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Circumcision Surgery in Bangalore

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Circumcision, Including More Comfort, Safety, and Satisfaction by Relying On the Most Experienced Surgeons in Bangalore, India

Circumcision surgery sounds painful, especially for adult men. There are numerous reasons for having this simple procedure done, and it’s a lot safer and more comfortable than most realize at first.

The first key is to finding the best circumcision doctors in Bangalore, or anywhere else for that matter. Men are generally quite protective of their ‘manhood,’ and while you may have heard about some of the benefits circumcision offers, you know finding the right doctor first is essential.

What does a quality circumcision surgeon offer?

  • Experience.
  • Practical advice.
  • Comfort before, during, and after the procedure.
  • Encouragement.

Experience Is Essential

Make no mistake, this is a personal decision. When men step into adulthood, they’re pretty fond of the body they have, especially those sensitive parts. However, because there are so many benefits, more and more men around the world who hadn’t been circumcised as children are considering this option.

They know the doctor they choose matters. You should want and deserve someone with a lot of experience. The more experience a doctor has in circumcision surgery, the safer, more comfortable, and pain-free it will be.

Practical Advice

Circumcision is a personal and sensitive subject. Sometimes you can get caught up in the worries, concerns, or even benefits of circumcision and miss out on some practical advice. At American Hospital, doctors who perform this surgery offer the most sound, honest, and practical advice.

That will set your mind at ease.


If you’re not comfortable before the procedure, you’re less likely to follow through. Since having a circumcision is so beneficial, it’s vital that you be comfortable from the moment you contact American Hospital Bangalore until you’re completely healed.


Some men deal with phimosis, a condition in which the opening of the foreskin becomes narrow to the point where it can no longer be retracted. That’s when phimosis treatment in Bangalore might be necessary.

Whether it’s due to phimosis,balanitis, tight foreskin treatment, personal hygiene, or any of the other incredible benefits, sometimes all you need is a bit more encouragement, especially from a team that has helped countless men throughout India and around the world with this sensitive subject.



There are about as many reasons men begin looking into circumcision surgery for adults, in Bangalore and throughout India, as there are different shapes and sizes. It’s not always easy to feel confident, that this is the right thing for you at this point in your life.

Part of that comes from previous negative experiences with surgical procedures or medical care. If you were promised little to no pain from a previous procedure, and it was more than just ‘a little,’ you’d be skeptical about anything further.

Especially something so sensitive as dealing with the unique male anatomy.

American Hospital has thoroughly dedicated itself to building the most experienced staff, including highly trained doctors with years of direct experience in circumcision surgery, having trained at the most prestigious universities in the UK and U.S., and having gained experience at some of the best hospitals around the world.

We don’t stop there, though; we know the importance of nurses, administrators, and all other hospital staff and ensure each patient who contacts us is treated with the utmost level of dignity and respect.

We understand how tough this decision might be for you and encourage you to discover for yourself why American Hospital is a leader for this procedure.


Better hygiene. With the foreskin of the penis intact, hygiene isn’t always easy. The foreskin makes it difficult for men to keep clean at all times. Following circumcision surgery, men almost universally report satisfaction at the ease of personal hygiene.

Decreased risk of STDs. The only true and effective way to minimize the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) is through abstinence. Short of that, studies indicate that circumcised men have a lower rate of STDs, possibly due to the removal of foreskin.

Safe and effective. By choosing the right hospital for circumcision, you should be safe and comfortable. American Hospital takes every conceivable step to ensure safety for their patients, and the success rate with no complications for circumcision surgery is incredibly high.

Lower possible risk of prostate cancer. While the research is still early in its development, there is a direct link between men who have undergone circumcision as adults and a lower rate of prostate cancer.

Some researchers are trying to determine if this fact is based solely on the procedure or some other mitigating circumstance that led these men to have the procedure performed in the first place.

Lower risk of ED. Erectile dysfunction is a topic no man wants to talk about, especially about themselves. There are numerous causes of ED, including emotional, mental, and physical, but having the foreskin of the penis removed may help some men limit or eliminate performance related anxiety or other challenges.


It’s painful! That’s a reasonable assumption, but you know what? It’s completely wrong! Today, doctors with a great deal of experience (like those at American Hospital Bangalore) not only have the best techniques and tools, they also have local and even regional anesthetics to prevent excessive pain.

Will there be some pain and discomfort afterward? Possibly, but everyone experiences and reports pain differently. If there is some discomfort, it’s mostly short-lived.

Sex won’t be the same.What we’ve discovered is that while some men report differences in pleasure, in most cases there are no real reported cases of this being truthful. Some sensitivity may be different, but the pleasure remains.

It doesn’t do anything to prevent certain infections. Research has consistently proven that urinary tract infection risks actually decrease following circumcision surgery for adults. Many people who are against circumcision among children or for personal reasons continually try and perpetuate this myth, even though the research supporting the facts is overwhelming.

Penile cancer? Please, it has nothing to do with reducing the risk! Research highlights the fact that men who undergo circumcision surgery have lower risks of penile and other forms of cancer, including prostate.

You’ll miss ‘it’ when it’s gone. What are you going to miss? It’s the foreskin. It retracts back and out of the way during arousal. Men rarely ever claim they wish they had it back following this procedure. There’s simply nothing to really miss!

This is only if you’re religious. Some people undergo circumcision for religious reasons, but more and more men are turning to it for health reasons. For those whose foreskin is tightening up, phimosis treatment solves the problem, and it’s basically a circumcision.


1. What is circumcision? This is the process whereby the foreskin of the penis is removed.

2. How many men are circumcised? Every nation is different. In the U.S., for example, an estimated 80 percent of men are circumcised.

3. What medical reasons are there for circumcision? It could be necessary or highly recommended for men suffering from phimosis (a tightening of the foreskin that doesn’t allow it to retract properly) or balantis (an inflammation of the foreskin).

4. Is circumcision painful? Those advocating for an end to circumcision will say yes, but many don’t have any direct memories as they were likely circumcised as children. For adults, few ever report significant pain and local anesthetics are used during the procedure and follow-up care at American Hospital is exceptional.

5. How long does recovery take? Circumcision surgery is an outpatient procedure. Full recovery should only take a matter of days.

6. What’s the circumcision surgery cost at American Hospital?
Every situation is different, so the best way to determine cost is to contact American Hospital directly. Call us at +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 to learn more.

7. Should I get a circumcision? When you contact American Hospital, you’ll be able to consult with a highly experienced doctor who understands any and all concerns you may have and they’ll be able to better assist you with this important decision.



Circumcision surgery for adults is a sensitive subject. It demands doctors, nurses, and administrators who not only have the most experience with this procedure, but also the best understanding with regard to common concerns men may have about it.

American Hospital leads the region in optimal care, safety, and the best results. Our doctors have decades of medical experience and received their training from some of the world’s most renowned universities in the U.S., Germany, and the U.K. Our nurses are hand-selected from the best of the best.

We understand that your medical care is crucial for you and your family and we use only the latest technology, methods, and treatment options. If you’re an adult male considering circumcision, you’ll find the best care, the most caring professionals, and the most comfortable atmosphere at American Hospital.

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