Abortion in Udupi: What are your options?

Hello, readers in the ‘temple city’ of Karnataka, Udupi! A warm welcome! The city is well known for its temples, its culture, food and even educational institutions. But what about healthcare, especially reproductive healthcare system in Udupi? What are unwanted pregnancy abortion options in Udupi?

Have you recently found out that you are pregnant?

Is the pregnancy unwanted? Do you want to abort it?

Are you looking for a healthcare provider who can help you with abortion in Udupi?

This post intends to help you find answers to several queries regarding abortion options for an unwanted pregnancy. This post will cover the following topics:

  • Struggling with an unwanted pregnancy
  • Your options for unwanted pregnancy
  • Legal things to know about abortion in Udupi, India
  • Your abortion options in Udupi
  • Where to have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore
  • Having an abortion at American Hospital Bangalore

Struggling with an unwanted pregnancy:

Different women and girls respond differently to unplanned pregnancies. And their response in most cases depends on their circumstances. For instance, married women may have a diverse emotional impact of unintended pregnancy than unmarried girls.

Even societies play a major role in how unintended pregnancies are emotionally perceived. Why we are discussing this is because women decide on their abortion options depending on how they themselves discern unwanted pregnancies.

Some women may take it as a shock, as a denial or as depression. Some others are in confusion while some others may feel comfortable. It all depends on their circumstances, situations, marital status, sometimes the community they belong to, the societal reactions and the available support system.

If you too are undergoing a similar situation, it is fine. Please take a little time to process your feelings. You have options to figure out, “What next”. But before that, you need to stay calm. Anxiety and other emotional disturbances are quite normal. But you should not allow them to make you vulnerable.

Such women often make unsafe abortion choices. And they end up with multiple complications. Sometimes, they pay the abortion price with their life.

If you can help stay calm and in a relaxed state, you may be able to look forward to your best options. Although, you need to decide abortion as a quick decision but do not hurry into an unsafe choice. We understand your urgency but it is you who should understand that you do not pick the wrong option in this state of urgency.

Take time to sort out your feelings and think through all your options. Then, make a choice that makes you feel comfortable.

What are your options for unintended pregnancy?

Whenever you discover an unwanted pregnancy, the most evident question is of course, “What next?”. And it is the most important one also. So, let’s see what are your options:

You can carry your pregnancy ahead:

Well, if you are married, you can think of carrying your pregnancy ahead. Even as an unmarried girl, if you so desire, you can carry on with the pregnancy. Pregnancy is going to be there for the full term, nine big months. So, you can choose to marry in the meantime and take your pregnancy ahead.

Or you can also choose to carry the pregnancy and raise the child as a single mother. Or you can go through childbearing, but give the child for adoption.

You can terminate the unwanted pregnancy:

If the pregnancy is unwanted, you can choose to terminate it. However, an abortion or pregnancy termination is a medical procedure. So, never attempt a self-diagnosis or perform a self-abortion. You can speak to a consultant on your abortion options.

Your doctor shall advise you on the best method of abortion suitable for you. Each woman is different and may need proper treatment even if it is an abortion. Abortions are usually safe when performed by registered medical practitioners.

But, always remember that unsafe abortions are a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in India. So, never attempt a self-abortion unless you have discovered your safe abortion options.

These are all personal choices. But they all depend on the woman’s or the girl’s circumstances. Various situations can influence her decision. For instance,

In the case of married women:

  • A married couple may be thinking it is too early to start their family. They may have other plans ahead for their careers or life.
  • A married couple may have a complete family and they may not want an addition. This is very common since most middle-class and economically weaker section of the society is unable to meet the demands of more children.
  • The pregnancy may be a result of marital rape. And the woman may not want to have a resultant child.
  • The woman may be carrying a child of someone else other than her husband. Even in these cases, she may or may not want to carry her pregnancy forward.

In the case of unmarried girls:

  • The couple may not be looking forward to getting married in near future.
  • The girl may not want to raise the child as a single mother.
  • It is possible that the unmarried girl may have broken up with the guy and does not wish to carry her pregnancy ahead.
  • Many unmarried girls get pregnant resulting from incest or rape or acts of sexual assault.
  • Some girls may get pregnant as a part of their casual relationships but pregnancy may be a big “NO” for them.

So, what do all these women and girls do when they are not looking forward to carrying their pregnancies to full term. It is obvious, that they may be looking forward to termination options.

But is it available equally to all girls and women? Can they just drop in by any pharmacy store and buy abortion pills in Udupi?

Or can they get an abortion in Udupi simply because they want it? Can they visit any hospital and ask the healthcare provider to terminate the pregnancy? And will the healthcare provider listen to the woman? Will she get an abortion so easily? Is there any legal implication on abortions in India?

You need to find answers to all these questions because it is not as easy as it may seem. But it can be easy and comfortable if you choose to visit the best abortion hospital in India.

Here are some legal things you should know before visiting any abortion clinic for an abortion.

Legal things to know about abortion in Udupi, India:

Whether you are considering abortion in Udupi or Mangalore or Bangalore or Mysore or anywhere else in India, these are the few things that are important to know.

Many doctors in Udupi turn away patients when they seek abortion saying that abortion is not legal. Sometimes, they take a moral stand and do not help girls and women have pregnancy termination.

At other times, especially in the case of unmarried girls, doctors have been denying abortions to patients. They not only deny helping them, but they also make these girls and women feel guilty. Some have been saying,

“Did you not know about consequences before you entered into sexual relationships?”

“Shall I call your parents? Go and bring your parents if you want an abortion.”

Some healthcare providers do help women but use very harsh comments and judge them. The doctor should always help the patient with her safe options. He/She should provide professional consultation without any bias. He/She should not judge the patient for her choices.

Every patient deserves the best treatment both in health and emotion. If it is available to all women alike, patients will have access to safe abortions. They will not resort to unsafe abortions. When women know that they can have non-judgmental abortions, they can visit the abortion doctor without any hesitance.

This section of this post is to help you learn your legal abortion options. You are lucky to be in India since abortion in India is legal. Other things of abortion rules too are women-friendly. It is therefore many women living in the middle-east countries like Qatar, Kuwait, the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and more often travel to India for abortions.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legally permissible for a wide range of circumstances. Let’s have a look at each of the circumstances for which you can avail of legal abortion in Udupi or anywhere in India. We are considering Udupi since this post is to help women in Udupi know their legal reproductive rights. So, you can obtain a legal abortion in India if:

Your pregnancy resulted from a contraceptive failure:

Yes, contraceptives fail. It may be because of a technical fault or sometimes due to a lack of knowledge of using them. But, abortion in India is available for this reason.

Your pregnancy is a result of rape/incest/sexual assault:

No one can deny the occurrence of sexual assaults within or outside a marriage. It is pain not only physically but also mentally. And pregnancy or the child coming to a girl or a woman, as a result, of these acts may be seen as mental pain, not for days or weeks or years, but throughout life.

Physical trauma may heal with time but continuing mental pain may be more traumatizing. Indian abortion law considers this fact and hence, permits abortions for pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults.

Your pregnancy is a threat to your physical and/or mental health and/or life:

Many times, ongoing pregnancy may negatively impact a woman’s health and/or life. In such cases, the doctors usually advise pregnancy termination to save the woman’s life. Abortion in India is legally available for this clause.

Detection of fetal deformities:

Many a time, fetal anomalies come into diagnosis during the prenatal examination. Continuing such pregnancies may result in a child being born with certain developmental disorders. Some of these deformities do have treatment while many others are untreatable as of today.

And there are some other anomalies which children when born of them do not survive or may have a very short life. Abortion in India is legal for terminating such pregnancies where fetal defects come to notice during pregnancy.

Gestation period:

Abortion in India is legal up to 20 weeks into pregnancy in normal circumstances. And in some special circumstances, abortions are permissible for up to 24 weeks.

However, in some cases, women in India obtain abortions beyond this period. They can seek medical help where the medical board analyses and considers abortion suitable.

You can see many examples of abortion in India beyond the legally permissible age at the following link:


Consent for abortion:

Abortion in India is legally available to every woman or a girl only on her consent. If a doctor denies you an abortion saying that you need your parents or partner’s consent, you now know that it is not necessary as per the law.

Any adult girl or woman, who is 18 years or older can obtain a legal abortion in India on her consent only. However, the abortion hospital may ask for parental consent for minors and mentally incapable women.

Marital status:

Congratulations, you are in India. You can obtain an abortion in India both as a married woman or as a single woman or as an unmarried girl. Many countries do not permit abortions for women without marriage. And most countries do not even allow married women to obtain an abortion on their consent.

And even for married women, abortions may be legally available only for saving her life or in some cases, for the clause of fetal anomalies.

So, you can obtain an abortion even if you are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy as an unmarried girl.

Your abortion options in Udupi:

Women, especially unmarried girls often travel to Bangalore rather than seeking an abortion in Udupi. Several considerations undergo in making this decision. And does it come to your mind, why do women think it is better to have an abortion in Bangalore rather than an abortion in Udupi? We spoke to many women and have found different reasons.

Let’s discuss this in brief since we have to jump to your best abortion options after that. So, some of the reasons that make a woman travel to Bangalore from Udupi as a part of an abortion trip include:

For the want of privacy:

Women often seek an abortion at a place far off from their place of residence for the want of privacy. They do not want to come to anyone’s notice. Often, they are trying to avoid the societal stigma.

In many parts of the world and many different societies, the stigma with abortions is quite prominent. Abortions are often seen with disgrace or raise moral concerns. And in most cases, it is only women who receive the blame. This blame comes not only for seeking an abortion but also for getting pregnant in the first place.

Many women told that they receive comments like,

“Did you not know that you can get pregnant?”

“You should feel ashamed for seeking an abortion.”

“Were you out of your mind. Whose child is it that you wish to abort?”

The situations are further tougher for unmarried girls. They often fear not only stigma but also prejudice. And the fear of being caught is even higher. Unmarried girls cannot confide even in friends and family when they seek abortions.

Most unmarried girls seek private and confidential abortions. They either visit the hospitals with their partners or some friend they are comfortable with.

Seeking an abortion in a nearby hospital may compromise this privacy. Someone might spot them at the hospital. They may even spread the word about the girl or the woman seeking an abortion to someone she is not wanting to tell.

Or there may be a fellow patient or an acquaintance working in the hospital. To keep their pregnancy and abortion status safe, they prefer travelling to a city where the probability of meeting an acquaintance is nearly zero.

For the want of a quick abortion:

Healthcare facilities in Udupi are less in comparison to Bangalore. Doctor to patient ratio is very low. This means only a limited number of doctors are available for more patients. And hence, there is a waiting period for availing abortion appointments, then diagnostic tests and finally the abortion procedure.

Women who seek a single appointment or an early abortion may not want to delay. Especially, professional women cannot take a long break from their work. And delaying abortions also narrow down abortion options.

Another thing is that a delay or multiple appointments can mean multiple chances of compromise to privacy. Delay in abortion can keep the person anxious until the procedure.

Abortion hospitals in Bangalore can offer same-day and single-appointment procedures. Therefore, women in Udupi take it a better option to travel to Bangalore for the same reason.

For the want of a safe abortion:

Since the healthcare facilities are limited, women who seek better abortion options look for the hospitals offering the latest advancements. For example, some women may be wanting painless abortions. Some may have a huge concern for hygiene.

Some may be wanting efficient procedures so that they may return home with the confidence of a completed and successful abortion.

Bangalore is a metropolitan city, bigger than Udupi. Since it is very well connected at both national and international levels. Moreover, many people from all around the world come here for various medical procedures.

Abortions are also safe medical procedures and Bangalore has the latest advanced technologies in healthcare. Therefore, women have more confidence in the latest and advanced technologies for their long-term health.

Women who are looking to invest in their long-term health with minimum complications seek safe abortions. Unsafe abortions come with multiple side effects. So, women looking forward to having safe abortions want minimum long-term side effects.

Where to have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore:

Travelling to Bangalore from Udupi:

Udupi is located at a distance of nearly 403 km from Bangalore. According to your convenience and available options, you can choose to travel by bus, by train. Or you can visit in your personal car or a cab. Or you can also travel by flight.

Udupi does not have an airport. However, you can choose to travel to the nearby Mangalore airport and take a short flight to Bangalore.

Can you travel to Bangalore and visit any abortion clinic and have an abortion?

Now that you have come from Udupi to Bangalore, you may want only the best abortion care. And you can get the much-needed comprehensive abortion care (CAC) at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

Let’s discuss what makes AHB your best abortion destination.

Abortion in Bangalore India at American Hospital

American Hospital is an MTP Certified Abortion Centre offering the best services for abortion in India.

Having an abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

Abortion methods:

AHB is equipped with all the safe abortion methods. When you visit the hospital, the doctor will give you a private one-to-one consultation. The doctor shall diagnose your case and advice some routine blood examination and an ultrasound.

These will help the doctor ascertain your pregnancy length and location. This in turn will decide what your abortion method will be. Your medical history will also play a role in helping the doctor prescribe you the best abortion method.

WHO recommends three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. Medical abortion method: This is used for pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks. Besides the gestation age, abortion pills are prescribed in case you are not allergic to abortion pills or you are not taking any other medicines for any other condition that may interact with abortion pills.
  2. Vacuum aspiration method: This is also known as suction abortion. This is chosen to terminate first-trimester pregnancies, i.e., up to 12 weeks. At AHB, it is a short procedure not lasting more than 10 minutes. The pregnancy and its products are sucked with the help of a vacuum and abortions are completed within the clinic.
  3. Surgical abortion: This is also known as Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) abortion. It is a safe method for terminating late-stage abortions. All pregnancies beyond 12 weeks need this termination method. At AHB, it is a short procedure that lasts less than 30 minutes.

Same-day abortions:

AHB offers same day and single-appointment abortions. When you are coming from Udupi, you can speak to a coordinator on the helpline number. You will have your appointment scheduled. You can plan your travel options accordingly.

Or the hospital coordinator can help you plan your abortion trip from Udupi to Bangalore, your stay options for the night’s rest and return to Udupi the next day.

Gentle care and safe abortions:

AHB offers painless and gentle care abortions. You can take discharge within an hour post-abortion. All abortions at AHB are mostly 100% efficient. The medical abortion method however is 98% efficient. And there is a possibility of incomplete abortion.

Whereas, suction abortion and surgical abortion are nearly 100% efficient. Women from Udupi want to return with the confidence of a complete abortion. And, hence they often choose suction abortion over medical abortion even if they are less than 8 weeks.

The hospital and the staff are highly professional and have a sheer concern for each patient’s privacy and confidentiality. Patient details are safe and not disclosed to anyone besides the patient herself.

At AHB, the patient’s health and her privacy are completely safe. The doctors and nurses are all highly professional and non-judgmental. Whether you are married or unmarried or a single woman, each patient at AHB gets a safe and confidential abortion.

Besides her physical well-being, even her emotional and mental well-being get protection. All doctors and nurses are highly-qualified, experienced, caring, compassionate and non-judgmental.

Since the hospital provides personalized abortion care to each patient, its patient intake is very limited. You may not want to miss an early consultation and abortion spot. Schedule an early abortion appointment.

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