Top 5 mistakes in calculating the cost of abortion in Dubai

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Unwanted pregnancy in Dubai

Seeking illegal means of abortion within the UAE or Dubai.

Choosing low-cost foreign abortion destination scams.

Any abortion procedure can work at any stage.

Abortion can be done wherever it is legal.

Trying traditional or herbal methods or other Do It Yourself (DIY) abortions.

Gentle Care abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB)

Unwanted pregnancy in Dubai:

If you are residing in Dubai and having an unwanted pregnancy, you might be well aware of the illegality of abortion in the UAE. An abortion there is a crime. It’s illegal except if the survival rate or survival chance of a pregnant woman is less or there is evidence of fetal abnormalities. And that abortion also will come with the condition of getting approval from a medical panel. Furthermore, it must not be older than 120 days or the 17th week.

Generally, most women come to know about their pregnancy after 4-5 weeks. Considering the abortion law in Dubai, you have approximately 90 days or 13 weeks to get an abortion along with the above-mentioned conditions. But if you wilfully want to get an abortion in Dubai without having such serious medical conditions, then legally it is not possible. It is also not possible even if the pregnancy is a result of rape. Besides, if you seek an abortion as unmarried woman, legally you may receive denial. Additionally, you may also stand as a criminal and guilty for an illicit sexual relationship.

There is an old saying “TIME IS MONEY”. And when you have less time, you may tend to make more mistakes. There is no commonly accepted safer time limit to perform an abortion. However, up to 20-24 weeks deem as safe by the World Health Organization (WHO). And that’s why many countries take this limit where abortion is legal such as India.

Cost is indeed a not to miss calculation for any medical decision. But one has to consider common mistakes and how to avoid them while planning an abortion residing in Dubai and within a limited time frame. Following are some common mistakes that you should avoid while estimating the cost of abortion in Dubai.

Mistake 1: Seeking illegal means of abortion within the UAE or Dubai.

There is a quote “What is forbidden is the most desirable” and desirable is expensive. Illegitimate means of getting an abortion in Dubai are not an exception. But these means are neither reliable nor safe.

Buying abortion pills in Dubai:

You may buy the wrong abortion tablets. Or the tablets may fail to cause the abortion you are desperately seeking. Firstly, the most common one is pregnancy termination pills which are much harder to get without getting into the notice of medical jurisdiction. Even if someone gets these pregnancy termination pills from the black-market and way too expensive, there is no guarantee of safe abortion. There is no guarantee even of a complete abortion. You may not even know whether the pills you have are real abortifacients or fake pills. There are no means to verify the same for a layman.

And even if you have the right pills, there is no hard and fast rule that they will work as expected. They can fail, which they often do being expired or fake. And most of the time, they fail because of a lack of knowledge in using them appropriately. There is no one better than an experienced gynecologist who can assure whether the patient is even eligible for abortion pills. Not all patients respond similarly to these tablets. And even the same patient may not have a similar experience with abortion pills at any two different times during her reproductive life.

These pills not only come at a cost higher than one may spend for safe abortion in a neighboring country like India. But the patient may also have to pay the cost of abortion in Dubai with lost reproductive health. It may also result in many other severe complications that can impact the patient throughout her life. And sometimes, the complications can even be life-threatening. So, watch it out before you calculate the cost of abortion in terms of only buying abortion pills in Dubai from an illegal source.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy with abortion tablets:

Before anyone even considers using these pills to abort her pregnancy, she should also consider the risk of ectopic pregnancy. Such a risk is not detectable without any help from a medical professional. Termination of such a pregnancy may not only lead to rupture and heavy bleeding but may also lead to serious medical situations. Such emergencies need immediate medical aid from experienced healthcare providers.

Abortion in Dubai is banned and punishable:

Although doctors may be able to save the patient’s life in emergencies, they can also easily detect illicit pill use that can cause further legal charges. The patient may have to spend years behind the bars. The law department may also impose a heavy fine on her. And if she happens to be an expatriate, she may have to face deportation. She may never be able to return to Dubai or the UAE.

Are you ready to pay such a cost of an abortion? And is it worth it?

Mistake 2: Choosing low-cost foreign abortion destination scams.

Nowadays, getting robbed online is very common. Many women lost their well-earned money and health due to misinformation. They tend to fall into trap of low-cost tempting packages. There are many online sites which lure patients for the sake of legal and cheap medical tours. They are either completely fake or do not have proper medical treatment for which the patient has spent a heavy cost. So, one should thoroughly look out for the background of overseas medical facilities and their medical and nursing services before availing of any such services.

Either people get into the online scam of purchasing illegal abortion pills. Their side-effects are numerous. You can acquaint yourself with abortion pills risks at the following link: Associated risks with abortion pills, some Myths and Facts

Or they fall in for some cheap tours and visit destinations that also do not offer legal and safe abortions. It is crucial both for your health and wealth to not fall into such traps. Since abortion in the UAE is illegal, many women travel to neighboring countries to avail of legal abortion. However, not knowing of their legal abortion rights either as an expatriate or a foreigner, they visit there only to be ending up with an unsafe abortion.

Some of the unplanned visits often face rejection and women have to return without an abortion. This further reduces the time they have for legal abortion in some other countries like India that offer abortion services even to foreign women. The less time they have, the more likely it is for them to fall in for another unsafe abortion method without any concern for their health and/or life.

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) based in Bangalore, India offers excellent medical service backed by numerous reviews of satisfied customers. Have a look for yourself.

Mistake 3: Any abortion procedure can work at any stage:

Due to a lack of medical knowledge, most people tend to think that pregnancy termination tablets can work at any stage or time of pregnancy. This misinformation leads to more loss of the precious time they had before an abortion. And in the end, they have to face consequences in terms of cost and health-related problems.

The biggest and most common mistake that people make is neglecting the necessary precautions with any treatment.

Medical Pills:

Pills are most successful for the termination of pregnancy aged up to 6-8 weeks. And one should also consider the risk of ectopic pregnancy with pills. No ectopic pregnancy is treatable with Mifepristone and Misoprostol These tablets terminate only intrauterine pregnancies only. And their efficiency is not more than 95% which is also achievable after considering all the essential factors before prescribing them.

Vacuum aspiration:

This procedure involves gently removing the pregnancy tissue with the help of a hand-held suction device. An experienced medical professional takes 5–10-minutes to complete this procedure by giving local to mild anesthesia to induce sedation. This procedure is useful up to the 12th week of pregnancy.

However, not knowing this, many women who cannot obtain abortion pills or suffer the complication of an incomplete or failed abortion after taking illicit abortion pills go for manual abortion at the hands of unprofessional people. This may further complicate their situation. It can lead to internal injuries. Injury to any internal organ can not only impair your fertility but also impact your overall well-being. Some injuries can even lead to hemorrhage and other life-threatening complications.

Infections of the reproductive tract are the most common complication after an unsafe abortion. You cannot expect an unprofessional to be educated in hygiene care before and after an abortion. You can also not expect a quack to prescribe you safe prophylactic medicines or be able to manage any emergencies. Some untreated infections can even lead to sepsis. And sepsis can be fatal.

Many women who are past 12 weeks of pregnancy and want to get rid of the unwanted pregnancy at any cost also fall in for such an unsafe abortion. At this time, they too can not be sure of a complete abortion. Since the embryo size increases with each passing day, manual suction may also lead to an incomplete abortion. And to complete this by emptying the womb, one may need surgical intervention, Dilatation and Curettage (D&C) or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) abortion procedure.

Besides, untrained professionals may not have proper knowledge of performing the procedure. There are vivid chances of incomplete or failed abortions.

Surgical abortion:

After 12 weeks of pregnancy, the embryo size is more for it to be efficiently removed with pills or only suction. A trained medical doctor and nursing team is required to perform surgical procedures to terminate pregnancies beyond 12 weeks.

Visiting an unprofessional setting and a quack for such an abortion to cut down the cost of an abortion can be a grave mistake. You may have to pay the cost of such an unsafe abortion with your lost well-being. You may lose your partial to complete fertility. This can pose complications in future when you will be wanting to get pregnant naturally.

This has often become a serious problem for unmarried girls wanting an abortion in Dubai. Firstly, they do not have any legal way out of the unwanted pregnancy. Secondly, when they wish to enter motherhood after getting married and settled, they find themselves in a difficult situation, not being able to conceive.

In addition, sharp tools used during the procedure can lead to internal injuries and marks. Even the marks of previous surgery can be very easily pointed out by a professional during any future ultrasound, CT scan, MRI or similar diagnostic test. This is what an unmarried girl may not want anyone to know when she has already moved on in her life.

Not to miss are the infections that are very likely to set in after any surgical procedure. And you cannot expect an unprofessional to be using sterile tools or taking every necessary precaution.

Do you think it is worth getting an unsafe abortion at the cost of your lost health?

Many times, people rush to those countries where abortion is legal to save time and money. It is true but one should also check the laws of the country they are planning to pay a visit for an abortion as a foreigner or an expatriate. Furthermore, they also need to check whether the abortion law is equally applicable to married and unmarried or single women. In addition, they should also know whether they’ll need a marriage certificate to prove that they are married. And another important thing is consent for abortion. In many countries where abortion is legal, the consent of both the woman and the partner may be necessary.

For example, abortion in Singapore is legal but only for married women. Besides, medical treatment is cheaper which can make a woman fall in for a low-cost abortion package. But if the woman is unmarried, she may have to return without an abortion because an unmarried woman may not get an abortion there. There is no use in spending money without having proper knowledge of your legal reproductive rights in the country you plan to seek an abortion.

The cost of treatment in India is not that expensive. India is one of the top countries in pharmaceuticals and medical facilities, with experienced doctors and nursing services. And you really need to know a little about abortion rules in India. They are not only women-friendly but also quite liberal. Here is a little help for you to make a wise abortion in India choice to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

What do you need to know about your abortion in India rights as a foreigner?

  • Abortion in India is legitimate not only for Indian women but also for Non-Resident Indians (NRIs), expatriates and even foreign women. So, any woman from Dubai can get a legal abortion in India.
  • Abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried or single women, even for the ones coming from foreign nations. Moreover, they do not have to provide their marriage certificate or any other proof of being married.
  • Abortion in India is available to all adult women with their consent only. So, you do not need your parents’ consent even if you are unmarried if you are above 18 years of age. Even in the case of married women, the partner’s consent is not necessary for the abortion.
  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India in case your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure. Or if the ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to your physical and/or mental well-being and/or life. Even in case of fetal abnormalities, you can get a legal abortion in India. Unlike the UAE, there is no rule as to for which fetal deformities only can a woman obtain a legal abortion in India. Furthermore, one can even obtain an abortion in India if the pregnancy is a result of sexual assault. And one does not have to prove it in the law of court unlike many countries that allow abortions in cases of rape but only after approval of the misconduct in the court of law.
  • Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances, however with different methods that need individualization based on patient-specific factors.

Mistake 5. Trying traditional or herbal methods or other Do It Yourself (DIY) abortions:

Do traditional herbal abortion methods work? Sometimes people get influenced by so-called traditional Hakeem or herbal methods to abort a pregnancy. Due to their fear of laws, people tend to indulge in these methods and waste much more time and money than they could have spent while seeking a safe abortion in India.

These traditional or manual abortion procedures are not reliable or safe. These methods are not certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) or any other medical authorities. There is a high risk of heavy bleeding, infections and other complications. Some of them can even be fatal. If the trial of such an abortion fails, the patient is trapped in a much worse situation than before.

Besides the health complications, it is quite easy to get into the notice of the doctor that it is a complication of a botched-up abortion. This may further come with legal charges. Especially, unmarried women try these methods and others like that of buying abortion pills in Dubai. As a result, many women have lost their health and even their lives.

This not only ruins a woman’s personal life but also her social and professional life. She may have to face criminal charges and deportation if she is an expat. Many Malayali women reside in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. They too prefer obtaining a safe, legal, confidential, painless, quick Gentle Care abortion in India rather than an unsafe abortion.

DIY abortions come with a huge penalty on both the health and the life of the patient. Most of the complications have already been discussed in the above sections. For detailed abortion risks and side effects, you can read the post at the following link: What are the abortion risks and how to prevent them?

Gentle Care abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB):

AHB is a premier abortion destination for many foreign women, Indian expats and Non-Resident Indians (NRIs). They seek a safe abortion that can help them move ahead in their lives confidently, happily and most importantly healthily. And a Gentle Care abortion offers them this.

Next, they seek a quick resolution to the problem of unintended pregnancy. Since Gentle Care abortions are quick single-appointment procedures, AHB is in a very good position to offer them a quick solution. Patients get discharged the same day after the abortion with a post-abortion prescription to follow and guidelines for early recovery.

Another thing they want is a confidential abortion. Abortion in the UAE is illegal. Hence, patients are unable to confide in anyone there. But, abortion in India is legal and hence, there is no worry regarding the legal issues. Furthermore, there are no chances of meeting any acquaintances. The hospital too keeps all patient details completely confidential. Only a single patient is attended to at a time to safeguard her privacy. Moreover, the hospital reserves its dedicated care and services for a single patient at a time.

Besides being quick, the Gentle Care abortion method is highly efficient. There are no chances of incomplete abortion. Hence, the patient can return to Dubai with the confidence of a successful procedure.

The fear of pain is yet another thing that comes to mind of any woman looking forward to having an abortion. Moreover, some stories of unsafe abortions are no less than nightmares. Whereas, Gentle Care abortions at AHB are absolutely painless and can help the patient have a positive treatment outcome.

Book an early abortion slot.

Most of the abortion slots for Gentle Care abortions are prebooked since the patients travel from far-off cities and countries to obtain one. You may not want to wait for long. So, inquire about the earliest slot today.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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