Abortion Pills in UAE or Raw Papaya: Which abortion is better?

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Unplanned pregnancies are common and if you too are carrying one, we are here to discuss your options. Whether you choose to take your journey ahead with pregnancy through term or its early termination by a safe abortion, we are here to support your choices . Also, we will inform you of your legally available abortion in UAE options.

This post intends to shed light on the most common perceptions women have regarding abortion pills and papaya. We will help you learn the facts that you may face while attempting any of these abortion methods. So, stay with us as we clear the smoke clouding your mind and preventing you from reaching safe choices.

Let’s begin!

Why are UAE women buying abortion pills?

Many couples and women are buying abortion pills in UAE because of their abortion policy. Abortion in UAE laws are highly restrictive due to which safe and legal abortions are available only in emergencies. These include events when a woman’s life is in danger due to the ongoing pregnancy. Also, there must be sufficient evidence supporting the same.

Legal abortion in UAE is also available up to 120 days in case any fetal anomalies present during prenatal screening. However, not all anomalies are included in this provision. Additionally, abortion in such cases is not available beyond 17 weeks into pregnancy.

Additionally, stigma with abortion in the UAE society is highly prevalent due to religious and cultural beliefs. This stigma and societal wrath further increases when an unmarried woman seeks an abortion in the UAE. Unmarried women are looked down on as criminals for intimate contact before marriage. And seeking abortion multiplies their crimes in the eyes of the law.

Women who try to abort in UAE and their helpers receive huge fines imposition and even imprisonment as a penalty for abortion in UAE. Expats may even face deportation, again as a abortion in UAE penalty.

So, women carrying unplanned or unexpected pregnancies have nearly zero options for a legal abortion in UAE. As a result, not only the expat population but also Emirati women struggle to find safe ways out.

Consequences of restrictive abortion UAE laws:

Sadly, many women turn to illegal suppliers to buy pills for abortion in UAE. Some other women opt for other unsafe abortion methods like inserting sharp things through the vaginal opening. Sometimes, they even fall in for traditional and unconventional methods based on incomplete knowledge, like eating raw papaya or pineapple. Some even try neem leaves and other herbs thinking that these methods can help them in naturally inducing a miscarriage.

Do they succeed?

However, these methods do not work as expected. Women put their health and lives at a much bigger risk than an unwanted pregnancy. Abortion tablets in UAE they may buy may be fake or spurious or expired and not work as intended. In case they consume abortion pills with an ectopic pregnancy, the consequence can be loss of fertility and even death.

Additionally, there are other complications like an incomplete abortion or a failed abortion. Heavy bleeding, hemorrhage, injury to internal organs, infections, loss of fertility or some other long-term health consequence can accompany an unsafe abortion attempt.

Do such women really have no option for a safe abortion? Should Filipinas travel back to their native country and obtain an abortion in Philippines? Or do Russians back an abortion in Russia? Well, Filipinas and Russians do not travel to their home countries, but do you know they still cross borders for choice?

Abortion in Abu Dhabi, Abortion in UAE, abortion in Sharjah, abortion in Dubai

Abortion pills in Abu Dhabi

Yes, like many Malayali women and other Indian expats, Filipinas, Russian expats and other foreign women are turning to a safe abortion in India option rather than an unsafe abortion in UAE.

This is a good and thoughtful decision because abortion in India is legal, not only for Indians but also for foreign women. Not only this but since abortion in India is legal for unmarried or single women, the stigma with abortion is also not as significant. Nonjudgmental, compassionate and caring abortion besides a safe, legal and confidential abortion is possible right away. Stay tuned to find your doorway to a safe abortion in India.

But before that, let’s see why women who buy abortion pills in UAE often experience unexpected results.



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Understanding abortion pills: How they work? How efficient are they?

Abortion with pills or medical abortion is a safe abortion method, also approved by the World Health Organization (WHO). Then, why do women in the UAE experience failure with abortion pills? To know why this happens, you may want to know how they work. An insight into the workings of abortion pills will help you understand the link between self-medication and their potential failure.

What are abortion pills? How do they work?

The approved abortion pills that have been tested for efficacy and safety are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The two tablets work in inducing an abortion by first halting the fetal growth and then expulsion from the uterus.

Mifepristone, the first tablet in the MTP kit or Unwanted Kit is an anti-progestin. It means it will block the production and supply of pregnancy hormone, progesterone to the fetus. So, the doctor may advise you to take it orally at first and wait for 24-36 hours before you take the second medicine.

Abortion pills method of abortion

Medical method of abortion

Misoprostol, the second tablet in the MTP kit or Unwanted Kit works by inducing uterine contractions. The doctor may advise you on how many tablets you need to take and after how many hours. The MTP kit usually contains 4 tablets of Misoprostol. However, the doctor may need to adjust the dose according to the individual patient’s medical requirements.

Additionally, the doctor will advise you as to how you need to take Misoprostol tablets from the MTP kit. She may ask you to take them orally or insert them vaginally. Or she may also call you to the hospital for vaginal administration.

This will result in moderate to severe cramps in the uterine muscles causing the embryo to expel. So, Unwanted kit bleeding time may start as early as half an hour or can also take as long as 4-6 hours. The bleeding can range from moderate to heavy for at least 6 hours, thereby gradually decreasing. And it shall stop by day 7. If it doesn’t, you may need to check if abortion was successful. Usually, bleeding after Unwanted kit or MTP kit after day 7 ranging from spotting to heavy bleeding can be an incomplete abortion.

How efficient are the abortion pills in UAE?

Safe abortion pills after complete patient evaluation and when prescribed by a registered medical practitioner at a certified abortion hospital are nearly 90% effective. It means 7-10 cases of incomplete abortion are possible out of every 100 abortions with pills.

Now, why abortion medicines in UAE are failing if they are both safe and efficient?

This is a very important question. You must know the answer to it before buying abortion tablets in UAE. Since abortion in the UAE is illegal, abortion pills are not available at clinics or pharmacies just because you want to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. Pills for abortion in UAE are available only in hospitals licensed to provide emergency abortion services. So, at first, you may end up buying abortion pills from an illegal supplier.

Now, when you are buying abortion pills illegally, how can you be sure of their authenticity? The pills you happen to have obtained may not be the abortion pills. Do you know that many suppliers sell gastric ulcer medicine as abortion pills in Dubai and Abu Dhabi? So, can you trust the pills you buy to bring an expected outcome?

So, the first reason for failed abortions in UAE is because of the wrong pills or expired pills or the pills with lesser efficacy because they may not have been tested for their efficiency. Since the abortion pills are illegal, you cannot trust their efficiency.

Another scenario of failed abortion with safe abortion pills:

Now, consider a scenario where you manage to have safe abortion pills yet an unsuccessful abortion in Dubai. Why did this happen? See, abortion with pills is not the safest abortion method for all women and all pregnancies. A doctor first evaluates the patient’s medical condition, pregnancy status (length and location) and other parameters to ascertain a patient’s eligibility for a medical abortion.

Additionally, the efficiency of abortion pills goes down with the increase in gestation age. Most doctors do not even recommend abortion pills after 6 or 7 weeks of pregnancy. A patient can estimate her pregnancy length, but the actual pregnancy length and location are most accurately ascertained by an ultrasound examination. It is very important to rule out the ectopic pregnancy risk before taking abortion pills since they do not work on ectopic pregnancies.

Only after all the necessary tests and other analyses, the doctor prescribe abortion pills to a patient. The doctor also considers the patient’s medical history, her Body Mass Index (BMI) and other things to adjust the dosage, the mode of administration and the gap between the two medicines.

Now, a random woman may not be aware of all these things while self-medicating. And self-abortion without a doctor’s consultation can result in an incomplete or failed abortion or even further complications.

Coming next to what women who are unable to procure abortion pills resort to is Papaya. Let’s see how efficient is papaya for abortion.

Understanding Papaya for abortion: Can papaya cause miscarriage?

For years, it has been believed that papaya can cause miscarriage. That’s why many women are doubtful if they can have it during pregnancy. So, let’s see some facts here. Papaya is eaten in three different forms, unripe or green papaya, semi-ripe papaya and ripe or orange-yellow papaya. All three forms are consumable both in raw as well as cooked forms.

Papaya in all three forms contains phytoconstituents, one of which is papain. However, the amount of papain varies in all three forms, with a maximum in the unripe one. Some animal studies suggest the potential of papain to cause uterine contractions. However, the amount of papain used in these studies was significantly high which is not possible to achieve in 2 or 3 or even more of the unripe papaya you may possibly eat to induce an abortion.

Animal studies do suggest uterine contractility but not miscarriage or abortion. Additionally, there have been no human studies that support that papaya can cause an abortion. Rather, consuming high amounts of unripe papaya can cause gastric irritation leading to another set of complications. You may experience contractions and even spotting, but not a successful abortion with papaya.

Ripe papaya is believed to be safe for both the pregnant woman and the fetus inside. It is actually a part of the pregnancy diet for many women in small servings for its beneficial properties. Ripe papaya is a good source of fibre, Vitamins and even water content which makes it suitable to eat in small servings during pregnancy. However, trying it for an abortion is not a good idea.

How much papaya to eat for abortion?

Women who are struggling with unplanned pregnancies may think of trying papaya for abortion. And since we mentioned that it can cause uterine contractions in large quantities, women may confuse it for eating many papayas to induce an abortion. But see, there have been no scientific studies on safe amounts of papain during pregnancy or how much papain can cause an abortion.

At first, papain’s connection with uterine contractility has been established in rat models but no human studies have been there. Also, the papain used was very high in quantity, you can say, industrial quantities. Papain is an enzyme that breaks down complex proteins and hence, is used in industries for certain reactions. So, this huge amount of papain is not easily possible to reach even with many unripe papayas you are willing to eat for abortion.

Remember, safe and legal abortion options exist for women who want them, even if they are staying in the UAE.

Safe alternatives of abortion clinic in UAE: Safe, legal & Confidential abortion in India for UAE women:

Due to the abortion policy in UAE with restrictive laws, women with unplanned pregnancies do not have a legal way to opt out of pregnancy by choice. But, carrying the pregnancy through full term may also not be what they are looking forward to. The problem multiplies for unmarried women in UAE with unexpected pregnancies.

So, such women end up paying a high cost of abortion by buying abortion pills at a huge price. Not only this, they pay the cost of abortion in terms of lost physical, mental and emotional health. Some may lose fertility and some may even lose their lives as a result of unsafe abortion attempts.

But, safe alternatives to abortion clinics in UAE exist in India with women-friendly laws. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks at registered abortion clinics with a woman’s sole content. Additionally, there is no issue with unmarried women seeking safe abortion services. The law strives for a safe abortion rather than an unsafe attempt because even unmarried or single women can get pregnant. Stigma with premarital sexual intimacy should not keep such women from seeking safe abortions.

Abortion in India at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

Even if you are not an Indian citizen or expat, you can under the same rules obtain a safe abortion in India. Many international patients visit American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), a specialized abortion clinic in Bangalore that has accreditation as well as international recognition. AHB specifically caters to international patients as the foundation of the hospital is to help international patients in difficult situations access safe and quality abortion care under the legal provisions.

Additionally, the abortion clinic is a boutique clinic with only a single patient receiving abortion care at a time. So, the team reserves its dedication for a single patient at a time also allowing for complete privacy and confidentiality.

The two approved and efficient abortion methods at AHB vary according to the patient’s specific medical condition and pregnancy length.

Abortion in IndiaFirst-trimester abortions are usually done using a non-invasive approach, Gentle Care suction. It is a single-appointment and same-day procedure that allows for a complete abortion in just a few minutes without any pain or discomfort to the patient. It also allows for early recovery and the patient can return to UAE knowing that she has had a successful abortion.

For second-trimester abortions, the patient may need more than a single day as labor is induced followed by Gentle Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) to ensure womb cleaning at once. It is also a gentle and natural approach by the abortion experts at the hospital striving to mark excellence in providing CAC to all patients.

Schedule a safe & confidential abortion consultation & appointment.

Hopefully, this post will help women seeking safe alternatives to unsafe abortion in the UAE. We endeavor to fight misinformation and help women access safe abortion services rather than attempting unsafe abortions due to the lack of facilities or legal options. Remember, a better choice is for your better health and better health can give you a better today and tomorrow. So, do not attempt any unsafe abortion like consuming lots of papayas or buying abortion pills from illegal suppliers.

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