What is the cost of having an abortion in Qatar?

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Abortion in Qatar

Your abortion in India option

What women in Qatar are doing with their unwanted pregnancies?

Cost of abortion in Qatar


When you Google regarding the cost of having an abortion, you may get more confused than you were in the first place. You’ll find so many numbers varying largely. This may cause a little bit of confusion regarding the reliability of the abortion procedure. There is no set of rules that can give you the exact figure you are going to spend on terminating your pregnancy. So, nobody really knows or can tell you the exact cost beforehand. It may be an estimate with or without hidden charges.

Well, each woman may pay a different cost of an abortion. Even the same woman may have to pay the different costs for abortions she undergoes at different times in her life. Largely, the monetary figure depends on several costs combined together. The major contributor in deciding the abortion cost is the abortion method. This further depends on the pregnancy length and the patient’s medical condition.

Other costs that contribute include the diagnostic tests and the abortion hospital you choose for your pregnancy termination. And not to ignore are the private facilities you may choose for your comfort.

Ahead in the post, we shall be discussing all the factors that will help you arrive at an estimate for the abortion cost.

Abortion in Qatar:

Since we are speaking about abortion costs in Qatar in this post, the cost may come to you in the form of legal punishment. Abortion in Qatar is illegal and punishable by law. Any woman and her helper(s) are liable for a legal punishment if they are found to be involved in illegal pregnancy termination.

Besides, if you are an expat, you may even have to face deportation. First, you may not be allowed to abort if caught before performing an abortion. The law department of Qatar has seized many such married and unmarried women. Most of them are expats trying to purchase illegal abortion pills in Qatar.

Next, they are punished with imprisonment and/on fine imposition. Then, the government may deport them and blacklist them from entering again in Qatar. Qatar’s population consists of many Indian expats, NRIs, Filipino expats and expats from other neighboring countries. They have travelled and settled there mostly for professional reasons. And have to abide by the laws of their resident country. But when unplanned pregnancies knock on their doors, they have no legal way out.

Your abortion in India option:

Such women, married or unmarried can easily travel to India and obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion. Abortions in India are available to all women, whether married or unmarried, whether Indians or foreigners, equally.

However, there are certain things to know about having an abortion in India.

These are:

  • You must not delay in making an abortion appointment in advance. We say so because abortions in India are available for up to 20 weeks in cases of contraceptive failure. So, if you miss this mark, you may get in trouble.
  • The abortion methods vary depending on the length and location of the pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancies need immediate attention or they can cause life-threatening complications. And for intrauterine pregnancies, the abortion methods vary from medical to vacuum aspiration abortion and surgical abortion. Earlier you are, the lesser the risks with abortion. Moreover, you can get a non-invasive Gentle Care suction abortion for up to 12 weeks only. In between 12-20 weeks, the procedure may be Gentle Care surgical abortion.
  • You do not need anyone else’s permission or consent for an abortion if you are above 18 years. You can get an abortion with your consent only. Unlike in Qatar, you do not need to prove your marriage or seek a partner’s consent.
  • Gentle Care abortions are exclusively available at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) and only on prior appointments. However, you can call their helpline number. You can ask the coordinator to make all your travel and overnight stay scheduled as per your preference.

Speaking about the cost of abortion, what do you think is the amount you may pay for illegal abortion pills in Qatar? In the same amount, you can travel to India, obtain a safe, legal, confidential, painless, quick Gentle Care abortion and return to Qatar in the shortest possible trip.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today!

What women in Qatar are doing with their unwanted pregnancies?

Many women resort to unsafe abortion methods after learning about their unplanned pregnancies. They rely on illegal suppliers from the black market selling abortion pills through several online platforms and trade circles.

By doing so, they not only pay a huge monetary cost for obtaining secret abortion pills. But also, they pay the cost in terms of their lost health and sometimes, even life. Unsafe abortions pose diverse complications and risks. Some risks are acute and impact the woman’s health for some time. While some others are chronic or irreversible. The woman may have to live all her life with them.

For instance, she may lose her partial or complete fertility. A case of an ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency. It not only threatens the patient’s reproductive health but also her life. She may need immediate surgery.

Even with intrauterine pregnancies, she may suffer severe infections of the reproductive tract. These can lead to impaired reproductive health. She may suffer from mild to severe infections time and again. Many women suffer from severe Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), which is becoming a very common cause of inflamed fallopian tubes. Such a condition either results in difficulty in conception or an early miscarriage whenever the woman conceives in future.

So, if you are to ask that can an abortion impact your future pregnancies, then the answer is a “yes” to unsafe abortion. However, safe abortions are the ones performed at registered abortion clinics and by approved doctors for abortion. These doctors are qualified and have received enough training to complete safe and successful abortions. They not only help in the safe removal of unwanted pregnancies but also ensure a rapid post-abortion recovery.

Cost of abortion in Qatar:

Here, we will discuss the abortion cost in several terms and see if you are ready to pay that cost. Let’s find out!

Cost of abortion in terms of legal punishment:

This has been discussed in the above section that abortions in Qatar are illegal. And hence, if you are caught while seeking an abortion, you may be legally punished. You may not even be allowed to abort the unwanted pregnancy. In case you are a foreigner living in Qatar, you may have to face deportation.

And in a case you are caught by the law after having performed an abortion, you and your helper(s) are criminals in the eyes of the law. You may have to go to jail for months or years. You may also have to pay a huge fine and deportation also.

This can impact a woman’s personal, professional, social as well as economic life. Are you ready to pay this cost? No woman may ever want to be caught and put herself in uninvited trouble. When you do have a legal way out of unwanted pregnancy, why take a risk of illegal abortion? Besides being illegal, such an abortion is also an unsafe one. And you may pay its cost in several other forms. We will come to them below. Keep reading further to know the risks you can avoid by the right abortion decision.

Cost of abortion in terms of the patient’s health:

No abortion cost is greater than the cost of your health. Unsafe abortions can pose women with many short-term and long-term effects. There can be more than one unmanageable condition after an unsafe abortion. And they can negatively impact the overall well-being of the patient.

Some of them can be:

Incomplete abortion:

This is the most common and the most evident post-abortion complication with abortion pills. Firstly, you may not know whether you are buying the right abortion tablets or not. Fake or expired medicines circulate openly and in high amounts amongst illegal suppliers. This is their way of making easy money.

But what if abortion does not take place even after you took the legal risk of purchasing abortion pills? Abortion tablets may fail in inducing a miscarriage. Or most commonly, it leads to incomplete abortion. It means all pregnancy products do not pass out after taking the abortion pills. The remnants present in the womb can lead to hormonal imbalance, cause abdominal cramps and pain and bleeding that may last for days and weeks. It may range from spotting to very heavy bleeding. But does not stop altogether.

Even if you manage to get the right abortion tablets, the risk of an incomplete abortion still remains. Even with highly efficacious abortion pills, there are chances of incomplete abortion between 5-10%. Moreover, when the patient self-administers abortion pills, she may not consider the important things like dose and mode of administration. And even the patient-specific factors that can affect the working of abortion pills.

Now, can you go to the same supplier for help? No, you cannot. What will you do in such a case? So, you may have to pay the cost of abortion pills in Qatar with a failed or incomplete abortion. And do you know, that you may need surgery to complete the abortion?

An incomplete abortion if not completed on time can result in more complications like infections, fever, pain and even sepsis.

Are you ready to pay the cost of abortion pills with an incomplete abortion?


Now, in a case of an incomplete abortion, if you attempt another invasive unsafe abortion method, it can lead to internal injury. Many patients rely on manual abortions rather than pills. But in a country where it is illegal, how can you expect to get a manual abortion on safe premises? And that too using safe equipment and by qualified and experienced practitioners?

Many such situations can cause internal injuries. Internal injuries may lead to unmanageable situations, heavy bleeding, infections, fever and even sepsis. A quack may not be able to manage a complicated situation and may leave you on your own.

Such cases are medical emergencies and can lead to life-threatening complications.


With unsafe, non-sterile equipment and on unhygienic premises, infection probability post-abortion gets high. In case you do not get timely antibiotics and treatment, an infection may spread to the entire body. And it can even lead to sepsis which is again a life-threatening condition.

Ectopic pregnancy:

Ectopic pregnancies are faulty pregnancies that need to be ruled out before proceeding with an abortion. And it is detectable only by transvaginal ultrasound. To get this diagnosis, you may need a prescription from a registered medical practitioner. And for the prescription, you may need to visit a state hospital and get your maternity file opened. Furthermore, you need your marriage certificate and your partner’s consent for the maternity file. Now, how will you get it detected without all these?

In a case, your pregnancy is ectopic and you take abortion pills, whether fake or safe, abortion will not happen. Rather, the embryo may keep growing or rupture inside the body as a result of uterine contractions due to pills. This rupture can lead to the rupture in the fallopian tube as well and lead to hemorrhage. Now, this is again a life-threatening complication.

Immediate surgery is essential for saving the patient’s life. Even if somehow, the patient’s life is saved, she may suffer her entire life with lost fertility. Depending on the case’s severity, the loss may be partial to complete. She may find it difficult in conceiving in future.

This is the cost no woman would like to pay at the hands of unsafe abortion.

Mental trauma:

Besides physical bruises, unsafe abortions can also lead to mental trauma. The stigma surrounding abortions is evident and can be seen everywhere across the globe. Although, in modern times, we openly speak about sexual education, well-being and safe sex practices. However, abortions are still seen as taboo topics. Most of the time, women fear this stigma and seek secretive abortions. They do not look for safe abortions that they can obtain without compromising their privacy and confidentiality. The physical injuries may heal with time, but mental traumatizing experiences may never heal.

Women may even break down emotionally in cases. For instance, when they have to pay the cost of unsafe abortion with lost reproductive health. They may become patients with depression, anxiety, stress and other psychological disturbances.

Do you want to pay such a cost?

Heavy blood loss:

Whether you get a complete abortion or an incomplete one, one of the most common complications is associated with bleeding. Since abortion pills induce a natural miscarriage, bleeding is natural and normal. But what in a case of heavy bleeding?

Abortion pills are becoming the less popular method of in-clinic abortion. Women fear pain with abortion and discomfort associated with heavy bleeding that can last for days. Hence, they look for better and more convenient abortion options. This is why most Malayali women travel to Bangalore rather than Kerala for abortions in India.

Gentle Care abortion procedures offered by AHB are painless, quick, single-appointment, cause minimal bleeding and do not need overnight hospitalization. Overseas patients often travel back the same or the next day after obtaining a Gentle Care abortion.

In case you too want to inquire about the procedure and get an early appointment scheduled, it may be best for you to talk on their helpline number. Or you can even leave them a message requesting a reply or a callback. The coordinator there can help you with your travel arrangements, abortion appointment and even a comfortable Airbnb homestay.

Cost of abortion that women pay for a complete abortion:

Considering that a woman gets safe abortion pills, her pregnancy is intrauterine and in less than 6 weeks, she may get a complete abortion. But the cost she may have to pay for the same may be higher than the cost of a safe abortion.

She may have to pay the cost for the same in the forms of:

Moderate to severe pain needing pain management:

However, she may not be able to receive the medication without a prescription. This may leave the patient to deal with severe abdominal cramps and pain all on her own.

Moderate to heavy bleeding:

Bleeding is indeed quite high in amount with larger clots being passed as compared to a menstrual period. But heavy bleeding that persists for a long time may lead to discomfort and fatigue. Some anemic patients may even need a blood transfusion.

Professional break:

If the patient is a working professional, she may need to take days off from her schedule. This would mean that she may even suffer economically in case she does not get paid leave. Moreover, for how long can she take this leave? Even with a complete abortion with pills, she may need 3-7 days off.


Anxiety about whether the abortion was complete or not will keep her up at nights. Until the bleeding stops, she may not be sure of a complete abortion.

Pregnancy symptoms:

Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, tender breasts and hormonal levels will take time to wean away completely after abortion with pills. This may keep the patient anxious about a completed abortion. Besides, the discomfort is something that needs no mention. Every woman understands how uncomfortable it may be for her to be dealing with both stress and health issues at the same time.

Reproductive tract physiological changes:

Long-term reproductive tract physiological changes can also be there. Many patients get their uterus shape distorted after abortion.

Acute and chronic reproductive tract disorders:

As mentioned above in this post, fallopian tubes and other reproductive organs get more prone to recurrent infections after an abortion. This can cause several inflammatory disorders. Such infections can cause both acute as well as chronic troubles. The acute condition may need immediate antibiotics to stop the infection from progressing. The patient may suffer from fever and pain also. And the long-term effect could be difficult in future conceptions.

Are you ready to pay this cost for an unsafe abortion in Qatar?

Making abortions difficult to access is not stopping women from going to great lengths to get safe abortions. However, you have to make a wise choice between unsafe abortion and safe abortion. You can easily travel to India as a part of a short-abortion trip. You can get a safe, legal, confidential, painless and quick abortion in just a few minutes. Next, you can return to your country and start your life back where you left it a couple of days ago.

Gentle Care abortions are safe, legal and confidential. They are painless procedures that take only a few minutes to clean the womb. The patient can rest in her private recovery room. Her companion may accompany her and stay along. The hospital is equipped with world-class infrastructure and healthcare facilities.

The abortion team at the American Hospital Bangalore has been recognized across the globe for the medical expertise they have.

You can check out the flight schedules from Qatar to Bangalore at the following links:




Compare the schedules as per your availability. When you land at the Bangalore airport, the hospital can send you a cab for pick up. If you visit during hospital hours, you can choose to directly visit the hospital. Else, you can travel to your homestay and get some rest. At your scheduled appointment time, the cab can bring you to the hospital.

You can also conveniently find several good metered taxis at the Bengaluru International airport. Else, Uber is one of the most convenient local travel partners always available on the go within minutes. So, you can have hassle-free travel within the city whether you are a first-time visitor or visit Bengaluru quite often.

All Gentle Care abortion procedures are short and quick and you can take discharge the same day. You can even order some healthy meals or enjoy some Bangalore special cuisines by ordering online from the convenience of your private room. Several food delivery partners can deliver fresh food and beverages to you in just a few minutes. Check out the savoring options at Swiggy, Dunzo and Zomato! Not only food, they also deliver any essentials and groceries you may need during your stay in Bangalore.

After the abortion, you can take a direct cab to the airport if your flight is scheduled for the same day. Or you can rest overnight or as long as you wish to stay in Bangalore in your homestay. The best thing is that you will be able to return to Qatar with the confidence of successful abortion.

Would you like to hear from some of our overseas patients?

Check out what they have to say about their abortion experiences at AHB.

Since Gentle Care abortion is available only to a single patient at a time, the hospital uptake is very limited each day. You may not want to miss an early appointment. Check out an early available slot to plan your travel accordingly.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today!

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