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Unwanted pregnancy in Malaysia

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Where to get an abortion in India?

Abortion services by the American Hospital Bangalore for foreign patients

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore: What to expect?

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Unwanted pregnancy in Malaysia:

Malaysia is a lovely escapade for people across the world to fascinate themselves with stunning coastal landscapes. But, Malaysian women often travel across the borders to visit India for abortions. This post will help you understand the difference between the abortion laws in the two countries. Along the way, you’ll also find your best abortion option, if you are looking forward to having one.

Unwanted pregnancies are common throughout the world. They are normal and they are natural. However, pregnancy terminations may not be seen with the same point of views everywhere.

Facing the troubles of terminating pregnancies at will for a reason as common as a contraceptive failure, women in Malaysia have no legal rights. They are not allowed to terminate their unplanned and unexpected pregnancies except for a few restricted conditions. However, abortion in India rules are quite women-friendly. And this opens up a window of hope not only for Indian women but also for Malaysian women and other foreign citizens.

Even Indian expats living in different countries such as Maldives, Mauritius, the UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, etc. often plan a short medical trip to Bangalore, India. They obtain safe, legal and confidential Gentle Care abortions at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) within a day. And return to their home countries shortly with the joy of a successful and safe procedure.

If you too are suffering from unwanted pregnancy in Malaysia, you have arrived just at the right place. Let’s get started with a comprehensive guide that can help you make a wise abortion decision.

Abortion in Malaysia is illegal in most cases and highly restricted in some cases. The abortion laws there fall under the regulation of the Penal Code Sections 312-316. The latest amendment accepted in the abortion law was in 1989.

As per the law, abortion-seeking women and the providers both are liable to punishment such as imprisonment and fine. Abortion with a woman’s consent can get her and the helper imprisoned for up to three years. This imprisonment can be up to seven years in case the woman is past the fourth month of her pregnancy at the time of the abortion.

Without the woman’s consent, the abortion provider can go to jail for as long as twenty big years.

After the amendments, as of today, abortions in Malaysia are permissible only to save the patient’s life. The law received another amendment where abortions were made permissible to safeguard a woman’s mental and physical health. In a government hospital, two doctors are required to be present during the pre-abortion assessment. After they deem it necessary to abort the pregnancy to save the patient’s life only is abortion available to a such woman.

For reasons such as rape, incest, social-economic reasons, and fetal impairment, abortion in Malaysia is not legally available.

Women under such restrictions resort to unsafe, risky and self-induced abortions. And they suffer largely at the hands of botched-up abortions with short-term as well as long-term complications. Many women even pay the cost of unsafe abortions with their lives. This post is an initiative to help such women get educated on their safe abortion options in India.

Abortion in Malaysia: What hampers women’s access to legal abortions?

Firstly, the law itself is not very women-friendly. It restricts abortions only in certain circumstances. Next, the stigma surrounding abortions in Malaysia is very wide and often receives backing from religious, cultural, and social stigmas.

Besides, the legal awareness of abortions is also very limited both among the country’s residents as well as healthcare professionals. The lack of clear interpretation and knowledge of the law is quite evident among most of the migrant population in Malaysia. This makes their access to abortion information as well as the procedures far from reach.

Even under permissible circumstances, the cost of an abortion at private facilities is too high for a regular person to be able to afford it. Rather, it is a more cost-efficient option for them to plan a short trip to Bengaluru, India for an abortion. With the same amount they may spend on an illegal abortion in Malaysia, they can get a safe, legal, confidential, painless and quick abortion in India. Within the same budget, they can even spend a night or two in India before they fly back to Malaysia.

Abortion in India: Difference from abortion laws in Malaysia:

Abortions in India are legal under a wide range of circumstances. And there’s a reason we call the Indian abortion laws women-friendly. You too will discover the difference as you read ahead. Abortions in India are legal under the MTP Act and Rules, 1971 and future amendments, the latest being MTP Act, 2021.

The Indian government is trying to improve the access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) for all women alike. And hence has made abortions legal. With new amendments, access to safe abortions in India saw a significant improvement. And this can be seen in the legal abortions carried out every year safely as well as maintaining patient privacy.

Let us have a look into what are the differences between the abortion laws of the two countries. This will also equip you with a piece of legal knowledge, knowing which you can easily choose what’s best for you.

Permissible circumstances and the gestation age for abortion:

As mentioned above, in Malaysia, abortions are highly restricted. On the other hand, abortion in India is legal for a varied range of circumstances. These include:

Contraceptive failure:

Well, this is the major reason for most unexpected pregnancies. Couples use different kinds of contraceptives. And surprisingly, they may fail, however efficient they may be. Contraceptive pills can fail. Sheet protection (condoms) can tear and even leak. Even with a copper-T, there are chances of failure. For further details on modes of contraception, you can choose to visit the following link: Failure of contraception: Where to have a safe abortion?

Abortion in India is legally permissible in events pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure. And you can choose not to disclose the contraceptive you used to the doctor as it falls in the realm of personal information. And one may or may not choose to share such a piece of information.

For this very reason, you can obtain an abortion in India up to 20 weeks into pregnancy. Whereas, in Malaysia, you cannot get an abortion if the contraceptive you used failed.

To protect the woman’s health and/or physical and/or mental health:

Restricted abortions in Malaysia are available only in conditions when pregnancy continuation poses a threat to the woman’s life. And even permissible in cases it causes injury to her physical or mental health. However, the same needs an evidence-based approval from two doctors during the assessment. In a case of mental risk, a mental health professional has to certify the same after evaluating the patient’s medical condition.

On the contrary, abortion in India is legally available at any stage of the pregnancy if it endangers the patient’s life. Up to 20 weeks, permission from a single medical practitioner is enough. Similarly, abortions are also available in events pregnancy poses any threat to the patient’s physical and/or mental health.

Fetal anomalies:

As of today, it is possible to detect serious abnormalities early in pregnancy. There are several tests like Nuchal Transparency Test at 11-12 weeks. There is a dual marker test to check for Trisomy-13 and Trisomy-18 disorders. Again, there are scans at different pregnancy stages live LVel-2 ultrasound. Other screenings include Quadruple test for chromosomal aberrations at 17-21 weeks.

Amniocentesis is also there that can detect limb deformities, Down’s syndrome, etc. early in pregnancy. A patient can choose to terminate such a pregnancy. Most parents do not want to give a hard and full of struggles life to their children. And it is absolutely normal with Indian abortion law. Abortion in India is legally available for up to 24 weeks in such circumstances. Many women use legal aid to have abortions in such circumstances even beyond this age.

But you cannot expect this in Malaysia. Abortion in Malaysia is illegal in case fetal deformities have been diagnosed.


Sadly, many married and unmarried women face unwanted pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults. But, if this happens to be with a woman in Malaysia, she may not receive legal permission to terminate the pregnancy.

Whereas, in India, abortions are legal if pregnancy is a result of rape or incest. Besides, unlike in many countries, the patient does not have to prove the assault unless she seeks legal help. She can easily obtain an abortion for up to 20 weeks. In some cases, the law has helped such women beyond this ceiling period too by allowing for legal abortions.

Consent for abortion:

You can obtain an abortion in India with your consent only if you are above 18 years. You need no parental or spousal consent.

Marital status for abortion:

Abortion in India is legally available to all women alike regardless of their marital status. So, whether you are married or unmarried, you can obtain a legal abortion.

Abortion in India for NRIs, expats and foreign patients:

Abortion in India rules are the same throughout. They offer guidelines under the legal framework to apply for all abortions occurring within India. So, whether you are an Indian citizen or an NRI or an expat or even a foreign citizen, your reproductive rights in India remain the same as long as you choose to get an abortion in India.

Where to get an abortion in India?

Now, India is a vast country. It may not be a good idea to blindly walk in for an abortion anywhere. It may be a better idea to do some homework, find out your best options and plan a trip. A well-planned abortion trip can make it a hassle-free experience for you.

Well, you can trust the internationally recognized abortion team at the best abortion hospital, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). The Gentle Care abortions available exclusively at this premier boutique hospital have gained wide acceptance amongst women from across the world.

Women from different parts of the country as well as the world travel to Bangalore as a part of a one or two-day trip. They obtain a single-appointment, safe, legal, confidential, quick and painless Gentle Care abortion. With this in-clinic abortion method, you can confidently walk out of the hospital knowing that the procedure was successful.

Abortion services by the American Hospital Bangalore for foreign patients:

AHB offers special services for foreign patients. A coordinator helps them schedule their travel, overnight homestay option and abortion appointment. All you have to do is just reach out to the coordinator on the AHB helpline number.

When you arrive at Bangalore airport, the hospital’s car can pick you up. You may not have to wander anywhere around struggling to find the best cab. Or if you prefer to have an independent cab, Uber is always the most liked option amongst travelers.

One thing to remember while seeking abortion in India is not to delay. A delay can taper down your available options. Firstly, do not forget the 20-week legally available window for an abortion. Although, it is a large window, however, abortion methods may vary with differing pregnancy lengths. Besides, there can be a risk of ectopic pregnancies. They have to be ruled out as early as possible. Else, it can even lead to life-threatening complications.

To know more about the risks of abortion, you can follow the link: What are the abortion risks and how to prevent them?

Once you are in Bangalore, a cab can bring you to the hospital if you happen to visit during hospital hours. The coordinator can have an abortion slot reserved for you expecting you to arrive on time. Or in a case, you want to get some rest first, you can directly go to your reserved homestay. Get some rest.

You can order some groceries or food in just a few clicks from the delivery partners like Dunzo, Swiggy and Zomato. They offer you plenty of options to choose from.

At your scheduled time, you can take an Uber and reach the clinic. Since you have a prescheduled appointment, the hospital must be expecting you and you’ll receive a warm welcome.

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore: What to expect?

When you arrive at the hospital, you’ll not have to wait for the doctor to see you. This is an advantage of pre-booking. The doctor sees you in a private one-on-one conversation. Your companion is welcome. You can openly and freely discuss all that you are experiencing and expect as a part of your treatment.

It is important that you feel comfortable and hence, the doctors and hospital staff treat you professionally. You can surely experience freedom from any prejudice, unjust behavior, rude comments or judgmental attitude even if you are unmarried. Abortions today are normal and luckily you’ll experience a ‘free from stigma’ ambience at AHB.

The doctor will evaluate your medical condition, and discuss your medical history and any other concerns you may have. You too may ask if you have any doubts or questions. Please let the doctor know any medicines you have been taking, any medical condition you may be suffering and any allergies you may be having.

Next, the doctor may ask you to undergo some routine tests including a blood test and an ultrasound. Some additional tests may be asked only if the patient’s condition facilitates the need for them. These tests are highly important for the safety of the patient.

The ultrasound shall help the doctor learn about the exact pregnancy length and location. Your abortion methods depend largely on them. And the routine blood examination is important to prevent any complications. The doctor can prescribe you medicines during and after the abortion accordingly.

Abortion procedure at American Hospital Bangalore:

Depending on your pregnancy length and location, your abortion methods may vary.

Ectopic pregnancies are medical emergencies. They can be treated medically in case of an early diagnosis. And in some complicated cases, surgical treatment may be essential.

Most of the pregnancies are normal or intrauterine. So, the pregnancy termination method now depends on how far along you are in your pregnancy. And the three safe approved abortion methods by the World Health Organization (WHO) are:

  1. Medical abortion.
  2. Vacuum aspiration abortion
  3. Surgical abortion.

Medical abortion at AHB for patients coming from Malaysia:

It is done with the help of safe abortion pills. And it is the available method to terminate pregnancies that are less than 6 weeks.

Patients coming from Malaysia do not usually prefer this abortion method because:

  • It involves a longer stay in India until the abortion is complete which may take up to days and even weeks.
  • In a case of an incomplete abortion, the most common complication with abortion pills, they may need surgery to complete the abortion.
  • It is accompanied by moderate to severe abdominal cramps and pain.
  • Bleeding may also get quite heavy with this abortion method.
  • They want to return to Malaysia soon after the abortion which is not always possible with abortion pills. Whereas, with a Gentle Care abortion, they can return to Malaysia the same or the following day after abortion. And that too with a successful abortion without needing to follow up as a part of incomplete abortion complications.

Vacuum aspiration abortion at AHB for patients coming from Malaysia:

At AHB, Gentle Care suction abortion is available for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy. In this method, the doctor gently pulls out the pregnancy using a small hand-held aspirator. The procedure can be done without anesthesia as it is non-invasive and not painful. However, a patient can choose to get it done under short anesthesia to make it absolutely painless.

After your pre-abortion consultation, a caring and dedicated nurse shall be by your side throughout your stay at the hospital. She shall get you ready for the procedure in a private examination room keeping your comfort the priority.

Then, the doctor will gently pull the pregnancy products and collect them to evaluate if the abortion is complete. Once the abortion is complete, you can rest in your private room. The procedure takes less than 5-10 minutes to complete.

Most patients feel normal in less than 15 minutes. Then, they can eat and drink normally as they like to. After a post-abortion consultation, you can take discharge at your convenience. If you have a scheduled flight a few hours apart, the hospital car can drop you at the airport and you can directly return to Malaysia.

Or you can go to your booked hotel or Airbnb and rest overnight. As per your scheduled flight, you can return to Malaysia with the confidence of successful abortion. You can choose to stay in Bangalore for more days if you want to spend a vacation here.

Surgical abortion at AHB for patients coming from Malaysia:

In case your pregnancy has progressed beyond 12 weeks, you still have a time window for up to 20 weeks to get it terminated in India. However, post-12 weeks, the abortion method may be surgical.

At AHB, Gentle Care surgical abortion is available for terminating pregnancies beyond 12 weeks. The procedure is mildly invasive and hence done under anesthesia. It is done without using a sharp curette. Rather, the expert abortion team uses the latest tools and techniques for dilating the cervix and evacuating the pregnancy products.

The entire process lasts not more than 20-30 minutes. There is no hard abrading of the uterine lining making the process gentle for your internal organs. Therefore, you can expect to get a risk-free Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) Gentle Care surgical abortion at AHB.

Gentle Care abortions are highly safe and will not impact your future pregnancies. In case you have any concerns regarding abortion in India, you may find your answers on our Frequently Asked Abortion Questions page, the link to which is: Abortion Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With a Gentle Care surgical abortion as well, you can take discharge on the same day. After a day’s rest at your homestay, you can either explore Bangalore some more or return to Malaysia as per your scheduled flight.

Since Gentle Care abortion is available only to a single patient at a time to maintain her privacy. Plus, this helps the hospital to reserve its attention dedicated to a single patient at a time. And hence, there are only a limited number of abortion slots available most of which are pre-booked. You may not want to delay. Inquire about the earliest available abortion slot today.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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