Abortion in Dubai: What are your rights & available choices?

In the ever-evolving landscape of reproductive rights, it’s crucial to understand the legal and safe options available to women in Dubai facing unplanned pregnancies. While abortion in Dubai laws are stringent, it’s important to make informed decisions for your well-being. In this post, we’ll explore your rights and available choices. Additionally, we’ll shed light on a safe alternative – travelling to India for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

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Abortion in Dubai laws: What has changed before 2024?

Dubai’s laws on abortion are strict, allowing the procedure only to save the life of the mother or if the fetus has severe abnormalities. This limited scope can be challenging for women seeking reproductive autonomy.

There are added restrictions on the pregnancy length as well as the consent for abortion.

Gestation period: Up to when can you have an abortion in Dubai?

There is no legally specified pregnancy length when an abortion in Dubai becomes a necessity to save the woman’s life. However, in case of fetal deformities, the abortion in the UAE law allows the termination in only the first 120 days.

Beyond this period, abortion in Dubai is illegal. Also, there are no other exceptions to the rules. So, if you are looking for pregnancy termination or MTP in Dubai for contraceptive failure or socioeconomic reasons, you may not be able to obtain one legally. And the road of an unsafe abortion in Dubai is further gnarly. Many women lose their health and lives every year only because of acting in panic and wrong decisions about unsafe abortion practices.

Whose consent do you need for an abortion in Dubai?

Consent for abortion lies with the woman’s husband. In case of his absence, the law seeks permission from the husband’s parents. However, recently an amendment has come into force allowing women to give their consent for abortion in Dubai.

As of 2024, nothing has changed much in the laws with only 2 new changes before 2023 ended. The first is eliminating the need for the husband’s consent for emergency abortions only. And the second is allowing some private hospitals to perform abortion procedures.

So, the law amendment does not bring any piece of good news for most women seeking abortion in Dubai for an unwanted pregnancy.

What are your available options with an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai, UAE?

Facing an unwanted pregnancy in Dubai can be extremely difficult due to the strict laws and social environment. In such situations, seeking counselling services becomes a crucial step. It can allow individuals to explore their emotions and understand the psychological aspects associated with an unwanted pregnancy. So, if you want to decide about your pregnancy, you can choose to visit a counsellor who can help you explore your options.

Well, most women are sure of obtaining an abortion, but sometimes, some women may become indecisive. And it is here, where a counsellor can help you weigh down all the pros and cons of your available options.

Or if you just want to do this in private, take a paper and a pen. Now, write 3 columns, the first being ‘motherhood’, the second ‘adoption’ and the third, ‘abortion’. Then, beneath each column, divide further columns, one for pros and one for cons. Then, start writing down as your thoughts come. Although tears may roll down your cheeks as you do so, this is the most basic practical approach that you can do without involving anyone else. It’s just you and your thoughts here. In addition, it can help you decide what’s best for you in the long run.

Then, as you arrive at one of the best things, it’s time to figure out how-to’s of your choice.

Abortion in Dubai, Abortion in the UAE, abortion in UAE

Here’s an overview of the major options:

Carrying the Pregnancy to Term:

You can choose to carry the pregnancy and raise the child. If you are unmarried, it’s crucial to understand the potential legal and social ramifications.


For those who cannot envision continuing with the pregnancy, adoption stands out as a viable alternative. There are adoption agencies available to guide individuals through the adoption process, offering a supportive and understanding environment. It is also essential to access medical advice to fully comprehend the potential risks and implications of either continuing or terminating the pregnancy.

While adoption exists in Dubai, the process can be complex and lengthy. If you’re considering adoption, seek advice from social services and legal authorities for guidance.

However, if you choose to give up your child for adoption after birth as an unmarried mother, you must know that accessing neonatal care as an unmarried woman can be further complex. The hospital may deny opening your maternity file without a valid marriage certificate and your husband’s consent. So, weigh your options carefully and practically.

Abortion in Dubai:

Abortion in Dubai is illegal with very limited reasons for the legal permission. However, you can consider travelling to another country where abortion is legal. India stands as one of the best choices when it comes to abortion for foreigners, expats, NRIs, OCI card holders besides Indian women. In addition, it offers additional advantages to unmarried women seeking abortion care. We will discuss your available abortion in India options ahead in the post. So, stay tuned.

Community support plays a significant role during such challenging times. Engaging with support groups or communities can provide guidance and understanding, fostering a sense of solidarity. For those contemplating international travel, researching reputable medical facilities in countries with more flexible abortion regulations is imperative.

Important Considerations before you attempt an abortion in Dubai:

  • Severe legal penalties: Both the woman and anyone who performs an illegal abortion face jail time and fines.
  • Seeking help from illegal sources: Beyond the legal penalties, unsafe abortions can be very risky. Unsafe is not just a small word. It encompasses a wide range of complications and risks with abortions. The risks can range from heavy bleeding, loss of consciousness, infections, fertility issues, internal injury, haemorrhage, loss of reproductive health to even life-threatening conditions. You can call some risks mild but they can have a huge impact on long-term health.
  • Potential consequences for unmarried women: If you’re unmarried and become pregnant in Dubai, you could face additional legal issues. And what if you lose your ability to conceive in future as a result of an unsafe abortion in Dubai attempt?

The first and foremost thing for you is to drop any thought of an illegal abortion in Dubai. If you are considering buying illegal abortion pills in Dubai, you may want to have a look at the post dedicated to you: Are abortion pills in Dubai safe to buy and use?

Where can you have an abortion in Dubai in 2024?

While abortion in Dubai is illegal, for permissible reasons and within permissible gestation limit, one can obtain it at:

  • Licensed medical facilities: This category can potentially include both public and private hospitals that are legally authorized to operate in Dubai.
  • Specialized medical centres: It’s possible that specific medical centres within the healthcare system, with dedicated expertise in maternal health and high-risk pregnancies, might be designated for handling these delicate situations.

However, due to the sensitive and constantly evolving nature of the regulations, it’s crucial to remember that:

  • Strict confidentiality: Information about specific facilities might not be readily available due to legal and ethical considerations.
  • Medical board approval: Even in permitted cases, the decision often involves a medical board, potentially involving multiple institutions.

Therefore, the most reliable and safest approach for a woman facing such a situation in Dubai is to:

  • Seek advice from a trusted doctor: A qualified doctor can assess the specific medical condition and provide guidance based on the current laws and approved practices.
  • Consult a lawyer specializing in medical law: A legal professional can offer accurate information on current regulations and assist in navigating the process, potentially directing you to appropriate resources and facilities, if applicable.

Remember, seeking professional guidance and support is crucial in this situation.

Safe, legal and confidential abortion in India care for Dubai women:

Abortion in India vs Abortion in Dubai: The Legal Advantages:

In India, abortion is a legal and accessible option for women facing unwanted pregnancies, regardless of marital status. The legal framework allows for abortions up to 20 weeks, providing a supportive environment for women to make informed choices about their reproductive health.

Additionally, any woman above 18 years of age can obtain a legal abortion in India with her consent only. So, she has the right to choose whether to proceed with the pregnancy or not. And up to 20 weeks, she may not need to justify her reason.

Also, the abortion in India law places a great emphasis on the confidentiality of abortion care. So, you can get a confidential abortion in India. But, not all hospitals may be able to provide you with a single-appointment abortion. Or, with India being a land with a vast population, you may not want to be stuck in an uncertain position of when will you be able to get the abortion appointment.

Furthermore, not all hospitals are equipped to cater to the kind of care you may be looking forward to, supportive, non-judgmental, no waiting period, single appointment, private room for recovery, short procedure, painless abortion and a caring atmosphere for recovery. So, let’s help you with one of the choicest abortion clinics in India catering to international patients like yourself for more than 30 years.

Gentle Care abortion services at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

At AHB, the Gentle Care abortion procedures stand out as a beacon of hope for women from Dubai. These procedures prioritize clinical efficacy, ensuring a 100% success rate while offering painless experiences. The single-appointment process eliminates the need for hospitalization, emphasizing a quick, safe, and stress-free abortion experience.

Women considering Gentle Care abortions at AHB can undergo a pre-abortion evaluation by experienced gynecologists. Eligibility criteria, including pregnancy stage, preferred method, and required tests are assessed to provide a personalized and medically sound approach.

Women need to provide their Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date, enabling the medical team to assess the feasibility of abortion, recommend the preferred method and outline expected post-abortion outcomes. The team strives to offer peace of mind to women navigating the complexities of unwanted pregnancies and provide them with accessible Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

The abortion team at AHB understands the stress and uncertainty that unwanted pregnancies can bring. Beyond medical expertise, the team provides emotional support, helping women explore available options and ensuring the highest standards of care throughout the abortion journey.

For women in the UAE, travelling to Bangalore, India, becomes a viable and stress-free option. AHB offers Gentle Care suction abortions for pregnancies less than 12 weeks. And Gentle Care induced abortions for pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. Both are single-appointment procedures mostly resulting in same-day discharge. The hospital’s certified and experienced medical professionals prioritize patient safety, offering a comfortable and private environment for the procedure.

AHB’s commitment to patient satisfaction is unparallel. With US, UK, and Germany-trained doctors, the hospital provides private examination and recovery rooms, one-on-one support, and emotional assistance for a healthy and rapid recovery.

The Gentle Care abortion service packages at AHB encompass pre-abortion consultation, the abortion procedure, post-abortion care and additional services like Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) placement.

Schedule an abortion in India appointment.

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