Abortion in Bangalore: The best option for women in Belgaum

Bangalore and Belgaum: The cultural difference affecting abortions

Belgaum or Belagavi and Bangalore both are cities located in the Karnataka state of India. While Bangalore is the IT hub of India, Belagavi is known for being a well cultured historical place. 

When the question is about residing, people have different choices and preferences. More likely, the choices are dependent on the work profiles of people. Bangalore as a metropolitan city offers multiple professional opportunities for people coming from different parts of the country. 

While Belgaum is more like a historical place of Karnataka and people here are living from generations. 

Belgaum has started to redevelop as a fast-growing city. But its rich heritage and multi-dimensional culture stand between women’s reproductive choices. Women in Belgaum hesitate in availing abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

Out of hesitation and fear of societal stigma, they often opt for do-it-yourself or bedroom abortions. Buying abortion pills illegally by paying double for an MTP kit (Medical termination of Pregnancy) has become a popular choice amongst them.

If you too are thinking the same, please drop the idea. Risks with abortion pills may be grave and put your life and health in danger.

Women must know that abortion in India is legal. This post intends to help these women know their safe and confidential abortion in Bangalore options.

Abortion clinics in Belgaum near you:

Why do women do not opt for abortion in Belagavi at the government hospital?

If you are a resident of Belgaum, then you know very well how many abortion clinics or registered gynecologists are in your area. Even if you hit a search online, you may find a handful of private practicing gynecologists in Belgaum.

Although there is a government hospital, women seeking confidential abortions do not wish to visit there. This has many reasons. Some of which that may be common with your case are:

  • To avoid large gatherings.
  • High doctor to patient ratio.
  • Long waiting period. The waiting period for diagnostic tests and other clinical investigations that the doctor may ask is high. Waiting to receive reports is furthermore. 
  • Belgaum being a small city, you may find many acquaintances. Some may be working there and others you may hit into as fellow patients. 

These and many other reasons may interfere with privacy associated with abortion procedures. 

Privacy and confidential concerns with unmarried girl abortion in Belgaum:

Especially when speaking of unmarried girls, the fear is gross. Many girls have a common fear. It is that someone from the hospital or a co-patient may reveal about her abortion to her family. Or publicize it and make it a part of daily gossips. This may pose difficulty to survive in society and may even impact her future marriage and married life.

Even with a private abortion clinic in Belgaum, the fear is quite similar. There is no premier abortion hospital where she does not have to get into face-to-face contact with multiple people. 

Though the girl may manage to get a private room post-abortion, yet the waiting period is high. Due to a single doctor attending multiple patients, she may have to be a part of the queue. And the waiting area may be crowded with other patients and their companions.

Girls often do not want to be pointed out by acquaintances in such situations. There are few obvious and expected questions that they want to be asked and hence they try to avoid such situations. Some of these may be:

“What happened? Is everything fine? What are you doing here? Where is your mother or father? “

This is something one might expect when getting spotted at a hospital. And in such a situation, you may not want to tell, “I am here for an abortion.”

Though the stigma associated with abortions cannot be eliminated in a day or two. But a confidential abortion can be obtained at a private place. It is important to know where to have a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Are you considering to buy abortion pills in Belgaum: Is it your first choice?

If you are considering a bedroom abortion by buying abortion pills, then there are things you should know beforehand. 

We first want you to relax and stay calm. Only a calm mind can make a well-informed decision. The abortion decision is not just a single choice whether to have one or not. Many concerns are associated with it. Also, many decisions follow the choice of having an abortion. 

It is crucial for the health and wellbeing of women that they know when, how and where to have a safe abortion. 

Whether you are married or unmarried, the foremost thing for you to know is that abortion in India is legal. And it is legal in many circumstances.

It is quite possible, that your reason for abortion may also be legal. Then why opt for an unsafe abortion?

Yes, privacy is one of the major concerns that tempt women in India to opt for unsafe abortions.

What if we tell you, you do have an absolutely confidential way out of an unwanted pregnancy

Yes, so, stay calm and read along to know your best abortion in Bangalore option.

So, let us first understand why you should not opt for an unsafe abortion with abortion pills.


Abortion in India is legal. But sale and purchase of abortion pills without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner is illegal. It has become a common trend to pay the double or triple amount at a pharmacy and avail illegal abortion pills.

Though, commonly, the cost of abortion many women pay later on is with their lost health and even life, sometimes. There have been many cases where women seek help from gynecologists after botched up DIY abortions

Risk of incomplete abortion:

If you want, you can go through various abortion stories of women who have had incomplete abortions with abortion pills. Eventually, you will come to know how a small wrong decision turned out to be a nightmare for them.

Abortion story of a newly-married girl who didn’t want to have a child early: A woman in her early 20s got pregnant in two months of marriage. She and her husband both considered it to be too early to have a child. And she managed to get the abortion pills over the counter from a pharmacy.

After popping in the pills, she experienced contractions, sweating, screaming and heavy bleeding for nearly 10 hours. On her condition being worsened, she was rushed to a hospital as a victim of a botched-up abortion. She had to remain under medical supervision for two days in the hospital.

She is not the only woman who had to seek medical aid after screwed-up abortions.

Do you know, nearly 10 million women in India undergo secretive abortions?

(Read the report: https://www.indiaspend.com/why-10-million-indian-women-secretly-undergo-abortions-every-year-92682)

Such women require surgical procedures to complete their abortions. 

What is an incomplete abortion and how is it risk with abortion pills?

To understand this better, let us first know what a complete abortion is. 

Complete abortion:

An abortion is considered complete when all the products of conception (POC) are entirely removed from the uterine cavity. 

Abortion pills and complete abortion:

Abortion pills work by stopping the growth of the embryo and eliminating the same per vaginum. The MTP kit consists of two different medicines that are regarded as safe abortion pills. 

The two pills work in two different stages. 

The first stage: The first pill is the Mifepristone. It may be administered orally or vaginally. When safe abortion pills are prescribed in a registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Centre, the doctor decides whether to orally prescribe the medicine or inserts it vaginally. 

This pill stops the growth of the embryo by depriving it of the essential hormone, Progesterone and nutrition. This stops the growth and prepares the cervix for abortion.

The second stage: The second pill is Misoprostol. It may also be administered both orally or vaginally as prescribed by the doctor. 

This pill brings about contractions in the uterus. Contractions lead to the final expulsion of all POC and hence a complete abortion.

The contractions may be accompanied by moderate to severe pain. Some women may require pain management. 

Bleeding may last from 5-7 days to even longer. But in case, it lasts beyond 10-12 days, you may need to visit the doctor to check whether the abortion was complete. This usually happens with incomplete abortion. We are coming to it next.

Abortion pills and incomplete abortion:

What is an incomplete abortion?

Though abortion is triggered by abortion pills. However, many times all POC do not get removed from the uterus. It means placental tissue and other remnants may remain in the uterus although the embryo may have been removed. Such an abortion where the products of gestation remain in the uterus is known as incomplete abortion.

How do abortion pills lead to an incomplete abortion?

The fact is that abortion pills are 95%-97% effective only. So, there is always a chance of incomplete abortion with abortion pills. Even if the highest-quality medicines are used, some women may experience incomplete abortions.

How do DIY abortions lead to incomplete abortions?

Women in Belgaum just like many other women in other parts of India opt for self-administration of abortion pills. There is only a small percentage of such women who have successfully completed abortions. Whereas, a larger number is of women who end up in complications with unsafe abortions

There are several things to know before using abortion pills. When women pop in pills without considering these important things, they put themselves in serious complications. Let us get to know about them briefly.

Gestation length:

Do you know the length of your pregnancy?

If you don’t know just calculate it as the number of weeks from the first day of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Now, what most women do not know before buying abortion pills in Belgaum is that abortion pills are recommended to be used only up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. 

This is because, beyond this period, the embryo size increases to be completely removed through pills. Moreover, the placental tissue amount also increases. 

Most women only know that there are abortion pills available in pharmacies. They avail them illegally without knowing whether the pills will work in their case or not. Most of the DIY abortions with pills are performed beyond the recommended period of 6-8 weeks.

And hence, most women who buy abortion pills in Belgaum end up with incomplete abortions. 

Mode of administration:

Now, the next thing most women are not aware of is the mode of administration of abortion pills. And even the time gap in between. There is a gap of nearly 24-36 hours between the administration of pills.

Above in the post for complete abortion, we mentioned that the doctor may choose to administer the tablets orally or vaginally. This is a patient-specific factor and only qualified and experienced doctors can prescribe the best mode for individual patients. 

Most women choose to abort using MTP pills only through oral mode. Again this increases the chances of incomplete abortion in women who might require a vaginal mode of administration. This may be due to their body mass index or allergic reactions or other factors that only the doctor can diagnose.

How is an incomplete abortion resulting from abortion pills treated?

The Myth:

Many women who self-administer abortion pills think that they may take another set of pills and the abortion may be completed. To be very true, this is just a myth. The tissues that remain in the uterine cavity may be scattered in more than one place. The products that could not be removed by the first MTP kit may not be able to be removed by the second kit too. 

They may bind with the uterine wall and cause cramping, pain, fever, nausea and even hormonal balance may be disrupted. It is therefore advisable not to buy abortion pills in Belgaum or anywhere without proper consultation with the doctor. 

The Fact:

Incomplete abortions need surgical intervention to be corrected. The Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method is used to remove all the remnants of gestation. Once they are cleared, the abortion is complete.

The problem:

If you visit a registered abortion clinic, there won’t be any problem in availing yourself of a safe abortion procedure. But the problem is in cases where women opt for self-abortions through pills.

How can they visit a gynecologist and say that they availed a self-abortion?

We come across many such women who first opt for the abortion pill, later end up in an incomplete abortion. Such botched up abortions sometimes become difficult to manage like in emergencies with heavy blood loss.

The case of ectopic pregnancies:

Do you know what is an ectopic pregnancy? 

It is a kind of a faulty pregnancy. In some pregnancies, the embryo fails to attach itself to the uterine lining. It may either remain in the fallopian tube or the cervix or the abdominal cavity. These pregnancies are not viable. But they may pose threat to the life of the woman. 

Women realize they are pregnant when they miss their due period. But a missed period does not reveal whether the pregnancy is normal or ectopic. Normal pregnancies are located in the uterine cavity and are hence called intrauterine pregnancies. However, extrauterine pregnancies refer to the ones that are located outside the uterus. These are ectopic pregnancies. 

If a woman takes abortion pills in Belgaum for an ectopic pregnancy to terminate the pregnancy without ascertaining its location, let us tell you abortion will not take place. Abortion pills Mifepristone and Misoprostol are recommended and work only to terminate intrauterine pregnancies.

On such occasions, women might feel abdominal cramps and bleed. But the abortion may not take place. What happens is that the tissue may continue to grow although pregnancy is not viable. And when the organ is not able to support the growth, it may lead to rupture as with tubal pregnancies.

Such cases need immediate surgery to stop internal bleeding and remove the ruptured organ. If the treatment is not made available to the woman urgently, the case may even be fatal. 

The advice:

Even though your pregnancy is unwanted, never opt for self-administration of abortion pills in Belgaum. We say so because of multiple reasons, like:

  1. It is illegal.
  2. It is an unsafe abortion method. What will you do in case the abortion is not complete? Where will you go to get it completed? Again, there may be safety and privacy concerns.
  3. What if you are taking medicines for some other co-existing medical conditions like Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver disease or Kidney disease? They may react with abortion pills or make your abortion complex?
  4. How will you know whether the abortion pills are safe for you or not?
  5. What if you are allergic to abortion pills?
  6. What if your pregnancy was ectopic? Belgaum being a small city have limited healthcare facilities. What if you are unable to reach the hospital on time? 
  7. With any of the above-mentioned problems, the case can further complicate for unmarried girls and single women. 

Abortion in Bangalore vs Abortion in Belgaum:

There are several abortion clinics throughout India where you can avail of legal abortions. But for women in Belgaum, the best option can be to travel to Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion. 

There are multiple advantages which we shall briefly discuss here.

Ease of access:

Bangalore is located at a distance of nearly 500km from Belagavi. And it is very easy to catch a domestic flight to Bangalore from Belagavi. It may take not more than an hour to get you into Bangalore city.

And yes, you can also choose to travel by railway or a cab or your personal car. There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to travel within the state. 

And when you arrive in Bangalore, you can choose to stay either at a hotel near the airport or near the abortion hospital

Safe, legal and confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

AHB is a premier personalized boutique abortion hospital. Here, women not only from within India but also from places like Dubai, Philippines, Sharjah, Qatar, Muscat, Doha, Kuwait, etc. come to avail safe and confidential abortions.

The edge women see in travelling to Bangalore at AHB for an abortion include:


The hospital is easily traceable and is located at Queens Road, Bangalore that can be conveniently reached. From the airport, railway stations, there are many cabs available that can take you directly to the abortion hospital. And if you first choose to rest for a while if staying in a hotel, you can easily book an online cab for the hospital at your scheduled appointment time.

Safe abortion procedures:

AHB is well-equipped to perform abortion procedures for all permissible gestation lengths. Here, all abortion procedures are gentle and painless. The medical method of abortion is chosen by very few women who want to have an abortion at their home in Bangalore. But all others, especially women who travel from Belgaum, Cochin, Chennai, Mangalore, Mysore, or foreign women usually opt for a Gentle Care abortion.

Here are the three recommended procedures of abortions:

1. The medical method of abortion: up to 6-8 weeks

2. The Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion: up to 12 weeks

3. Dilatation & Evacuation method of abortion: up to 20 weeks

The medical method of abortion is the same as discussed above for abortion pills. However, at AHB, if it is your choice, the doctor will first check for pregnancy length, location, your medical history and all other conditions so that risk with abortion pills may be minimized.

Vacuum Aspiration or the suction method of abortion:

It is recommended for first-trimester abortions. At AHB, it is:

  • Gentle care and painless.
  • Takes nearly 3-10 minutes to complete.
  • Single appointment procedure and you can get discharged the same day.
  • Nearly 100% efficient procedure
  • Zero to minimum bleeding
  • Chances of infection are minimum since the premises are highly hygienic and all precautions are taken for keeping the infection off the bay.

Dilatation & Evacuation method of abortion:

It is the surgical method opted for second-trimester abortions. At AHB, it is:

  • Gentle care and painless.
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Single appointment procedure and you can get discharged the same day.
  • Nearly 100% efficient procedure.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding.
  • Chances of infection are minimum.

Safe abortion:

The doctors and nurses at AHB have extensive experience in conducting safe and efficient procedures for more than 40 years. They are highly qualified and internationally trained to perform the best procedures.

Moreover, they utilize the best and the latest pieces of medical equipment and techniques to make each abortion experience a good one. For them, the health, safety and privacy of each patient are of utmost importance.

Confidential abortion:


The doctors and nurses at AHB are highly professional and non-judgmental. Hence, whether you are married or unmarried or a single woman, there are no personal questions asked. You can openly and freely discuss your case with the doctor in a private one-to-one consultation.

Single patient at a time:

The hospital strives to provide personalized abortion care from pre-abortion through post-abortion recovery. Only a single patient is admitted at a time for a single appointment. Hence, there is no fellow patient to be seen. Besides, every woman or girl is allotted a private room to ensure her privacy even from hospital staff who are not involved in abortion care. 

In availing abortions, delay narrow downs the choice of abortion procedures. Even complications increase with the increase in gestation length. Hence, it is advisable not to delay and seek a safe, confidential and legal abortion in Bangalore at the earliest.

Since only a very limited number of patients at AHB are treated in a day. You may not want to delay. Feel free to seek help by scheduling your appointment today itself. 

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