Where to have a safe and confidential abortion in Ernakulam

Many of you reading this post may consider Ernakulam to be a part of Kochi or Cochin. And it may be true to some extent since the two cities are closely located and interconnected.

Many others think Ernakulam to be the urban face of Kochi. It may seem true when you witness its Marine Drive and an occupied waterfront promenade. You can see people enjoying backwater cruises in boats there. 

Although you can see the modern essence of Kerala in Ernakulam more than that is in Kochi. However, the two places share a similar culture, heritage and even values.

This is why women in Ernakulam cannot even visit Kochi when they are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy.

In this post, we will be discussing the safe, legal and confidential abortion options for women from Ernakulam in Bangalore.

Stigma with abortions in Kerala:

Speaking generally of Kerala, the stigma with abortions is huge. This may be attributed to various reasons such as culture, heritage, religious values and many more.

Even when abortion in India is legal, women in Kerala see unwanted pregnancies as nightmares. For them, unwanted pregnancy abortion is something most difficult to obtain.

There have been many instances when women were denied abortions even at government hospitals. Doctors have been taking moral stands when women approach them for abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

Women from Kochi themselves prefer travelling to Bangalore for legal, safe and confidential abortions. And the similar option is sought by women in Ernakulam too due to the burden of stigma with abortions in Kerala.

Stigma with abortion in Kerala for unmarried women:

An unmarried girl getting pregnant in India is seen as a grave sin regardless of her religion or other values. The girls have to undergo many probable and many unexpected outcomes both in family and in society.

They are considered a disgrace to the parents and family. Many are beaten brutally; many others are compelled to commit unsafe abortions. And many other victims try to give up their lives.

Even if these women somehow manage to get unsafe abortions, they may lead very traumatizing lives. In India, unsafe abortions are a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity.

Many live with co-existing diseases, many live with impaired fertility and many others have to pay the cost of abortion with their life.

The legal status of Indian abortion law for unmarried women:

If you are unmarried and seek an abortion in Ernakulam, we would advise you not to take a step ahead for unsafe abortion.

As per the amended abortion law of India, MTP act 2021, unmarried girls also have a legal right to abortion in India.

Circumstances permitted by law:

They can avail of safe abortions just like the married women in events where:

  • Pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure.
  • Sexual assault/ rape is behind the pregnancy.
  • Continuing the pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life.
  • Deformities or anomalies have been detected to be present in the fetus as revealed by prenatal scans and monitoring.

Gestation length:

Unmarried girls can avail of legal abortion in India for up to 20 weeks of pregnancy under normal circumstances. However, there may be circumstances where abortions are permissible for up to 24 weeks.

An abortion story in Kerala: The legal support:

A 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted by her elder brother. The immoral act resulted in an unwanted pregnancy.

Little can be said in context what she and her family faced during the first trimester. Why she could not be given an early abortion service is also not quite justified. But when she was denied the abortion, her parents took help from the court.

Finally, after medical board examination, report and multiple hearings, the abortion services were made available to her at 26-weeks. How she and her family might have faced the trauma all this time is really sad.

She has to live with the mental trauma of both sexual assault and having carried an unwanted pregnancy for nearly 26 weeks.

(Ref.: https://www.etvbharat.com/english/national/state/kerala/kerala-hc-allows-abortion-for-13-year-old-sexual-assault-survivor/na20210420163327799)

Her mental stress level could have been reduced in case she had access to an early abortion.

Consent for abortion:

In case the unmarried girl is an adult, she can avail of legal abortion in India only by her consent. She does not need her partner’s or parents’ consent.

However, in cases the girl seeking an abortion is a minor or is mentally incapable of giving her consent, parental consent is sought.

The advice:

In case you are an unmarried girl and carrying an unexpected pregnancy, do not buy abortion pills in Ernakulam. Rather, equip yourself with your legal rights and make way for a safe abortion.

Stigma with abortion in Kerala for married women:

Stigma with abortion in Kerala can be seen even for married women. Abortion in India has been legal for multiple circumstances for married women ever since the abortion rule came into existence.

It is for unmarried women, that abortion in India has been made equally legal quite recently. But for married women, abortion in India has been legal since the coming of the MTP Act, 1971. Some changes regarding the clauses, abortion provider doctor base, gestation period and other circumstances have been made over years for the better.

What we are trying to say is that even when abortion in India is legal, yet married women also get victimized at the hands of stigma.

Let’s see abortion stories of married women from Kerala:

Abortion story 1:

A married woman was denied a legal abortion and made guilty of seeking the same. When she said that it is her right to have a legal abortion, the doctor asked her to bring her husband.

She was ignorant of the fact that she can avail of legal abortion on her consent only. Unknowingly, she told the doctor that her husband has gone abroad for the job last week itself.

Further shockingly, the doctor asked her to come with her husband’s parents since they have the legal right over the fetus.

Abortion story 2:

Another married woman was denied an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy. The doctor said that abortion is not morally correct. She went into depression with the same.

And there are many similar abortion stories of married and unmarried women who are denied abortions. If you want, you can click on the link below to read more.

(Ref.: https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/how-stigma-over-abortion-denies-women-important-legal-right-136887)

This stigma with abortions is not new and is not restricted to only Kerala or India. It can be seen throughout the world in diverse forms. And it has persisted in society for a long.

It may take years for the stigma to change. But for now, let us focus on what’s the best abortion option for women in Ernakulam or anywhere residing in Kerala.  

Things to know

First of all, there are a few things for you to know before you opt for an abortion. These are:


Abortion in India is legal. The circumstances, consent and gestation period have been mentioned above in the post. And yes, abortion in India is legal irrespective of your marital status. Only your consent for abortion is required if you are an adult.

Qualified practitioners:

Abortions should be performed only by registered medical practitioners who are qualified and trained for performing safe abortions.

As per the MTP Act 2021, Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) that involves the use of safe abortion pills can be done by doctors having diverse medical certifications and recognitions.

But the surgical abortions can be performed only by the doctors who are qualified for surgeries and have received training for the same.

Abortion clinics:

Abortions cannot be randomly conducted in any healthcare setting. They may be performed only at the abortion clinics or hospitals that have been registered.

The medical board conducts various inspections and checks before it provides MTP certification. Only the clinics that fulfil the criteria for being equipped with all the basic facilities and staff for performing abortions are registered.

Choosing the best abortion clinic is also an important task. Although there are multiple abortion centres in our country, the one that suits your requirements only can be the best one for you.

So, let us see what a few women seeking abortions in Ernakulam asked us through open surveys. Let’s answer their queries. We will be addressing a single query in this post. But in the process of doing so, we will be addressing queries of many other women having similar questions.

Our answers are not mere the answers to questions but solutions to your problems. You may find the solution to your problem as well. So, stay tuned and read along.

The Problem:

“I am a married woman. I am carrying an unwanted pregnancy. Since I am also a working woman, I am currently not in a position of childbearing. I am afraid if I get an abortion, it might affect my future pregnancy. Please guide me.”

The Solution:

You can avail of legal abortion at any registered abortion clinic in Ernakulam. But the abortion will be safe and confidential cannot be guaranteed at all times.

And your concern is regarding your future pregnancies. So, let us help you know your best option.

Get an ultrasound:

Firstly, if it is possible to have an ultrasound, go ahead with it to confirm pregnancy location and length. It is quite possible that the diagnostic lab may not conduct the ultrasound if you visit them without a doctor’s prescription. And having a doctor’s prescription for the same may put you in a situation where the doctor tells you that abortion is immoral.

If possible, you can avail of it there. Or you can schedule an appointment at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). There you may not face this stigma issue at all.

This test is necessary to know where your pregnancy is located and what is the exact gestation length.

The case of intrauterine pregnancy:

In case your pregnancy is normal, i.e. located in the uterus, then you have three abortion options. Now, these are dependent on your length of pregnancy. These are:

  1. The medical method of abortion can be availed up to 6-8 weeks of pregnancy.
  2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion that can be availed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy; and
  3. A surgical abortion can be availed up to 20 weeks.

The case of ectopic pregnancy:

In case your pregnancy is ectopic, i.e., it is located at the wrong place. Then, it is a case of medical emergency and you need immediate removal of this pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies are harmful to health and may even be fatal.

If you do not get it removed at the earliest, it may continue to grow for quite some time. And then when it is unable to grow at that particular location beyond, it may burst. Ruptured tubal pregnancies (when the embryo remains in the fallopian tube) can affect your future fertility. It may reduce your probability of future conception to nearly half.

But if detected early, it may be medically treated with the help of medicines. In some cases, it may even be treated without surgical procedure and your fertility can be protected.

Hence, it is first important for you to get your ultrasound done for the length and location of the pregnancy.

The advice:

Now, this requirement stands the same for all women who have recently discovered that they are pregnant. Whether your pregnancy is wanted or unwanted, please get this test done at the first.

If you are having any difficulty in availing of the same, you may schedule an appointment at AHB.

Abortion for normal pregnancy:

Now for abortion, you must visit a certified abortion centre. It may be difficult for you to obtain one at your place due to stigma. Moreover, it is important that the abortion performing doctor is well qualified and experienced to prevent the risks with abortions.

Unsafe abortion at the hands of unprofessional or quack or in unprofessional settings may also affect your future fertility.

So, it may be better for you to travel to a different city like Bangalore to avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

If your partner also approves of abortion, you can travel to Bangalore with him, avail of safe abortion and return to Ernakulam.

And even if your partner cannot travel with you for any reason, only your consent is needed for abortion. You may take a friend along. Or if you choose to visit AHB for abortion, you can also go alone. Remember to have your travel and hotel bookings at hand before for your convenience.

Considering that you visit Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion, here are your abortion choices.

The medical method of abortion:

This is a safe abortion method with the help of abortion pills.

Gestation period:

This method has been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) to terminate only early pregnancies, i.e. less than 6-8 weeks.

The ultrasound that was performed for tracking the length and location of your pregnancy will tell you the exact gestation period. So, it may be your method of abortion if your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks.

Medical history:

Besides the length of pregnancy. It may be prescribed to you only if you are not:

  • allergic to abortion pills;
  • taking any medicines for any co-existing medical conditions that may interact with abortion pills;
  • having liver, kidney or heart disorder or any genetic disorder;
  • have a stent implanted and take blood thinners or take anti-clotting medicines for any conditions like hypertension, Deep vein thrombosis (DVT), lupus, etc.

These conditions may complicate your abortion and may result in emergencies. So, if you are having any of the above conditions, it may be better for you to opt for the suction method of abortion even though your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks.

The abortion procedure:

In this method, you may need two or more appointments with the hospital. It works in two stages with two different pills. Both the pills are taken at a gap of more than 24 hours. So, you can expect to receive the first pill, Mifepristone at the hospital. The doctor may decide whether to administer it to you orally or be placed vaginally as per your case.

It may block the embryo’s growth.

You may be called for a second appointment after a gap of nearly 24-36 hours. Then, you will be given the second pill, Misoprostol. Again, the doctor will decide whether to give it to you be taken orally or will place it intravaginally.

This pill will help your uterus to contract and expel the embryo through the vagina.

Points to remember with the medical method of abortion:

  • This method is accompanied by moderate to severe pain and bleeding. Always be ready to visit the medical centre in case of an emergency like that of heavy blood loss.
  • The medical method of abortion is only 95%-97% efficient. There are chances for incomplete abortion and hence, you should always be ready for surgical method in such an event. This is because incomplete abortions are treated by surgical methods to complete them.

For working women:

Since this query came from working women, it is important to highlight this aspect as well. With the medical method of abortion, it might take more than 10-12 days for an abortion to be completed. Until then, you can expect pain, bleeding and discomfort. So, at least you may need to take leave for 3-4 days. Some women may need even more according to their circumstances.

 In case bleeding and/or pain does not wean away in 12-14 days, it is time for another appointment and leaves. You will be checked for incomplete abortion. If found so, Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) procedure may be needed to complete the abortion for which you’ll need another set of sick leaves.

If you are travelling to Bangalore, it is better to have a single-day abortion procedure.

Suction method of abortion:

Gestation period:

It is another safe abortion procedure that is recommended to be performed for terminating first-trimester abortions. It may be used for up to 12 weeks.

The procedure:

You need to have it performed only at the best abortion clinic. Unsafe abortions may lead to many irreversible complications like an internal injury.

Since we are speaking about the Gentle care Suction abortion procedure at AHB, here is what it is like:

  • It is a safe, gentle care procedure that lasts not more than 3-10 minutes.
  • It is performed under anesthesia to make it painless.
  • The embryo and placental tissue are removed through the vaginal route. A slender tube is inserted into the uterus through the vaginal opening. It is attached with an aspirator. A suction is created that sucks the embryo. All the collected items are evaluated to see the efficiency of the procedure.
  • It is nearly 100% effective and hence you may return with successful abortion.
  • Suction abortion is performed only at a single appointment and you may get discharged in an hour post-abortion.
  • Before leaving the abortion clinic, you will receive consultation for proper healing and post-abortion recovery.

Since you are coming from Kerala, you may book a hotel near the hospital, take a rest for a night and return the next day.

For working women:

With the suction abortion procedure at AHB, you may need off only for a couple of days. One day for travelling to Bangalore and abortion procedure. Another day for returning to Kerala and beyond that you may or may not take off as per your preference.

Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

Gestation period:

This is a safe abortion method employed for terminating second-trimester or late-stage pregnancies. At AHB, you can avail of this method for up to 20 weeks.

The procedure:

This is also Gentle care and a painless abortion procedure. It is performed under anesthesia.

It may last up to 30 minutes. In this method of abortion, the uterine lining is gently abraded and all products of gestation removed.

It is also a single appointment procedure with nearly 100% efficiency.

The advice:

The doctor may prescribe the abortion method that is best for you according to your individualized case. Each woman is different and needs personalized abortion care. At AHB, the experienced doctors and medical staff are highly qualified and experienced to perform safe abortion procedures.

Besides, the nurses are also internationally trained for efficient procedures. You can expect a caring, compassionate and non-judgmental abortion experience at American hospital Bangalore.

In case you are an unmarried girl and seek an abortion, your choices at AHB remain the same as above. Do not resort to unsafe abortions.

Schedule your appointment today itself for a safe, legal and confidential abortion. You may also call or WhatsApp the AHB’s helpline number in case of any query.

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