Why women prefer Bangalore over abortion in Coimbatore?

Why women seeking abortion in Coimbatore prefer Bangalore: Top 5 reasons

Coimbatore, a lovely city in the southernmost state of India is well-known for its jewelry, silk, temples, beaches and more. However, when it comes to women’s reproductive rights, women often prefer travelling to Bangalore.

In this post, we will discuss the reasons along with a few cases that hit the headlines. And when something is in the news, it spreads pretty fast. Moreover, it leads to a shift in the thinking of the readers. And it hugely impacts their decision-making.

Abortions are already seen with stigma in the collective consciousness of the society. Moreover, there have been several incidences in Coimbatore and other parts of Tamil Nadu that changed how women are seeking abortions. Although abortions are legal in India, however, many women resort to secretive abortions, especially unmarried girls.

This change was already seen in the difference that unmarried girls preferred private clinics rather than government hospitals. And this very much is acceptable as long as they visit registered MTP centres or abortion hospitals.

They try to hide their privacy from the general public or society. However, in this attempt, they often fail to check whether the clinic is a certified abortion hospital.

In other attempts, such girls would buy abortion pills and self-administer them. And then they run for medical help in case of emergencies. In those hard times, managing complications and saving patient lives become more demanding. 

Let us now see the top 5 reasons for women preferring Bangalore than abortion in Coimbatore.

abortion in Bangalore

Why do women seeking abortion in Coimbatore go to Bangalore: Top 5 reasons

#1. For the want of privacy:

Women’s reproductive choices fall within the realm of privacy. Whether to carry a pregnancy ahead or terminate it is her choice as long as it is medically safe. And she has a right to keep her choice and status private from the public. Even the Indian abortion law states that no hospital can disclose any patient’s personal or medical details to anyone.

Abortions are highly stigmatized, especially when an unmarried girl seeks an abortion. Although abortions in India are legal even for unmarried girls, they fear compromise to their privacy. Furthermore, they fear the stigma, brunt from one’s family and even prejudice or judgmental treatment by the doctors.

Their fears become so big that they do not see the other side of the coin.

What happened in Coimbatore hospitals?

Some incidences that happened with unmarried girls seeking abortions in Coimbatore further amplified fears of other girls. 

Firstly, they suffered heavy complications after unsafe abortions. Then, they sought help from emergency care in general hospitals. Because of an immense increase in such cases, the hospital authorities started informing the police.

Whenever unmarried girls approached hospitals seeking abortion, the hospital would get alarmed. As a result, they would inform the police. In addition, the hospitals started adding entries in the accident register. 

(Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/tamil-nadu-govt-doctors-need-not-alert-cops-on-abortion/articleshow/90011778.cms )

This provision further created boundaries for unmarried girl abortions. Instead of improving access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), it is the fear that received acceleration by this step.

Women should indeed seek safe abortions to prevent maternal complications. But they do not wish the same at the cost of their confidentiality. Hence, this post is an initiative to educate unmarried girls into safe abortions without fear. They still have better choices of abortion that are safe, legal as well as confidential.

Many educated and professional women and girls want safe abortions and top-notch care. So, they try to reach out to their safe options rather than unsafe abortions. Besides, they also want to get a safe abortion that safeguards their privacy too.

Since they do not wish to compromise their privacy, they used to prefer abortions at private clinics. But rather than safe abortions, sometimes they are denied abortions and on other times they feared the information to police. Finally, they started seeking safe abortions in Bangalore. It is easy to travel to Bangalore from Coimbatore for a short abortion trip.

Another advantage is that they can have the same-day procedure in a single appointment at the best abortion hospital. AHB offers painless, comfortable, safe, legal and confidential abortions. 

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today.

How can you have a confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore?

AHB is a specialty-boutique hospital. The hospital provides abortions only by appointments. So, when you schedule an appointment, you do not have to wait. You are seen immediately by the doctor upon your arrival. So, there is no waiting period and no crowded waiting halls.

The hospital makes the best effort that you also do not get to see any fellow patients. Each patient is given a unique time and that appointment time is only for her. She receives the dedicated, undivided and personalized abortion consultation and procedure during this time.

Next, the doctor provides consultation in a very comfortable and private setting. You can expect one-on-one consultation with the doctor. You can choose to bring a companion if you like.

Then, the abortion procedure is carried out keeping in view the patient’s privacy and comfort as the priority. You do not get to see cold operation theatres and operating tables. You can lie down comfortably in a private examination room. The doctor will gently perform the painless abortion.

After the procedure, you can rest in your private room. Your private room will have all the things you may need for your comfortable stay. Your companion can also relax. The room also has a TV and wi-fi enabled to keep you engaged until discharge. The discharge will be on the same day. The doctor will give you advice on post-abortion recovery and follow-up.

Caring, friendly and supporting nurses shall be by your side to help you in anything you may need.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today!

#2. For the want of non-judgmental abortion:

Everyone has personal opinions and beliefs and we do respect them. However, the opinion of one person should not make someone else feel uncomfortable. And sexual intimacy, pregnancy and abortions all should receive private treatment.

We cannot control the entire public and their ways of thinking on certain issues, abortion being one of them. However, when speaking of medical care, then every patient deserves the best medical treatment. Similarly, women seeking abortions should receive the best abortion care irrespective of their personal choices.

Abortions and stigma have long been associated. As we discussed in the above section also, unmarried girls wanting abortions in Coimbatore have been receiving differing treatment. This may hurt their mental and emotional health.

Many a time, unmarried girls receive very blunt and rude comments from the doctors and nurses. They face prejudice. Many doctors even turn away unmarried girls denying abortion along with harsh behavior. Many others who agree to abort ask for an amount higher than the cost of the abortion.

Unwanted pregnancies may make some women feel vulnerable and judgmental behavior comes as additional stress.

Some unmarried girl abortion cases:

We spoke to many unmarried girls who have had abortions in the past. Surprisingly, most of the girls told us that they took abortion pills without any prescription. Some of the experiences were very bad. While some others were still struggling with health complications when we had a word with them. And sadly, some of them lost their partial or complete fertility after suffering from risks with abortion pills.

Upon asking about their reasons for choosing unsafe abortion methods, the ones that came up most were their fears. And these fears were mostly related to the societal stigma attached to premarital sex and abortions. They hesitated in seeking safe abortions thinking of what the others would think of them.

Some of their concerns were like:

“What if the hospital calls the police and informs my parents?”

“Someone at the hospital might tell of my abortion to anyone in my family. This might affect my future.”

“The doctor might deny me the abortion as an unmarried?”

“The doctor may behave rudely and pass judgmental statements. I may not even receive the right treatment.”

Speaking to these girls regarding their post-abortion recovery and experiences, many of them repent for their wrong decisions. They wished that somebody could have helped them during their difficult time with the right information. Most of these girls did not even know that they can have a legal abortion in India as an unmarried girl. And nor did they knew that they did not need anyone’s consent besides themselves as adults.

Some girls have even started awareness campaigns regarding safe abortions in collaboration with registered abortion clinics. This is to enhance the trust in non-judgmental abortions and help women access safe medical pathways.

Schedule an appointment for a non-judgmental abortion.

How can you have a non-judgmental abortion at American Hospital Bangalore?

At AHB, you can trust in safety of health, your privacy and peace of mind. Besides respecting your privacy and providing you with a confidential abortion, the hospital also makes sure of a non-judgmental abortion. 

The hospital does not discriminate against any patient based on her marital status or any other factors. All patients receive the highest level of medical care. You won’t have to answer any personal questions because they are never asked. The doctor will ask you only the queries that hold any medical significance. This means, you will receive only the questions that are important for the best medical care.

These include your medical history, any allergies you may have, any co-existing medical condition and/or medicines you may be taking. You can get a non-judgmental abortion at the hands of a neutral team. The abortion team respects patient privacy by all means.

The hospital understands how important it is for the patient to feel relaxed and stress-free for her well-being. You can freely and without any fear express how you are feeling and what you are going through. Speaking to the doctor at AHB who treats you professionally on one hand and supports you friendly on the other can help you find strength and confidence.

The positive and supportive environment of the hospital can create a sense of relief and confidence. The hospital endeavors to help you move forward in your life with a positive attitude.

Gentle Care abortion is painless, convenient, non-judgmental, stress free, worry free, procedure done in 10 minutes, discharge in 1 hour or less when patient is ready.

Schedule an appointment for a non-judgmental abortion.

#3. For the want of a safe abortion:

Although abortions are safe when performed at registered abortion hospitals. And you may find a few abortion clinics near you in Coimbatore. Still, women prefer travelling to Bangalore for safe abortions.

The reasons for privacy and anonymity have already been discussed. Moreover, for safe abortion too, their choice remains Bangalore. Bangalore being a large metropolitan city has more healthcare facilities. And the American Hospital Bangalore is recognized at both national and international levels for the best abortion care. Many women are concerned and anxious about abortions.

Some of the concerns include:

“Will abortion affect my future pregnancies?”

“Will I be able to conceive naturally after a pregnancy termination?”

“Can anybody tell that I have had an abortion in the past?”

“What if there are complications with abortion?”

“How safe is an abortion?”

“Will I need to undergo a big surgery?”

“How long will I bleed after the abortion?”

“When will I have my period after the abortion?”

And there are endless concerns. Women today want medical care to be very safe. Various organizations and hospitals have taken initiatives to help women know that unsafe abortions pose risk to their long-term health. And some complications can even be life-threatening. Therefore, it is necessary to have a safe abortion.

Unsafe abortions stand as the third-most major reason for maternal mortalities and morbidities in India.

Case stories of abortion in Coimbatore:

Some time back, all news headlines in Coimbatore read,

“Woman dies in abortion bid.”

This happened with a married woman having five children who sought an abortion at a private clinic. She did not ascertain whether the clinic is a registered abortion clinic or not. She suffered serious complications post-abortion. Her condition started deteriorating after which she died.

(Source: https://www.thehindu.com/news/cities/Coimbatore/woman-dies-in-abortion-bid/article26985132.ece)

How can you have a safe abortion at American Hospital Bangalore?

The hospital and the doctors:

AHB is certified and registered MTP clinic or the abortion hospital. The doctors are highly-qualified registered medical practitioners. They have experience of more than 30 years with the head doctor having an experience of more than 40 years.

You can rely on their education, training and experience. The hospital makes sure that all the doctors receive the latest upgrades on all new advancements in healthcare techniques and technologies. This helps them to continuously move forward better than ever. The hospital is in a continuous process of improving patient experiences. This is evident from the happy patient reviews that the hospital receives very often.

The nurses:

Speaking of nurses, they are all well-qualified and have received progressive training internationally. To upgrade their skills and knowledge, they also undergo constant training programs regarding new healthcare advancements.

Even the healthcare facilities available at the hospital are the latest and from the best sources. All abortions at AHB are safe and efficient.

Prevention of complications with abortions:

A comprehensive pre-abortion consultation and some routine tests help the doctor identify the patient’s medical condition. These tests are for the patient’s safety and essential to rule out any complications.

All abortion complications are preventable with a proper diagnosis and prescription of the best abortion method. The doctor ensures that the patient receives all the medical information relevant to her case-specific. This further helps her in choosing the best for her health.

Gentle Care abortion at AHB ensures that the patient does not suffer any long-term impact. It does not impact her future fertility or conceived pregnancies. One can try getting pregnant naturally after an abortion whenever the couple is ready.

And yes, no one can tell whether you have had an abortion in the past with Gentle Care suction abortion. Since the method is non-invasive, there is no scarring or risk of internal injury.

Moreover, the risk of infections is ruled out by the hygiene of the hospital. Many patients often mention in their reviews for the hospital’s hygiene. All tools used are disposable wherever applicable. And other pieces of medical equipment are sterilized before and after each procedure.

Besides, a safe abortion at AHB also ensures that your mental and emotional wellbeing is protected. It strives to do so with stress-free, comfortable, private, non-judgmental and confidential abortion care.

Schedule an abortion for a safe abortion.

#4. For the want of a single-appointment and successful procedure:

Many women and girls say that they have to wait for long waiting periods for consultation in the first place. Next, they have to wait for their turn for abortion which may be ahead in the number of weeks. This can increase their gestation length and taper down their abortion options. Legally, abortions in India are available for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances.

Even if they manage to get a consultation appointment, the tests they may need to undergo may further take another appointment. And then, abortion is available with at least a day’s hospitalization.

Students and professional women want a quick resolution. They cannot afford multiple appointments in terms of their work.

Gentle Care abortion at AHB is a single-appointment and same-day discharge procedure. The procedure is very short and quick. It is a short process that takes less than 3-5 minutes for suction abortion. Even Gentle Care surgical abortion takes less than 30 minutes. 

After resting in the private room, the patient can take discharge in less than an hour. She will receive the post-abortion recovery and follow-up guidance. Gentle Care abortion is convenient, stress-free and the patent can get back to routine even the same day. 

Gentle Care abortions are highly safe, effective and efficient. The patient can leave the hospital premises knowing that the abortion is successful. There is no waiting period that can keep one up on nights whether abortion is successful.

With abortion pills, there is a slight probability of incomplete abortion. Their efficiency is between 95%-97%. However, women can undergo a Gentle Care suction abortion. It is nearly 100% efficient. The patient can return home with a successful abortion. And the joy and happiness of a successful and comfortable medical experience can help her moving ahead in life confidently and happily. 

#5. For the want of Gentle Care abortion at the best abortion hospital:

As mentioned earlier, AHB has pioneered Gentle Care abortions for making abortion experiences comfortable. Women undergoing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies often are struggling with a variety of emotions. And in their hard times, sometimes they do not have a reliable person to speak to.

AHB assures all patients painless and comfortable abortion experiences. Gentle Care abortions are:

  • Safe, legal, confidential
  • Painless
  • Stress-free
  • Successful
  • Single-appointment
  • Same-day discharge
  • Non-judgmental
  • Comfortable

Since the hospital offers private abortion services with only one patient being attended at a time, limited seats are available each day. Most of the slots get filled in quick and you may not want to miss the earliest one. So, do not delay.

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