How can Filipinas get a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

Each country has its rule book, unique sets of laws governing its citizens even in similar matters. Rules may differ but women face some common issues in most parts of the world.

However, what brings difference is how these issues are addressed in different countries.

One of the biggest and the most challenging situation in any woman’s life is a choice and freedom she has to exercise her reproductive rights.

Unintended and unwanted pregnancies are very common due to unmet contraception needs and inadequate knowledge about the same in many Asian nations, one of them being The Philippines.

The Philippines is a small island country, but its native people, Filipinas live in various countries like the UAE, Dubai and more, as Filipino ex-pats. 

Sadly, abortion laws in The Philippines are not very progressive and abortion there is treated as an offensive act. After many incidences of unsafe abortions and their complications leading to a high rate of maternal mortality, abortion was made legal but only in circumstances to save a woman’s life, which even today in most cases go unnoticed and unattended.

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