Abortion in Palakkad: What are your options?

Have you heard of the Ratholsavam chariot festival? Do you know its venue? This post is for women residing in Palakkad or Palghat, Kerala, the venue of this world-famous festival. 

A warm hello and welcome to all young girls and women in Palakkad seeking abortions. Do you know abortion in India is legal? But would you prefer to visit a nearby abortion clinic in Palakkad? 

Visiting a nearby MTP centre or abortion hospital may not be your preference for anonymity, but do not attempt a self-abortion. 

This post is for women who are struggling with unwanted pregnancies. We wish to bring to your kind notice that you do have safe abortion options. And that unsafe abortions are really very harmful. 

Risks with unsafe abortions such as buying abortion pills in Palakkad maybe your the worst decision of your life. And hence, this post will shed light on two things.

  1. First, why you should not self-diagnose or attempt a self-abortion or even abortion at the hands of an unprofessional.
  2. Secondly, we would like to tell you how and where you can have a safe, legal as well as confidential abortion.

Let’s begin!

Choice of buying abortion pills in Palakkad:

Notwithstanding the news of unwanted pregnancy, many women in Palakkad resort to over-the-counter drug purchases to induce miscarriage. It is illegal to buy or sell MTP kits in India without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Most women may know this fact. Still, they chose to buy abortion pills by paying multiple times the cost of abortion pills at some pharmacies.

Even pharmacy people get greedy to be selling off these abortion pills without prescription. 

However, in most cases, women do not have complete and successful abortions. If you do not trust us, you may read these comments below taken from Google Quora:

I’m doing self-abortion with medicine (unwanted kit). Now today is my 10th day but my bleeding has not stopped. So, what can I do and how many days will the bleeding go on? Can you help me?” (asked by a 19-year-old girl)

I have taken abortion pills and started to bleed. It has been 15 days and I am still pregnant. I am staying as a paying guest. I am unmarried and cannot involve my parents in it. My boyfriend brought me the MTP kit. What can I do? I need help. Can I take medicine again?” (asked by a 21-year old girl)

My wife’s menses did not occur this month (expected time was 14th November). She tested positive for pregnancy. Could you please suggest the best pill for abortion? Thanks

(Source: https://www.practo.com/consult/how-to-do-self-abortion/t)

And there are many more.

If you too have similar concerns, please feel free to write us in the comment section below. Our answers will not be shared on social platforms. However, we will reply to you privately by email, just like we have replied to many others.

Risks with abortion pills in Palakkad, Kerala, India:

Are you also considering attempting a self-abortion with abortion pills? If yes, then this section of the post is to enlighten you and prevent you from risks with unsafe abortions.

So, let us bring you the facts that you need to know before buying abortion pills in Kerala, India.

Abortion in Kerala

#1. Risk of incomplete abortion:

Did you read the first two questions in the above section of the post?

If yes, what do you think of as the possible reason for these girls to be bleeding beyond 10 days?

They took abortion pills, bled and when they asked this question, they were still bleeding.

Most likely, these girls have not got their abortions completed. They may still be bleeding due to incomplete abortion.

Now, what is an incomplete abortion?

Abortion is said to be incomplete when some products of gestation remain in the womb. Incomplete emptying of the uterine contents of products of pregnancy is called an incomplete abortion. Although the embryo may have been removed, still the uterine lining may not have shed off completely.

In the second question of the girl above, she mentioned she is still pregnant. In such cases, although the embryo gets evacuated yet hormone levels may not come down as expected. Therefore, a pregnancy test may come positive giving the girl an impression of being pregnant.

Risks with incomplete abortion: Your queries answered:

Now, you know what an incomplete abortion is. But you may be having some questions popping in your question bank like: Does it happen with every woman who takes abortion pills? Or is it possible to have a complete abortion with abortion pills in India?

Is there any abortion pill that can complete the abortion? What after an incomplete abortion? How will it be completed?

Are you too thinking of these? If you have any other queries, please feel free to mention them in the comment section below.

Getting to the answers to the above queries.

The efficiency of abortion pills in Palakkad, Kerala, India:

Abortion pills are nearly 95% effective but only if taken under the supervision of a registered medical practitioner. Only a qualified and experienced gynecologist may be able to prescribe you the abortion pills if they are suitable for you. Every abortion may not be terminated medically by abortion pills. Several factors are considered before a doctor prescribes safe abortion pills.

Even with a medical abortion at a registered abortion clinic, the efficiency of abortion pills is never 100%. Due to this probability of incomplete abortion, most women often opt for Gentle care, painless, 100% efficient and single-appointment abortion procedures.

Pregnancy duration:

Now, what happens with many cases of self-abortion is that women do not consider how far they are in their pregnancy. We spoke of the 95% efficiency of abortion pills. But that efficiency is attainable only by following all Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines of medical abortion.  

Pregnancy length is one of the most important, yet ignored factors with self-abortions. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one of the guidelines for abortion pills is to use them only for terminating early pregnancies. Then, the efficiency of an abortion with pills may be high. 

The effectiveness of abortion pills decreases and the chances of incomplete abortion increase with an increase in the gestation period. Even at the best abortion hospital, abortion pills are not prescribed beyond 8 weeks of pregnancy.

After all, the motive is a successful abortion procedure and not a messy situation. If you do not know your pregnancy length, you may comment below, your first day of the last period. It is known as the Last Menstrual Period (LMP). We will revert with your approximate gestation length. However, for best results, you should undergo a transvaginal scan to know the exact length of your pregnancy.

Dosage of abortion pills:

And even if the doctor prescribes a woman to have a medical termination of pregnancy, the dosage and the mode of administration may vary from patient to patient. Some may need more dose than others due to body weight. Some patients with existing medical conditions may need dose adjustment.

In the same way, some women may be taking some medicines that can interfere with abortion pills. In those circumstances also, dose adjustment may be needed. When women attempt self-abortion, there is a risk of incomplete abortion since they may not know all these points of consideration before administration.

Method of administration of abortion pills:

Similarly, the mode of administration of abortion pills is equally important. While some women may need an oral dose, others may need vaginal administration. Only qualified and experienced doctors can make the best choice of method of administration of abortion pills.

Women who attempt self-abortion mostly just pop in abortion pills. They may not know whether they need it as a vaginal administration or oral. Even with oral abortion pills, there are specifications and gaps between the two pills. When all these things are not considered ahead of popping in the abortion pills, there is a risk of incomplete abortion.

Your queries:

Q. Does it happen with every woman who takes abortion pills?

Answer.: No, an incomplete abortion does not happen with every woman. But it happens with most women who attempt self-abortion. Most of them do not know the important medical considerations for abortion pills administration.

Q. Is it possible to have a complete abortion with abortion pills in India?

Ans.: Yes, it is possible to have a complete abortion if you visit a registered abortion hospital. Then, you can have a safe abortion and medical abortion may be prescribed to you if the doctor will see it feasible for you. Moreover, other things will be evaluated to prescribe you the best abortion method.

Q. Is there any abortion pill that can complete the abortion?

Ans.: Even with the best quality and highly efficacious abortion pills, there is always a chance of incomplete abortion. No method or test can tell you whether you’ll have a complete or an incomplete abortion with abortion pills.

However, some women are at a high risk of incomplete abortion. This may include patients with co-existing medical conditions. Consumption of certain medicines may also interfere with the working of abortion pills and result in an incomplete abortion.

Q. What after an incomplete abortion? How will it be treated?

Ans.: An incomplete abortion is treated surgically. A corrective procedure is performed to complete the abortion and remove all the remnants of gestation in the womb.

The procedure is slightly invasive. It is similar to Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) abortion. The cervix is dilated and slender medical tools are inserted into the uterine cavity. The remnants of gestation are scooped out and removed by gentle scraping of the uterine lining. 

Incomplete abortions treatment should be done only at registered abortion hospitals by qualified and trained doctors. There is a risk of infection, uterine perforation, internal injury, injury to reproductive organs with an unsafe procedure. Therefore, it is very important to choose the best abortion hospital for surgical abortion procedures.

All these risks are preventable by following all the guidelines of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Q. How will I know that my abortion is incomplete?

Ans.: An incomplete abortion is presented by abdominal pain and bleeding that does not stop beyond 7-10 days. It may range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding.

A woman may experience fever if some infection has set in. Women are quite vulnerable to bacterial and yeast infections while they are bleeding. Besides, hygiene conditions also vary from woman to woman. These and other associated things can make an easy way for infection in the woman’s urogenital tract and eventually may lead to sepsis.

However, a transvaginal scan is the best method to get an incomplete abortion diagnosed. In fact, it will also help the abortion performing doctor to know the size, amount and location of these gestation products.

How do women with incomplete abortions further risk their health and lives?

The risk of incomplete abortion is just a single risk. What comes ahead of it may be grave. Women who attempt self-abortions refrain from visiting certified abortion hospitals. The complications of incomplete abortion keep the infections running in and the patient may get sepsis.

Some of the unmarried girls fear the staff behavior and refrain from becoming a victim to prejudice. So, they visit unprofessional people to complete their abortions. Now, this can be very risky and may even lead to the death of the patient.

Internal injury, loss of fertility, co-existing morbidity, infections, etc. are some of the common complications after attempting an unsafe abortion.

#2. Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

Do you know the location of your pregnancy?

If yes, it is good and you can have a safe abortion at a certified abortion hospital. The method may depend on the pregnancy length and some other patient-specific factors.

But if you do not know the location of your pregnancy, please get an ultrasound for the same at the earliest. If you have any difficulty in obtaining the same, you can contact the American Hospital Bangalore. There, you can not only have all your diagnosis completed, but also a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Schedule your appointment at AHB today.

Coming back to what an ectopic pregnancy is. An ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy where the embryo fails to get implanted in the uterine cavity. It may stay in the midway, like in the fallopian tube. In rare cases, the embryo may reach the abdominal cavity or attach to the cervix.

Ectopic pregnancies are very risky and can be fatal. It is important to remove them immediately as soon as detected. Elsewise, they may keep growing and rupture when they are unable to grow further. And a ruptured ectopic pregnancy may mean loss of partial or complete fertility. It may lead to an internal hemorrhage. Woman’s life may be in danger if immediate medical attention is not provided.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy with self-administration of abortion pills:

Now, how self-administration of abortion pills in Palakkad or anywhere else in India or the world for ectopic pregnancy may be serious? Abortion will not take place if you pop in abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancies are not terminated by abortion pills. The abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol have been approved as safe abortion pills for terminating early intrauterine pregnancies.

They have been designed to work together when the embryo is in the uterus. The first pill stops the growth of the fetus and blocks the action of the hormone Progesterone. Progesterone is essential for the growing embryo. The growth stops in its absence.

The next pill, Misoprostol, administered at a gap of nearly 36-48 hours then brings contractions in the uterus. These contractions lead to the expulsion of gestation products.

But these pills may not work as expected when the pregnancy is ectopic. There may be abdominal pain, uterine contractions and even bleeding. But the ectopic pregnancy may remain where it is located.

And it may rupture shortly which is a risk in itself as mentioned above.

However, ectopic pregnancies if detected early may be treated either medically or surgically depending on the patient conditions. Early treatment can save the woman’s fertility, reproductive wellness and even life.

Now, the next section of this post is where you can have a safe, legal as well as confidential abortion.

Travelling to the best abortion hospital in Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

We understand your anxiety about an abortion. You may be wondering about many things regarding having an abortion in Palakkad.

You may find relief in the fact that an abortion can be a quick, comfortable procedure that can relieve your stress and save your health.

The Health and lives of millions of women are saved each day with safe abortions. Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) at a registered abortion hospital can just help you with an easy abortion.

But not all clinics and abortion hospitals provide painless and Gentle Care abortions. If you are seeking a single-appointment, single-day, painless, hygienic, safe and confidential abortion, probably you should make an appointment at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

AHB is a premier boutique hospital that specializes in abortion services. The doctors at AHB have more than 45 years of experience in performing safe abortions.

Safe, legal and confidential abortion at AHB:

A Gentle Care abortion available exclusively at AHB is nothing like those old sayings! It’s a very routine medical procedure that can be completed within a few minutes.

You only need a single appointment for a nearly 100% efficient abortion procedure. Medical abortion is the one where the termination of the unwanted pregnancy is done with the help of safe abortion pills. And it may need more than two appointments.

Although if you choose to go for a medical abortion, you may be handed over the abortion pills with directions for taking them orally. However, women who travel from Palakkad to Bangalore often prefer 100% efficient procedures.

They wish to return with the confidence of a successful abortion so that they can soon resume their normal, happy, healthy and productive life. 

Also, they seek freedom from local pressure, stigma, being judged and meeting any acquaintance. This is a special need of unmarried girls seeking abortions. They do not want to look back into the past and therefore, seek single-day procedures. A short abortion trip to Bangalore can just deliver that to you. 

Single-day Gentle Care abortion procedures at AHB:

Have an appointment:

At first, it is recommended that you schedule an appointment so that travel and your overnight stay can be scheduled accordingly. 

You can always speak to the coordinator available at AHB’s helpline number. He/she may guide you throughout your entire abortion journey. From your appointment to your travel and hotel arrangement, all can be done in a hassle-free manner. 

Private consultation:

When you arrive at the hospital by appointment, there will be no waiting period or any fellow patient. You can receive private one-to-one consultation with the doctor. If you wish to communicate in Malayalam, the hospital has Malayalam speaking coordinator and staff. Hence, you can expect to receive the consultation in a friendly and easy to understand language. 

Moreover, remain absolutely stress-free regarding any stigma or being judged for your pregnancy or abortion. The hospital caters to multiple unwed girls and other women seeking non-judgmental abortions. And they all are happy patients of AHB. 

Besides, the doctor may ask you to undergo tests for confirming the length and location of your pregnancy. Also, some clinical tests may be advised to prevent abortion risks. With reports in hand, the doctor may advise you to undergo the best abortion method. However, your choice and preference shall be respected and regarded. 

Abortion procedures:

Abortion procedures at AHB are available both for intrauterine and ectopic pregnancies. For intrauterine pregnancies, the three methods of abortion are:

  1. The medical method of abortion with abortion pills. It is an available choice for terminating pregnancies less than 8 weeks. 
  2. The suction abortion is used for terminating the first-trimester pregnancies, i.e., less than 12 weeks. 
  3. Surgical abortion is available for up to 20 weeks.

Both Suction and surgical abortions are single-day and 100% efficient and safe procedures. 

Besides, they are painless and are presented with zero to minimum bleeding. You can return to Palakkad with the joy of a successful procedure without any looking back. 

As a part of post-abortion care, the doctor may advise you to take some medicines and supplements for up to a few days. They may help you in restoring your health and get back to normal life at the earliest. 

In case of any need, you can always feel free to follow up with the doctor over a phone call. To be true, most patients at AHB never need any follow-up since they go back overjoyed with successful abortion. In addition, they often share their hassle-free experiences and recommend friends wanting similar abortion services. 

Hence, if you too are seeking safe, private, confidential and personalized care abortion services, schedule your appointment at AHB today

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