Unwanted pregnancy – what are your options in India?

Not all pregnancies are wanted throughout the world. If you have come to know of your unwanted pregnancy, we just want to let you know that you do have options. Wherever in the world, you are, you can find the best option for unwanted pregnancy in India.


If you are looking to terminate the pregnancy, just remember that you have many options, but you have to make a wise choice. And the right choice is the one that is healthiest and safest for you. No one besides yourself can make the healthiest choice for you.


If pregnancy termination in India is your choice, again there is a big choice to make and that is the method of abortion and the certified MTP centre for abortion.


The method for pregnancy termination largely depends on the length of your ongoing pregnancy. Then there can be several other factors which play an important role in choosing the right abortion clinic.


Unwanted pregnancy solutions in India:


Whether you are in India or any other part of the world and are wanting an abortion, keep reading further to know about your options for abortion in India.


Firstly, it is important to realize that even if you have to travel for availing the healthiest option, it is best to cross the geographical barriers. With all the excellent and convenient travel options available today, no place is too far to be reached on time.


Whether you are an Indian citizen or are settled abroad as an expatriate or a foreigner, India welcomes every woman seeking an abortion to support them in their reproductive rights.


In India, abortion is legal up to 20 weeks of gestation under referred circumstances and up to 24 weeks in some special circumstances.


Generally, women carrying unwanted pregnancies choose to get the pregnancy aborted as early as possible and this is also good for their health. Getting an abortion procedure early also opens up more options for them.


Unintended pregnancies and abortions are common throughout the world. But, due to complications and risks involved in the same, it is not safe to have an abortion anywhere or self-administer abortion pills.


If you are one amongst many women looking for unwanted pregnancy solutions, you are not alone and you have many safe options. It is your right to have a healthy abortion and let us tell you, you can avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore, India.


Any woman seeking a safe, confidential and legal abortion can avail the same for terminating the unintended pregnancy in India.


If you have limited or no options in your city or country, you can always choose to avail the medical tourism facility and take up the healthiest choice.


Why Bangalore?


Bangalore has become one of the best destinations for medical tourism both for people coming from within the country as well as from other nations. Several reasons have helped the city gain this recognition, some of which are:


  • Healthiest city of India: Bangalore is one of the largest cities of India and the capital of Karnataka state. And it is the healthiest metropolis in India. Bangalore outstands the crowd for its healthy lifestyle, health-conscious efforts, best healthcare facilities and internationally trained healthcare professionals.


  • Healthy society: Though the world has advanced and progressed, yet many women have to face societal stigma when they seek an abortion. This is why they either buy unwanted pregnancy pills online or resort to unsafe abortions thereby endangering their health and lives. But, people in Bangalore are educated and have a broad outlook as well as perspectives.


They are non-judgemental and treat women with respect irrespective of her abortion status. Moreover, Bangalore has been recognised as one of the safest cities for women. Hence, even if you are travelling alone, you can keep most of your fears off-bay.


  • Environment: Bangalore has a very green and clean environment. You can feel relaxed in the calming airs of Bangalore, also known as Bengaluru. Women seeking abortion are in a state of mental tension and anxiety. For them, greenery all around the city can be very soothing.


  • Well-connected city: When it comes to travelling to Bangalore for medical tourism, the city is well-connected both intra-nationally as well as internationally. It is connected to other cities and states through national highways and very good roads.


International, as well as domestic flights, can be availed by patients travelling from far off cities or countries. And within the city, several travel options can be used to travel from one corner to another.


Even the last mile connectivity options are available all the time all the year-round. Buses, Metro, three-wheelers, prepaid as well as postpaid GPS connected cabs and rickshaws, all are available.


  • Language: Language is not a barrier if one wishes to communicate. Whether you are coming from any other city, state or country, people of Bangalore come from varied cultures and you can easily communicate with them. Though people speak regional languages, you can find most of the people able to communicate well in English.


  • Overnight stay: Well, the abortion procedure usually does not last more than 30 minutes and if you reside in Bangalore or are coming not from a far-off city, you can get discharged within an hour post-abortion and hence can go back home the same day.


But, if you wish to come to Bangalore for safe abortion from a far-off city or another country, you can take a day’s rest in any place of your convenience. Bangalore houses many good hotels, motels, resorts, guest houses and other short-stay options in all budget-sizes. You can board the flight the next day conveniently.


Safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore, India:


When it comes to abortion practices in Bangalore, some of the prestigious abortion clinics located in Bangalore are recognized for the best abortion practices by international medical institutions. One of the world-renowned abortion clinic located in Bangalore is American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).


Many patients from within and outside India visit AHB for their Gentle Care abortion method and facilities which are exclusively available only at AHB.


Abortion is not possible in all countries alike and hence many women carrying unwanted pregnancies struggle to terminate the unintended pregnancies. Finding limited options, they resort to unsafe abortions. It is important to know that unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortalities and morbidities.


A woman gets exposed to a huge number of risks and complications with unsafe abortions, including online abortion pills, many of which can even be fatal due to a number of medical reasons. And therefore, it becomes more important to give her access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).


Even if it is legal in many countries, women seek confidential abortions where due to the stigma associated, they resort to unsafe abortions for the legal requirements relating to parental consent and others for an abortion procedure. But, in India, if you are an adult, i.e., above 18 years of age, then only your consent is required for a legal and safe abortion.


Benefits of Gentle Care abortion at AHB, Bangalore:


Even if safe abortions can be availed at many certified MTP centres, not all abortion teams are equally good and not all can look into the sensitivity of the issue with empathy.


AHB outstands all other certified MTP centres for safe abortions with its distinguishing features, some of which are listed below:


  • Safe and Painless abortion: Gentle Care abortion is genuinely Gentle. Regardless of the prescribed abortion method, every abortion is entirely painless. At AHB, the prescribed pregnancy termination methods followed are:
    • The medical method of Abortion: This is the abortion method by using safe oral abortion pills, commonly called a Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) kit, or as unwanted pregnancy kit in India. It is a combination of two medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, the method of administration of which is prescribed according to the case-specific. This method of abortion can be availed as the earliest option for abortion, maximum being up to 6 weeks of pregnancy for safety.


Though the method is safe and also available at AHB, it is always better to avail the doctor’s consultation rather than self-administering the unwanted pregnancy tablet in India.


Since the abortion by this method is 96-98% successful, unlike Gentle Care abortion methods which are nearly 100% efficient, most of the women who have a choice go for Gentle Care abortion methods.


Here, effectiveness means that sometimes, abortion remains incomplete with abortion pills. Not all products of gestation get evacuated from the uterus and pregnancy like symptoms continue along with mild to moderate bleeding for weeks. In such a case, surgical abortion is required to complete the procedure.


Another problem with Medical method of abortion as an unsafe practice is the case of ectopic pregnancy. During a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg travels through the fallopian tube into the uterus and gets implanted in the uterine lining. But, during an ectopic pregnancy, this fertilized egg fails to travel to the uterus and lies somewhere in the tube in most cases or the location can also be different in some rare cases.


The fertilized egg continues to grow therein and if abortion tablets are self-administered or administered without determining the location of the pregnancy, abortion will be unsuccessful. And if it is not diagnosed early, it can even burst damaging the fallopian tube, ovary and hence negatively impact the future pregnancies.


These complications can be avoided only by proper consultation. At AHB, all the necessary medical tests, transvaginal scan and allergy tests are carried out before recommending the subtle method of abortion. The abortion team at AHB is highly qualified to help you make the healthiest choice.


  • Vacuum aspiration method of abortion: This is conventionally a surgical abortion, but at AHB, it is carried out with the latest equipment and technology to make it a gentle experience for every woman undergoing abortion through this method.


In this method of abortion, the growing fetus is removed from the uterine cavity by applying gentle suction. This suction, when applied manually using a gentle hand-held device, is known as Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). And the suction can also be applied using an electric motor which is again a gentle procedure and is known as Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA).


This method of abortion is available at many certified MTP centres but can be a traumatic experience if not done gently.


At American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), the whole procedure is carefully done in private also to ensure your confidentiality and under anaesthetic conditions so the experience remains completely painless for the patient.


The procedure lasts no more than a few minutes and you can get discharged once the anaesthetic symptoms wean away and you feel comfortable. Most women take discharge within an hour of the procedure.


With pills, there is always wondering whether or not the abortion was complete unless ascertained through a transvaginal scan for which the patient has to wait for 5-7 days. And till then, the woman feels anxious and restless.


At AHB, abortion by vacuum aspiration is prescribed up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. The importance of getting Gentle Care abortion by this method is that when you get discharged, you’ll be completely relaxed with the fact that the abortion was complete.


  • Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) : This is yet another procedure of abortion which is invasive and hence needs experienced hands and latest technology, the best combination of which is the Gentle Care abortion procedures at AHB.


Thinking about surgery makes any woman seeking abortion worried and tensed about many things. Things like stitching, suturing, pain, incision marks, etc may wander in her mind. As a sigh of relief, at AHB, surgical is only in the name, but the procedure is very Gentle.

Abortion options in India

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The entire procedure takes not more than 30 minutes and is nearly 100% efficient. It is prescribed for abortions where the pregnancy has exceeded 12 weeks but is still in the legal age, i.e. 20 weeks.


At AHB, the procedure is completely painless, nearly 100% efficient and you can expect to get discharged the very same day as soon as you feel comfortable. Most women leave the hospital premises confidently within two hours of the procedure.


  • World-class facilities: The healthcare team at AHB consists of highly qualified, registered, experienced and well trained progressive doctors and supporting medical staff.


One nurse will be completely dedicated to your care throughout. And for the moral support, your companion is welcome to be by your side.


The tools and techniques used are the latest and best.  Complete care regarding hygiene is taken. All premises and equipment are completely sanitized and sterilized before and after each procedure to eliminate any chances of infection.


The supporting medicines prescribed for post-abortion recovery are very good branded products from world-renowned pharmaceutical companies to ensure every patient receives the best results.


Before prescribing medicines, all your medical history and allergies are considered to avoid any interacting medicine combinations or any medicine you may be allergic to.


  • Infrastructure: Hospital experiences can be very exhausting, but not at AHB. Since you arrive at your scheduled appointment time, you will have not to be waiting to see the doctor. And the doctor’s chamber, Operation theatre are all furnished with comfortable furniture where you can feel relaxed and stress-free. And even your companion can be by your side. There is a complete arrangement for him/her as well to relax comfortably.


The entire atmosphere of AHB is very calming. Every concern regarding its patients has been taken while selecting every single thing of AHB to ensure that your entire experience at the hospital is comfortable.


  • Confidential abortion: At AHB, doctors and other staff are all compassionate and regardless of your marital status or any other concern, they provide you with the best treatment and treat you with their humble attitude.


There have been many incidents throughout the world where women have been looked down for their decision of abortion. They have to face stigma not just of the society but also from the doctors and nurses treating them. They are judged for their decisions and the woman already undergoing physical trauma can have a mental traumatizing experience which stays with her all her life as a bad memory. But, not at AHB.


Here, all medical professionals are non-judgemental. Your health is their priority. Kindness, humility and empathy are what you can expect from them.


Regarding privacy, each abortion at AHB is 100% confidential and private. No details about you or your abortion status can be revealed to anyone besides yourself.


The entire procedure and consultation at AHB are one-to-one. A supporting nurse or other medical staff may be present during the procedure besides the doctor and anaesthetist.


Your companion can be allowed in as per your convenience or can rest in the private room. Each patient is allotted a private facility to rest post-abortion. Hence, you are not likely to meet anyone except for the team treating you. So, even if you are from Bangalore and want a private abortion, you can avail it easily without any stress of meeting an acquaintance.


Gentle Care abortion in India at AHB is not just a painless abortion, but your overall abortion experience. Starting from your first phone call to the post-abortion recovery, pre-abortion consultation, diagnosis, discussion regarding what’s best for your health, the gentle procedure, the most needed medical and moral care and support are all elements contributing to a gentle experience. All abortion stories are different. Abortion stories at AHB are genuinely gentle.


Are you considering an abortion procedure in India or looking to travel for an abortion in Bangalore?  Did you have any other questions or need any other help?

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