Abortion pills in Sharjah: Are they on your purchase list?

A warm hello to all readers! Any women or girl readers from Sharjah or anywhere else in the UAE? If yes, then this post carries some useful and helpful information. Go on!

Since abortion in the UAE is illegal and restricted only for married women in events to save their lives or in case of fetal anomalies, many unmarried girls and married women are resorting to unsafe abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

One such method that these women think of as the easiest and probably the cheapest is buying abortion pills. Since abortion pills in UAE cannot be availed of legally, they seek help from illegal suppliers online. Or sometimes they avail of contact numbers of such kind of suppliers and avail of abortion pills at a huge cost.

And this cost of an abortion is not just in Dirham (Dhs)but in terms of lost health and sometimes even life.


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Abortion pills in Sharjah

This post intends to help women seeking abortion pills for sale in Sharjah. If you are one among them, probably you need to read this post to make a wise decision.

Living in Sharjah, the UAE:

After Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is the third-most populous city of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). And surprisingly, the expatriate population in Sharjah is more than the native Emiratis. In addition, this expatriate population comprises mostly families from Kerala, India.

Sharjah is the ‘art capital of the UAE’ that attracts plenty of museums and art lovers. Besides art, culture, heritage and outdoor activities are still more inviting. 

To most men, living in Sharjah may seem to be a splendid experience. This is why they often opt for pursuing their careers and advancing their professions in various cities of the UAE. But, what about women?

Do equivalent women travel to Sharjah for professional reasons?

No, the females living in Sharjah know quite a lot about their experiences in reproductive health. Since women have to live with restricted abortion rules in the UAE, they refrain from settling down here.

Yet, many Malayali expatriates are living in Sharjah. Another expatriate population comes from various countries from different corners of the world. 

And all of them have to abide by the rules persisting in the country they are residing, even the abortion rules. 

In reality, there are many incidences like a contraceptive failure, sexual assaults or some intimate acts ending up in unplanned pregnancies. And women in the UAE do not have any legal way out of these unwanted pregnancies. 

Many couples living there are either in a live-in relationship or are in their courtship period. Many others choose to marry back in their native countries. They do get into intimate physical relationships that end in unplanned pregnancies. 

But neither they can carry the pregnancy ahead as unmarried couples. Nor do they have an abortion in the UAE as a choice. 

Let’s have a look at these rules.

Abortion rules in the UAE:

Abortions are governed by a different set of rules framed by the governments of different countries. If you are considering abortion in Sharjah, then the abortion rules you may have to abide by are framed in section 340 of the UAE penal code. 

According to these rules, abortion in UAE is illegal with two exceptions:

  1. When abortion is necessary to save the woman’s life.

  2. When the abortion is done in case of severe fetal anomalies.

However, only married women can have abortions under the aforementioned cases. In case of fetal anomalies, abortion is allowed only for up to 120-days. Moreover, not all fetal anomalies or deformities are allowed for abortions. 

In addition, many fetal deformities are detected in the late stage of pregnancy. However, abortion at 20-weeks in UAE is not allowed in those cases.

Unmarried girls or the girls getting pregnant as a result of sexual assault on them have no choice at all. Even married ones do not have a choice of abortion in the UAE because they want it. 

Some girls discover that they are pregnant after breaking up with their partners or boyfriends. They too are not in a position to carry on with the pregnancy. But they also do not have a legal choice to end the unwanted pregnancy in the UAE.

So, where do they go? Where to seek help from? 

The technology has advanced and almost every hand has access to a smartphone. And not to forget, the telecommunication network with Internet access. So, these girls turn to online sources for gaining help. 

Even this post is an initiative by the American Hospital Bangalore to help such women and girls seeking abortion in UAE

Flying to Bangalore, India for an abortion:

Why India?

You may be wondering why we mention India as a place better than any other neighboring country for an abortion. So, here is an insight into what makes India the perfect abortion destination for UAE citizens and expatriates. 

Firstly, abortion in India is legal. Next, other things such as permissible gestation age, abortion for unmarried girls and abortion at woman’s consent are further relaxing factors. 

To understand this better, let us see the difference in the abortion rules between the two countries.

Failure of contraception: Abortion in the UAE vs Abortion in India

Contraceptive failure is the major reason behind unplanned pregnancies. But if it happens with you in Sharjah or Dubai or Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah, you cannot obtain a legal abortion there.

However, you do have a safe abortion in India option available. And you know why?

Because abortion in India is legal if a contraceptive failure has resulted in an unwanted pregnancy. Furthermore, you may choose not to mention the contraceptive that failed. The Indian law respects the privacy of each woman. 

The best legal things about abortion in India to keep you calm and help you relax:

And next best thing is that you can avail of abortion in India even if you are not an Indian citizen. You can travel to India as a part of medical tourism, obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion and get back to your normal life. 

It is not necessary for you to be a Non-Resident Indian or an expatriate from India for abortion in India. You can obtain one even as a UAE citizen. Many expatriate Malayali women choose to travel to Bangalore for an abortion. They prefer Bangalore over Kerala for confidential abortions. Eventually, ahead in the post, you will learn the reason for this preference. 

There are many best things when seeking an abortion in India. We have mentioned some above and the next one will make you want to schedule an appointment for early abortion in India. Now, this is that you do not need to be married for abortion in India. Isn’t this something you were hunting for?

You can obtain a legal abortion in India as a married woman or an unmarried girl or a single woman. No legal issues with it. And you do not even need to involve your partner or husband or parents for that matter.

If you have attained the age of 18 years and above, you can obtain an abortion in India only with your consent. 

So, what are you waiting for? Earlier, the better. Schedule an appointment for an early abortion at the best abortion hospital in India. 

Pregnancy from Rape/Incest/Sexual assault: Abortion in the UAE vs Abortion in India:

Sadly, but truly, incidents of sexual assaults are not rare both within and outside of marriages. And they are the second most reason for ending up in unplanned pregnancies. 

And these pregnancies and the children are born out of them bring a lot of pain to a woman physically, mentally, emotionally, socially as well as economically. 

The Indian law recognized these drastic changes that rape survivors undergo. It also considered such women choosing extreme steps like suicidal attempts or unsafe abortions. Therefore, abortion in India has been legalized for ending pregnancies resulting from sexual assaults. 

Whereas, you cannot obtain a legal abortion in Sharjah or any other part of UAE to end a pregnancy resulting from sexual assault. 

In India, abortion for this clause can be obtained for up to 20 weeks. Many women have obtained it beyond this period with legal aid. 

Many countries where abortions for this clause are permissible require the victim to undergo legal trial. Abortion may be allowed only after the sexual assault and pregnancy as a result of that act are proved.

But, in India, it is not so because this can negatively impact a woman’s mental health. Moreover, delay in abortion will only add up the complications and associated risks while narrowing down the safe options. 

Abortion in India to protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life vs abortion in Sharjah:

In most of the countries where abortions are restricted, they may be allowed only to protect the pregnant woman’s life. Other than that, her physical and/or mental health may not be considered. 

So, if you think that your ongoing pregnancy in Sharjah carries a risk to your mental health, you cannot obtain a legal abortion. In case the risk is to your physical health, even then, there is no abortion option open. 

It may only be legally allowed if a panel of registered medical practitioners decide that there is a risk to your life. And for that too, you need to be married and be able to provide your marriage certificate. 

However, abortion in India is legally available to all women to protect their health and life. Even contraceptive failure and sexual assaults are seen to negatively impact the pregnant woman’s emotional wellbeing. Therefore, abortion in India is allowed for protecting her health and life. 

To protect the life of the woman, there is no ceiling age for obtaining an abortion. It means it can be obtained during any time of the pregnancy.

Abortion in India for fetal deformities vs abortion in Sharjah:

Abortion in Sharjah, UAE may be legally available if fetal deformities have been detected. But it is also available only to married women and only up to 120-days into the pregnancy. 

Furthermore, all fetal deformities are not considered for legal abortions. Only a few where there is evidence that the child born may not survive are allowed to be legally terminated. Even in these cases, an abortion is not allowed beyond 120-days. 

Whereas, abortion in India is legal for many fetal anomalies and that too up to 24-weeks. Moreover, you need not be married or need any other person’s consent other than yourself. 

Where in India should you travel for a legal, safe and confidential abortion:

Now, India is a vast country and you cannot blindly visit any hospital and ask for an abortion. Of course, there are more reasons other than just obtaining a legal abortion. You may want the best abortion care, successful and complete abortion and a rapid post-abortion recovery

Although abortion in India is legal, not all abortion clinics provide the abortion care you may be expecting. Remember, we mentioned Malayali women who are Kerala natives do not travel to Kerala for abortions. Rather, they opt for safe abortion in Bangalore. 

And not just these Kerala expatriates living in Gulf countries, but women and girls from various parts of India and the world opt for an abortion in Bangalore. 

Why Bangalore?

This can be attributed to several reasons like:

Ease of access:

Bangalore is a well-connected city both at the domestic and international levels. Local connectivity is also very good.

Advanced healthcare facilities:

Bangalore is a sought-after destination for medical tourism. Owing to world-class and latest medical facilities, people often fly to Bangalore for a short trip, obtain medical help and return happily. 

And abortions too are looked after as common medical procedures for which Bangalore has the best abortion hospital to offer. 

Healthy City:

Bangalore is a healthy city not just in terms of the physical health of people living there. But this stands true even for societal issues that impact women’s psychological wellbeing. 

Stigma with abortions can be seen in various parts of the world and so in India too. But as compared to other Indian cities, stigma with abortions is very less in Bangalore. People are so busy in their own lives that they avoid peeping into others issues and stay better at minding their own businesses. 

Furthermore, Bangalore is an advancing and progressive city with a high youth population. They take abortions more casually. 

Many couples here have been living for professional reasons and they stay in live-in relationships too. So, unwed pregnancy and abortions are very common issues for them. They do not see these things with different glasses. And hence, Bangalore is the best place to visit for a non-judgmental abortion in India.

Where in Bangalore to have a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

Bangalore is a large metropolitan city in the Karnataka state of India. And it may have many registered abortion clinics as well. But, when you travel from Sharjah to Bangalore, you may want exceptional and personalized abortion care.

You may not want to arrive only to be waiting for your turn in large queues. You may even not want to get into the hassle of Visa clearance requirements, travel and hotel bookings. Neither you may be willing to visit the hospital number of times nor you may want to wait for an abortion appointment after a week or so of consultation. 

We understand you may want the shortest abortion trip possible. You may be expecting a hassle-free abortion experience where you can get personalized care. 

Well, you may get your answers at the top-rated boutique abortion hospital, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). 

You may choose to call their helpline number to speak to a coordinator. You just need to schedule the earliest appointment and the coordinator will take care of all your travelling, staying and a single-day successful abortion. 

Why American Hospital Bangalore (AHB)?

The best abortion team:

AHB is a premier abortion clinic that specializes in only a few services in which the team excels. And the abortion team at AHB is recognized across the globe for its safe abortion procedures. 

The team has onboard highly-qualified gynecologists, nurses and well-trained medical assistance staff. The doctors have experience of more than 45 years in performing safe abortions. So, if you are a young girl, you can count on their experience. Their experience in safe abortions may be more than your age.

Nurses at AHB have received the necessary qualifications and international training for assisting in abortion procedures. 

The team performs all abortion procedures in compliance with USA medical standards. 

The abortion procedures:

All abortion procedures at AHB are performed following the guidelines of the WHO to ensure safety to woman’s health and wellbeing. The hospital is well-equipped to perform abortions by all the recommended methods of abortion specific to individual cases.

Before prescribing the best abortion method for a patient, her gestation length and location are ascertained. Her medical condition is taken into consideration. Some routine blood examinations and an ultrasound are performed to minimize abortion-related complications

Pregnancy may be intrauterine (normal) or extrauterine (ectopic) pregnancy. Methods of termination of pregnancy largely depend on the length and location of the pregnancy. If the same is not ascertained before prescribing the abortion method, it may carry immense risks. And you cannot expect unprofessional people or the ones with the high patient to doctor ratio to be considering all the patient-specific factors. 

At AHB, only a limited number of patients are treated in a day. And hence, your appointment time is all yours. You cannot expect freedom from any kind of distraction or fragmented attention of the abortion team. You’ll get a private one-to-one consultation and personalized holistic abortion care. 

The safe abortion procedures for intrauterine pregnancies:

AHB is equipped to perform all abortion procedures safely and with precision. As per the WHO recommendations, the three safe methods for abortion for intrauterine pregnancies are:

  1. The medical method of abortion: for up to 6-8 weeks
  2. Suction abortion method: for up to 12 weeks
  3. Surgical abortion: for up to 20 weeks

The medical method of abortion at AHB:

The doctor will analyze the length and location of the pregnancy. If a medical method may seem suitable for your case, it may be prescribed. 

It is the method used to end early pregnancies with the help of abortion pills. The two abortion pills are administered at a gap of a day or more. The first abortion pill will be given to you to be taken orally or the doctor may insert it vaginally. 

Either the doctor may hand you over the second pill to be taken when in the bedroom after 24-48 hours. Or may call you to the hospital for vaginal administration. After the second pill, the abortion will take place through vaginal bleeding. Bleeding may last up to 7-10 days. Follow-up with the doctor after that to ensure complete abortion. 

Some important things regarding this method that make women from UAE prefer suction abortion even for early pregnancies are:

  • It may need two or more appointments.
  • Abdominal pain may range from moderate to severe. Pain management may be needed.
  • Bleeding may range from moderate to heavy. In case of immense blood loss, the patient may need immediate medical help.
  • A risk of incomplete abortion is there since the efficacy of this method is 95%-97%. 
  • The waiting period is of nearly a week to be sure before a complete abortion. 

The Suction abortion at AHB:

This is the most preferred method of abortion for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. Gentle suction is applied to remove the embryo and gestation products with the help of a slender tube. 

Things to note about this method at AHB are:

  • Gentle-care painless abortion
  • Gets completed in less than 3-10 minutes.
  • Single-appointment, same-day discharge
  • Zero to minimum bleeding
  • 100% efficient
  • You need not stay in a hotel for up to a week. You may return to Sharjah just the next day after abortion via a short flight.

The surgical abortion at AHB:

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or the surgical method of abortion is prescribed for terminating late-stage pregnancies, up to 20 weeks.

Things to note about this method at AHB are:

  • Gentle-care painless abortion
  • Gets completed in less than 30 minutes.
  • Single-appointment, same-day discharge
  • Zero to minimum bleeding
  • 100% efficient
  • You need not stay in a hotel for up to a week and can return to Sharjah just the next day after abortion via a short flight.

You can resume your normal life soon post-abortion. For rapid recovery, you will receive prescriptions and guidance. You can even follow up with the doctor anytime you may feel the need. 

Confidential abortion at AHB:

Just like your health, your privacy is also in safe hands at AHB. From your first call itself, no details regarding you or your medical condition can be shared with anyone. We understand the need for secured privacy and anonymity. Be assured, you, your health and your privacy are all safe.

All appointments for today may have been filled up. Book the earliest appointment for a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India today.