Where to find an ‘abortion clinic near me’ in Hubli Dharwad

Hubli or Hubballi is well known for its sunset and city views. Where traditional and cultural flavors can be seen in centuries-old temples and buildings, there is an essence of urban trade in cotton and iron.

Hubli along with the neighboring city Dharwad are together regarded as “Flowering Creeper” agglomerating city of Karnataka and fast-growing after the largest city of the state, Bangalore. However, women from Hubli Dharwad often prefer to travel to Bangalore when they need safe abortion services.

Multiple factors help them make this choice to travel to Bangalore for personalized, compassionate, non-judgmental and comprehensive abortion services (CAC). They prefer an abortion at a private abortion clinic in Bangalore rather than visiting a local abortion clinic in Hubli.

This post intends to answer the most frequently asked concerns women in Hubli have when they seek safe abortions. Also, the post will be a quick guide to help you decide your best abortion in the Bangalore option.

Let’s begin!

Abortion is care:

An important message for all young girls and women seeking abortions but are drenched in fears and stigma is that ‘Abortion is care.’ And all women should have access to safe abortions as a part of the care of their reproductive health and sexual life.

Abortion is a very sensitive issue. Especially, since abortions are stigmatized, young girls often find themselves enveloped in a variety of questions regarding abortions. We are here to help you find your answers in the most relaxing and calm way.

Although abortions may be associated with physical and emotional pain, such hard feelings can vanish with the right care.

It is highly important for any woman, married or unmarried wanting an abortion to make the best choice. You might think of abortions as stressful events, however, they are just like other medical procedures. Most likely, the stigma attached to it makes it difficult for women in Hubli Dharwad to access safe abortion services.

However, you do have safe abortions options just like any other woman in India. It is only a matter of questions and concerns that may pop up as hurdles. But with the right information and knowledge, women can easily access their safe abortion options.

Unmarried girl abortion in Hubli Dharwad:

Most importantly, collective stigma can be seen in Indian families when it comes to unmarried girl abortions. And hence, they resort not to visiting a nearby abortion clinic to avoid shame, disgrace and harsh behavior.

For your kind information, abortion in India is equally legal for married as well as unmarried women. So, unmarried girls seeking abortions in Hubli can avail themselves safely and maintaining their confidentiality. They do have options where they may not be judged for their abortion decision or for getting pregnant with premarital sex.

Hence, if you are thinking of buying abortion pills in Hubli and looking for the cost of abortion, then please read this post to the full to know your safe abortion options.

Say NO to unsafe abortion:

Never resort to an unsafe abortion since the cost of an abortion is not just a monetary figure. It may even come as a loss to your reproductive health, loss of physical or mental or psychological wellbeing. Even unsafe abortions may lead to the patient’s death.

But all of these are avoidable with the right abortion choice. Better know your safe abortion options before considering an unsafe abortion.

Now, coming to your stream of questions. Well, you’ll find most of your answers in the FAQ section of the best abortion hospital in India. However, the scope of this post is to help you make a wise abortion choice. So, we will be discussing some of them in detail here.

Let us first talk about the legal status of abortion in Hubli Dharwad.

Abortion laws in Hubli Dharwad, Karnataka, India:

Abortion in Hubli is governed by the abortion rules of India that have been framed under the MTP Act, 1971 and its amendments. Here is what you may need to know about your reproductive rights.

Permissible situations:

As per the current scenario, abortion is Hubli is available in the following conditions:

In events of contraceptive failure:

Contraceptive failure is one of the major reasons that put women into the trouble of unplanned pregnancies. Many countries do not permit abortions for this reason.

However, you can obtain an abortion in India for contraceptive failure regardless of your marital status. It means, you can obtain an abortion in Hubli Dharwad both as a married woman as well as an unmarried girl in case your pregnancy has resulted from a failure of contraception.

The legally permissible pregnancy length for the termination of an unplanned pregnancy for the reason of contraceptive failure is up to 20 weeks.

Different methods of abortion are recommended for terminating unplanned pregnancies according to the gestation period. The World Health Organization (WHO) has provided guidelines for safe abortions in different trimesters.

According to the available options, the doctor may decide the best abortion method for individual cases.

Besides the methods of abortion, the guidelines also recommend who can perform an abortion, where should abortion be performed, etc. Other things may include safe abortion pills, tools and techniques and standard operating procedures (SOPs). All of these are framed to help women get comprehensive abortion care.

Seeking consent for abortion in India:

You do not need your partner’s consent for an abortion. Unmarried girls wanting an abortion in Hubli Dharwad sometimes may not know that they can obtain an abortion without involving their parents if they are adults.

If you too are an unmarried girl, please be advised that you do not need parental consent for legal abortion in India. And that unsafe abortions can expose you to grave risks. Hence, it may be better for you to look for safe abortion options.

In events pregnancy termination is required for saving the woman’s health and/or life:

Abortion in Hubli Dharwad, India is legal in cases it is required to save the pregnant woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life.

Sometimes, ongoing pregnancy complications and coexisting medical conditions may endanger the woman’s life. Some of these complications may be Eclampsia. Preeclampsia, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, amniotic fluid complications, Placenta previa, placental abruption, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy, deep venous thrombosis (DVT), systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), thyroid disorders and more.

In such situations, it may be necessary to terminate the pregnancy to save the woman’s life. There may be other cases where pregnancy may pose threat to the pregnant woman’s mental and psychological wellbeing. Or she may be mentally incapable of childbearing and rearing. Abortion in India is permissible even in those events.

There is no gestation upper limit for this clause. However, if the pregnancy termination is required for this reason beyond 20 weeks, a certificate may be needed from two registered medical practitioners.

The woman may obtain an abortion in Hubli Dharwad for this reason only at her consent if she is an adult. Partner’s or parental or guardian’s consent may be needed in the event the woman is mentally incapable of providing her consent.

In events abortion is required for terminating a pregnancy resulting from rapes:

Abortion in Hubli Dharwad is available for terminating pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults. Such immoral acts often end up in unwanted pregnancies. Carrying such pregnancies ahead may pose a danger to the girl or woman’s mental wellbeing.

Abortion in India for the clause of sexual assault is available to both married and unmarried girls alike. They can obtain an abortion for this reason only on their consent if they are above 18 years old.

In case of minor rapes resulting in pregnancies, consent from parents or guardians is required. The permissible gestation length is usually 20 weeks. However, there have been many instances where women and girls have obtained legal abortions beyond the permissible gestation period.

In cases where women were not able to receive timely medical and legal aid, they turn to the court for seeking abortion permissions.

And many times, the court of law has granted abortion permission in such cases to protect the mental wellbeing of women.

Some of such examples of late-term pregnancy termination are:

  • The Bombay High Court allowed abortion in India at 26-weeks to a 13-year-old rape survivor at the request of her father.

Ref.: https://www.ndtv.com/mumbai-news/high-court-allows-13-year-old-rape-victim-to-abort-26-week-old-foetus-1784118

  • A minor rape victim was allowed to terminate the pregnancy at 23-weeks with permission from the Jharkhand High Court.

Ref.: https://www.firstpost.com/india/jharkhand-hc-allows-abortion-in-23rd-week-for-minor-rape-victim-foetus-dna-to-be-used-as-evidence-4146403.html

And there are many other such events where Indian law has permitted abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

In events abortion is required when fetal anomalies have been detected:

Abortion in Hubli Dharwad is available to women who seek so for terminating the fetus that has been detected with deformities.

Abortion in India is legally available for terminating fetuses with deformities up to 24 weeks. However, in some situations, women sought legal help to allow pregnancy termination beyond this ceiling period.

For these events also, only the woman’s consent is sought.

Travelling to Bangalore from Hubli for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

Abortion in Hubli Dharwad, India

Abortion in India

What do you most desire while seeking an abortion? Please share your views in the comment section below.

To a majority of women, the most important need is usually safety. For some women, fear from the law may be there due to which they may be seeking legal abortions. And for a majority of others, the most important need is confidentiality.

And we are here to tell you that you can have all three things, safety, legality and confidentiality at a single place. American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is a premier boutique abortion hospital where patients from different cities and countries come to obtain safe, legal and confidential abortions.

Here is why you should travel to Bangalore from Hubli for an abortion that you seek.

Travelling to AHB for a safe abortion:

We know how important it is to have a safe medical procedure, whatsoever it may be. And as far as abortions are concerned, the fear of poor treatment and bad medical procedures is immense. Now, what kind of procedure do you consider a safe abortion?

To the abortion team at AHB, a safe medical procedure is the one that:

Protects the patient’s health.

All the safety measures are taken to minimize the chances of any complications with the abortion. All avoidable risks with abortion are taken care of. AHB ensures the same by a thorough consultation, examination, diagnosis and treatment.

Some of the things that may include as a part of the safety measures are:

  • At first, you will be made comfortable so that you can openly discuss your medical condition with the doctor. The consultation is one-to-one. You may or may not bring a companion along. However, a dedicated and supporting nurse will be by your side from start to finish to ensure your utmost safety.
  • The doctor will take down your medical history, your Last Menstrual Period (LMP), any coexisting medical conditions you may be having, any medicines you may be taking and more. These are done to ensure that no contraindicated medicine or medicine you may be allergic to is prescribed. Also, the dosage adjustment may be done if needed.
  • Some routine clinical blood and urine tests may be asked for to check for the presence of any infection, your blood count and other parameters. Again, these may help the doctor to evaluate the best medicines to be prescribed for your specific case.
  • An ultrasound or transvaginal scan may be prescribed to confirm your pregnancy length and location. This is very essential to prescribe the best abortion method for you.

Protect the patient’s wellbeing:

Abortion should be an efficient and effective experience. It needs to be a hassle-free experience where complications are avoided and health restored quickly. The abortion team at AHB just ensures you that.

For physical well-being,

  • A complete diagnosis is done and then the best abortion method is prescribed according to case-specific.
  • The latest medical techniques and tools are used for all abortion procedures.
  • Sterile medical equipment is used to prevent any chances of infections. Wherever applicable, one-time-use disposable equipment is used. Other things are completely sterilized before and after each procedure.
  • The hospital is completely furnished with all the things to keep the patient monitored throughout the procedure. The procedure may be as short as three minutes and the maximum length may be up to 30 minutes. Patients’ vitals are monitored and maintained throughout the procedure.
  • The use of safe, effective and efficient anesthesia is done to make the procedure absolutely painless. This also enhances the patient’s comfort and the procedure’s efficiency. The anesthetist stays by the patient’s side until the procedure is completed and ensures quick weaning away of any effects.
  • A compassionate and caring nurse will cater to all the patient’s needs and make her feel like family. A smiling face, caring nature and non-judgmental attitude help the patient heal early and better.
  • The hospital premises are hygienic and care is taken to maintain it all day long with regular clean-ups and checking.

For mental and psychological wellbeing,

  • Since the patients have their appointments pre-scheduled, there is no waiting period or crowded halls.
  • A coordinator will be available throughout on phone or WhatsApp to guide you from your first call through post-abortion recovery. You will be helped in ticket arrangements, hotel stay, cab booking and other needs throughout your abortion trip. The hospital understands the mental stress and the burden of an unwanted pregnancy. Through this personalized initiative, it strives to relieve the hustle and bustle associated with planning a trip.
  • Upon your arrival at the hospital, you can expect a calm and relaxing atmosphere and a pleasing welcome. Since you may not need to wait, you may soon see the doctor and can have a consultation as normal as a conversation.
  • The doctor, the nurse and other assisting staff are very caring, compassionate and professional. Whether you are a married or unmarried girl, there is no difference in the treatment module.

You can experience freedom from judgement, prejudices or any fear of disclosure to your privacy.

At AHB, each abortion is 100% private, confidential and safe.

  • Throughout your procedure, you may feel comfortable and safe. The compassionate behavior of all the members of the abortion team may give you the emotional and mental support that you may need.

Many good hospitals do not treat all patients alike and may make unwed girls seeking abortions guilty. Some have been known to make the patient unpleasant with harsh and personal comments.

All of this is not a part of AHB’s care. Rather, you are helped both medically as well as psychologically since a safe abortion procedure should ensure that the patient’s mental wellbeing is taken care of.

The safe abortion treatment:

Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) starts with pre-abortion and lasts through post-abortion recovery.

Pre-abortion care:

Pre-abortion care includes consultation, examination and the best abortion method prescription.

The abortion procedure:

During the abortion procedure, complete care is taken to make the procedure painless, gentle care, efficient. After all, abortion should be complete, free of complications, painless and successful.

Preventing abortion complications:

Post-abortion complications are mostly the results of unsafe and ineffective abortion procedures. For instance,

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

It is eliminated by predetermining the location of the pregnancy. If the pregnancy is found to be ectopic, it is removed without any delay through a single-day short procedure. It is essential to remove it at the earliest since a burst ectopic pregnancy may be fatal. Although ectopic pregnancies are rare, AHB does not take the risk of ignoring them. And hence, ectopic pregnancy complication is dealt with beforehand.

The complication of incomplete abortion:

Incomplete abortion may result in cases when,

  • The wrong abortion method is prescribed.
  • Ineffective medical pieces of equipment or faulty apparatus are used.
  • The abortion performing doctor is not qualified or has received sufficient training to perform successful abortions.
  • Due to carelessness at the hands of unprofessional.

At AHB, only the best method of abortion is prescribed. All the pre-abortion care is done to ensure the same. And only after the reports, the available options are detailed to the patient for her to make her decision. The patient’s choices and decisions are always kept in the loop to safeguard her autonomy in decision-making.

You can expect to receive the abortion-related information in a friendly and easy to understand language. Since AHB staff is multi-lingual, you may not experience any communication barrier.

The three abortion methods at AHB:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended three safe abortion procedures according to the pregnancy length for intrauterine pregnancies. At AHB, all three are available and Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines are followed to make each abortion a successful abortion. These are:

The medical method of abortion:

It is the abortion with safe abortion pills is available for terminating pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks. But the method involves pain, bleeding and risk of incomplete abortion.

So, women coming from Hubli Dharwad prefer to have a painless, short, quick ,single-day and 100% successful abortion procedure. They tend to return the same or the next day with the confidence of a complete abortion. And the medical method cannot assure the same until the abortion is completed which may take up to 3-7 days.

Hence, they opt for a painless Gentle care suction abortion even if they are less than 8 weeks pregnant.

Suction abortion or the Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

This method is available for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. The ones that have progressed beyond 12 weeks are terminated by the surgical method.

Suction abortion at AHB is nearly 100% efficient, safe, effective, painless and Gentle care. It is so quick and gentle that you may not even realize that the abortion just happened within 3-10 minutes.

Once the anesthesia weans away that takes not more than 5-10 minutes, you can be confident of successful abortion. You may experience very little bleeding for up to 2-3 days or may not bleed at all since most of the contents are already removed.

Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

This surgical method is used to terminate pregnancies beyond 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks. At AHB, it may give you a similar experience of a painless, Gentle touch, short and single-day procedure. It only takes a little more time during the procedure but usually is completed within 20-30 minutes.

You can awake to a happy note, get discharged within an hour and return to Hubli as per your scheduled travel option.

The risk of internal injury, hemorrhage, loss of fertility may also be there with unsafe abortions. All of these and many more are taken care of at the American Hospital Bangalore to make each abortion as safest as possible.

In addition, you and your medical and personal details are 100% private and confidential.

If you are seeking an early safe and confidential abortion in Hubli, you may consider scheduling an appointment at AHB. The abortion team is just a call away. The coordinator will guide you and stay by your side throughout the process and guide you every step of the way. So, you know what to expect at AHB – A happy, safe and confidential abortion experience.

Do not delay. Schedule your appointment today!

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