Where to have a safe & confidential abortion in the Maldives

The Maldives, an escapade to the Heaven of Blue Hues has unparalleled beauty. You can live and love being in the Maldives for multiple reasons like beautiful landscapes.

Although the Maldives is extremely beautiful and a sought after travel destination for nature lovers, women and girls there struggle to end unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion rules vary with countries and even territories. And so does it in the Maldives. Unwanted pregnancies can come to any woman in any part of the world. But different countries do not give women equal rights to opt-out of unwanted pregnancies.

If you too have questions concerning abortion in Malé or anywhere in the Maldives, this post intends to educate you regarding your safe options. You will learn your abortion rights in the Maldives and also how and where you can obtain a legal, safe and confidential abortion.

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