Know this before buying abortion pills in Bahrain

If you are looking to buy abortion pills for sale in Bahrain, then you are at the right place. This post intends to help you find a safe way out of an unwanted pregnancy.

An unexpected pregnancy can turn multiple things upside down in any woman or girl’s life. And when you do not have the legal support to end an unwanted pregnancy, where should you go?

Hello, readers from Bahrain! If you or your friend is in a similar messy situation, please read the post to find the safest option.

Abortion pills in Bahrain

Abortion in Bahrain

Things to know before you buy abortion pills in Bahrain:

  1. Abortion in Bahrain is illegal.
  2. Abortion in Bahrain is punishable.
  3. Unsafe abortion in Bahrain can put your health and life at risk.

Does that mean that you do not have any safe way out of an unwanted pregnancy?

Yes, you do have a safe abortion option, but that’s not in Bahrain. Your safe abortion options lie within a country that permits legal abortions to women from all across the world. Women from Bahrain and other Gulf countries like the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman often travel to India for abortion trips.

Yes, India is your neighbor country where you can have a safe, legal as well as confidential abortion. But can you just take a flight to India and avail of an abortion?

Although it is easy, however hassle-free experiences always need some more homework. We are here to help you explore your safest abortion option. But before that we want you to make this a wise and well-informed decision.

So, if you are considering buying abortion tablets available for sale in Bahrain, go ahead and read the following consequences. We do not say that all of them are going to be true with you, but they are the most expected outcomes.

And you cannot ignore both sides of a coin to make the true coin work. So, let’s begin!

Probable consequences of purchasing abortion tablets in Bahrain:

You may get caught:

This is the first consequence of buying abortion pills in Bahrain. Abortion rules in Bahrain are highly restricted. And if it happens to be your case while purchasing abortion pills either for yourself or for a friend, you are legally punishable.

You cannot obtain abortion pills at any pharmacy. They are available only at the government hospitals where abortions are essential to protect the woman’s life. So, it is quite evident that you won’t get them in any pharmacy store.

If you try to make the purchase online via the black market or through illegal suppliers, even the supplier is eligible for legal punishment.

You do not get caught:

It is possible that you somehow manage to buy abortion pills in Bahrain. It is also possible that you may avoid being caught. But you may not know what you have bought. Whether you have made a justified purchase of the right abortion pills or not.

Again, there can be two consequences.

  1. You may buy the right abortion pills.
  2. You may buy wrong or substandard abortion pills.

If you buy the right abortion pills without being caught:

Still, further, there are five likely possibilities.

  1. Abortion may take place as expected. This is very rare since the layman is not aware whether abortion pills are the right method of abortion for a particular girl or woman. We will discuss this in detail in the next section of the post.
  2. Abortion may not take place at all. It can be a failed abortion. However, it may affect fetal health. The child if survives may suffer some ill effects and may be born with deformities.
  3. Abortion may take place but present with a complication of incomplete abortion.
  4. You may not know the location of your pregnancy. If your pregnancy happens to be a case of an ectopic pregnancy, abortion will not take place at all. The growing embryo may rupture within your body leading to internal bleeding and hemorrhage. This situation may even be fatal if the patient does not get immediate medical help.
  5. Another problem is that you may get the right abortion pills but not up to the standards as expected. Can you expect the medicines in the black market to be of genuine quality? It may be possible and it may not be too. But you are sure not to know what you are going to buy is the right thing or not. Because a wrapper or what you have been told may be fraudulent. If this happens to be your case, then an incomplete abortion due to the lesser efficiency of the tablets is likely.

If you buy the wrong abortion pills:

See, when you buy abortion pills from an illegal source, you do not get them as branded packs. Or even if you get them in plain packing, it may be cheating. Some illegal suppliers across Gulf countries have been selling some ulcer medications.

Some medicines used for treating gastric ulcers have been notable in bringing uterine contractions. People assume that having five or more of these pills at a gap of hours can induce abortions. Many women who turn to the internet with their abortion-related queries often get into the trap.

Some may have even been successful in abortion but at the cost of lost fertility. Some have had suffered intense pain and extreme bleeding leading to unconsciousness. Others have landed themselves with co-morbidities to stay by their side lifelong.

Many such women require emergency treatment in hospitals with botched up abortions. The hospital on diagnosing a self-induced abortion inform the authorities. And women in such cases end up with punishment. Punishment varies from fine imposition to imprisonment. Expatriates may face deportation. The country may even blacklist them so that they cannot travel back to Bahrain again.

Probable consequences of consuming abortion pills in Bahrain:

So far, we have seen the possibilities linked with the purchase of abortion tablets available online or from the black market. Now, we will see what may happen if women consume the bought pills. We have briefed some possibilities in the above section. But now, you will learn a little more to have a better insight and make a judicial choice.

Probability of a complete abortion:

Whenever a girl or woman pops in abortion pills, she expects an abortion. And even when a doctor prescribes them to any woman, it is with the same outcome in mind. So, this is the first possibility with abortion pills.

This is most likely to happen only if certain things are true. But remember, this is just a possibility which means it may or may not happen. And some of these things may include:

  • You buy the standardized and right abortion pills.
  • Next, if your pregnancy is intrauterine and less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are not taking any contraindicated medicine(s).
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition that can affect how abortion pills work.
  • Dose adjustment is perfect for your particular case.
  • The mode of administration is right. Do you know abortion pills administration method varies for women? And the doctor must ascertain the best method for individual patient according to her specific condition. 
  • The time gap between different abortion pills is accurate. It may also vary from one woman to another.

Only a well-qualified and experienced doctor can help you understand what’s best for you. And shall prescribe you abortion pills if they may seem to be in your best interest.

Point to note:

Even after considering all these things, abortion pills are not 100% efficient. Even with the greatest precautions, there are vivid chances for incomplete abortions.

What will you experience with a successful abortion with abortion pills?

So, your abortion maybe like this:

  • You may experience moderate to severe abdominal cramping and pain. Several factors impact the pain of abortion. But a medical abortion generally comes with pain.
  • You can expect moderate to heavy bleeding since the gestation products pass as bleeding through the vaginal route. Pain and bleeding are more than your monthly period.
  • In case of very heavy bleeding, you may need medical help. So, in a country like Bahrain, this may be a difficult situation for you. How will you tell the doctor what led you to the current situation and seek medical help? Even if you receive medical help, the hospital shall inform the government authorities of an illegal abortion.
  • Even with a complete abortion, you may bleed up to days and weeks. Bleeding may range from slight spotting to moderate to heavy.
  • Fatigue and discomfort will accompany as uninvited guests.
  • You will have no post-abortion recovery guidance with self-abortion.

And if you are in doubt regarding any of these, feel free to schedule your appointment at American Hospital Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion with abortion pills.

Probability of incomplete abortion:

This is the most likely thing that can happen with any woman taking abortion pills. The chances of an incomplete abortion intensify without following a proper diagnosis. 

Self-abortions mostly end in incomplete abortions. Again, because women and girls taking abortion pills without consulting a gynecologist may not know the important things to consider.

For instance, an incomplete abortion may be more likely in cases where:

  • Pregnancy has progressed beyond 6 weeks.
  • Dose adjustment of abortion medicines is not perfect.
  • The patient is suffering from a medical condition in which abortion pills are not advised for her pregnancy termination.
  • The patient is taking some medicine(s) that may interact with the working of abortion medicines.
  • The mode of administration is not wisely chosen.
  • The gap between different abortion pills is incorrect.
  • If the patient takes the wrong abortion pills.
  • If the patient takes substandard abortion medicines.

Even if all these things are considered, an abortion may be an incomplete abortion because abortion pills are not 100% efficient.

What will you experience with an incomplete abortion?

Incomplete abortion may present with one or more of the following situations.

  • In general, incomplete abortions are presented with bleeding that does not stop. For a day it may be very light. On the contrary, on another day it may be heavy. Or it may be just spotting. One day you may feel that you are getting back to normal. And the other day you may be lying in the bed with discomfort, pain and bleeding.
  • Abdominal pain may range from mild to severe needing pain management.
  • The feeling of still being pregnant may be there. See, unless all the gestation products are removed from a pregnant woman’s womb, the remnants may trigger hormonal responses. And these fluctuating hormones are responsible for women with incomplete abortions to experience symptoms like sore breasts, morning sickness, backache, frequent urination and more.
  • Fever may be there if any infection has set in.

Note:  You will need corrective surgery to complete the abortion.

Do not try to attempt a Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion in such a case. It may be very risky. Some of the risks it carries along may include:

  • Internal injury, hemorrhage
  • Loss of partial or complete fertility
  • Severe infection leading to sepsis and even death
  • Damage to any internal organ that may even be fatal
  • Extreme pain

For a safe, efficient and painless abortion, you can choose to travel to India. In India, you can obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore at American Hospital Bangalore.

Many women from Bahrain often travel to Bangalore for safe abortions. And so can you. Do not delay. Schedule your appointment today.

Probability of a failed abortion:

Although rare, the probability of a failed abortion with abortion pills in Bahrain cannot be ignored. The probability rate increases with the wrong pills. So, in case wrong pills are bought, abortion may not take place at all.

However, the impact of the pills shall be on fetal growth and development. In a case of a failed abortion, the fetus if survives may be born with deformities or developmental disorders.

Probability of ectopic pregnancy:

Do you know what is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy. It too can happen with any woman. Normal pregnancies are the ones that get implanted in the womb, i.e., uterine cavity.

Whereas, ectopic pregnancies get implanted at the wrong location. None of these locations like the fallopian tube or abdominal cavity or even cervix are prepared to sustain a pregnancy and soon enough the pregnancy may rupture.

Hence, every woman with a positive pregnancy test should get her pregnancy length and location confirmed by a transvaginal scan. Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy can save the fertility as well as the life of the woman with early treatment.

Abortion tablets consumption with an ectopic pregnancy:

Now, we are speaking of abortion pills consumption and the probability of an ectopic pregnancy. So, consider that a woman takes abortion pills while she is carrying an ectopic pregnancy. She may not know whether her pregnancy is normal or ectopic since no test was done in the first place.

In such a case, abortion will not take place at all. There will be hormone fluctuation due to Mifepristone, an anti-progestin abortion pill.

Bleeding can also take place due to the second abortion medicine, Misoprostol. It triggers contractions in the uterus that help in fetal expulsion. But when the embryo is not in the womb, there is no use of uterine contractions.

Bleeding may give a false impression to the woman of having an abortion. But the embryo may still be present where it has been implanted. As soon as the embryo will be unable to develop, it may rupture leading to a hemorrhage.

Immediate medical attention and surgery may be needed to remove the ruptured pregnancy. In case the pregnancy is in the fallopian tube, that side of the tube and attached ovary may have to be removed.

This will reduce the probability of a woman getting pregnant in future to half. If the patient does not get medical help in time, the case may even be fatal.

Let us now learn a little bit about the legal scenario. It is better to have as much knowledge as possible to help you save from illegal steps that can land you in a prison.

Legal things to know about abortion in Bahrain:

Abortions in Bahrain are governed by the laws framed under the country’s penal code 1976.

In Bahrain, abortion is legally available only to protect the pregnant woman’s life. This too has to be decided by the panel of doctors. And then, an abortion may be performed by a team of professionals at the registered government-approved centres only.

Abortions in Bahrain are illegal when they are self-induced. So, considering various reasons, let us get the answers in Yes or No.

Q. Can a woman get an abortion in Bahrain if she wants it as a choice for an unwanted or unplanned or unexpected pregnancy?

Ans.: No. Multiple reasons like a contraceptive failure, rape, incest, etc. can end in unwanted pregnancies. But a woman, whether married or unmarried cannot obtain a legal abortion in Bahrain for this reason. But, abortion in India for women from Bahrain is available for these reasons for up to 20 weeks in normal cases and up to 24 weeks in special cases.

Q. Can a woman seek abortion in Bahrain for economic or social reasons?

Ans. No

Q. Can a woman seek abortion in Bahrain for fetal impairment?

Ans. No. However, the Bahrain government is looking forward to expanding its clause for the same. But, abortion in India is available for this reason for up to 24 weeks.


Q. Can an abortion in Bahrain be allowed to protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health?

Ans. Abortion in Bahrain is not available for this reason but in India, it is legal.

Safe, legal and confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore, India:

India is the closest neighbor to Bahrain when considering a country with liberal abortion rules. Moreover, in India, even foreign women and Indian ex-pats can avail of legal abortions just like the Indian citizens. And for this very reason, many women fly to Bangalore as a part of a short medical trip or rather abortion trip.

They prefer Bangalore over other cities owing to various benefits like:

Ease of access:

Many Indian cities have international airports and women can go there too for abortions. However, women prefer to travel to Bangalore for other advantages it has to offer more than legal abortions.

Advanced healthcare facilities:

Bangalore as a city itself is very progressive. It sees a diverse population from around the world working in the IT capital of India, Bangaluru. And has a very advanced healthcare infrastructure and healthcare teams. American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) has a state-of-the-art hospital infrastructure for the comfort of every patient.

Best abortion team:

The abortion team of the AHB comprises of highly-qualified and experienced gynecologists. The nurses and other medical assistance staff of the hospital are also well-qualified and internationally trained. Together, they make the best abortion team and have been performing successful abortions for more than 40 years.

Single-day and single-appointment procedures:

AHB offers same-day and single-appointment procedures unlike many other hospitals in India. Most of the hospitals provide abortions with multiple appointments and waiting periods. Abortion consultation may be done on one day, tests performed on the same or the following day. Then, a waiting time for reports.

Then, due to the high patient to doctor ratio, a date may be allotted when the patient can get admitted for the abortion. Many may even require overnight hospitalization.

Most women who travel from different cities or countries want their abortion trip to be as short as possible. And AHB has just been able to do that with its single-day and single-appointment abortion procedures.

Painless abortions:

Again, AHB offers exclusive Gentle care for painless abortions.

Confidential abortions:

AHB intakes only a limited number of patients each day. This is to ensure that complete Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) is accessible by each patient. Since women come by pre-scheduled appointments, there is no waiting period at all.

Each patient gets a private one-to-one consultation and a private room to stay in until discharge.

Safe abortion procedures:

AHB offers safe abortion procedures to all patients. As per the diagnosis and evaluation for each patient, the best abortion method is prescribed. AHB is well-equipped to perform safe abortions by all the three abortion methods recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, the hospital follows all guidelines for the safety of each procedure. Besides safe, legal and confidential abortions, all abortions at AHB are nearly 100% efficient. So, you can travel back to Bahrain the following day or as per your planned trip with the confidence of a completed abortion.

Post-abortion recovery:

At AHB, you will also get post-abortion prescription and guidance for rapid healing. So, you can return to your normal life at the earliest and move on in pursuing your life and healthcare goals.

Stigma with abortions:

Abortions are treated with stigma all around the world. Even in India, specks of stigma may be seen in many Indian cities and states. This is why women from Kerala often travel to Bangalore for abortions. Even Malayali ex-pats living in the Middle East countries prefer Bangalore for non-stigmatized abortions.

At AHB, you can:

  • Avail an abortion both as a married woman or an unmarried girl or a single woman.
  • You do not need any parental or spousal consent for abortion if you are above 18 years.
  • You may choose to travel with a friend or can even come alone. A highly caring and compassionate nurse shall stay by your side throughout your stay at the hospital.

For women travelling from foreign countries like the UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bhutan, etc. can speak to a coordinator on their helpline number. The coordinator can help in making all the travel arrangements, homestay or hotel options near the hospital or the airport.

He/she can also make arrangements for local travel via cabs. You can expect help in VISA clearance also as a part of a medical trip.

Do not delay. You will have your appointment scheduled today.

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