What will be the cost for having an abortion in Dubai?

When you are considering abortion in Dubai, the cost can be a big concern. And it definitely needs a pre-calculation to make a wise choice. If you are looking for an abortion clinic in Dubai or worrying about its cost, this post is for you.

This post intends to help you learn the several factors that can change abortion costs in Dubai. Also, it will help you discover your safe, legal and confidential pathway out of an unwanted pregnancy.

Contents in this post:

Cost of abortion: Factors involved

Cost of abortion based on abortion consultation

Unsafe abortion risks

Cost of diagnostic ultrasound

Cost of pathology tests

Abortion cost based on abortion method

Cost of abortion: Factors involved

The cost of an abortion is not a single figure in UAE Dirhams or US Dollars. It is a calculation of several things arriving at some pretty conclusions. And no cost of abortion for two women is ever the same. Even the same woman may have to pay a different cost for abortion for different pregnancies. So, sit back and relax before you figure out the cost for yourself.

The factors that play a role in deciding the cost of abortion are:

  • Abortion consultation.
  • Diagnostic ultrasound.
  • Pathology tests.
  • Additional diagnostic tests based on the patient’s medical condition.
  • Abortion method.
  • Private facilities like a private room, companion space, etc.
  • Travel and stay expenditure.

All these factors are further dependent on several things which vary with patients. We shall discuss each of them and how they can impact the final cost of abortion for you.

Cost of abortion based on abortion consultation:

The first and foremost thing is visiting a registered abortion clinic or hospital. Abortions are likely safe when performed by registered medical practitioners. They qualify for performing abortions and have received training and gained expertise in the domain.

The consultation fee of any abortion doctor may depend on his/her qualifications and experience. Besides, the facilities offered at the clinic may also contribute toward the final cost. A patient wanting private consultation may want it to be in a close-knit setting. And of course, the hospital can charge for a private room, companion space, etc.

Unsafe abortion risks:

Visiting a quack:

Visiting an unprofessional or a quack to cut the cost of abortion may be a very dangerous idea. Unsafe abortions carry immense risks to your health and life. Unsafe abortions can lead to several emergencies like ectopic pregnancy rupture, heavy blood loss, infections, etc.

Incomplete abortion is the most common risk and it can lead to infections in the uterine cavity. Such abortions need surgical treatment or the developing infection can lead to sepsis.

Ectopic pregnancy may rupture within your body and cause internal bleeding. This is a serious emergency. Immediate surgery to remove the pregnancy tissue and ruptured fallopian tube or the associated organ(s) is essential. This is to save the patient’s life. Even if the patient’s life is saved, she may lose her fertility. This loss may be partial or complete. Abortions at the hands of safe practitioners are safe. But unsafe abortion complications often pose threat to future pregnancies.

Sharp tools used by an unprofessional for womb cleaning can cause similar complications. It can lead to internal injury, heavy blood loss, infections and others. Besides, such conditions can also lead to further life-threatening complications. Such complications can prove fatal for the patient.

We are talking about these risks with abortions because many women tend to cut the cost of an abortion. They do so by visiting quacks rather than the registered abortion clinics. However, they end up paying a higher cost in terms of lost health and sometimes life.

Buying abortion tablets in the UAE:

Many other girls and women tend to buy abortion pills in Dubai not knowing the risks involved. This is also an unsafe abortion method. And the cost that they pay may be as high as 3000 to 5000 Dirhams. In this amount, you can fly off to a country where abortion is legal, obtain a safe abortion and return. What is the use of spending amount and then not even getting a safe abortion?

Risks with self-administration of abortion pills are also similar as mentioned above. One may buy fake or expired pills. This is because abortion in UAE is illegal and one may try to procure them through illegal suppliers. What if the law finds out about such abortions? One may not only have to face the medical complications but will also have to pay the cost in terms of fine and imprisonment. Expats living in Dubai have often faced deportation for getting pregnant without marriage or for seeking an abortion.

And when the complications present themselves, help from illegal suppliers or quacks is not available. They turn their back. Abortion tablet suppliers often tell their customers not to contact again after getting the pills. Now, whose responsibility is your health? Of course, it’s your responsibility and you can never ignore its importance.

Abortion consultation: A wise decision

And a wise decision can save you from all sorts of complications. What do you think is this wise decision in the context of abortion?

It is to always visit only a safe abortion clinic where you can get a proper abortion consultation and procedure.

During a pre-abortion consultation, the doctor will talk to you directly about how you are feeling. A nurse may check your vitals. The doctor will ask you about your medical history. You should always tell the doctor whatever medical condition you have. For instance, any co-existing medical condition for which you are taking any medicines. The doctor can then make sure to prescribe you the medicines that do not interact with your medication.

The doctor will also ask you for any known allergies. This is to keep off the allergens from the prescription. Then, the doctor may advise you to undergo some pathology tests and an ultrasound. These tests are essential for your safety.

And routine blood tests can help the doctor know several important things like your blood count, etc. There is a blood loss with abortion just like with your menstruation. And if you are anemic, the doctor can prescribe you hematinic to make up for the blood loss. It can help you in post-abortion recovery. So, never miss a pre-abortion consultation. Your health and life are more important than their cost.

Cost of diagnostic ultrasound:

Diagnostic ultrasound is done at a nearby radio diagnostic lab. It takes only a few minutes to complete the scan. And it comes at a minimal cost, not a big concern. But you should never skip an ultrasound to cut the cost of the abortion.

An ultrasound will help the doctor learn about your pregnancy’s exact length and location. These are essential to prescribe you the best abortion method. And pregnancy location can help in ruling out the presence of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy if diagnosed at an early stage can be medically treated. The patient’s fertility and life can be saved with an early diagnosis and treatment.

Your abortion method depends largely on how far you are in your pregnancy. There are three safe abortion methods prescribed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. Medical abortion with the help of safe abortion pills is available up to 6-8 weeks of gestation.
  2. The vacuum aspiration method of abortion is available up to 12 weeks of gestation.
  3. Surgical abortion is available for up to 20 weeks of gestation.

Every woman’s menstrual cycle and ovulation period are different. The Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date gives an approximate pregnancy length. But the exact length is reached by the transvaginal ultrasound. So, your pregnancy method may vary.

Example for pregnancy length:

Consider a girl seeking an abortion at 14 weeks from her LMP. So, by LMP, she is 14 weeks pregnant and will have to undergo a surgical abortion. But since her menstrual period length is 40 days, the ultrasound tells her pregnancy to be only 11 weeks and 3 days. This means she can get her pregnancy termination without surgery. She can opt for a Gentle Care suction abortion as she is less than 12 weeks pregnant.

Even if you consider money a factor, the cost of Gentle Care suction abortion may be less than that of a surgical abortion. Plus, the non-invasive abortion method carries lesser risks. Moreover, you can recover early. So, never underestimate the power of an ultrasound before an abortion. You may not want to miss it.

Example for pregnancy location:

Take another example of a woman seeking an abortion at 6 weeks gestation. She can take abortion pills only by her LMP date. But, wait a minute. Abortion pills without ruling out the probability of an ectopic pregnancy can be very risky. Never attempt a self-abortion.

In this case, let us assume that during the ultrasound, the doctor diagnoses an ectopic pregnancy. Now, it is during a very early stage. It can be treated with medicines and without surgery. But in case the woman takes abortion pills without an ultrasound and consultation, the pregnancy may rupture within her body.

Most common ectopic pregnancies are the ones that stay in the fallopian tubes. The pregnancy may rupture leading to the tube bursting along with it. This is an emergency. Immediate medical surgery to remove the pregnancy tissue and tube is essential to save the patient’s life. She may live but may find difficulty in future pregnancies.

See, all of this is preventable with an early diagnosis. Now, do you think you should miss an ultrasound to cut the cost of an abortion?

Cost of pathology tests:

Just like ultrasound, the routine blood and urine examination can also be done at a nearby pathology lab. These too are essential for the patient’s safety. And they come at a very nominal fee. Some routine examinations may involve your blood group if you didn’t know. Other tests are Complete blood count, beta hCG, etc. These may remain common for almost all women seeking abortions.

Some other tests like blood sugar levels, LFT, RFT, etc. may be required depending on the patient’s medical condition. They are prescribed only as and when needed for the patient’s safety.

Consider an example of surgical abortion and the woman’s Hemoglobin levels are low. In case of heavy blood loss, the hospital may have to be ready for a blood transfusion. And then, the blood group may also be a prerequisite. Or even with abortion pills, the blood loss can be heavy. So, an anemic patient shall be prescribed a Gentle Care suction abortion. This can prevent heavy blood loss as the abortion will get compete at the clinic itself.

Or take another example with the Total Leukocyte Count (TLC) of the patient higher than the normal range. This may possibly be due to an infection. In such a case, the patient gets more vulnerable to infections after abortion. And surgery cannot be done unless the TLC value gest normal. For such a patient, the doctor may prescribe a course of antibiotics before the abortion. Otherwise, infections can lead to sepsis and septic shock. This could be a fatal condition.

Do you think it wise to cut an abortion cost by avoiding these important medical tests?

Cost of additional diagnostic tests based on patient’s medical condition:

Some medical tests as mentioned above are asked for depending on the patient’s medical condition. And the cost of each test varies. The doctor will advise these tests only for some patients, as and when the need may call.

For example, consider a patient undergoing a Gentle Care surgical abortion for pregnancy termination at 20-weeks. And she is diabetic as well as hypertensive. So, the doctor may advise her HbA1c level test and the current day fasting sugar levels.

In case the levels are on the higher side, insulin administration may be required during the procedure. Or some medicines can be advised to the patient accordingly. This can prevent any fluctuation in her sugar levels during and after the abortion.

Moreover, the doctor will keep monitoring the Blood Pressure (BP) and heart rate levels throughout. Also, a nurse shall be ready with antihypertensives, if there occurs any need. This can prevent emergency BP fluctuations in the patient.

Similarly, the tests according to the patient’s specific needs can be advised. And the cost can vary accordingly. You can see the importance of these tests in managing the patient’s abortion along with her medical condition. Important tests, their reports and the necessary preparation can prevent complications. And the abortion can be safely completed.

Cost of the abortion based on abortion method:

The abortion method varies depending on the patient’s pregnancy length, location and specific needs. Accordingly, the cost of abortion may vary.

Cost of MTP procedure:

MTP procedure or medical abortion involves abortion with the help of abortion pills. It is available for terminating early intrauterine pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks. Its cost may depend on the factors like a branded product vs a generic product. Some brands have a reputation for being more efficient. However, with abortion pills, there is always a probability of incomplete abortion.

Most patients are not comfortable with the cost of MTP procedures in terms of pain, bleeding, discomfort, and waiting period. Besides, in events of incomplete abortion, the cost of additional surgery will add up. This surgery is essential to complete the abortion.

Abortions in Dubai are legally restricted. So, patients do not have any legal way out of unwanted pregnancies. But they should also not resort to unsafe abortion methods such as buying illegal abortion pills. It can cost them personally, socially, and professionally besides impaired health.

However, abortions in India are legal for a variety of circumstances. These include contraceptive failure and protection to the woman’s health and life. And cases such as fetal deformities and even sexual assaults resulting in unwanted pregnancies.

Many Malayali women, Indian ex-pats and other foreign women travel to Bangalore for Gentle Care suction abortion.

Cost of Gentle Care suction abortion:

This is the most preferred abortion method by the patients who can travel to Bangalore, India for abortion.

This is the abortion method available for up to the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is a short and single-appointment procedure. Usually, it gets completed in less than 5 minutes.

The abortion experience is absolutely painless. Many women do not even bleed post-abortion. The experienced doctors at the American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) have pioneered this abortion method. The doctor gently applies manual suction to remove the pregnancy tissue. The womb cleaning is completed within the clinic with minimal bleeding. After resting in the private room, the patient can take discharge the same day. Most of the patients report recovery time to be less than 10 minutes. Once they feel sufficiently rested, they can take an Uber conveniently available at the hospital’s door. Then, they can return to their Airbnb homestay or hotel room wherever they are staying.

Some patients who have the same day flight to Dubai hire Uber for the airport directly. They feel completely normal after the procedure and can return with the joy of successful abortion.

During your stay at the hospital, you can rest in your private recovery room. Gentle Care suction abortion is non-invasive. So, you can eat and drink normally before and after abortion. You can order some healthy meals or enjoy your favourite cuisines at Swiggy or Zomato. You’ll love your stay in India just like many of the fellow women. Your friends have experienced Gentle Care suction abortion as liberation from unwanted pregnancies.

Cost of Gentle Care surgical abortion:

This is a mildly invasive abortion method for terminating pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. Its cost can be a little higher than the Gentle Care suction abortion. Since the method is slightly invasive, the use of anesthesia makes the procedure painless. A registered and experienced anesthetist does the job. And, hence there will be a slight addition in the cost. But that’s absolutely less than discomfort and pain with an unsafe abortion.

Moreover, the time taken is between 20-30 minutes to complete the abortion. You can return home with a successful procedure. The recovery time is nearly 15-30 minutes. The patient can rest and recover privately with her companion in the private room. A caring, friendly and compassionate nurse will cater to all the needs of the patient throughout her stay.

Similar to Gentle Care suction abortion, the patient can take discharge the same day. She can rest overnight in her homestay and return to Dubai as per the scheduled flight.

Gentle Care abortion is painless:

The cost of abortion in terms of pain can come as diverse experiences for different women. Fear of pain with abortion is very much legitimate. And so is the cost of abortion in terms of pain. An abortion in Dubai or anywhere else can be very painful if it is unsafe.

And the parameters of pain are beyond the pain to the physical body. Imprisonment, deportation, social harassment, and changes in professional and personal life can come as unpleasant experiences. Why seek an unsafe abortion when you can get a pain-free, stress-free abortion at the best abortion hospital?

Gentle Care abortion can be requested today. However, the hospital accepts only a single patient at a time. You may not want to miss an early abortion seat. Save your seat today.

Schedule an abortion appointment. 

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