Abortion in Oman Versus Abortion in India

Are you living in Oman and seeking a safe and confidential abortion? Well, you must be aware of the fact that in Oman you cannot avail of abortion just because you want it.

This becomes one of the major concerns for women who either reside in Oman as its citizens or belong to an ex-pat population or are living there for professional reasons.

This post intends to bring hope to such women who seek a safe abortion but due to some or the other reason, it is difficult for them to have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

This is to help them know their safe abortion options. And for this, it is important for them to know and understand that secret abortions can also be availed safely without affecting their health and future lives.

Why do women in Oman fall in for unsafe abortions?

Carrying unwanted pregnancies and having limited or no abortion options turn women into opting for unsafe methods of abortion in Oman. In a panic, in a hurry and in fear, many women do not even try to look for better options. They opt for secret methods which may be unsafe without realizing the side effects and risks associated with unsafe abortions.

Abortion laws in Oman:

The foremost reason for women to seek unsafe abortions is due to the restricted abortion laws in Oman. Though one can find strains of modernization in Oman, yet women there are grappled by restrictive abortion laws.

Abortion in Oman is illegal and is legally permissible only in events where it is required to save the married woman’s life which has to be ascertained by registered medical practitioners.

But even in such cases, the woman has to be married and she cannot avail of abortion with her consent. It has to be her husband’s consent that too has to be proven through a legal and verified marriage certificate.

Abortion for unmarried in Oman:

The problems, worries and fear intensify for unmarried girls. Rather than facing family wrath and harshness from society, they rather seek unsafe abortions.

Though the country has seen rapid economic growth, yet the cultural attitudes have not shifted much. And abortion is considered a similar sin as is getting pregnant out of wedlock.

Family honour in such events is regarded as threatened and the woman has to face multiple problems.

Punishment/Penalties for abortion:

Since abortion in Oman is a punishable offence, the punishment is awarded to:

  • The woman
  • The abortion provider
  • The person or people who assist the woman and/or the abortion provider

Abortion options for women from Oman in foreign countries:

One of the safest and legal methods for a woman seeking abortion in Oman is to travel to a neighbouring country with liberal abortion laws and avail a safe and confidential abortion.

The best choice for abortion in Muscat, Oman is to travel to India. Why?

India recognizes the reproductive rights of women and has made abortions legal under a wide scenario. These Indian abortion laws govern the abortion procedures for Indian women and also for the foreign patients when they obtain abortion services in India.

There are massive differences in the abortion laws of the two countries. These can be summed up as:

  • Abortion in India is legal under circumstances:
    • To save the life of the woman.
    • If pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure (The major and the most common reason).
    • If pregnancy is a result of rape/incest.
    • If fetal anomalies have been detected.
    • If the woman is physically/mentally not able for childbearing.

Whereas, abortion is entirely illegal in Oman and is legally permissible only to save the woman’s life.

  • Abortion in India is not punishable if done at a certified abortion clinic by a registered medical practitioner.
  • Abortion in India can be done only with the consent of the woman. Whereas, in Oman, to save the woman’s life by abortion, her husband’s consent is sought.

Travelling to Bangalore, India from Oman for abortion:

Travelling to another country to avail of secret abortions has been a choice of many women worldwide. India too has many certified abortion clinics but the option that has been availed and appreciated for successful and gentle care abortions is in the heart of the capital city of the Indian state, Karnataka, i.e., Bangalore.

The location, convenience of travel and best healthcare facilities further make India the country of choice. Bangalore is a metropolitan city equipped with world-class healthcare facilities and hence is amongst the best medical destinations throughout the world.

While visiting Bangalore for safe abortion, you can schedule a small trip since you can reach there through a short flight that takes less than 3 hours. You will be glad to know that you can visit American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), avail of a safe abortion on the same day of your visit and can even travel back the same day or the next day after the night’s rest with the confidence of having availed of successful abortion.

Bangalore is a seamlessly interconnected city with multiple options to commute within the city. And many hotels offer short-stay options for a night or so with healthy meals too.

What should you know before an abortion?

Before you get your pregnancy terminated, there are a few questions knowing answers to which can help you make the wisest decision. Let’s get started.

“Is the pregnancy unwanted?”

“How far have you reached in pregnancy?”

“Are you married?” 

“Are you pregnant out of your marriage and want an abortion?”

“Have you looked for abortion options in your country? Is it illegal in your country to have an abortion?”

“Are you considering a secret abortion from an uncertified medical practitioner?”

“Are you seeking to buy abortion pills in Muscat, Oman?”

“Do you want to keep your abortion confidential?”

If any of these questions sound similar or have a common touchpoint with your case, then there are a few things you should know so that you can have a safe and successful abortion.

Abortion methods based on gestation length:

Do you know the length of your pregnancy? If yes, then a broad classification of your abortion method can give you a hunch of the most likely method for your case.

If not, you can post the first day of the beginning of your last menstrual period (LMP) in the comment section and we can let you know your gestation age. Or you can also speak to a healthcare professional by calling on our helpline number.

Or, you can calculate it yourself taking your LMP as the first day and then counting weeks ahead of it as on today. So, this is the gestation age and your methods of abortion according to the gestation period as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) are:

Medical Method of Abortion: This is also known as the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP). As the word medical indicates, this method involves termination of an ongoing pregnancy with the help of safe abortion pills.

This is your option if:

  • You are very early and your gestation length is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • The pregnancy is intrauterine.

Now if you think buying an MTP kit or abortion pills is accessible and the best option, then you should also be aware of the complications it can pose you to. These are:

    •  Case of ectopic pregnancy:

Consider if you self-administer abortion pills just knowing that your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks, but still your abortion has not taken place.

Now, this may sound weird to you, but this is not a rare case. Now, coming to how can this be avoided.

What we are talking here is about an ectopic pregnancy. If you don’t know what is ectopic pregnancy, here is a quick guide for you.

In normal pregnancies, the fertilized egg travels from the fallopian tube into the uterus and gets implanted by attaching itself to the uterine lining. In not very rare cases, the egg is unable to reach the uterus and remains in the fallopian tube which is a very narrow tube connecting ovaries to the uterus.

If the fertilized egg starts growing here, it will be called a tubal pregnancy. And if this is your case and you self-administer abortion pills, they will not work at all. You might experience pain and bleeding thinking that you have had an abortion, but the embryo still remains in the tube.

When the tube will not be able to support the growth of the egg, it may burst and lead to internal bleeding and haemorrhage, which is a very serious condition.

Most women faint when this happens to them and if their case is not attended to immediately, it can even be fatal. Even after recovery, it affects the future pregnancies.

The advice: Do not self-administer abortion pills. It is best to have the location of your pregnancy ascertained by a transvaginal scan before you take abortion pills. Now the question is that in a country where you are struggling to have a safe abortion, it may be equally difficult for you to obtain a transvaginal scan.

    • Case of incomplete abortion:

Consider that your pregnancy is normal and you self-administer pills. Yet, you will have to wait for up to a week to be able to be sure that the abortion was complete. And what if the bleeding does not stop even after a week?

Now, this is a complication mostly underlooked by women who buy abortion pills online in Oman. And this is a case of incomplete abortion.

The fact is that the abortion pill method is nearly 95% – 98% effective only as compared to other methods which are nearly 100% efficient, if done as recommended by the guidelines for CAC. And this can be your case even if your doctor prescribes you abortion pills after ascertaining that your pregnancy is intrauterine and not far than 8 weeks.

“Can I know if I choose the MTP method, my abortion will be successful or not?”

There is no prenatal examination or any other diagnosis that can reveal which woman can have a complete abortion through the medical method and which will face incomplete abortion as the complication. So, you can never know this beforehand and it is only experienced, not pre-examined.

So, what are your options now? 

In this case, your abortion will have to be completed by the surgical method of abortion and in Oman, abortion is illegal even if it is to clear off the remaining products of gestation. So, you do not have an option there.

This situation could have been prevented or can be avoided with the following piece of advice.

The advice: If you want a successful abortion on the same day, it is better to go for the Vacuum aspiration method of abortion. Its benefit over MTP will be discussed ahead in the same post. Keep reading further to know your options for abortion in India.

  • Besides, these complications, the medical method of abortion can have you experience:
    • Mild to moderate to severe pain. The intensity of pain experienced by each woman is different.
    • The abortion will be accompanied by moderate to heavy menstrual flow leading to discomfort and you may have to take a break from work for a few days.

Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion: This is a small abortion procedure again only for intrauterine pregnancies that takes between 3-10 minutes only to get complete. This is your option if your pregnancy has not extended beyond 12 weeks. 

In this procedure, the implanted embryo is gently sucked through the vaginal route using a small medical device that uses a vacuum. The suction can either be created manually or using an electric-driven motor.

There is no difference in the procedure or its efficiency in the two, the only thing is the availability of healthcare facilities at the abortion hospital.

The complication with the Vacuum aspiration method of abortion and how can it be prevented:

The vacuum aspiration method of abortion is a gentle procedure but it needs precision and accuracy. Hence, it should be performed only by the gynaecologist who has the professional knowledge, technical expertise and experience.

Visiting a quack or someone who doesn’t have the expertise to perform this method of abortion can lead to incomplete abortion, again which will then have to be completed by the surgical method.

The advice: This complication is very common and hence it is better you should visit only a certified abortion clinic which is completely equipped with all healthcare facilities have highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses.

The most appreciated hospital for abortion in India for foreigners is the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). The AHB doctors and staff are highly qualified and experienced.

The hospital is equipped with all the necessary healthcare and other basic facilities for a safe, gentle and successful abortion. Moreover, your abortion there will be painless.

Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion: This is the surgical method of abortion and is slightly invasive. This is the prescribed method of abortion for late pregnancies, i.e., beyond 12 weeks but not more than 20 weeks.

This method involves scraping off the uterine lining and clear the contents with medical tools. Since this method is invasive, only recognized and accredited gynaecologists can perform this procedure. It too needs to be precise and carried out with caution and care.

Complications with the D&E method of abortion: This method is prescribed when the embryo size is larger than can be successfully completely removed by vacuum aspiration.

    • There can be varied complications with this method if not performed carefully. Since the method is invasive, if not done with caution, it can lead to internal injury to nearby organs affecting future fertility.
    • This may even lead to internal bleeding which can also be fatal and needs emergency care.
    • The risk of infections is also quite high and can be prevented only if proper hygiene measures and medicines for preventing infections are properly followed as per the guidelines for CAC.

The advice: If your pregnancy is beyond 12 weeks, you are most likely to be prescribed this method of abortion and hence, it is best to avail of such an abortion only at a certified abortion centre where doctors have enormous experience in conducting these surgeries.

At AHB, you can experience a gentle and painless D&E abortion as the doctors have been successfully performing these surgeries for more than 4 decades.

Abortion in American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for foreign women:

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) has been the most widely picked up option for safe, legal and confidential abortions by foreign women.

Let’s learn a little bit more about your abortion in India at AHB.

The best and easily accessible option for a woman seeking abortion in Muscat or abortion in Oman is to travel to Bangalore, India and visit American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). It is a certified abortion clinic and here is what to expect and what makes it the best:

  • Firstly, you can call the hospital’s helpline number, discuss your case with the healthcare provider and get an appointment scheduled. You will be made aware of your most likely abortion options as per your gestation length so that you can schedule your visit, flights and stay accordingly.
  • When you arrive at the hospital on your appointment day and time, you will be attended well at the same time without any delay or waiting period.
  • The doctor will give you a private one-to-one consultation regarding your condition and will learn about your existing medical conditions, ascertain the location and length of your pregnancy.
  • You will be told your abortion procedure options.
    • If the medical method of abortion is your choice, you will be given safe abortion pills. One or two pills will be given to be taken at the same time and the other ones will be given to take at home (hotel if you are coming from Oman) and take after a few hours. So, when you are travelling from Oman, it is better not to be bleeding while back on flight and having the discomfort of pain and abdominal cramps.
    • It may be better option to opt for the vacuum aspiration method even if your pregnancy makes the abortion pill method available to you. This method at AHB is extremely gentle, painless and a short procedure taking not more than 3-10 minutes.

You will be discharged the same day in an hour or so after the procedure. And you can go back to your country with a successful abortion and no worries of anyone knowing about your abortion. All your personal and abortion-related details will be kept confidential and not disclosed by any means.

    • If your abortion is to be carried out by D&E procedure, again at AHB, it is gentle and painless. It takes not more than 30 minutes and you can expect to get discharged the same day.
  • You will be prescribed medicines for pain management, preventing infections and supplements for a rapid recovery.
  • You can even call your doctor after returning to Oman for any guidance needed.


AHB team is more than happy to help any woman seeking a safe abortion since it believes in providing comprehensive abortion care (CAC) and takes pride in successfully helping women get access to it.

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