What you must know before buying abortion pills in Dubai?

Carrying an unwanted pregnancy and trying to buy abortion pills in Dubai online?

Read this post before you buy abortion pills in Dubai to know if it is your best option to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

Besides providing you with safe abortion tablets in Dubai, this post intends to highlight your best and safest options for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Let us start by listening to your questions. If you have any queries regarding abortion pills in Dubai for sale, please mention them in the comment section and we will revert you at the earliest. Besides, you can also send in a private message or e-mail us for the best advice to safely terminate your unwanted pregnancy.

 Abortion in Dubai: Is it your option?

If you are a citizen of the UAE or are living there for work reasons or any other personal reason, you have to abide by the country’s rules. So, what are the rules governing the reproductive rights of women in Dubai, UAE?

Abortion rules in the UAE:

Abortion in Dubai is illegal. However, it can be performed in the following events only.

Abortion rules of the UAE are very stringent and women do not have an abortion as an open choice as is in many countries like India. The abortion rules in Dubai are framed under the UAE Penal Code 340, which states, Abortion in Dubai is illegal and is permissible only in events:

  • To save the woman’s life which has to be very precisely specified by different doctors.
  • Fetal impairment has been detected during prenatal screening and the child to be born with an existing medical condition is either incurable or the child’s life expectancy is next to a minimum. Not all fetal anomalies get permission for a legal abortion.

Marital status for abortion pills in Dubai:

Even these legal abortions are the options only for married women who have to prove they are married and present their marriage certificate for creating the abortion file.

Consent for abortion in Dubai:

For the aforementioned events where abortion is legal, the consent of both partners is essential.

Abortion in Dubai is not your option if:

  • You got pregnant while not wanting the same due to contraceptive failure. This is the most common reason for women getting pregnant. But the sad news is that they do not have legal abortion options in the country they are staying in.
  • You are unmarried and have got pregnant out of a marriage and want to terminate the unwanted pregnancy.
  • You are a single mother and carrying an unplanned pregnancy.
  • You have a complete family and you want an abortion for social or economic reasons.
  • You have got pregnant out of marriage or you plan to get married in future like most of the ex-pats who plan to get married back in their countries years later. But, without a marriage certificate, you cannot avail of abortion. Moreover, it is not your option even if you have a certificate if your pregnancy is an outcome of contraceptive failure.

What most women in Dubai are doing to terminate unwanted pregnancies?

Most women in Dubai who are carrying unwanted pregnancies seek illegal means of abortions like Do It Yourself (DIY) abortions through abortion pills in Dubai for sale.

They contact illegal drug dealers to buy abortion pills without realizing the risks of buying abortion pills online or through any illegal sources.

They not only risk their health but also their lives. Many a time, they undergo multiple complications associated with unsafe abortions and may have no escape from it. 

Or if they are unable to terminate the unwanted pregnancy on time, they abandon the infants as soon as they are born. Multiple news headlines show up frequently in Locals Newspapers, channels and other broadcast media representing the number of illegal abortions, maternal morbidities, maternal mortalities associated with unsafe abortions on the rise in Dubai, UAE and other countries with restricted abortion rules.

If you too are such a woman and are trying to avail yourself of abortion tablets for sale in Dubai, it may be better that you know the associated risks and side effects.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills without prescription:

Since legal abortions are not available for most unplanned and unwanted pregnancies and taking the pregnancy ahead is also not a likely choice, women are opting for illegal and unsafe abortion methods risking their health and life. Furthermore, if caught as many women have been in the past, they and their helpers are punished both by law and also have to face the societal stigma.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills online in terms of health:

  • Incomplete abortion:

Do you know you can buy abortion tablets in Dubai and yet do not have a successful abortion?

If yes, then please do not play with your health.

And if you didn’t know, it’s wise to gather complete knowledge and then choose the best abortion option.

What is an incomplete abortion and how is it different from a complete/successful abortion?

A successful abortion is the termination of an ongoing pregnancy through an approved method of abortion where the embryo and all the products of gestation have been removed completely from the uterine cavity. After a successful abortion, the hormonal balance will resume by the next month and you can expect a regular menstrual cycle.

And an incomplete abortion is that in which some of the gestation products fail to get removed from the uterine cavity. They stay there causing many problems for the woman like heavy bleeding to continuous vaginal spotting, intense abdominal pain, infections, hormonal imbalance and other discomforts like that of the digestive system like nausea, flatulence, dyspepsia, vomiting and constipation, headache and sometimes even uterine rupture.

Buying wrong abortion tablets in Dubai and associated incomplete abortion:

Now, what happens when you buy abortion tablets in Dubai is that you do not know the approved tablets and may end up buying some other medicines meant for other purposes.

Unapproved medicines may lead to extremely heavy bleeding and pain from abdominal cramps besides the risk of incomplete abortion.

Incomplete abortions are then surgically corrected, again an option that you may not have in Dubai putting you further in another set of troubles.

Recommended abortion pills in Dubai and risk of incomplete abortion:

The World Health Organization (WHO) has framed guidelines for successful abortions and access to comprehensive abortion care (CAC).

The induced abortion utilizing safe abortion pills is known as the Medical Method of abortion or the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP). WHO recommends this method for terminating only very early pregnancies, i.e., the ones that are not more than 6-8 weeks long.

The safe abortion pills that are recommended for use in inducing abortions during this period are a set of two pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Mifepristone, the first pill is administered either orally or through the vaginal route. It stops the action of progesterone, the hormone that is essential for the growth of an embryo during pregnancy. Once the progesterone is unavailable for the growing embryo, the growth halts.

After some hours or the next day, the second pill Misoprostol is administered orally. This tablet then contracts the uterus like your monthly menses and the contractions lead to the expulsion of the embryo through the vaginal route with moderate to heavy bleeding.

This method of abortion is associated with bleeding that may be heavy for some women and abdominal pain may also range from moderate to extreme, requiring pain management.

Another trouble with this method of abortion is the risk of incomplete abortion. Since the abortion pill method is 95% to 98% efficient, there is always a risk of incomplete abortion where remnants of the fetus remain in the uterus.

And no predetermination can tell whether the abortion pills will work 100% in a woman or not. It can only be experienced. But, there is still a safe, efficient, legal and confidential abortion for women in Dubai. Keep reading further to know this successful abortion option.

Ectopic Pregnancy:

Do you know that an ongoing pregnancy can be fatal?

Do you know even if you buy safe abortion pills in Dubai, you may not get an abortion and your life can be at risk?

Do you know what ectopic pregnancy is?

If you didn’t know about ectopic pregnancy, here is a brief description of the same. You may be knowing that a pregnancy occurs when the woman’s egg gets fertilized by the male sperm. Now, this process happens in the fallopian tube which is a duct that connects the ovaries to the uterus.

When an egg gets fertilized, it becomes an embryo that starts growing. Now this embryo passes through this tube (can be any side, left or right) into the uterus where it attaches itself to the uterine lining called the endometrium and grows further. These normal pregnancies are called intrauterine pregnancies since the embryo is in the uterus.

In other cases, the embryo fails to reach the uterus and remains in the tube itself where it starts growing. This kind of case is called an ectopic pregnancy or tubal pregnancy. The growing embryo finds the tube very narrow to be able to sustain its growth and may burst to lead to internal injury and bleeding. This may also lead to the woman’s death unless immediate medical attention is given to her.

What will happen if you take abortion pills in Dubai for an ectopic pregnancy?

You realize that you may be pregnant when you miss your monthly period after which you avail yourself of a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) as a confirmatory test. Now, a UPT can help you know that you are pregnant but it cannot tell whether the pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic.

This can be confirmed by a transvaginal scan (ultrasound). But can you avail it in Dubai without a doctor’s prescription or a pregnancy patient file?

Since it is difficult for many women to avail it without the doctor’s prescription, they buy abortion pills in Dubai illegally. And self-administer them without ascertaining the location of the pregnancy.

In case of an ectopic pregnancy, if a woman takes abortion pills, abortion will not take place. There will be bleeding and can give a misassumption of a false abortion. But the embryo may still lead to tube’s rupture. This is then recognized when the woman faints and is taken for a medical emergency. This is a real case of emergency in which the internal bleeding has to be stopped and the ruptured tube removed surgically.

Now if the woman took up illegal abortion pills only to keep this information hidden, the same may be revealed. Pregnancy and abortion both may no longer remain confidential.

This whole messy situation is avoidable and your health and life can all be safe. The only matter is to opt for a legal, safe and confidential abortion. And you do have this choice which we will be coming up with below.


When abortions do not get completed by abortion pills in Dubai, many women resort to unsafe surgical means to get them completed in unprofessional settings. This then leads to many kinds of infections like pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), infections of the urinary tract and others.

These happen due to unsafe and unhygienic abortion procedures like that of non-hygienic premises and the use of unsterilized tools. Moreover, no medicines are administered during the abortion procedures to prevent the onset of infections or prescribed to be taken as post-operative care.

Loss of fertility:

Cases like that of ectopic pregnancy may affect your future pregnancies since the partial loss of fertility may occur.

In other cases when incomplete abortions are completed through unsafe surgical procedures by untrained and non-professionals, injury to internal organs like the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes and others may occur affecting your future pregnancies.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills online in Dubai in terms of mental health:

Firstly, getting pregnant when you do not want is a big physical and mental stress in itself.

Next, living in Dubai where abortion is illegal, you have most of the doors closed for abortions there in the country where you are currently residing. So, this comes as additional mental pressure when you are not wanting a child for any reason.

The gravity of mental stress enhances for single mothers or unmarried girls who cannot even ask for help from family. And they are unable to find a safe and confidential option of abortion.

Even if such women buy abortion pills in Dubai, the trap of associated risks and complications is massive and the woman may have to live all her life with co-morbidities or loss of health problems like loss of fertility. This may put the woman in depression and other psychological disorders.

And until the time she receives a successful abortion, she has to live with mental pain, agony and anxiety, all of which may lead to stress conditions like oxidative stress.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills online in Dubai in the eyes of law:

Since abortion in UAE is illegal, the UAE Penal Code Section 340 can have you and your helpers punished by the law. Punishment includes imprisonment for up to five years.

Risks and side effects of buying abortion pills online in Dubai in terms of social stigma:

Since abortions are associated with social stigma in many countries, in Dubai too abortion is illegal as well as looked down upon. Women who avail of abortion have to face the wrath of society; sometimes they are even abandoned.

Unmarried girls are punished both by family, society as well as law. Unmarried girl abortions are punished for getting pregnant, then for shattering family pride and next for abortion in Dubai.

Buying abortion tablets for sale in Dubai? Should you buy them?

Considering all the aforementioned conditions, this is something you should never opt for. Firstly, it is illegal. If caught, you and your helpers may be severely punished.

Next, the lost health may not be restored. And if the cost of illegal abortion is life, there is no way out of it. Risks associated with unsafe abortions are grave. They may not only affect your health but may also adversely impact your future pregnancies. And they may even be fatal.

Never fall in for any online dealer selling illegal abortion pills in Dubai or advertising abortion pills available for sale in Dubai.

What are your safe, legal and confidential abortion options?

Coming to the best part is that women from Dubai do have safe, legal and confidential abortion options in India where progressive abortion laws as a part of women’s reproductive rights have made abortions legal under a wide range of circumstances, including the events of contraceptive failure.

Failure of contraceptives is the most common reason for a woman getting into an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks of gestation and only needs the consent of the woman to provide the abortion service.

A big sigh of relief, isn’t it?

Travelling to American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

Even in India, there are many abortion clinics but considering the safety, experience and expertise and available facilities of both healthcare and for comfort, women from Dubai often travel to Bangalore via a small flight of nearly 3 hours.

You too can travel to Bangalore via a short non-stop flight, avail of a safe abortion at AHB and return the next day via a similar short flight. You can reach out for flight availabilities at Make My Trip, Skyscanner, Goibibo and more. 

From the airport, you can go to your nearby hotel which also can be checked out for available bookings on scheduled dates. It is best to speak on the AHB’s helpline number and schedule an appointment before booking your flights so that the whole trip can be planned accordingly.

What to expect from an abortion at AHB?

At American Hospital Bangalore, Comprehensive abortion care is provided to all women seeking an abortion. At AHB, before prescribing you with any of the recommended abortion methods, the length and location of your pregnancy are ascertained. These are very essential prerequisites to prevent any abortion complications and side effects.

The three methods of abortion at AHB are:

  1. The medical method of abortion: This is for early pregnancies, i.e. less than 8 weeks. But since this method involves pain, moderate to heavy bleeding, risk of incomplete abortion, two appointments for the procedure and a waiting period to have confirmation of a successful abortion, most women prefer to undergo the vacuum aspiration method of abortion at AHB.
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion: This method is recommended for terminating pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. At AHB, it is a very gentle and absolutely painless procedure that takes only between 3-10 minutes to complete.

The embryo is gently sucked through a slender medical tool. Being a small procedure, you can expect to be discharged the same day in an hour. Since this method is nearly 100% efficient, you can go back to Dubai via the next flight the other day with confidence of a completed abortion. You can stay at the hotel for the night’s rest. It is a very mild procedure and you can easily resume your daily activities in a couple of days.

Post-abortion care medicines and supplements prescribed to you will help you in healing early.

3. Surgical abortion or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion: It is a slightly invasive method recommended for abortions where pregnancy length has exceeded 12 weeks but is still in the legally permissible age of up to 20 weeks.

This method at AHB is also a painless and gentle care abortion method where all gestation products are removed through the uterine perforation. It takes not more than 30 minutes to complete the procedure and you can expect to be discharged in a couple of hours as soon as you feel comfortable.

You can visit back to Dubai the next day after a night’s rest in a hotel. This method is also nearly 100% efficient.

Safe, confidential and legal abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

Since the doctors, nurses and other paramedic staff of AHB are highly qualified, internationally trained and have both extensive experience and expertise, each abortion procedure conducted is highly safe.

Besides the hospital infrastructure, premises and healthcare facilities, AHB is equipped to provide you with the best abortion experience throughout your hospital stay.

If you are an adult, only your consent is required for a legal abortion.

As far as confidentiality of your personal details and abortion status is concerned, the hospital does not disclose any information regarding any patient in any case to anyone besides the patient herself. So, your health and your privacy both are in safe hands.

You can expect a caring, compassionate, professional and non-judgmental treatment without any regard for your personal preferences and choices.

We at AHB strive to provide each woman with the best abortion care as a part of her reproductive right and also make her abortion experience painless and comfortable both in terms of physical as well as mental health at the best abortion clinic in India.

Remember, each complication and associated risk of buying abortion pills in Dubai are preventable. The only requirement is to go ahead and seek a safe abortion.

For any other query, you can call on our helpline number and speak to a healthcare professional.

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