Abortion Pills in Bangalore – Explained by Experts

A non-surgical option for abortion is known as the “abortion pill” or medical abortion.  Abortion pills are available in Bangalore to most women during early stage pregnancy (typically safe up to 6 weeks).

This is different to a surgical abortion, but each have their own risks and should be administered under the care of an experienced health professional at an MTP certified hospital.

The best abortion pill option is to combine two medications; mifepristone and misoprostol.

You should take this medicine at a legal and safe place under the guidance of a qualified medical doctor or gynecologist at a certified MTP Hospital, where the hospital has been approved and certified based on the MTP facilities available, as well as the quality and standards of the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) procedures provided.

The MTP Certification also means that the hospital would be able to provide safe and healthy medical CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) procedures in accordance with The World Health Organization (WHO) prescribed methods and standards.

They will give you the guidelines and advice of what to take and when, while prioritizing your long term mental and physical health and wellness.

Different abortion pills available in Bangalore

There are a large variety of abortion pills in India, and it is very important to seek professional help when looking for the right pill for you.

Please note that taking any abortion pills mentioned below, without a prescription from a gynaecologist for abortion at a certified MTP Hospital, can be highly risky to the patient.

A doctor at an MTP Certified Hospital will be able to accurately administer the right abortion pills after the required medical tests and ascertaining factors such your medical condition, number of weeks of pregnancy and confirming that there are no ectopic pregnancy risks involved.

The medical tests and diagnosis by the doctor is critical, prior to taking any abortion tablets.  In India, an abortion procedure can be performed legally only at an MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Certified Centre / Hospital.

Some of the abortion pills available in India are:
– Unwanted Kit Abortion Pills
– Mifepristone and Misoprostol (MTP kit)
– Abortion kit
– Kit for Medical Abortion

Different options will use the combination of the drugs mifepristone and misoprostol.  Each of them have different amounts of each of these two drugs.

It is critically important to let a medical professional help to guide you towards the best abortion pill, procedure and after abortion recovery care for you and your body.

Side effects of the abortion pill

There are various side effects of the abortion pill, the extent of which can vary from patient to patient, such as:

• Vomiting;
• Heavy bleeding;
• Headaches;
• Abdominal cramping;
• Mild fever.

However, if you have your procedure under the care of an experienced medical team at a reputable MTP Certified abortion hospital, and they prescribe the right abortion pills for you, you will have the best outcomes and aftercare to guide you through this process.

Important note: It is dangerous to take abortion tablets on your own without medical help as every person reacts differently and it is best to have a medical professional monitoring your situation.

Get the right help you need

It is best and safe to have your abortion with an experienced doctor at a reputable MTP Certified hospital to ensure you are getting the best advice as to which is the best abortion pills to take for your situation, guidance and monitoring throughout the procedure, as well as the best after care after your abortion.

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