Where to have a safe and confidential abortion in Kozhikode

Calicut or Kozhikode, the coastal Indian city is the second-largest city of Kerala. Although it is a metropolitan city, however women reproductive rights are stigmatized. Choice of abortion in Kerala is not an easily accessible option even when abortion in India is legal.

This post intends to help women in Kozhikode realize their safe, legal and confidential abortion options.

Before buying abortion pills in Calicut illegally or through an unprofessional, you must know that abortion in India is legal. And unsafe abortions come at a much higher cost than expected. They not only put your health at risk but may also put your life in danger.

This post brings you some must-know information if you are seeking a safe, legal, confidential and non-judgmental abortion in India.

Let’s begin with the legal status of abortion in Kerala, India.

Abortion rules in India:

Abortions in India are legal ever since the introduction of the MTP Act, 1971. MTP stands for Medical Termination of Pregnancy. However, the rules have been framed not only for medical abortions but also the surgical ones.

Gestation age:

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in general circumstances. In some special cases like that when the court permits or for fetal deformities, etc. it is legal for up to 24 weeks.

If you are seeking an abortion, you must first get your length and location of pregnancy ascertained through an ultrasound.

This is important since the method of abortion largely depends on the pregnancy length. And the location is important to ascertain so that ectopic pregnancy complications may be ruled out.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is permissible in events of:

  • Contraceptive failure: There are a variety of birth control methods adopted worldwide. But there is always a probability of their failure. In such cases, abortion in India is legal. If you are seeking an abortion for contraceptive failure, you can visit a certified abortion clinic and get your unwanted pregnancy terminated legally.
  • Incest/Rape/Sexual Assault: Sexual assaults are common not only for young and unmarried girls, but can also be seen in marriages. They may end up in unwanted pregnancies. Many Middle-East countries do not permit abortions in such cases. And Malayali women, the population of whom is quite large there often travel to Bangalore for safe abortions.
  • To save the woman’s health and/or life: Many times, the pregnant woman is not feasible of childbearing. Continuation of the pregnancy may hamper her physical and/or mental health and even life. Some co-morbid conditions may also let the doctor prescribe pregnancy termination as a better option. Abortion in India is legal for such cases.
  • Fetal deformities: Many wanted pregnancies do not progress as expected. Technology today has helped the medical fraternity diagnose some fetal abnormalities through prenatal screening. In such cases where the child may be born with an incurable disease, such pregnancies are allowed to be legally terminated in India.

Consent for abortion:

Indian abortion law is quite progressive. It not only respects the women choice to terminate unwanted pregnancies but also allows them to legally avail themselves only with their consent. However, a woman needs to have attained the age of 18 years to be able to get a legal abortion at her consent only.

In the case of minors, parental consent is needed.

Marital status:

One of the most important things that many unmarried girls do not know is that abortion in India is legal even for them.

In light of the fact that many women resort to unsafe abortions and risk their health and lives, abortion in India has been legalized for all women irrespective of their marital status.

Until the new MTP Act 2020 that came into force in 2021, only married women were legally allowed to terminate unwanted pregnancies. However, now it may be legally availed by any woman, married or unmarried.

Besides these things, the MTP Act of India also specifies who can perform abortions, where can an abortion be performed, the safe abortion pills and other medications, the tools and techniques to be used for abortion and other healthcare facilities to be provided to any woman seeking abortion as a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Abortion in Calicut and stigma:

Although Calicut is a metropolitan city and has seen progress in diverse areas. Yet, abortions are recognized and treated with stigma.

It is not only the society that sees abortions as wrong-doings but even the doctors. This adds to the mental stress of a woman.

Whenever a woman approaches a hospital for an abortion, she is seen with disgrace. Moreover, abortion is denied.

Not only do unmarried girls are the victims of societal stigma, but also the married ones. Doctors start preaching them rather than providing medical help.

And in some clinics, doctors do provide abortions, but they charge multiple times the cost of an abortion.

This is is why women choose to buy abortion pills in Calicut rather than visiting a nearby MTP clinic. But a Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion is something you should never attempt. The risks with abortions are graver than you may even think of.

You must know that you do have safe, legal and confidential abortion options. And we will be coming to that in this post. So, stay tuned.

Purchase of abortion pills by the private doctors in Kozhikode:

There has been a report according to which 60% of abortifacient medicines were being purchased by private doctors. They have been selling these pills to the patients at much higher costs than their Maximum Retail Prices.

A survey was conducted and it was found that these doctors sell these medicines to patients wanting to end their pregnancies. According to the paying capacity of the patients, these doctors decided the cost of abortion pills.

To maintain the confidentiality of the abortion status, these doctors charged up to ten times from unmarried women.

Do you know that as part of the Indian abortion law, confidentiality of the patient is to be maintained by the abortion hospital?

Hence, it may be said that an unlawful trade of abortion pills was being practiced at these abortion clinics.

Coming next to your abortion options.

Abortion in Calicut:

Abortion in Calicut may not be your first and the preferred choice. It is very clear because of the stigma.

Besides, you may not want your abortion status to be known to any acquaintance. There is a higher probability of meeting someone you may know within the same city you stay in.

And in case your pregnancy has resulted from an extramarital or premarital relationship or you are unmarried, you may not want anyone to know about your pregnancy.

It may therefore be better to travel to another city for a safe and confidential abortion. Many women from Kozhikode and other parts of Kerala often travel to Bangalore for abortions.

Travelling to Bangalore from Kozhikode for an abortion:

The two cities are located at a distance of nearly 351 Km. You can either take a short flight that takes nearly an hour. Or you may choose to travel by road. The road connecting Kozhikode to Bangalore is the National Highway NH766. It is a very well maintained and busy route.

You may take a cab or reach there via bus. A personal car may also be a good option.

Or you may check out the train schedules if you prefer to travel by railway.

But should you be visiting any abortion clinic in Bangalore?

abortion in India

Safe, legal and confidential abortion

Although you may visit any abortion clinic near you, however, it is best to invest in long-term health. And that is possible only if you visit the best abortion hospital.

Multiple considerations go into making a well-informed decision. Here, we will be helping you know your abortion options at an internationally recognized and certified abortion hospital.

Just like abortion in Bangalore has been the choice of Malayali women, the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) has been their best pick. But the choice is always yours and it is best to check out the independent opinions of the past patients.

So, do give a read into their 5-Star Google reviews and testimonials. They may help you in making your best abortion decision.

What makes American Hospital Bangalore the best abortion hospital?

AHB is a premier boutique hospital that is equipped with everything necessary for Comprehensive Abortion Care. So, have a look at what kind of an abortion experience you may have at AHB.

The abortion methods:

AHB focuses on only a few specialized surgical procedures, with abortion being its main forte.

When you arrive here by appointment, you will first be checked for the exact length and location of the pregnancy. Your medical history will be asked to minimize the risks of abortion complications. And the best abortion method is prescribed to you.

Not all patients may be treated with the same method since it may or may not be suitable for them. You will be advised on the best abortion method for you, what you may experience during the procedure and also the cost of abortion.

But before that, the doctor will make sure that all your vitals are checked and a complete diagnosis is done.

Methods of abortion based on pregnancy location:

The ultrasound performed will let the doctor know your pregnancy’s exact duration and its location. Speaking of location, it may be:

  1. Intrauterine or normal pregnancy is the one where the embryo has implanted itself in the uterine cavity. Most of the pregnancies are intrauterine. And their termination may depend on the pregnancy length and patient-specific parameters like her medical condition, existence of any disorder like diabetes, renal disorder, hypertension, thyroid, etc.
  2. Extrauterine or ectopic pregnancy is the one that is wrongfully located. These used to be rare earlier, but lifestyle changes and many other factors have made ectopic pregnancies quite common these days. Ectopic pregnancy removal may also depend on the size of the embryo and other factors. What is more important is its immediate removal to avoid any further complications like its rupture leading to loss of fertility, hemorrhage and even death.

Intrauterine pregnancy termination:

Let us now discuss the methods of abortion dependent on the pregnancy length for an intrauterine pregnancy. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended three methods for performing safe abortion procedures.

These are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion

The medical method of abortion:

It is the earliest abortion choice available to women who are less than 6-8 weeks pregnant. The method employs the use of safe abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy.

The procedure:

The medical abortion method involves the use of two medicines, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both these medicines have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used for medical abortions.

In case the doctor seems this method subtle for your case-specific, only then you can have these abortion pills. The procedure may need more than one appointment.

The abortion pills:

On the first appointment which may be the same as that of the consultation, the first medicine is given. The doctor will check for its dose to be given to you and also the mode of administration. It may either be given to you to be taken orally or may be inserted vaginally.

This medicine is an anti-progestin. It will stop the growth of the fetus and prepare your for abortion. The nutrition and the hormone Progesterone necessary for sustaining pregnancy will be blocked.

Now, the second pill has to be taken at a gap of nearly 24-36 hours. So, either you may be called to the hospital on a second appointment or it may be given to you to be taken at home. The doctor will decide its dose and mode of administration for your particular case.

In the former case, the doctor may give it to you to be taken orally or inserted inside the cervix. While in the latter case, the medicine will be most likely given to be taken orally. Along with it, directions will be given as to when to take the medicine and what to expect.

This medicine will help in expelling the embryo and other gestation products by uterine contractions.

What to expect with a medical abortion at home?

After taking the second pill, you can expect moderate to heavy bleeding after some time. So, it may be better for you to be present at home for the abortion. The embryo and other gestation products will pass out through this vaginal bleeding.

In case you have come from Calicut for a medical abortion, you may not be able to travel back the same day. After you have scheduled your appointment with the hospital, you may also have a hotel booking for a day or more. There are many hotels near the hospital and even the airport. So, you may book one according to your choice and availability.

You may experience abdominal pain also and it may range from moderate to severe. The doctor may give you some pain management medicines also to be taken if needed.

Chances of an incomplete abortion:

Abortion is expected to be completed in most cases. However, since the procedure is only 95% – 97% efficient, there are chances of incomplete abortion.

Bleeding after a medical abortion may take up to a week or even more to stop. However, if it does not stop entirely or is accompanied by pain, fever or discomfort, you may need to follow up. It is advised that after a medical abortion, you should follow up with the doctor after a week or 10 days to have it ascertained whether the abortion was complete.

At AHB, you may receive a post-abortion consultation to help you heal early. Diet, mild exercise, contraception advice, supplements, hormonal balance and other Dos and Don’ts post-abortion may be advised.

In case of an incomplete abortion, you may need a surgical abortion to complete the same at the earliest. Since there are better abortion methods available, many women from Calicut often choose the suction abortion method. It is more efficient than the medical method and comes with other benefits too. Let’s learn about it!

The Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

At the American Hospital Bangalore, the vacuum aspiration abortion method is available for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. It is recommended to be used for pregnancies less than 12 weeks.

The procedure:

As suggested by the name itself, it is a suction procedure. The embryo and pregnancy products are removed by applying a vacuum to create suction.

A slender tube is inserted in the womb through the cervix opening. Once the tube is in place, suction is applied to suck the embryo. The pregnancy products get collected in a collection bottle attached to the other end of the tube, called a vacurette.

The doctor evaluates the collection to check if the abortion is complete. If it is not complete, slender medical tools may be inserted inside to scrape off the remaining tissue and clean the womb.

This procedure is nearly 100% efficient. However, only registered medical practitioners qualified and trained to perform suction abortions should perform this. Otherwise, there may be harm to the womb and other internal organs. Future fertility may also be negatively impacted. And the overall risk of infections and other emergencies can also be there.

Advantages of having a suction abortion at AHB include:

  • Gentle and painless abortion: The procedure is performed under a suitable anesthetic to make the patient comfortable, the procedure efficient and painless.
  • Single appointment procedure: The procedure takes only 3-10 minutes to get completed. After the abortion, you may be discharged the same day in an hour or so. After that, you may go back to your hotel and rest overnight. You can travel back to Calicut the following day.
  • Efficiency: The suction abortion procedures at AHB are nearly 100% efficient and you can go back with the confidence of successful abortion.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding: Since most of the contents are already removed, you may experience minimum bleeding for a couple of days. Some women do not bleed at all after a Gentle care suction abortion at AHB.

The Dilatation and Evacuation method of abortion:

D&E abortion procedures are performed for terminating late-stage or second-trimester pregnancies. It may be termed as surgical abortion as well since it is slightly invasive. It is therefore essential that surgical abortions are performed only at registered abortion clinics and by qualified and experienced professionals.

There are multiple risks with unsafe abortions. However, they are preventable if the abortion team is qualified, well-learned and experienced to perform safe procedures.

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances. So, this method may be used for up to 20-weeks.

The procedure:

During a D&E abortion, the cervix is dilated and sterile medical pieces of equipment are inserted into the womb. The doctor scrapes off the embryo from the uterine lining and also the thick lining that was protecting the pregnancy.

Scraped off contents are removed from the cervix and collected for evaluation. Once the doctor ascertains that all the products of conception have been removed, uterovaginal packaging may be inserted to minimize the bleeding. Even the hospital stay is shortened.

After the anesthesia effect weans away within an hour, the patient may be discharged the same day.  

Advantages of having a suction abortion at AHB include:

  • Gentle care and painless abortion
  • Single-appointment procedure: It takes less than 30 minutes for the abortion to be completed. After that, you may be discharged. You may rest in the hotel overnight or for another day if you feel like. And travel as per your scheduled return.
  • D&E abortion at AHB is nearly 100% efficient.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding

Other benefits of having an abortion at AHB:

  • It is a registered abortion hospital conveniently located in the heart of the city, Bangalore.
  • The doctors are highly qualified and have experience in performing safe abortions for more than four decades.
  • The medical assisting staff and nurses have received international training and are highly caring and compassionate.
  • For Kerala patients, the hospital has Malayali speaking staff for ease of communication.
  • The procedure is safe, legal as well as confidential. The consultation is entirely private one-to-one. And each patient is allotted a private room to stay by before and after the procedure until discharge.
  • Since you may visit there with a pre-appointment, there is no waiting period and you may not have to see any fellow patient.
  • The doctor, the nurses and other staff are all non-judgmental. You will receive highly professional treatment and the same care and affection as any other medical procedure.
  • You may receive post-abortion guidance and support until your recovery.

Feel free to schedule an early appointment for an abortion at the best abortion hospital.

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