Considering abortion in Gulbarga: You are at right place

Gulbarga or Kalaburagi is one of the biggest cities in North Karnataka. Yet, women and girls, there are struggling for safe abortions.

Many couples undergo unsafe abortions at the hands of untrained personnel, dais and quacks. As a result, they suffer from various complications. And they seek medical help at hospitals at very late stages after the occurrence of complications. This has been the major reason for high maternal mortality and morbidity not only in Gulbarga but throughout India. 

Do these women have no safe abortion options? Can they not access Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) although abortion in India is legal?

This post intends to help women from Gulbarga and nearby cities have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore. 

Visiting quacks and unprofessional personnel or self-medication with abortion pills is the easiest rescue one may think of on discovering an unwanted pregnancy. And the biggest reason is for the want of a confidential abortion. Another reason is the lack of knowledge of reproductive rights and safe options. 

We will also discuss some abortion cases in Gulbarga. They are not to accentuate your anxiety, but to help you know what unsafe abortions can lead to. And also to protect you from falling into similar pitfalls. 

Let’s begin!

There are several abortion complications and side effects but they all are preventable if you are ready to look for safe options. 

Let us see the abortion stories of some women in Gulbarga.

Abortion case in Kalaburagi:

A news headline read:

“Woman dies during abortion, lover drives with her body.”

Let’s learn the facts and the preventable situations from this story. 

A young unmarried girl got pregnant. She along with her partner went to a private abortion clinic for a confidential abortion. 

The duo lied to the doctor about having been married. They said so because of the fear that the doctor may deny them abortion as an unmarried couple. 

What do you need to know about abortion as an unmarried girl or single woman?

Abortion in Kalaburagi or anywhere else in India is legal for both married as well as unmarried girls. This has been legalized with the introduction of the latest revision to the Indian abortion act, MTP 1971. The revised rules as per MTP Act, 2021 makes abortion in India legal for unmarried girls. 

So, next time you visit a doctor for an abortion, you need not hide your marital status at least for this reason.

However, do you fear indifferent behavior from the doctor or nurses?

Or is there a fear of prejudice or being judged?

Or are you seeking a confidential abortion in a private abortion clinic as an unmarried couple?

Then, you must consider visiting a distant city. 

You can travel to Bangalore via a short flight, bus or train. Or you can also hire a cab or travel there via your personal conveyance. American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) offers safe, legal, confidential, quick, painless and Gentle Care abortions

Schedule an appointment for a confidential abortion in Bangalore. 

Coming back to the story.

The doctor agreed to provide the abortion service. But unfortunately, the girl died after the high dose injection administration. 


Sadly, this was an unsafe abortion method. If you too are looking forward to having an abortion, please do not resort to unsafe methods or visit the quacks. 

Abortions are highly safe procedures but only if performed at registered abortion hospitals. Only visit qualified and experienced doctors who have received sufficient training for performing safe abortions.

Schedule an appointment for safe abortion at American Hospital Bangalore.

Collective Abortion studies in Gulbarga:

In the department of gynecology and obstetrics in a hospital in Gulbarga, a study analyzed patients with septic abortions. 

What is a septic abortion?

A septic abortion is the one that gets completed with infections. Septic abortions are one of the most common types of unsafe abortions impacting the reproductive futures of the patients. 

In addition, septic abortion management requires either conservative medical treatment or a surgical method known as laparotomy. And in most cases, surgery has shown to be the best method of management. 

For the want of privacy either due to societal stigma or due to unwanted pregnancies of unwed girls, women resort to unsafe abortions. They visit quacks to fix the issue of unwanted pregnancy. But when the complications make their way in, they need medical assistance. The hospital reported receiving septic abortion cases very late after their occurrence. 

But do you know sepsis and corrective surgery are preventable?

Yes, safe abortions at registered abortion clinics do not present with infections. For instance, safe abortions just like Gentle Care abortions at the best abortion hospital. This is because according to this study, the commonest cause behind septic abortions is abortion by untrained people. 

Causes of septic abortion with an unsafe abortion:

Several kinds of unsafe practices can cause infections with abortions. Some of them include:

  • Use of infectious tools for attempting abortions.
  • Unhygienic premises. 
  • Lack of proper antiseptics and asepsis.
  • No prescription of antibiotics to take prophylactically.
  • Incomplete abortion as a result of incomplete evacuation.
  • Inadvertent injury to internal organs including reproductive organs and other closely located ones.

“Bacteremia and sepsis can develop at any stage of septic abortion. And other problems that come associated with a septic abortion include generalized peritonitis, pelvic abscess, disseminated intravascular coagulopathy, adult respiratory distress syndrome, septic shock, renal failure and death.”


This means that unsafe abortions can even lead to a patient’s death. 

It is advisable to reach out only for safe abortions at registered abortion hospitals, even if you have to travel to a distant city. 

The cost of a safe abortion is a happy, healthy and productive future. 

Schedule an appointment for safe abortion at the best abortion hospital. 

Travelling to Bangalore from Gulbarga for a Gentle Care abortion:

There are several reasons for which you may consider travelling to Bangalore for an abortion. Let us discuss each of them and also have your queries answered along the way. 

Want for a safe abortion:

We discussed about the infections resulting from unsafe abortions as the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in women in Kalaburagi in the above section of this post. 

Infection is just one complication out of many risks with unsafe abortions. These include:

  • Incomplete abortion
  • Internal injury
  • Loss of fertility
  • Heavy blood loss and many more

This is not to scare you away, but to help you understand the need for a safe abortion. Safety should always be the priority when it comes to any medical procedure, including abortion. 

Safety of health at physical, mental, reproductive and emotional levels is the responsibility of a safe abortion provider. 

An abortion can be such a safe procedure that can get completed within a few minutes and you may not even have to return for a follow-up.

What is a safe abortion?

Safe abortion is the one that meets the following requirements:

  1. When the procedure is done at the registered abortion hospitals and clinics.
  2. When only the qualifying doctors and nurses are a part of the abortion team. The doctors and nurses should have the required qualification and experience. Moreover, they should have received the necessary training to perform the procedure precisely. 
  3. When the abortion method is carefully chosen and prescribed to the patient according to her pregnancy length, location and other medically specific factors. 
  4. The safe abortion practice is where the doctor rules out all the side effects before prescribing the abortion method. We will discuss below who is eligible for which abortion method. 
  5. A safe abortion safeguards a woman’s emotional health as well. Since abortion in India is legal even for unmarried girls and single women, a safe abortion provider will not judge a patient. Her abortion decisions and choices should receive discretion. She should receive proper professional medical treatment without being judged for getting pregnant or seeking an abortion. 
  6. The caring and compassionate attitude of the abortion provider and the helping nurses also play a major role in women’s mental health. Harsh remarks and rude behavior of the medical fraternity can negatively impact a girl’s mental health. They often remain as emotional scars behind a girl’s smile throughout her life. Whereas, caring and supporting behavior can help her heal early and move ahead in life with confidence and happiness.
  7. A safe abortion never harms her long-term health. 
  8. A safe abortion also safeguards a woman’s privacy and abortion details. 

Where can you obtain a safe abortion?

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), founded in 1995 is a premier abortion hospital in Bangalore. It is a registered abortion clinic that provides exclusive Gentle Care abortions. The hospital has a world-class state-of-art infrastructure equipped with advanced healthcare facilities. 

All the doctors and nurses have experience of over 30 years of in their respective domains of providing safe abortion procedures. The hospital has pioneered its Gentle Care abortion, exclusively available at AHB. 

The hospital performs three types of safe abortion procedures for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances. However, in some special cases, it is available even for up to 24 weeks. 

The hospital provides Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to all patients seeking safe, legal and confidential abortions. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. The medical abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion
  3. Surgical or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion

AHB is fully furnished with all the essential medicines, tools and pieces of equipment to perform safe abortions by all three methods. Before prescribing any abortion method, the doctors provide pre-abortion consultation to maintain the patient’s privacy. 

Her medical history is taken down, her medical condition analyzed and then, an abortion procedure is prescribed. The doctor provides consultation on all the available abortion options and then performs Gentle Care abortion.

Medical abortion at AHB: Who is eligible?

Medical abortion refers to abortion with the help of two safe and approved abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. You are eligible for an abortion by the medical method if:

  • The location of your pregnancy is within the womb.
  • Your pregnancy length is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are not suffering from any disorder like that of the liver, kidneys or adrenal glands for which you may be taking some medicines. 
  • Even if you are suffering from any other medical condition like that of adrenal glands or lupus or hypertension or diabetes or any other, you should inform the doctor. 
  • If you are taking blood thinners, again medical abortion may not be the best method for you. 
  • You can opt for medical abortion if eligible, if you want it to happen in the comfort of the bedroom. Since you are visiting from Gulbarga, you may be staying in a hotel. And for a medical abortion, you may need to have the hotel room booked for at least three days. This is because the abortion with pills most likely happens on the third day. 
  • Since the abortion takes place naturally, you can opt for this method if you are comfortable with abdominal cramps and bleeding. Discomfort and fatigue may wean away soon after the embryo expulsion. However, you can call the helpline number anytime in case of heavy bleeding or any other complication. 
  • When you receive abortion pills at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), you will receive guidance as to when and how to take them. The doctor will also make sure that you understand what to expect and when to seek help.

Do not worry if you are not eligible for a medical abortion. Even if you want a single-day and same-appointment procedure, you can choose the Gentle Care suction abortion. 

Gentle Care Suction abortion at AHB:

Gentle Care Suction abortion is an in-clinic abortion method available exclusively at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). It is medically known as the Manual Vacuum Aspiration method. 

Who is eligible?

Gentle Care suction abortion is the method of choice for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. Any pregnancy that is less than 12 weeks and is located intrauterine is eligible for termination by this method.

Girls and women who are not eligible for abortion pills can have Gentle suction abortion. Even women who qualify for medical abortion can have the pregnancy termination with the Gentle Care suction method for its several advantages. 

Patients who qualify for a suction abortion can have a quick, comfortable and painless Gentle Care abortion at AHB. The nurses will help you prepare for abortion both medically as well as emotionally. 

Check out your eligibility and schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care abortion at AHB today. 

Gentle Care Suction abortion: How is it done?

Women and girls who arrive at the hospital are sometimes extremely scared of the pain and emotional treatment. But relax, if you are having an abortion at AHB. Its name is Gentle because the procedure itself is very gentle. 

Besides being painless, it is gentle on your emotional and mental wellbeing. The supporting nurse will help you get dressed as per your needs. Now unlike other hospitals, abortion will not take place in scary operation rooms. 

Instead, you will receive admission in a private room. And the doctor will perform the procedure in a private examination room only. If you wish, you can have a companion by your side. A caring nurse will be there to listen to you and your needs and do the needful while the doctor gently pulls out pregnancy products and cleans your womb. 

When you lie comfortably, the doctor will clean your cervix to prevent the occurrence of infections. Then, the doctor will insert a thin, soft and flexible disposable tube through your vaginal opening to reach the uterus. 

This tube connects to a small hand-held device that fits in the doctor’s hand. When in place, the doctor gently turns on this device called an aspirator. It creates suction and the pregnancy products come out gently. 

And your abortion gets completed within less than a few minutes. Most women feel comfortable immediately after the procedure. Howsoever, you can rest for a few minutes until you want to take discharge. You will receive post-abortion recovery guidance as a part of your abortion care before that. 

Then, the coordinator can hire a cab for you to take you to your hotel. You can rest overnight and return to Kalaburagi the following day.

Gentle Care Suction abortion: How is it better than medical abortion?


Gentle Care suction abortion is painless, unlike medical abortion. Abortion with pills involve abdominal cramps and bleeding and hence, you can expect pain with it. But a Gentle Care suction abortion is absolutely painless. 

The highly qualified and experienced physicians at AHB perform the procedure with great expertise. They take all necessary precautions to prevent complications. Moreover, since it is a non-invasive abortion method, you can feel relaxed, it is technically not a surgery. 


Abortion with pills may sometimes not complete the abortion. They are not more than 98% efficacious. And this efficacy is also achievable only when the doctor considers the right dose, mode of administration and other patient-specific factors before prescribing them. 

This means, there is always a possibility of incomplete abortion with abortion pills. Unlike this medical abortion, Gentle Care suction abortion is nearly 100% efficient. Most likely, the pregnancy is released completely within the clinic. And you can return to Kalaburagi knowing that you are no longer pregnant. 

Waiting period:

With abortion pills, you may have to wait for up to a few days and sometimes a week to be sure that the abortion is complete. However, with the Gentle Care Suction abortion, you leave the hospital premises knowing that the pregnancy is over. 


With abortion pills, you may need to make more trips to the hospital. Sometimes for a follow-up to ascertain the success of the procedure and at other times to complete the abortion. Pregnancy tissue that may remain in the womb with abortion pills need evacuation either through a Gentle Care Suction method or sometimes through Dilatation and Evacuation method. 

Whereas, Gentle Care suction abortion takes less than 5 minutes within the clinic. You may not need another appointment for a follow-up. In case of any query, you can always speak to the healthcare professional over the telephone. 

As a part of your post-abortion care, you will receive guidance for rapid healing. The doctor may prescribe you some supplements to take and also prophylactic antibiotics to prevent the onset of infections. 

Most women take discharge within half an hour post-abortion. 

Women and girls travelling from different Indian cities like Mangalore, Goa, Belgaum, Chennai, Mysore, Palakkad, Trichur, Cochin, Trivandrum, etc often prefer Gentle Care Suction abortion. They can travel back the same or the next day with the confidence of successful and confidential abortion.

Not just in other Indian cities, Gentle Care Suction abortion has received international recognition. Many Malayali women living in the Middle East countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and others prefer to travel to Bangalore for Gentle Care abortions rather than their native Kerala cities. 

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care suction abortion at AHB today and receive personalized Comprehensive Abortion Care. 

Gentle Care surgical abortion at AHB:

All late-stage pregnancy terminations where pregnancies are past 12 weeks need surgical procedures. It is also known as the Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) procedure. At AHB, D&E is also a Gentle Care abortion unlike the traditional Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) method of abortion. 

Most hospitals in India are still following this traditional D&C abortion method. They use a sharp curettage for scraping off the uterine lining to remove the fetus and other pregnancy products. However, at AHB, Gentle Care surgical abortion follows guidelines for D&E procedures. 

Unlike other hospitals, you do not need overnight hospitalization for a surgical abortion at AHB. The nurses prepare you for the abortion. As per your specific needs, mild anesthesia will put you to sleep and help in a painless abortion

Gentle dilatants help in cervix dilatation. Then with the help of sterile, slender and safe surgical tools the doctor gentle cleans the womb. Just like with suction abortion, the doctor uses an aspirator to evacuate all pregnancy products. 

This helps in preventing injury to internal organs. Even your reproductive organs are safe with a Gentle Care surgical abortion. Your uterus shape will not distort and you can safely conceive in future. 

Schedule an early appointment for a Gentle Care abortion at AHB today. 

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