Abortion for unmarried in Pune: What you need to know?

Abortion for unmarried in Pune: What you need to know?

Are you are unmarried, a teen girl or a young woman suffering from an ‘Oh Shit’ moment? The moment after discovering two pink lines on a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit often brings with it, “Oh Shit!”. If you too are suffering from the same, then you are at the right place.

Pune, the seventh most populous city in the country and the second-largest in the state has a maximum youth population. Pune is the most looked-after destination for the youth of the country. The city offers a splendid college life and whatever the couples seek during their early youth. Besides education, the city sees a lot of young people as professionals working in diverse sectors.

And sexual exploration is a fantasy both for married as well as unmarried couples, especially youth. But sometimes, fantasies seem like nightmares when an unmarried girl who is not looking forward to getting married gets pregnant.

Although people treat pregnancies very differently and that’s very much understandable, to unmarried couples it can be a problem. When society decides and dictates what’s good and what’s bad for a girl, her feelings fill with so much public opinion.

While nobody wants to get into a situation of unwanted pregnancy, however, if it has come, it’s time for a big decision. But be sure to make this big decision of terminating the unwanted pregnancy, a safe one for you. After all, your health and life should be your topmost priority.

This post intends to help unmarried girls and young women in Pune have access to safe abortion services. Pregnancy termination or abortion is not just a medical procedure, but also a holistic experience. And you surely may want the best one for you.

Let’s jump into our latest query.

Query of unmarried seeking abortion in Pune:

“Is abortion in Pune legal for unmarried girls? I have been in a relationship that is going somewhere not in the right direction. And soon, we were planning for a breakup. However, yesterday itself I found that I am pregnant. And I am in the middle of nowhere. I am working at an IT company and this pregnancy can bring my life to a standstill. Please help me!”

The Answer:

Hello dear reader! Please relax. You are very early in your pregnancy. And you can very safely, legally as well as confidentially terminate it. Early abortion options are highly safe. And it is good that you are seeking your answers before blindly buying abortion pills.

This is very important because abortions are safe only when a doctor prescribes them after analyzing the patient’s condition. Abortion pills may or may not be the best choice for you. So, you should first consult the best doctor for abortion before you take the next step.

You can obtain a legal abortion in Pune as an unmarried girl.

Abortion in India is legal for both married women and unmarried girls. You can obtain a legal abortion for up to 20 weeks. In the event, that pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure, abortion in India was available only to married women. However, with the introduction of the MTP Act, 2021, abortion in India for contraceptive failure is available even to unmarried girls.

You do not need a partner’s or parental consent for abortion:

As per the Indian abortion law, you do not need to involve your parents or partner in your abortion. However, you should be above 18 years to obtain an abortion with your consent only. It is only for minors that parental consent is sought. You also do not need your partner’s consent for a legal abortion.

How much time do you have for a legal abortion?

Now you know that you can have a legal abortion. But there is a ceiling period, i.e., the time up to which you can obtain an abortion in India. So, for your case, it is a case of contraceptive failure, you have the first 20 weeks to terminate your pregnancy.

The gestation period in humans is 9 months or 40 weeks. But abortions are legally permissible for the first 20 weeks for the reason of contraceptive failure. However, the abortion method may depend on how far you are in your pregnancy.

Your abortion options in Pune:

Pune is a big city and you can choose to visit an abortion clinic near you. However, in case you want your abortion to be a Gentle Care experience, you may need to travel to Bangalore. And that’s a good idea!

Well, in case you are seeking a confidential abortion, you can plan a short trip to Bangalore. It is normal to be having diverse emotional feelings, especially at times when you feel vulnerable. Moreover, pregnancy hormones increase exponentially and they can trigger various emotions. Lack of sleep, stress, dealing with prejudice, societal stigma and opinions, and judgments often enhance these feelings.

We understand that making a decision can be confusing. At American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), you can have a listening doctor who is good at listening to the back-and-forth feelings you may be having. It can be helpful to talk to someone neutral, professional and non-judgmental so that you can make a decision that is best for you. AHB offers you that!

You can obtain a single-appointment Gentle Care abortion at the best abortion hospital and resume your work the following day.

Yes, if you were thinking of abortion being a painful and a long break, probably you did not hear about Gentle Care abortions. Here is some information regarding the same that may help you!

Gentle Care abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

Earlier you are, more are your available abortion options. Most women and girls visiting AHB are pretty clear in their decision of pregnancy termination. However, some are still in a state of confusion as a result of mixed feelings. And it is absolutely normal.

In either case, you can go through one-on-one support and care. You can go through this confidently and with peace of mind. You have quite a few options as you mention that you are early. And how you choose to terminate your pregnancy is going to decide how you are going to feel about the same.

What can be your abortion experience like at American Hospital Bangalore?

Before we switch to your experience, you need to know that the hospital is a specialty boutique hospital. This means the hospital provides personalized abortion care to each patient with a single patient at a time. Due to these exclusive private and personalized services, most of the early slots are already prebooked. You may not want to miss your earliest slot. Besides, since you may be coming from Pune, you may not want to arrive and then undergo a waiting period.

Inquire about the earliest slot available for a Gentle Care abortion.

When you call the helpline number, the support staff shall book your appointment and then you can plan your travel accordingly. You can also speak to the coordinator at the hospital. He/She shall guide you and make your travel and overnight stay bookings ready. This can ease your trouble and also you can relax as arrangements are just a call away.

You can check out the flight schedule from Pune to Bangalore. Since you are a working professional, please consider your work schedule. You can obtain a Gentle Care abortion on the same day of the appointment. You can return to Pune the same or the next day after which you can resume your working routine.

In case you wish to travel by train or bus or cab, you can avail of the best options as per your booked slot.

For a comfortable homely stay, you can book a homestay on Airbnb. You can find very good and comfortable options for a night or two as per your preferences. Or if you prefer a hotel, you can book any hotel near the hospital or the airport.

Welcome to Bangalore! You can get some rest in your booked room. According to your appointment time, you can hire a cab for local travel to the hospital.

Let’s see what to expect at your abortion appointment.

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you arrive at the hospital, there is no crowded waiting hall. The hospital makes all efforts that you do not get to meet other patients because all procedures are by appointment only. The hospital ambience is please, calming and relaxing.

The staff is very welcoming and friendly. So, all efforts will be made by the hospital to make you feel comfortable and within the family. Anxiety and loneliness are some of the feelings that come with most unwanted pregnancies, especially for unwed girls.

They are unable to figure out who to talk to. They feel lonely and are unable to see who can stand with them without judging them or imposing their own opinions. Even if you decide to come to the hospital alone, do not worry. The doctors and the nurses at AHB are like your family.

The hospital understands that we are living in an age where sexual intimacy is a part of life regardless of marital status. Although society and people have their personal opinions, still, at AHB you can feel fearless. You can experience freedom from any prejudice or judgments. After all, sexual intimacy is your personal decision. And for any sort of result, you should not be harsh on yourself.

During your stay at the hospital, you can openly and freely talk to your doctor regarding how you are feeling. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition. After you complete an ultrasound and some routine tests, the doctor will help you with your abortion options.

You should tell your doctor about:

  • Your last menstrual period
  • Any medical condition you are currently taking treatment for
  • Or any past medical history
  • Any medicines you are taking or are allergic to

These things and your test reports will help the doctor guide you into your available abortion options and what to expect.

You need not have the tests done before your appointment. They can get completed in just a few minutes at a nearby lab. Until then, you can rest in a private room allotted to you.

Once the reports are ready, the doctor will tell you your exact pregnancy length. Ultrasound is also important to rule out any case of ectopic pregnancy or molar pregnancy. Early detection of such cases can save patients’ reproductive health and lives.

In the case of normal or intrauterine pregnancies, the pregnancy length is very helpful in determining the best abortion method. The doctor will let you know about your abortion procedure, how you will feel, the cost of abortion and answer any queries you may be having.

In the meantime, the abortion team will also ensure that you feel relaxed and calm because abortion is a very normal, safe and short procedure.

Abortion methods at American Hospital Bangalore:

When you miss one or two periods, it is hard to tell whether the pregnancy is viable or not. So, if you are considering an early abortion, it is a normal miscarriage before the embryo has attained a viable age.

AHB endeavors to normalize abortion options through its Gentle Care approach. The methods employed at AHB are endorsed as the safe abortion method by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are:

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Gentle Care suction abortion
  3. Gentle Care surgical abortion

While medical abortion and Gentle Care suction abortion are the early abortion options, Gentle Care surgical is a mildly invasive abortion for late-stage pregnancy terminations.

Since you are quite early, you have two options. Let us discuss them in brief.

Medical abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

After the pre-abortion consultation, if the doctor will seem fit, she shall prescribe you abortion pills. For abortion pills,

  • Your pregnancy must be intrauterine and less than 8 weeks.
  • You must not be suffering from any medical condition that can affect abortion pill functioning.
  • You must also not be on any medical therapy at the time of taking abortion pills.
  • Since the abortion will take place in the bedroom, you may need the homestay booked for at least 3-4 days. You will get the first abortion pill at the clinic. However, the second pill is to be taken at a stretch of 24-72 hours. The doctor will guide you on when and how to take it.
  • After the second medicine, the abortion will most likely take place in 4-6 hours. This will happen as a natural miscarriage. You can expect to bleed quite heavily for a few hours. Abdominal cramps accompanied by pain are also normal.

If you opt for abortion pills, it may be better to have someone by your side for your comfort at your homestay. The bleeding should stop altogether in a few days. However, in case you do not stop bleeding even beyond day 10, it may be a case of incomplete abortion.

Since abortion pills are nearly 95%-98% effective, there are some chances of incomplete abortion always present. So, if you do not want to undergo a small surgery to complete abortion in such a case, you can opt for a Gentle Care suction abortion. Let us learn about it more!

Gentle Care suction abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

It is a gentle, non-invasive, painless and more efficient method of abortion than abortion pills. This abortion method is available for terminating pregnancies less than 12 weeks. Since you have recently missed your period, you must be most likely in your 5th or 6th week of pregnancy. So, the placental tissue must be very little and the doctor can easily remove it from your womb.

Moreover, since you are a working girl, you may not want to take a long break. With medical abortion, you may need a longer break. Whereas, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, you can leave the hospital knowing that your pregnancy is over. And you can resume your office from the next day itself.

How is it done?

Unlike most abortion hospitals, Gentle Care suction abortion is a short, quick procedure. The doctor gently pulls out the pregnancy from your womb using a small hand-held device. The medical term for the procedure is Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

Many hospitals use electrically driven devices for abortions. But in those cases, the doctor has little control over suction after the device is turned on. Therefore, some women experience intense cramping and pain for a while. However, Gentle Care abortion is absolutely different.

The doctor gently inserts a soft and flexible disposable tube inside the patient’s womb through the cervix region. Complete care is taken to maintain hygiene throughout the procedure. Once the tube is in place, the doctor turns on the device and manually pulls the pregnancy tissue.

The whole process takes less than 3-5 minutes with minimal discomfort. The nurse will make sure that you stay comfortable throughout and do not feel any pain. After the procedure, you can relax for a while in your private room. Most patients are ready to take discharge in less than 15-30 minutes post-abortion.

Gentle Care suction vs abortion pill:

9 out of 10 women who choose abortion at AHB prefer Gentle Care suction abortion over pills. And there are multiple reasons for their inclination toward this method, some of which include:

  1. Gentle Care suction abortion is a painless procedure. Many women fear the pain of abortion. With Gentle Care abortion, they can have a pain-free and stress-free abortion.
  2. Unlike medical abortion, the patient can leave the hospital with a sense of relief and confidence of a successful procedure.
  3. With medical abortion, the patient needs to wait for a few days or weeks before the pregnancy is over. But with Gentle Care abortion, the abortion gets complete within the clinic.
  4. Excessive bleeding with abortion pills may cause pain, discomfort and fatigue, especially if one is looking forward to getting back to work. But with Gentle Care abortion, the patient can resume her work the next day itself or as she feels comfortable.
  5. Pregnancy symptoms with abortion pills subside slowly. Whereas, with Gentle Care suction abortion, pregnancy symptoms wean away quite quickly. And the patients who wish to end their pregnancy often want to have a sense of resolution. Pregnancy symptoms can make them anxious. Earlier they subside, sooner the patient can move ahead in life confidently.
  6. Gentle care suction abortion does not impact your future pregnancies. Although abortion pills also do not threaten the future fertility of the patient. However, it is essential to rule out that the pregnancy is intrauterine. Abortion pills do not work on ectopic pregnancies and can result in life-threatening complications.
  7. The most important difference is that Gentle Care abortion is highly efficient. Whereas, abortion pills can result in incomplete abortion. And the patient needs a surgical procedure to complete the abortion in such events.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

Gentle care surgical abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

Since you are early, you may not need a surgical procedure to end your pregnancy. However, if you miss the 12-week mark due to any delay, you may have to undergo a surgical procedure to end your pregnancy.

But at AHB, surgical abortions are also highly efficient and mildly-invasive, painless and safe procedures. They also get completed within the clinic in less than 30 minutes. The patient gets discharged on the same day.

Post-abortion consultation:

Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) encompasses the entire abortion journey. At AHB, you receive complete post-abortion guidance to help you heal early. The doctor shall prescribe you post-abortion supplements and diet recommendations.

You can have a safe, legal and confidential abortion and resume your life normally at the earliest. All your medical and personal details are completely confidential. At AHB, your health and privacy both are in safe hands. You can follow up with the doctor at the helpline number anytime throughout your recovery.

Schedule an abortion appointment today! Do not miss the earliest spot!

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