Abortion pills in Muscat Oman – Read this before you buy

If you have an unplanned pregnancy in Oman and looking for options to terminate the same through a set of abortion pills, then this post is a must-read for you.

Though abortion pills are one of the earliest methods for abortion, there are so many illegal suppliers selling abortion tablets for sale in Oman. You should know beforehand what can buying abortion pills for sale without a prescription in Oman lead to.

This post intends to give you an insight into this set of complications: what can happen if you buy abortion tablets in Muscat or anywhere in Oman. Besides these things, we would like to shed light on your best options to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy in Oman.

Keep reading further to know your available abortion options in Oman. 

Buy abortion pills in Oman: The legal issues:

Abortion in Oman is illegal and can be permitted only for married women with the consent of their husbands only in events where the abortion is required to save the woman’s life. It is essential to receive the certificate from multiple registered medical practitioners working in the Government hospitals that the ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to the woman’s life.

Moreover, the couple has to prove that they are married through a valid marriage registration certificate.

Abortion in Oman is a punishable offence. If a woman is caught buying abortion pills in Oman, she and her helpers are punishable by Oman law.

Buy abortion pills in Oman: Are you considering it in events:

  • If you got pregnant as a result of the failure of contraceptives.
  • If you do not want a child for socio-economic reasons.
  • If you are unmarried and do not want a child as of now.
  • If you have a complete family and do not want an addition.
  • In case fetal anomalies have been detected and the child to be born may either be physically/mentally challenged or may suffer from some major disease that he/she may not survive for long.
  • If you got pregnant as a result of an immoral act (rape/incest).

The legal restrictions and no legal abortion option for multiple reasons of unwanted pregnancies like that of unmarried girl abortion or failure of contraceptives, or pregnancy being an outcome of a rape/incest, the women often tend to buy illegal abortion tablets in Oman.

They do so considering it their best, easiest and confidential way out of an unwanted pregnancy. But what they do not realize is that they are putting their lives in danger. First, it is illegal and next the complications associated with it are immense, in terms of health and life. Some of the damages may be irreversible.

Pregnancy termination pills in Oman: Are you trying to buy them secretly?

If you are trying to avail of pregnancy termination pills for the reason that you cannot obtain a legal and confidential abortion in Oman, then you should also know that besides being illegal, it can lead to an unsafe abortion.

Here is what all can happen if you buy abortion pills in Muscat or any other city in Oman:

Let’s look into multiple scenarios and what each one may lead to.

#1. Successful abortion:

You may have a successful abortion but chances of this are next to a minimum, because:

  • You may get wrong or unsafe abortion pills.
  • Even if you get safe abortion pills, abortion may be incomplete.
  • Abortion may not take place at all.
  • You may be allergic to the medicines you self-administer or the medicines may interact with any of your existing medication leading to severe allergic reactions needing emergency care services.
  • You may put your life at risk as in the case of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Your future pregnancies may be affected.

You can expect intense abdominal cramps and the associated pain, heavy bleeding for up to a week with a successful abortion. The vaginal bleeding is expected to stop after 5-7 days, but if it persists and is associated with pain and/or fever, it may be a case of incomplete abortion.

#2. Incomplete abortion:

In case you get safe abortion pills in Oman that are meant to terminate pregnancies, abortion still may remain incomplete. This is the most common complication associated with abortion pills throughout the world.

Since the abortion pill method is not 100% efficient, some traces of pregnancy may remain in the womb and lead to further complications. As mentioned above, in events of incomplete abortions, you can expect bleeding and pain to continue even after a week of abortion.

Do you know, now in case of an incomplete abortion, even if you buy another set of abortion pills, they may not work?

Yes, and the next major news for you is that cases of incomplete abortions need corrective surgery to complete the abortion by removing all the uterine contents from the cavity.

#3. Incomplete abortion: Tend to get it completed through an unsafe method of abortion:

Many women in Oman who face the problems of incomplete abortions end up looking forward to completing it through unsafe methods at uncertified clinics at the hands of quacks or unprofessional people who have no experience in handling safe abortions or cannot manage emergencies.

As a result, unsafe abortions may lead to:

  • Internal injury: Since the surgical method involves uterine perforation and removal of gestation products, an unsafe method of abortion may lead to injury to internal organs. These may lead to further emergencies like haemorrhage, excess blood loss, affected future fertility and even death.
  • Injury to reproductive organs: If the reproductive organs get the injury, the result can be loss of fertility, which means you may have difficulty conceiving in the future. This may lead to partial or complete loss of fertility. It may be possible that you may never get pregnant again.
  • Shock: Internal injury may lead to shock and either the woman has to lead all her life with a co-morbidity(ies). It may even be fatal.
  • Infections: With an unsafe abortion procedure, you can expect it to be conducted in unsafe premises with no concern for hygiene or the safety of the patient. This may lead to various kinds of infections like Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) or even sepsis, which is a severe form of general infection.
  • Loss of fertility: Injuries, recurrent infection of the reproductive tract, haemorrhage, burst of the fallopian tube, etc are the reasons that may affect the fertility of a woman. The loss of fertility may range from partial to complete.

#4. In events of ectopic pregnancy:

Do you know about ectopic pregnancy and how can it impact your fertility?

Do you know if you self-administer abortion pills, you may still not have an abortion if it was an ectopic pregnancy?

Do you know it is important to ascertain the pregnancy location before abortion?

In case you know it, you may never choose to buy abortion tablets in Oman. And if you don’t know it, here is a brief guide.

In normal or intrauterine pregnancies (medical term), the fertilized egg travels down the fallopian tube to get itself attached with the endometrium (uterine layer) where it starts getting nutrition from the mother’s body and starts growing.

But in some cases which are known as ectopic pregnancies, the fertilized egg fails to reach the uterus and starts growing within the narrow tube.

Now, if you take abortion pills in such an event, there will be abdominal pain and bleeding which may lead you to the thinking that you have had a successful abortion. But the fact is that once the tube gets too narrow for the growing embryo, it may burst leading to internal bleeding and is presented by syncope (getting faint).

It is an urgent care case that needs immediate medical attention. The process to save the woman’s life in these events is a surgical procedure through which the tube that burst and the accompanying ovary, are removed.

Firstly, it is a surgical procedure and every surgery comes with its own set of complications. Secondly, it turns down the probability of getting pregnant in the future that may range from half to nil.

Good news: This complication can be prevented if the location of pregnancy is ascertained quite early. It is done through a transvaginal scan. If the pregnancy is found ectopic, it can be terminated medically through a different set of abortion pills.

Unsafe abortions are a leading cause of maternal mortality not only in Oman but throughout the world. The women who survive face long-term health complications and all of these have thus made unsafe abortions a pressing issue.

# Social Stigma:

For unintended pregnancies, most women seek abortion in Oman but due to legal restrictions, they are unable to receive the same even if they want to avail of it.

Women who seek an abortion may be due to any reason (financial, personal, social) have to face the stigma associated with the same at several levels, religious, social, political, familial and more. This enhances if it is an unmarried girl or a single woman who is seeking an abortion. They cannot feel it safe to share it with their families or friends since their agony may increase. It may come as an addition to their mental stress.

Such women get desperate for abortions even if their life is at risk since they believe that they do not have any other options. But, this is not true. Just like every other woman in the world, you too living in Oman have safe, legal and confidential abortion options. And we are here to guide you in the same process so that you may be able to make a wise decision, have a successful abortion and do not get victimized by an unsafe abortion or its complications.

Stay calm and relax!

This post is not to terrify you, but to tell you that all these kinds of complications are avoidable and can be prevented from happening in the first place. But to know those safe options, you first need to relax and stay stress-free. You are not alone and may consider us being your well-wishers.

We have brought you these complications and side effects only to acquaint you with the facts and prevent you from falling in for unsafe methods of abortion.

Safe, legal and confidential abortion in Oman options:

Travelling abroad for abortion:

Now, let us discuss the best options at hand for you to avail of safe, legal and confidential abortion. Since abortion in Oman is clearly not the available choice, it may be best to travel to a country where abortion is legal and even healthcare facilities are optimum so that a safe abortion can be obtained.

Choice of the country for legal abortion:

Next, you need to look into the fact that when you are planning to visit a foreign land, does that country permit a legal abortion for foreign women or ex-pat people.

Well, India is a neighbouring nation that permits legal abortions even for foreign women or expatriates. So, you can consider travelling to India for a legal abortion.

Besides, abortion in India is legal under a broad range of circumstances due to its liberal abortion laws and respect for women’s reproductive rights and their choices.

Abortion in India is legal in events:

  • Pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure which is the major reason for women carrying unintended pregnancies throughout the world. And restricted abortion laws, for this reason, are the major cause that women believe that they do not have any option other than obtaining an unsafe abortion and risking their lives.
  • The pregnancy is a result of rape/incest. Sadly, this reason too may come for some women and families as a matter of shame and is often treated with disgrace. Even in these uncontrollable events, a woman in Oman has no legal abortion option, but India does have.
  • The pregnancy poses a physical or mental threat to the woman’s health and/or life.
  • Fetal deformities have been detected during prenatal scans.

Other benefits of travelling to India for a legal abortion are that only the woman’s consent is required if she wants termination for an ongoing pregnancy if she is an adult (18 years and above).

And next is that your partner’s consent is not required and you are not required to be married to have a legal abortion. You can obtain it as an unmarried girl or a single woman also and that too only with your consent.

Connectivity of both countries, India and Oman are also very good and you can easily plan a short trip to India if your touchpoint is similar, carrying an unwanted pregnancy and seeking a method to terminate it safely and successfully.

Choice of abortion hospital in India for women coming from Oman:

Even in India, you may not want to visit a random abortion clinic, but only the one that can ensure you of a safe, legal as well as confidential abortion.

One of the choicest abortion clinics for foreign women who travel to India for an abortion is the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in Bangalore (also called Bangaluru) city of the Karnataka state.

Being a metropolitan city, it is easily connected with Oman via the air route and you can schedule a short flight of nearly 3-4 hours from Oman to Bangalore, India. You may try out the flight availability at travel sites like Cleartrip, Make My Trip, etc.

It is advisable to have the earliest possible appointment at the hospital which is just a call or message away. Accordingly, you can plan and synchronize your travel bookings and hotel stay.

Although all abortion procedures at AHB are single-appointment procedures, it is advisable to have a hotel booking where you can rest until your return flight the same or the next day. You can check out hotel bookings at similar sites like Agoda, Tripadvisor and more.

Safe, legal and confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), Bangalore, India:

AHB is easily locatable and you can reach there at your scheduled appointment date and time through any means of local transport like a cab. Your hotel can help you book the same with convenience or you can also call the hospital to arrange for your travel partner.

So, here is what you can expect from an abortion at AHB:

  • Since you will have a prior appointment, you may not have to wait for your turn or the like and you will be attended with priority.
  • You can expect a private one-to-one consultation where you can easily discuss your case with the doctor. You may bring a companion for your convenience. You will receive completely professional treatment and advice regardless of your personal choices.
  • The nurse who will be assisting you with your needs will be highly caring and compassionate. You can relax and stay stress-free.
  • The hospital premises are highly hygienic and the entire infrastructure has been designed keeping in view the comfort of the patient and the companion throughout their stay at the hospital.

Abortion procedures at AHB:

AHB follows the guidelines and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) so that each abortion can be performed in a manner that the woman has access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

All the complications and side-effects of buying abortion pills in Oman online or without prescription and self-administration of the same are preventable and a safe abortion obtained.

So, a brief description of all the abortion methods and how they are performed is mentioned below.

The Medical Method of abortion:

It is the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) where abortion is carried out by safe abortion pills. Normally, it is a two-appointment procedure, but at AHB, you can have it in a single appointment.

At first, the doctor will have a transvaginal scan to confirm the length and location of the pregnancy. This will prevent any complications such as ectopic pregnancy or the wrong selection of the method of abortion.

The medical method of abortion is prescribed only to terminate very early pregnancies, i.e., 6-8 weeks. At AHB, if you are advised for this method, the first pill will be administered either orally or inserted vaginally and you will be given a second pill to be taken hours later or the next day. Then, within a few hours, the abdominal cramps will start and the embryo will come out through the vaginal route.

But this method has its limitations for women who travel long distances for abortion. These are:

  • It is accompanied by pain, that may range from moderate to heavy.
  • It is accompanied by heavy vaginal bleeding and may put the woman in discomfort.
  • It is only 95%-98% effective and may result in an incomplete abortion.
  • The woman has to wait for up to a week for the bleeding to stop before it can be ascertained whether the abortion was successful or incomplete. Incomplete abortions are completed by surgeries.
  • The woman cannot be confident of a successful abortion before she steps back in Oman.

Due to these limitations, women from Oman prefer to undergo other efficient methods of abortion that are prescribed according to the length of the pregnancy.

Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

At AHB, this is a gentle care abortion procedure performed by experienced doctors and assistant nurses.

It is a single appointment procedure that takes less than 10 minutes to be completed. The procedure is entirely painless. The embryo is sucked through an aspirator which is inserted in the uterine cavity through the vaginal route. Since the procedure needs experience and expertise, you should never opt for a Do it Yourself (DIY) abortion or at the hands of non-professionals since the complications can be serious.

This is the preferred method for terminating pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. It is nearly 100% efficient and the woman can return to Oman with the confidence of successful abortion. You can expect to get discharged within an hour of the procedure after which you can rest in your hotel until your return flight.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion:

This is the surgical method of abortion that is prescribed for late pregnancies or second-trimester pregnancies. At AHB, it is performed under anaesthesia and with gentle hands. Hence, it is a gentle care abortion method that lasts less than 30 minutes.

At AHB, you can expect to get discharged the same day after a couple of hours after which you can rest until your scheduled flight in your hotel.

As you leave the hospital premises, you will be confident of a successful abortion since this is also a nearly 100% efficient procedure.

Confidentiality status of abortion at American Hospital Bangalore:

The hospital never discloses any information of any patient to anyone besides herself and hence besides a legal and safe abortion, you can be assured of a confidential abortion at AHB.

Before you leave the hospital premises, your doctor will check for your health and also prescribe you medicines and supplements as a part of post-abortion care which is very important for rapid recovery.

Since the hospital conducts each abortion with utter concern for hygiene, chances of infection are minimum. To further reduce the same, medicines to prevent infections are administered both during the abortion and as a post-abortion prescription.

Also, you can call the hospital helpline number and speak to your doctor until your complete recovery anytime or can just leave a message for a callback.

Message to take home:

Do not put your health and/or life at risk with an unsafe method of abortion. You have better options that can help you avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India at American Hospital Bangalore at the hands of an experienced abortion team that has received international recognition for its efficient abortion procedures.

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