Looking for abortion in IDUKKI : Your Gentle Care option

We all may know a little about Idukki for it being a home to the national park, Periyar Wildlife sanctuary. Also for its tea plantations, forests, valleys and mountains. Asia’s biggest Arch Dam is also located in the Idukki district of Kerala. They all make it one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Kerala.

You can hear of Idukki as a big name in tourism. But the voice of women in Kerala still remains unheard when it comes to their reproductive choices. Abortion in Kerala is so much enveloped with stigma even when abortion in India is legal.

Not finding any place to go, any person to talk to, women and girls in Kerala struggle a lot to terminate unwanted pregnancies. However, thanks to reliable information sources on the internet. These have helped in educating women and girls in Kerala about their reproductive rights. And not just the rights, but health, reproductive futures and lives of many women and girls have been saved. And it has been possible by making safe abortion options accessible to them.

Women and girls from various cities of Kerala like Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, Palakkad, Thrissur, Calicut, Kochi, Kottayam, Kollam often travel to Bangalore for Gentle Care abortions. Even Malayali women living in the Middle East countries prefer abortions in Bangalore rather than in their native cities in Kerala.

There are a variety of reasons for this choice and we will be discussing them in this post. This post intends to help women and girls living in Idukki, Kerala have safe abortions just like their fellow women.

Let’s begin!

Abortions in Kerala and the stigma:

India is a progressive country and Kerala is a progressive state. The legalization of abortion in a broad range of circumstances in India helps women safely terminate unplanned pregnancies.

Sadly, in Kerala, women and girls often get victimized at the hands of stigma and shame attached to abortions. The extent of disgrace  is so grave that women often put their health and lives at risk with unsafe abortions.

The problem is not just the societal stigma, but also the denial of abortion services by registered medical practitioners. The clutch of socio-cultural norms has also taken a large share of the medical fraternity in its grasp. Firstly, most women are unaware of their legal abortion rights. Next, the lack of resources makes it difficult for them to access safe abortions.

And when they try to seek safe abortions with the limited resources available, they receive very indifferent treatment. Sometimes they receive harsh and rude comments, sometimes personal remarks. And at other times, the girls are made to feel ashamed of themselves for getting pregnant and seeking an abortion.

The times have changed. We are living in a world where couples often experience sexual intimacy before marriage. Many are in a long-term commitment. Many others are experimenting with the ways to know their partners. And many others get involved just in some groovy situations.

The moments pass by but girls are unable to move on if they get stuck in unwanted pregnancies. It is in these situations that women feel confused, lonely, anxious and experience a mixture of diverse emotions.

It is a very vulnerable situation and we do understand the same. Therefore, we have come up with this post to help women and girls have access to safe abortions in Bangalore.

Why should you travel to Bangalore for an abortion?

The choice of having an abortion is a personal one and you too can decide for yourself where to have one. However, through this post, we would like to highlight the advantages that you can have with an abortion in Bangalore.

For the want of private, non-judgmental and confidential abortion:

As mentioned above, there is a huge stigma associated with abortions in Kerala. And it is more intense, particularly in small towns and cities like Idukki. Unwanted pregnancies are not uncommon, whether you are married or unmarried or a single woman.

1 in every 3 women is likely to have an abortion at some time throughout their reproductive age. And out of 10 unplanned pregnancies, nearly 5 to 7 go for an abortion. And if you too are thinking of an abortion, you are not alone.

Everyone has their unique reason for seeking an abortion. But they fear that their reason may not stand valid for someone else. They fear being judged for their option of seeking an abortion. Well, no one else can get in your shoes and abortion is a decision that you have to make.

Some of the reasons for which many people seek abortion and may be common with your reason are:

  • The couple has a complete family and they want to be the best parents to the kids they already have.
  • Some couples may not be ready for parenting yet.
  • Some may want to pursue their studies or advance in their career. Therefore, it is not the right time for a baby.
  • Many people may have other set goals. And they are not ready for a child yet since balancing work and life may become difficult.
  • The pregnancy is a result of a relationship before marriage. Getting married or having a child with the same partner may not be certain.
  • Pregnancy may have resulted from some sexual assault.
  • Sometimes even planned pregnancies do not proceed well. Detection of fetal deformities can tell whether the child will survive or will be born with some disorders. In these instances also, pregnancy termination at the earliest is the most common medical advice.
  • Many a time, ongoing pregnancy may pose threat to the woman’s life. Even then, abortion is the recommended prescription.

Is any of the reasons similar to yours? If yes, then you are not alone. But we also understand the importance of seeking a private abortion. And this is which is why women from distant cities like Pune, Goa, Chennai, Mysore, Belgaum also travel to Bangalore for private abortions.

Private abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

American Hospital Bangalore located in Bangalore offers personalized abortion care. It is a private abortion clinic that respects each patient’s privacy and needs for a confidential abortion. Therefore, it takes in only a limited number of patients each day. You do not even get to see a fellow patient since all procedures are on appointment.

  • There is no waiting period when you visit by appointment.
  • You get a private one-on-one consultation.
  • After the abortion, you can rest in your private room until discharge. You can obtain a same-day discharge after the abortion. All abortion procedures are safe, short and single-appointment.
  • The hospital does not disclose any patient details (personal or medical) to anyone besides the patient herself.
  • You can get an abortion with your consent only regardless of your marital status.
  • As far as stigma is concerned, at AHB, you can get a non-judgmental abortion. All the doctors and nurses at the hospital are highly qualified, experienced, caring, compassionate, friendly and supportive. 

Schedule an appointment for a private abortion at the best abortion hospital.

For the want of a safe abortion:

Abortions are likely safe procedures when performed at registered abortion hospitals by registered medical practitioners. However, the abortion team varies from hospital to hospital. The abortion methods may also vary.

Apart from maintaining your confidentiality, American Hospital Bangalore is internationally recognized for its safe Gentle Care abortions. The abortion team at AHB is none like the other. It has a team of highly-qualified doctors led by a head doctor with more than 40 years of experience.

The assistant nursing team is also qualified to assist in safe abortion procedures. All doctors and nurses receive constant up-gradation of knowledge and skills. This keeps them abreast with the latest healthcare advancements. They receive their pieces of training internationally. And hence, the hospital provides abortion care following US standards.

Let us learn about Gentle Care abortions at AHB.

Abortion methods at AHB:

American Hospital Bangalore follows standard operating procedures and guidelines for safe abortions as per the WHO recommendations. The World Health Organization (WHO) regards the three abortion methods as the safe methods. These are:

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

At AHB, the doctor evaluates the patient’s medical condition before prescribing her the best abortion method.

All the aforementioned abortion methods are safe and available at most hospitals. However, the abortion approach at AHB is quite different. The hospital believes in abortion as a holistic experience for a patient. And it believes that this experience is unique to each patient.

Therefore, the founders of the hospital have pioneered Gentle Care abortion methods which are exclusively available at AHB.

Let us see how they are different and what to expect from each method.

Medical abortion at AHB:

Medical abortion or abortion with pills is the earliest available abortion method for terminating very early pregnancies. The safe abortion pills are available at AHB for terminating intrauterine pregnancies less than 8 weeks.

Although abortion pills are the earliest abortion method, they may not be the best method for all women alike. And even women who are eligible for a medical abortion may not respond to abortion pills as expected. Therefore, there is a certain probability of complications. These may include incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, intense abdominal cramping and pain that may need management.

AHB has overcome these problems with its Gentle Care suction abortion. It is available for up to 12 weeks. Women who want to leave the hospital with the successful procedure can opt for Gentle Care suction abortion over pills. It has several other advantages. Some of them are it being painless and more efficient. It causes minimum bleeding and discomfort. The pregnancy symptoms wean away quickly.

Women have the right to choose what’s best for them. And the hospital respects patient discretion at all times.

In case you wish to end your unwanted pregnancy with the help of pills, the doctor shall first advise you on some tests. These are essential to check your eligibility for abortion as well as to rule out any complications.

Your eligibility for abortion pills:

Not all women qualify for abortion pills. And the doctor at AHB will check for your eligibility as per many criteria some of which are:

  • The exact length of your pregnancy should be less than 8 weeks.
  • Your pregnancy location should be intrauterine.
  • Any allergies you may be having with any ingredient of the abortion pills.
  • Any medical condition you may be suffering that can impair the functioning of abortion pills. Or any medicines that you may be taking  should not have any contraindication or interaction with abortion pills.
  • Moderate to heavy bleeding for hours and continuous bleeding for up to a week is not bothersome for you.
  • Your hemoglobin, platelets and Complete Blood Count (CBC) is in a good range. And blood loss does not seem to put you in any complication.
  • You are ready to wait for the bleeding to stop to be sure of successful abortion.
  • And you are also ready to undergo a small surgery to get your abortion completed if it is incomplete with pills.
  • Since you are coming from Idukki, you are okay with spending 3-4 days in Bangalore at a homestay. This is to ensure that you can return to Idukki with a successful procedure. But in a case, you cannot wait for this long, you have Gentle Care suction abortion open. It can get completed in a single appointment. You can return to Idukki with a successful procedure.

If you are eligible for abortion pills:

If are eligible and prepared for a medical abortion, the doctor shall give you the first abortion pill(s). The doctor shall decide the best dose and mode of administration. Some women may need oral administration (by mouth) while some may need vaginal administration.

You may not feel anything after taking the first abortion pill. The doctor shall hand you over the second pill(s) also during the same appointment. You will receive directions as to when and how to take them. The time gap between the two pills is between 24 to 72 hours. The doctor shall decide the best gap for your case and direct you on how to take it.

The second pill will trigger the abortion. Therefore, you need to be at your booked room or homestay when you take the medicine. The embryo shall pass out naturally through your natural opening within 4-6 hours. You can expect to bleed somewhat heavily for quite a few hours. Then, it will start declining. But when it will stop entirely vary from woman to woman.

Since you are coming from a distant place, you can book your hotel room or homestay for an extended period. Bleeding is accompanied by abdominal cramps and spasmodic pains. Some may feel it just like menstrual cramps while some others may need pain relievers. It may be better that you have a loved one by your side to keep you relaxed and support you.

Bleeding is expected to decline after a few hours. And it may range from slight spotting to moderate bleeding for some days or a week. In case it persists till day 10, you should schedule an appointment to confirm abortion success.

Gentle Care suction abortion at AHB:

Gentle Care suction abortion is the pioneered abortion method by the founders of the hospital. The medical term for the procedure is Manual Vacuum Aspiration. The Gentle Care approach in integration with personalized abortion care makes it an exclusive method available only at AHB.

It is your available option for pregnancy termination for up to 12 weeks. Also, the method is applicable for normal or intrauterine pregnancies. It is a painless, efficient and quick abortion method.

How is it done?

After your pre-abortion consultation, the nurse shall get you dressed for a Gentle Care suction abortion. She will help you lie in a comfortable position. Next, she will disinfect your cervix region to prevent infections. The doctor will examine your cervix region. She may apply some local anesthetic to numb it. It also makes the procedure painless and comfortable for you.

Relax, it will take only 3-5 minutes. All the nurses are very supportive, caring and friendly. You may not even realize when the procedure gets complete.

As the nurses will keep you engaged, the doctor shall gently pass a flexible tube into your womb. Then, with a help of a hand-held aspirator, she will create suction. The vacuum will suck the embryo and gestation products and collect them in a collection bottle.

The doctor will examine whether the abortion is complete. Once she is sure, she will gently remove the tube. Then, the nurse shall help you lie comfortably. You can rest in your private room until you want to take discharge. Most of the patients resume normalcy in less than 15 minutes. In less than 30 minutes, they are ready to return home (homestay or hotel).

You will receive a post-abortion recovery guidance to help you heal early.

9 out of 10 women who are early in seeking an abortion opt for Gentle Care suction. 

Gentle Care suction vs abortion pills:

Both abortion pills and Gentle Care suction abortion are early abortion options. Abortion pills are available for up to 8 weeks while Gentle Care suction abortion is available for up to 12 weeks.

The differences between the two and why women prefer Gentle Care suction over medical abortion are:


While medical abortion can result in incomplete abortion, Gentle Care suction abortion is nearly 100% efficient. And the patient can go back home knowing that she is no longer pregnant.


Medical abortion involves abdominal cramping and pain. Whereas, Gentle Care suction abortion is done gently. Performing physicians are highly-qualified and extensively trained senior gynecologists. It is absolutely gentle just like its name and hence painless.

Bleeding and discomfort:

With medical abortion, bleeding may range from moderate to heavy and from a few days to weeks. This may lead to fatigue, weakness and discomfort for the patient. This becomes trouble for studying girls and working women since they do not get a longer break.

On the other hand, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, most of the pregnancy tissue is evacuated in the clinic itself. The bleeding may range from zero to a minimum. Some women bleed only for a few minutes. This is particularly an advantage for professional women who want to get back to work at the earliest.

With abortion pills, pregnancy symptoms wean away quite gradually. Whereas, with Gentle Care suction abortion, pregnancy symptoms wean away very early.

Women and girls travel to Bangalore from different Indian cities and even from abroad. AHB sees patients from Dubai, Sharjah, Oman, Doha, Kuwait, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Philippines, Maldives and others. They tend to prefer Gentle Care suction abortion for these reasons.

Schedule an appointment for Gentle Care suction abortion.

Gentle Care surgical abortion:

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in general circumstances like for contraceptive failure. Pregnancies between 12-and 20 weeks need the surgical procedure for successful abortion. At AHB, the doctors use the Dilatation and Evacuation technique for surgical abortions.

Unlike other hospitals, you do not need overnight hospitalization. It is also a short and quick procedure that gets completed in less than 30 minutes. And you can take discharge on the same day.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

Check the train and bus schedules from Idukki to Bangalore: https://www.yatra.com/distance-between/distance-from-bengaluru-to-idukki.html

Since Idukki does not connect Bangalore via a flight, the nearest airport is in Cochin. You can take a direct flight from Cochin to Bangalore. Check the schedule: https://www.makemytrip.com/flights/kochi-bangalore-cheap-airtickets.html

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