4 important things to know before an abortion in Abu Dhabi

Abortion in Abu Dhabi or for that matter anywhere in the UAE is hotly debated. And is one of the most taboo concerns. The abortion laws of the country are very strict. Sadly, women seeking abortions are not only punished but also left alone to deal with self-guilt. 

Unwanted pregnancies are common throughout the world and so are abortions. But restricted abortion laws in various countries like Qatar, Oman, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Kuwait and the UAE make access to safe abortions arduous. 

To mention the least, women and girls have no legal way out of unwanted pregnancies in Abu Dhabi. But this does not mean that they cannot get a safe abortion. They do have safe, legal and confidential abortion options available at the best abortion hospital in Bangalore, India. 

And this post intends to help you know about the four must-know facts before you attempt an abortion in Abu Dhabi. And will also help you learn the safest way to opt-out of unwanted pregnancies. 

Abortion in Abu Dhabi, UAE: What you need to know?

#1. Respect local laws and customs:

When you are in Abu Dhabi, you should abide by the local rules and regulations. For your kind information, abortion in Abu Dhabi is considered an offence and is punishable by law. 

Besides, if the unwanted pregnancy is a result of a sexual relationship outside marriage, then your crime is double. It may come with serious penalties that can impact your personal, professional and social life. 

But we do understand that unplanned pregnancies are unplanned and unexpected just as the name indicates. And many women may seek abortions for several reasons. Abortion denial may come as a surprise to many women and girls living in countries where abortions are permissible.

When these girls live in the UAE as expatriates, they do not have a legal way out of an unwanted pregnancy just like its citizens. Therefore, many expatriates from India often travel back to India for an abortion. Since abortion rules in India are women-friendly, expatriates from other countries also travel to Bangalore for abortions. 

So, if you are living in the UAE and get pregnant but do not wish to proceed with it, respect the laws. Do not violate them by buying abortion pills in the UAE through illegal means or from online suppliers. Such an act can get you imprisoned and/or deported. 

Most expatriates in Abu Dhabi are staying there for professional reasons. It may be your reason too. Remember, an illegal act can shatter your professional dreams and bring your life to a standstill. 

We do understand that going ahead with the pregnancy may not be your option and that’s your personal choice. And therefore, we want you to have a safe pregnancy termination. It is possible to have a safe and legal abortion without violating the abortion laws of the state.

The legal scenario of abortion in the UAE:

Abortion in the UAE is illegal in most cases. And is permissible only for married women with the consent of their husbands only in two events. These are to protect the life of the pregnant woman and in case of a genetic disorder of the fetus. Furthermore, it is permissible only for up to 120 days. And only for the deformities that the child to be born may not survive.  

The Article 356 of the UAE Penal Code states that engaging in sexual intimacy outside of the marriage is punishable. The law violators may have to face a jail sentence followed by deportation. 

Many couples in Abu Dhabi are staying as fiancés. When they face unwanted pregnancies, they have very limited choices. Either they have to get a marriage certificate at the earliest and take the pregnancy ahead. Or they can return to their home country and get an abortion. But sometimes, even their home countries do not allow pregnancy terminations. 

In such events, it may be better to fly to a country where abortion is legal. But in these cases also, you need to ascertain whether your country of choice permits legal abortions for foreigners. If you do not know of such a country, you may consider an abortion in India. India is one such country that permits legal abortions for foreigners. 

Do not delay.

Ahead in the post, you will discover the best abortion hospital for a friendly, comfortable, safe and confidential abortion in India. It may be best for you and many other women like you to access reproductive healthcare safely and legally. It is okay if your country does not allow it. And it may take a long time for the laws to change. But you need a solution now. You cannot delay. When seeking an abortion, the delay is one of the worst things that you can do. 

Do not delay. Schedule a consultation appointment today. 

#2. Do not buy abortion pills in the UAE 

There are several reasons for which we are warning you not to buy abortion tablets in Abu Dhabi. Or for that matter, anywhere without a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Some of the reasons are:

  1. You may buy the wrong abortion tablets.
  2. Abortion may not get complete with abortion pills and result in an incomplete abortion
  3. There are several cases of ectopic pregnancy. And abortion pills in such cases may not cause the embryo expulsion. It can lead to life-threatening complications. 
  4. Many women and girls are not eligible for abortion pills. And hence, the self-administration of abortion pills can put their health and life at risk. 

Do you know anything about abortion tablets, their names, their registered brands, and how and when to take them? And, do you know whether you are even eligible for the abortion pill or not?

You may surely not be knowing that abortion pills may not result in a successful abortion. Did you know?

If you are seeking help from the black market, firstly you are doing wrong in the eyes of the law. Next, illegal suppliers may provide you with tablets that are not abortion tablets. The tablets may not result in an abortion. They may induce heavy bleeding and pose various complications, but not give you a spontaneous resolution to your problem. 

The pills sold by the illegal suppliers are often fake or expired. And in case of complications, the supplier is gone. You cannot expect any help from him/her. We spoke to some women who have dealt with such cases. Here are some of their abortion stories and messages to learn from them. 

Abortion experience 1:

This is the story of a married woman. This lady got pregnant as a result of a sexual relationship with someone other than her husband. She got into an emotional phase resulting in an unplanned pregnancy. 

On discovering her pregnancy, she knew that she cannot get a legal abortion. And since the pregnancy was a result of extramarital relationship, she could not seek help from her family or friends. Even the man responsible for getting her pregnant took to backfoot when this piece of information knocked him. 

The lady was feeling too lonely and deserted. She turned to online corners and sought abortion pills from private numbers available on some sites. She spoke to one of the suppliers and asked for help. The supplier on the other side arranged for a meeting in person.

He handed her some open tablets in a loose pack for a huge amount of money. She said, “I could have flown to a different country, got an abortion and returned at least twice in this much amount.”

But due to lockdown as a result of COVID-19, it was also not possible and the only rescue was to take these pills. 

The tablets had no label. The supplier guided the lady to take a tablet every 5 hours.

He also added warnings:

  1. It may or may not work. You can try your luck. 
  2. After you go, hold on to the fact that we never met. And now, we do not know each other. 
  3. In case of any complications, do not turn on to me. This meeting is over here and forever. 

The woman took the pills. The bleeding started a few hours later and continued for long. But abortion did not complete. The woman started to bleed heavily but could not tell anyone. She fainted. 

Upon noticing, someone from the neighborhood took her to emergency medical help. The hospital conducted certain tests. They found traces of the abortion pill Misoprostol in her blood sample. The hospital informed the government authorities. And the lady is still attending the judicial hearings for attempting a self-abortion. She is under trial.

Lesson to learn:

Do not buy abortion pills for sale from illegal suppliers. 

Abortion experience 2:

This is the story of an unmarried girl who was living with her fiancé in Abu Dhabi for 4 years. The couple planned to marry after their project completion back in their country. However, the unwanted pregnancy had her struggling in multiple ways. 

Firstly, she feared that she and her partner can face imprisonment for sexual intimacy without marriage. Secondly, due to lockdown, she could not travel to her country for an abortion. Thirdly, the couple wanted to go ahead with the pregnancy and get a marriage certificate. But the marriage certificate was also not available on time. And without a marriage certificate, one cannot get a maternity file opened. So, neither she was able to carry the pregnancy ahead nor terminate it. 

She sought help from a friend who took her to a doctor. The doctor offered to manually detach the embryo and remove it with an invasive procedure. And since it was being performed illegally, there was no provision for anesthesia. Seeking no other way out, she decided to go ahead. 

But what happened next was no less than a nightmare for her. She described the experience to be horrifying and monstrous. Besides, the girl got serious infections. Her reproductive organs inflamed. She returned to her normal life after nearly 5 months and still remembers the abortion experience as the worst of her life. 

Lesson to learn:

Do not fall in for an unsafe abortion method. It may result in life-threatening complications. 

Abortion experience 3:

This is a happy abortion experience for an unmarried girl living in Abu Dhabi. She got pregnant after an intimate act with someone at her office. But she was not sure whether to see him as her future partner. And pregnancy was just not her cup of tea at that time. 

Her partner was with her at this time and offered any kind of support she may need in having an abortion. After some online research, she filtered all spam and found the articles that really answered her queries. And that too from healthcare experts. 

On discovering that she can obtain an abortion in Bangalore, India, she took a short flight from Abu Dhabi to Bangalore. Her partner accompanied her. And you know what, she did not have to do any arrangements. All arrangements regarding travelling, overnight homestay and abortion appointments were prebooked. 

She availed of the VIP service package by American Hospital Bangalore that provides Gentle Care abortions. She got airport pick-up and drop services by a local cab in Bangalore. Her homestay was one of the best as was picked on at the best provider, Airbnb. 

She visited the hospital at her scheduled time. The doctor offered her Gentle Care suction abortion as her pregnancy was at 9 weeks.

She described the procedure as:

“Initially, I was very scared. But the doctor explained everything in detail. She answered all my concerns and made me feel comfortable.  Next, she helped me get ready for the procedure. She or any of the nurses did not judge me. I was really scared about stigma. To be honest, I was panic-stricken that the doctor or nurses may judge me for having an abortion as an unmarried.

Although most of my concerns were already clarified while I was in touch with the coordinator. But as you know, there is a difference between knowing the path and walking on it. I was really nervous. 

But alas! It was such a short and quick procedure that I am short of words to explain it. It got complete while I just started a friendly talk with the nurse. In less than 5 minutes, the doctor gave me the most awaited news, “Your abortion is complete.”

I thought that abortion may hurt and I may scream and cry. But it was absolutely painless. When I thought that the doctor is preparing for the procedure, she told me that it is already over. I was overjoyed and cried in happiness.

And one of the most important concerns for me is ‘comfort’. I would say I have been to many hospitals, big-size, and small-size but I found the comfort and care at American Hospital Bangalore unbeatable. I never knew that a procedure I am too scared of can be hassle-free, pain-free and stress-free for me. Honestly, I am really happy!

I would definitely recommend my fellow friends and other women in their times of need to seek help from the best abortion team.”

After the abortion:

The girl took discharge the same day in less than 30 minutes. Before the discharge, the doctor explained to the couple all the post-abortion dos and don’ts. The girl received the post-abortion prescription to help her in rapid healing and recovery. 

She then returned to her homestay. She had her partner by her side. After a night’s rest, the couple returned to Abu Dhabi the following day.

The girl called back the hospital and thanked the abortion team for helping her in the best and the safest possible manner. She resumed her routine life in less than 2 days. On the follow-up call with the doctor, the girl had completely recovered and there was no bleeding or fever or any sign of any kind of complication. She was truly happy to be back to normal. 

Lesson to learn:

Abortions can be safe and confidential procedures. When you discover you are pregnant, take time to process your feelings. Do not act in anxiety. If you are struggling with your emotions and are not able to distinguish what’s good or bad for you, do not hesitate in seeking help. 

Th best help is always available at reliable sources. Do not fall in for unsafe abortion. There are several risks and complications associated with them. However, all risks are preventable if you can make the right choice. 

#3. You can have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India.

The abortion laws of India are progressive. Hence, women from many countries travel to India for legal abortions. Here is what you need to know about legal abortion in India:

  • Abortion in India is available for up to 20 weeks in most cases and 24 weeks in special cases. 
  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India for the reasons like:
    • Contraceptive failure
    • To protect the woman’s health and/or life
    • In case of fetal anomalies
    • Rape/Incest
  • You need not be married for legal abortion in India. It is equally available to single women and unmarried girls. 
  • In case you are an adult, i.e., above 18 years, you do not need anyone else’s consent besides yourself for an abortion. So, you may choose not to involve your parents or partner. 

As far as safe abortion is concerned, the government of India recognizes and certifies abortion clinics. Abortions performed at the registered abortion clinics by registered medical practitioners are safe. However, the abortion care, waiting period, abortion methods and cost of abortion may vary from one hospital to another. 

And regarding a confidential abortion, firstly when you are coming from a distant country, you need not worry about the same. Secondly, Indian law also makes sure that hospitals cannot disclose any patient details to anyone. 

In a benchmark judgment by the Supreme Court, India:

“A woman’s freedom of choice whether to bear a child or abort her pregnancy are areas which fall in the realm of privacy”.

#4. Abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

Abortion in India is legal throughout the country. But patients from different parts of the country and abroad often prefer Gentle Care abortions available exclusively at American Hospital Bangalore. 


Gentle Care Abortion at American Hospital in India

Their preference inclination toward Gentle Care abortions is evident from the third abortion story mentioned above in the post. 

Are you also looking forward to having an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy?

If yes, you can obtain it as a part of the Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) at AHB. You can call the helpline number and inquire about the earliest spot. Since most of the abortion slots are prebooked, it is better if you know the earliest available appointment. 

Due to the exceptional and personalized abortion care, painless and Gentle Care abortions, the hospital accepts only a single patient at a time. This also ensures the patient’s privacy. That’s why most seats get filled in quick. Moreover, you may not want to miss your early abortion options due to any delay. 

Contact the hospital and schedule an early appointment.

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