. You can choose from the available abortion clinics in the area, the ones that are well connected by roads. And the ones that may have hotels nearby.

In case you have travelled by flight, you can choose to have a hotel near the airport. And can check for the abortion hospital that is easily accessible by cab or any local means of transport. But location is just one factor and not the sole deciding one.

You need to look further for the best abortion care provider.

Confidential and safe abortions:

By now we know how important is the confidentiality in case of unmarried girl abortions and even for many married women. Hence, visiting a private abortion clinic may be a better option.

But can a visit to any private clinic will give you the same treatment and abortion care you need?

Frankly speaking, it is not so. Even with private abortion clinics, you need to filter the ones that can provide you with Comprehensive abortion care (CAC). The hospital needs to be equipped with all the facilities in-house from diagnosis to final treatment for the patient’s convenience.

The abortion procedure should be safe and efficient. You may want a painless abortion. The abortion team needs to perform the procedure accurately and help you know that you are in safe hands.

When seeking a confidential abortion, you may need to see as few co-patients as possible. You need to be able to speak openly with the doctor. You need caring nurses by your side. Non-judgmental behavior of the hospital staff can make your abortion experience a good one.

Besides, the doctor may make you feel relaxed, be transparent in discussing your case and help you know your best abortion option.

Where can I get a confidential abortion in Bangalore?

Start your search on Google with abortion clinics near me and then keep removing the ones that do not fall in your criteria.

So far, we have been doing our homework side by side through an independent checklist and we have arrived at the best abortion hospital, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). Here is how it tops the chart.

  • Easily accessible:

    Patients travel here from foreign countries, different cities and even from Bangalore. You can schedule a flight, take a train, get into a cab or visit by your car. All routes are well-connected. Even many hotels are located nearby.

  • Extensive experience:

    The doctors and nurses are highly experienced in performing safe abortions. Can you imagine, they have been performing these for more than 45 years?

  • In-house facilities:

    Once you arrive at the hospital premises, you may not have to go here and there for tests, reports, etc. All the facilities are in-house. Nurses will do their work while you can stay relaxed in your private room.

  • Methods of abortion:

    The best abortion method specific to the individual case if prescribed. All the abortion methods are Gentle care, painless and efficient. You may return with a completed abortion.

  • Non-judgemental behaviour:

    You can read their 5-star Google Reviews and you’ll realize how confidential are their services. Privacy is their priority just like it is yours.

  • Personalized care:

    From your first call to your complete recovery, the hospital will provide you with personalized care. You can expect to receive the best advice.

  • Safe abortion:

    All abortion procedures are safe since preventive measures are followed to minimize risks with abortions.

  • Confidential abortion:

    Besides a safe procedure, the confidentiality breach at AHB is zero. The hospital only admits a limited number of patients in a day and only one at a time. So, the entire abortion team is dedicated to one patient at the scheduled time.

So, it is advisable to schedule your appointment today itself since there are very limited slots.

You can start with just a first call.

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