Where to have a safe and confidential abortion in Trivandrum

Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala is well-known for tourism. And is also known for being the Information Technology (IT) hub.

Although the city is seeing modernization and development in all areas, it has a very pale face in abortions.

Even when abortion in India is legal, women in Trivandrum, Kerala experience terrible distress in the course of unwanted pregnancy. The gravity of this problem is intense when speaking of unmarried girl abortions in Thiruvananthapuram.

In this post, we will speak about the safety and confidentiality women from Trivandrum seek for abortions. Not only will we be discussing their problems but we will also look to the solution side.

So, stay tuned to know your best abortion options.

Unmarried women and young adolescents in Trivandrum seeking abortion

Before we move ahead, let us look into a study report. The study was centred around the reason for the delay in abortions of unmarried adolescents and young girls at a tertiary abortion hospital in Trivandrum.

Ref.: https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1016/S0968-8080%2813%2941700-7

The study was designed to find out the reasons for the delay in abortions for these young women. According to it, from the sample population of 34 women, 26 of them availed the second-trimester abortion. And only 8 abortions were done in the first trimester.

The reasons for delay in abortions as per the study include:

  • Lack of knowledge on contraception.
  • Failure of contraceptive devices.
  • Fear of disclosure (confidentiality).
  • Lack of support system.
  • Scarcity of resources.

Although the study was done in 2004. Again in 2013, the abortion statistics were nearly the same. Even the reasons were quite similar. And the delay too was there.

Now we are at the dusk of 2021 and still, women in Trivandrum find it difficult to obtain timely abortion services.

Let us discuss these reasons one by one and also have a broad outlook for the same.

Delay in availing safe abortions at Thiruvananthapuram:

As per the study and also what we have witnessed so far having spoken to many women from Kerala, there are multiple reasons as to why abortions are delayed. Some reasons are personal and at the patient’s end and for others, the system and available resources share the blame.

Delay in seeking an abortion at the patient’s end:

Delay in suspecting the pregnancy:

These days, irregular periods are very common among girls. It may be attributed to change in lifestyles, stress and some medical conditions. Some of them may be obesity, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) or Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD).

These and other similar problems disrupt their menstrual cycles. Due to this, they experience irregular and mostly delayed periods. Hence, they are unable to suspect pregnancy upon a missed period. They remain ignorant of them carrying an unwanted pregnancy.

And some young girls as per the study did not even know that the sexual intimacy they had could lead to a pregnancy. So, they never expected it.

It can be righteously said that lack of knowledge can be dangerous.

Delay in pregnancy confirmation:

Again, due to lack of knowledge, some women do not know that they can easily avail a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit. It is available at any pharmacy or even online.

If you have missed your periods, do not delay in getting a pregnancy test done. You should get it done even if you have used a contraceptive. This is because contraceptives may sometimes fail and result in an unwanted pregnancy.

You can buy a kit from any chemist shop near you. In case you are reluctant or have fear of disclosure, you can also buy it online. Check out the link

Buying it online may save you from visiting a pharmacy shop.

It is easy to do the test at home. Just read and follow the instructions mentioned on the pack. If you are pregnant, now you know it and can move ahead for an unwanted pregnancy abortion.

Delay in accessing the abortion clinic:

This is one of the major reasons for a delay in abortions. Women and unmarried girls are reluctant in visiting nearby abortion clinics out of the stigma associated with abortions in Indian culture. The clutch of this stigma is furthermore when pregnancy results out of wedlock.

Speaking of Kerala, the stigma with abortions can be seen even in the medical fraternity. Doctors themselves turn away unmarried girls and sometimes even married women with harsh remarks. There has been a report on the same. You can read the full report and see for yourselves how difficult it is to have an abortion in Kerala although it is legal. 

(Ref.: https://www.newindianexpress.com/cities/kochi/2021/apr/09/to-deliver-or-to-abort-is-just-illusionof-choice-for-kerala-women-2287565.html)

Out of stigma and fear of disgrace, compromise with privacy, women hesitate in availing early abortions. But this cannot stop the gestation period from increasing. And with an increase in the gestation period, available abortion options and complications with abortions both tend to rise.

Moreover, women do not even know their best abortion options. They are ignorant even of the fact that abortion in India is legal both for married and unmarried women. As a result, they may tend to opt for unsafe abortions. What they do not know is that by doing so, they are putting their health and lives at great risk.

Never tend to buy abortion pills in Trivandrum and self-administer them. Click on the below link to know the risks with self-administration of abortion pills.

Associated risks with abortion pills, some Myths and Facts

Keep reading further to know your best abortion clinic where you can avail a safe, legal as well as confidential abortion.

Delay in seeking an abortion due to scarcity of resources

Delay within the abortion clinic/hospital:

In the government hospital or even in a few private centres, abortion in Trivandrum still faces delay. This can be attributed to diverse reasons:

Doctor to patient ratio:

In government hospitals and some private gynaecological centres, a single or a few doctors are available for a huge number of patients. Thiruvananthapuram is the most populated city in Kerala. And as per the population, the availability of the number of doctors per number of patients is feeble. These delays access to an early consultation.

Moreover, the registered doctors who are qualified and trained to perform second-trimester abortions may be further less. As per the new MTP Act, 2021, the doctor base for prescribing abortion pills has been expanded. But, for surgical abortions, only qualified and experienced doctors can perform them. And it is essential for the safety of the patient and also for the efficiency of the procedure.

Waiting period and confidentiality:

Fewer doctors for a larger number of patients results in a huge waiting period. The waiting period in seeking an abortion is not appreciable, but what can be done? A doctor can attend to a single patient at a time. And the same doctor has patients coming for different gynecologic procedures and treatments. There is no specialized abortion centre.

Waiting is also not preferred due to large crowded waiting halls and the probability of meeting someone you may know. And you may not want that person you hit in to know about your pregnancy or abortion. True?

So, what to do next?

This delays abortion within the clinic. But you do have a choice.

You may schedule your appointment for a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore.

Availability of supplies:

Even after consultation, when the doctor prescribes some diagnostic tests and ultrasonography, there can be a delay.

All these tests are very much essential to rule out the risks of abortions and may not be skipped. They are needed both to prevent complications and also to be ready for any emergency like heavy blood loss.

But access to them at different diagnostic labs, waiting period for reports and then visiting the doctor on the next available date delays abortions. 

Advantage of visiting AHB for a single appointment procedure:

There are no abortion centres in Trivandrum where a single appointment can be made in which all the tests are done and even abortion is performed.

However, single-appointment abortion procedures are available at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) in Bangalore. Many women from different parts of the country visit here for personalized abortions.

But since they only admit a limited number of patients every day, you may need to schedule an early appointment.

Book your appointment at AHB

Abortion is a single-day procedure and that is too painless.

Besides, the hospital is one of the most confidential places you can trust for a procedure like abortion. You won’t have to see any fellow patient or anyone else.

You can confidently return after a successful abortion.

Availability of a companion:

As per the report, in the government hospital of Trivandrum, many patients got their abortions delayed due to the unavailability of a companion on time. Due to limited nurses for the total number of patients, a nurse for each patient at a time is not possible.

Many women are not having someone by their side for an abortion. This may be due to multiple reasons which may include the woman being a single mother or may not be wanting to involve anyone in the procedure. Unmarried girls fear the wrath of the family and do not wish to involve their parents also.

And many others reside in Thiruvananthapuram for professional or study reasons. They may be staying alone or in hostels. And it might take time to have a companion on time.

Even according to the report we studied, only two of the partners accompanied the women. Others were mostly accompanied by an adult family member for the girls being minors.

Advantage of having an abortion at AHB:

Do you think you may not have your partner or a companion by your side?

Do you not want to involve your parents in your abortion?

No worries! At AHB, you can avail of a safe abortion only with your consent if you are an adult.

Moreover, if you bring a companion along, it is good. Even if it is difficult for you to have someone by your side, no problem!

At AHB, a nurse will be dedicated to your care and support throughout your stay at the hospital. Since all the procedures are single-day procedures, you can avail of safe abortion and take a rest in your private room. The hospital rooms are completely furnished with facilities for the comfort of the patient.

You can take discharge as soon as your feel comfortable. Since all the abortion procedures at AHB are gentle care and painless, you will be easily able to feel comfortable within an hour or so.

After that, you can take a cab to your hotel room. There are plenty of hotels near the hospital. After a night’s rest, you can easily travel back to Trivandrum the following day. For convenience, it is better to have all the bookings pre-scheduled according to your appointment at the abortion hospital.

Fear of disclosure with abortions:

Besides the scarcity of resources, there is another bigger reason for the delay in seeking abortions. It is the fear of disclosure.

In unmarried girls, widows, single mothers:

Although this can be seen in all women seeking abortion in Trivandrum, it is most common with unwed women.

Firstly, they hesitate in telling someone about their unwanted pregnancies.

Next, some sexual partners responsible for these pregnancies take a back step when the girl tells her about her pregnancy. They are even not in a position to discuss the case in their respective families.

In married women:

Even in marriages, some couples do not wish to proceed with pregnancies at an early stage. There are many professional and personal reasons associated with it.

Some women get pregnant as a result of contraceptive failure. They may not want to proceed with other pregnancies when they are already parents of two or more children. In such events also, married women often choose not to disclose the same within the families.

In rape victims:

Events of sexual assault are not rare in India. Women of Thiruvananthapuram are also not untouched by them. Even in the study, some of the girls reported that their pregnancies were caused by rapes. What is the option for these girls and women ahead?

Such women themselves and parents of some such girls out of fear of future and disclosure keep the pregnancies hidden. Hiding it will not stop the gestation period from increasing. There is no reverse clock and time cannot be reversed.

With all these and similar situations, it becomes difficult for the woman to avail of a timely abortion. Delay in seeking abortions tapers down their abortion options.

Let us now learn a little bit about the legal status of abortion in India.

A glimpse into the legal status of abortion in Trivandrum:

Trivandrum is an Indian city and is governed by the same set of laws made at the country level. Abortion in India is legal as per its MTP Act, 1971 and its future amendments. Therefore, abortion in Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) is also legal.

Legally permissible circumstances:

A woman can avail of abortion in Trivandrum in events where:

  • Pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure.

  • Pregnancy is a result of rape/sexual assault.

  • Continuation of the pregnancy may pose a threat to a woman’s physical/mental health and/or life.

  • In case fetal deformities have been detected.

Although abortion in India is legal, women in Kerala face difficulties in availing of legal abortions.

Gestation age:

Under normal circumstances, abortion in India is permissible for up to 20 weeks. In special circumstances such as the case of fetal anomalies or when permission for abortion is sought from the legal court, the permissible gestation period is up to 24 weeks.

As we read above in the post, delay in abortion narrows down a woman’s abortion options. It is not only in terms of available abortion methods but also as per the abortion law.

Consent for abortion:

In India, abortion can be availed of only on the woman’s consent. No parental or spousal or partner’s consent is required if the woman is an adult. In India, any person who has attained the age of 18 years is considered an adult.

Parental consent is necessary only in cases where the girl is either a minor or a woman is mentally incapable of giving her consent.

In Kerala, there have been abortion stories where even married women were asked to bring their husbands for consent. This is legally wrong. So, if you want an abortion in Trivandrum with your consent only, it is your legal right.

Marital status and abortion in India:

Earlier in India, legal abortions were available only to married women. However, as per the new MTP Act, 2021, abortion in India is available regardless of the woman’s marital status.

In the light of the number of unsafe abortions and associated mortalities and morbidities seen with unmarried girls, abortion in India has been made equally legal for both married and unmarried women.

Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) in Bangalore, India:

Many women from Kerala often travel to other places to avail safe and confidential abortions. And Bangalore is their choicest abortion destination owing to multiple benefits like access, weather, privacy concerns and more.

American Hospital Bangalore is a premier abortion hospital that offers legal, safe and confidential abortions. It offers personalized abortion care to women coming from all walks of life from different cities and even countries.

Methods of abortion at AHB:

At AHB, abortions are provided following the abortion care guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The choice of abortion methods varies largely on the pregnancy length. Other factors include the need for painless abortion, a single-appointment procedure, co-existing medical conditions, medical history and more.

The doctors provide a private one-to-one consultation and prescribe the best method personalized to individual cases.

At first, the doctor performs some diagnostic tests and ultrasonography. These are done to minimize the risks of abortions. Location of pregnancy is essential to rule out a case of an ectopic pregnancy.

Once the diagnosis is done, there are three methods of abortion recommended by the WHO for terminating normal intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion
  3. Dilatation and evacuation method of abortion

The medical method of abortion at AHB:

It may be prescribed to you in case:

  • Your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks
  • It is done with safe abortion pills.
  • You are ready to have an abortion that is accompanied by pain and bleeding.
  • If you can visit the medical centre in case of any emergency.
  • The waiting period of 10-12 days to ascertain the success of the procedure is not bothersome.
  • In case you are ready to undergo a surgical procedure if the abortion does not get completed by the pills.


It is prescribed only for terminating very early pregnancies which are intrauterine. The efficiency of procedure even with the highest-quality medicines is not 100% and hence there is always a chance of incomplete abortion.

Pain, bleeding and discomfort may come along. And in case you are taking any medicines for any other conditions, please do mention them during consultation. This is essential to rule out the risks of abortion pills.

Vacuum aspiration method of abortion at AHB:

It may be prescribed to you in case:

  • Your pregnancy is less than 12 weeks.
  • You want a single appointment and a painless gentle care abortion.
  • In case you want to travel back to Trivandrum with a successful abortion. A waiting period of 10-12 days is not desired.

Most working girls and women choose this method of abortion for its efficiency at AHB is early 100%.


Do not visit an unprofessional for VA method of abortion. Since the method involves gentle suction and careful observation, only professional healthcare providers who are qualified to perform these procedures can perform it with precision.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

It is the surgical method of abortion and it may be prescribed for your case at AHB if:

  • Your pregnancy has progressed beyond 12 weeks but is less than 20 weeks.
  • You want a single appointment, painless and 100% efficient procedure.

Both with VA and D&E methods of abortion, you can expect to get discharged after an hour or so.

Travelling to Bangalore from Trivandrum:

Once you book your appointment at AHB, you may plan your travelling options from Thiruvananthapuram to Bangalore.

For flight, you may check the schedules and prices at the following link: https://www.makemytrip.com/flights/bangalore-trivandrum-cheap-airtickets.html

For a bus, you may check out here: https://www.redbus.in/bus-tickets/bangalore-to-thiruvananthapuram?fromCityName=Bangalore%20%28Bengaluru%29&fromCityId=122&toCityName=Thiruvananthapuram&toCityId=71425&onward=24-Oct-2021&busType=Any

In case you wish to travel by a hired cab, you may hire one here: https://www.goibibo.com/cars/bangalore-to-thiruvananthapuram-cabs/

Within the city of Bangalore, there are multiple local transport options. You can avail any anyone as per your convenience. However, a cab may be best for you to take you to the hospital, hotel and back to the railway station or airport or bus terminus.

The benefit of AHB over other hospitals for women from Trivandrum:

AHB is the best abortion hospital for multiple reasons.

  • Best abortion team
  • Highly experienced doctors and nurses
  • Personalized abortion care
  • Pre-abortion care through Post-abortion recovery
  • Gentle Care painless abortion procedures
  • Malayalam speaking staff for women from Kerala, and many more.

Since the hospital intake of patients is limited every day, you may need to book your slot today itself. For any queries relating to abortion, you may check out the hospital’s FAQ section.

And for any other remaining query, booking appointment, you may call their helpline number by following the link below.

Contact Us


All abortion procedures at AHB are confidential and you can expect professional and non-judgmental abortion services.

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