Seeking abortion in Kollam: Your safe, confidential options

Kollam, a city in Southern Kerala is known for its cashews, coir and backwaters. The ancient town is well known for being the trade hub since the old times when trading partners were Romans, Chinese, Arabs, and other Orientals.

Although the city is progressing in some areas, it has a bleak picture when it comes to women reproductive rights. 

Access to safe, legal and confidential abortion in Kollam is more like an illusion. The real scenario and the situations are extremely bad. Women in Kollam are being victimized at the lack of facilities they may need for safe abortions. 

Another thing behind unsafe abortion practices or related crimes is the lack of knowledge. Women often do not know their reproductive rights and safe abortion options. They do not even know that they have choices. Nor do they know that the Indian abortion law permits them to terminate unwanted pregnancies.

This post intends to help women in Kollam get knowledge into their reproductive rights. And to help them discover their safe, legal and confidential abortion options.

Abortion in Kollam: Some deep facts through abortion stories:

We tend to include abortion stories from reliable resources in our posts only to help women know that they are not alone. Also, learning from the mistakes and experiences of others may help the readers prevent the pitfalls. 

Besides, abortion stories show the reality. They help the readers know the fears and also how lack of knowledge can lead to irreversible and harmful consequences. 

Since technology has a good grasp on people lives, people often turn to the internet to discover their best options. And this post is an initiative by the American hospital Bangalore for women seeking abortion in Kollam to learn how to access Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Let us get into some abortion stories of women in Kollam and also learn what they could have done better.

Abortion story 1:

An unwanted pregnancy came as terrible distress to a couple in Kollam. The couple had a two-and-half-year-old son and were reluctant into getting an addition. 

The couple was not expecting pregnancy, most likely because they used some form of contraception. Therefore, the missed period was ignored and the pregnancy started progressing. On a check-up at a private abortion clinic in Kollam, they discovered the news of pregnancy. 

Since the pregnancy was unwanted, the couple asked the doctor to terminate it. However, the doctor refused to address their need since the woman was four months pregnant (16 weeks). 

The couple then went to another private abortion clinic in Kollam with the same desire, but again the doctor turned them away. 

The couple did not receive the timely abortion service although abortion in India was legal up to 12 weeks at that time on permission of a single doctor and up to 20 weeks under permission from two registered medical practitioners. 

What did the couple do?

Upon advice from an unprofessional, the woman started taking some medicines for abortion. As a result, she started to have regular bleeding. 

The pregnancy was kept hidden from the neighbors and relatives for a reason, not declared. After a few days of continuous bleeding and pain, the woman suffered severe abdominal cramps and pain. She was alone at home when she delivered the child. 

Soon after, she strangulated the child and disposed of the body in the backyard of her house. Later, the police discovered the same and the couple was arrested.

So, this is how an unwanted pregnancy case ended in a criminal act when abortion in Kollam was not available on time

Source of the abortion story in Kollam:

What the couple could have done?

Childbearing and family planning is personal choice and the couple may not be wanting the child for some reason.

But unwanted pregnancies can be dealt with in other better manners like, childbearing and giving the child for adoption. This may be chosen in case abortion is not the available option. The couple was also unaware of the abortion option in its legal and safe sense. 

They did not know that they can seek a legal abortion for an unwanted pregnancy. They tried to hide the pregnancy and the childbirth that eventually ended in a crime. This may be due to societal stigma. But again, they may not be aware of the fact that the woman can have a confidential abortion in Bangalore, if not in Kollam. 

Travelling to a distant progressive city for an abortion could have saved them from the pain the woman underwent; the misery they had to undergo; the crime they got their hands dirty with and of course, a toddler at home left alone with the extended family. 

Moreover, the couple could have looked for better and safe abortion options with a little more knowledge. Then, they could have obtained a safe, legal and confidential abortion for the unwanted pregnancy. After that, their lives could have returned on track within a couple of days. 

It’s a pity to see how lack of knowledge turns people into criminals. 

What the abortion hospital in Kollam could have done?

The abortion hospital could have informed the patient of her right options rather than turning her away. Rather than making the patient feel guilty or turning away, the doctors can make the patients feel comfortable. Listen to them, try to gain knowledge of what they seek and then advise them the best options, both for carrying or terminating the pregnancy. 

The doctors in the above case could have also told the couple that they can obtain legal permission from the court to terminate the unwanted pregnancy at a later stage

Message to take home:

Do not panic:

This was a sad story but it teaches a lot. The message to take home is that do not panic or rush in case you discover that you are carrying an unwanted pregnancy. Although the couple in this story was married and the stigma with abortions is lesser with married couples. 

However, an unwanted pregnancy may come to any woman or girl, married or unmarried. And if you too are seeking an abortion in India either as a married woman or as an unmarried girl, you can obtain a legal abortion. 

Take a Urine pregnancy test on a missed period:

At first, every sexually active girl or woman must keep track of her periods even if contraception is used. There are cases with irregular menstrual periods with many women such as those suffering from medical conditions like Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Disease (PCOD). Even with such cases, do not forget to take up a home urine pregnancy test (UPT) on a missed period. At least, it may confirm the presence of gestation so that abortion, if needed may be sought on time. 

Choose the best abortion hospital:

The next thing to learn is that abortion with anonymity is possible if you make the right choice of the abortion hospital

Do not self-diagnose or self-administer abortion pills:

Another lesson is that buying or self-administering any kind of abortifacient or abortion pills may have serious side effects. In the above case, the woman took up some kind of medicines after which the abortion did not happen but the case became complex. She started bleeding regularly. The pain was immense and the fetus if survived could have serious deformities. 

Therefore, it is essential for any woman seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy to know here best abortion options. She must first know what she seeks. If abortion is the need, it should be safe rather than a messy situation. And it should be confidential so that the woman doesn’t get victimized either by shame or disgrace or guilt or prejudice or stigma of any kind.

The legal status of abortion in Kollam, India you must know:

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legal both for married as well as unmarried women under several situations. These include:

  • Contraception failure

  • Rape/incest resulting in unwanted pregnancy

  • To protect the pregnant woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life.

  • In case fetal deformities have been detected.

Marital status:

Abortion in India is legal both for married as well as unmarried women for all the aforementioned clauses.

Gestation period:

Abortion in India is legally available for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances like that of contraceptive failure. However, for special cases like fetal anomalies, abortion is legal up to 24 weeks. 

Many women and girls have taken legal support to have a legal abortion beyond the permissible gestation period in events of rapes, fetal deformities detection, etc.

To protect the woman’s health and life, an abortion may be obtained if two or more doctors seem fit anytime during the pregnancy. 

Consent for abortion:

Adult girls and women in India can avail a legal abortion with their consent only. For minors and mentally incapable women, parental or guardian’s consent may be sought. 

So, now you know the legal things you may need to know for abortion in Kollam. And hence, you know you may not be turned away by an abortion clinic in Kollam if you seek a legal abortion. 

But it may be better to travel to Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion. There, you can maintain your privacy and anonymity, get a personalized and safe abortion. 

Schedule your appointment for safe and confidential abortion at the best abortion hospital in India today.

Abortion story 2:

This is originally not an abortion story since the pregnancy was wanted. Therefore, the message to take home may be different but will help you in making a wise abortion decision.

Coming to the story. A 2-month pregnant woman went for a regular check-up at a Government Taluk Hospital, Kollam. She was asked to get an ultrasound. When she returned with the scan report, the doctor prescribed her the abortion pill and asked her to come to the labor room.

The patient was also asked to change her clothes for the medical procedure. She got confused that why may she be asked for the same. In an attempt to end her confusion, she went back to the chemist to ask the purpose of the prescribed medicine. 

She was taken aback to know that the medicines prescribed to her were an abortion pill and a multivitamin. 

To make things sure, she inquired about the same from a nurse and the doctor on duty. Her confusion was clarified that the abortion pill has been prescribed.

The patient filed a complaint against the doctor and asked the Superintendent to take suitable action.

Upon inquiry, the prescribing doctor admitted the wrong prescription. She blamed the huge rush of patients for different procedures due to which the confusion popped. As a confusion, the prescription for the patient for continuing the pregnancy and the one seeking abortion for unwanted pregnancy got mixed up. 

The pregnancy was saved by the patient’s timely action.

Source of the story:

Message to take home:

The lesson to learn from the aforementioned story is that due to the heavy rush of patients, a doctor may get confused. Although this was a serious case, however, the waiting period, the rush of multiple patients for different procedures to the same hospital cannot be ignored.

This clarifies that the patient to doctor ratio is very high. 

Such confusion is not what a woman seeking abortion may be wanting. She might also suffer at the hands of wrong or mixed-up prescriptions. So, what can be done? What do you say? Please write to us in the comment section. 

If you too are seeking an abortion, it may be better you visit a hospital where you can get personalized abortion care. You can have a scheduled appointment to avoid any rush. A hospital that may take up only a few patients per day to ensure complete care of the patient taken in. 

This question of mixing-up and confusion doesn’t arise at boutique abortion hospitals. The time scheduled for your appointment is all yours. And you can have the doctor and the nurse dedicated to your needs during that scheduled time.

If you want such personalized abortion care that starts with the first call of the patient and lasts through post-abortion recovery, you may not want to miss your slot at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

Do not delay. All the appointments for today may have filled up. Contact for the earliest available appointment today. 

Travelling to Bangalore for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

Like many well-informed Malayali women from Kerala and the ones living in Gulf countries, you too can seek a safe abortion in Bangalore. Here is your guide into the same. 

abortion in India

abortion in Kerala

Ease of access:

There are three modes of reaching Bangalore from Kollam. These include a bus to Thiruvananthapuram and a flight from there to Bangalore. The total journey may take around 3-4 hours.

Or you can take a direct bus from Kollam to Bangalore which may take nearly 10 hours. 

Or if you wish to travel by train, it may take nearly 13 hours for a single-side journey. 

Besides, a personal car is always an option as per the patient convenience or a cab may be hired for similar comfort. 

In whichever case, you can also speak at AHB’s helpline number. The coordinator there will assist you in every step. Or you may simply choose the hospital’s VIP package where all the travel and stay arrangements may be made by the hospital. You will receive all the details by call and messages from time to time. 

From the airport or the railway station or the interstate bus terminus, the cab can be taken to the hotel and the hospital. Or you may choose any convenient means of local transport also. 

You may choose to stay at a hotel near the the hospital or the coordinator can have one booked for you as per your preferences.

Since you may be wanting a single day abortion procedure, your abortion journey may include a day of travelling from Kollam to Bangalore. If you choose to arrive by bus or train, you may need to reach Bangalore a day before the appointment. 

But with the flight option, you can obtain the abortion the same day of your arrival. 

After the abortion, you may rest overnight in the hotel and can travel back the next day as per your scheduled tickets. 

Abortion experience at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

AHB is well-equipped for safe, legal and confidential abortions in India. It has been internationally recognized for following the best abortion practice and US medical standards. 

AHB follows the guidelines framed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for safe abortions. 

The three methods of abortion at AHB are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion
  3. Dilatation & Evacuation method of abortion

Abortion pills at AHB in Bangalore:

The medical method of abortion involves the use of safe abortion pills for terminating the pregnancy. This method may be your option if:

  • Your pregnancy is intrauterine and less than 6-8 weeks. To ascertain both the location and length of your pregnancy and to avoid abortion complications, the doctor at AHB will conduct a complete diagnosis before prescribing you the best abortion method for you. 
  • You are not allergic to abortion pills or not taking any medicine(s) that may interact with the abortion pills. Such a case may lead to an incomplete abortion and hence the doctor at AHB will make sure of it before prescribing.
  • In case you are ready to wait for up to a week for the abortion to be completed. Yes, the medical method takes longer for abortion. Therefore, most Malayali women travelling from Kerala to AHB often opt for Gentle Care suction abortion even if their pregnancy is less than 8 weeks. 
  • If moderate to heavy bleeding accompanied by pain is acceptable for you in case you want a bedroom abortion. However, pain management medicines may be prescribed to you to find comfort. 
  • If the abortion doesn’t get completed with pills, you are ready to get it completed on a second appointment. Yes, with abortion pills. Two or more appointments may be needed. Again, this is the reason why women from Kerala often prefer suction abortion. 

Vacuum Aspiration or the Suction method of abortion at AHB:

This method of abortion is the most widely preferred method for multiple reasons. These include:

  • Nearly 100% efficient and you can return to Kollam with a successful procedure.
  • Single-appointment procedure. It takes not more than 10 minutes to complete the abortion and the patient is discharged within an hour post-abortion.
  • Painless abortion: Unlike medical abortion, there is no pain during or after the procedure. However, pain relievers may be prescribed to women who may need them. 
  • Zero to minimum bleeding since most of the uterine contents are already removed during the procedure.
  • You may step out of the hospital overjoyed with a successful abortion. There may be no need to wait for the bleeding to stop to be sure whether the abortion was successful as with abortion pills. 

You too can avail of the Gentle Care suction abortion at AHB same in case your pregnancy is less than 12 weeks. 

Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

In case your pregnancy has progressed beyond 12 weeks but is less than or equal to 20 weeks, D&E abortion may be prescribed to terminate your intrauterine pregnancy. 

At AHB, this method has similar benefits of being:

  • 100% efficient
  • Painless
  • Zero to minimum bleeding
  • Single appointment and same-day discharge

Confidential abortion at AHB:

The American Hospital Bangalore follows a non-disclosure policy and your personal and medical details are safe. They are not revealed to anyone besides yourself. 

Many unmarried girls seeking abortions choose AHB for their non-judgmental behavior and professional treatment. Besides, the personalized care you may need may be exclusively available at AHB – the best abortion destination. 

Since the delay in seeking an abortion may taper down your available options, it may be better that you schedule the earliest appointment for a safe, legal and confidential abortion at the best abortion hospital.

For any query also, you may feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We shall revert you via email for a completely confidential reply for your case. Your personal details and privacy is our responsibility and we will keep everything confidential to maintain your privacy.

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