How is Gentle Care Abortion different from surgical abortion at any abortion clinic?

Gentle is not just in its name, but it is all in the touch, care, procedure and the holistic experience of the Gentle Care Abortion method, available only at American Hospital Bangalore in Bangalore, India. 

Seeking safe abortions is necessary for maternal health

Looking at how important it is to receive Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), it is the right of every woman to have the safest and most comfortable abortion. 

There are certain risks and complications with unsafe abortions which further increases the need for safe abortions. Safe abortions are the ones which prioritize the woman’s health, safety and privacy. And they can be availed only at certified MTP centres. 

Gentle Care abortion compared to surgical abortion at any MTP centre

Gentle Care Abortion is a holistic, safe, comfortable and painless method of abortion that can be availed only at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB). 

Questions on the minds of women seeking abortions:

Women worry about many things while seeking abortions. If you too are seeking an abortion, you might relate to some or all of the following questions.   

Will I be allowed to terminate my pregnancy since it is unwanted?

Is abortion legal?

Will the abortion procedure be painful?

Will abortion affect my future pregnancies?

Will my abortion status be confidential?

Is surgical abortion a very lengthy procedure and will I have to stay at the hospital?

What side-effects will I have to face after the abortion?

What will the doctors and other medical staff think about me?

Will my decision for an abortion be looked down upon? Will I be judged?

Which is the best abortion centre where I can have a safe abortion?

All emotions, thoughts and feelings coming in the mind are valid when it comes to your choice, your health and your life. But what is more important is to have access to the safest abortion method. 

Let us learn more about how and where women can receive safe, secure and the most gentle abortion services.  And as you read further, you will have all your questions answered. 

Q. Will I be allowed to terminate my pregnancy since it is unwanted? Is abortion legal?

Ans.: Yes, abortion in India is legal and any woman seeking an abortion under certain circumstances can avail a safe abortion at a certified MTP centre.

Circumstances that allow a legal abortion are:

  • If the pregnancy is unplanned/unwanted and has resulted from the failure of contraceptives.
  • If the fetus poses a threat to maternal health either physically and/or mentally.
  • The pregnancy is an outcome of a brutal act such as rape.
  • The fetus if born will be physically/mentally challenged due to anomalies.

The Concern: Though abortion is legal, not every abortion is safe and gentle. Even safe abortions may be painful and can have a traumatizing experience. 

To avail a gentle abortion, gentle hands using gentle medical tools having compassionate behaviour are needed. And the most Gentle Care abortion can be availed by highly-qualified medical abortion team comprising of internationally trained doctors and nurses providing Comprehensive Abortion Care in the most comfortable environment. 

Q. Will abortion affect my future pregnancies?

Ans.: Sometimes due to some complications, there can be a partial or complete loss of fertility during an abortion procedure.

But, at AHB, the latest technology is used to avoid any complication and even in events of complications, they are managed well by experienced staff. Every abortion prioritizes the woman’s health and it is ensured that future pregnancies are not affected since zero to least invasive procedures are used for terminating early pregnancies. 

Q. Will my abortion status be confidential?

Ans. As required by law, abortion status is kept confidential. At AHB, we ensure a woman’s safety as well as privacy. We understand the sensitivity of private information and no information regarding your abortion status or any other details will be revealed by anyone at AHB to anyone besides yourself. 

Q. Is surgical abortion a very lengthy procedure and will I have to stay at the hospital?

Ans. There are many certified MTP centres which have limited medical staff and hence, there can be waiting in such hospitals. But, not at AHB. 

Gentle Care abortion at AHB lasts not more than a few minutes and you will be discharged the same day within an hour. Since your appointment will be scheduled, you can expect not to be waiting. And you can avail safe and gentle abortion care the same day.

Q. Is abortion a very painful experience?

Ans. Abortion experiences are varied for all women. We cannot ensure painless abortions at all certified MTP centres. But, yes, each surgical abortion procedure at AHB is gentle and painless in a comfortable environment, to the extent that you may not even know that you underwent any medical procedure after recovery.

Moreover, experienced and well-trained anaesthetists administer preferred and chosen anaesthesia specific to each case. So, surgical is just in the name, but every abortion procedure, either medical abortion or Manual vacuum aspiration abortion (MVA) or electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA) is done gently to bring out the unwanted uterine contents flow down just like a regular menstrual flow. 

Feel free to call and speak to a professional and make an appointment for a gentle, pain-free abortion.

Q. What side-effects will I have to face after the abortion?

Ans. Though there are certain side-effects you may experience with unsafe abortions, safe abortions will be safe with no long term side effects. And the Gentle Care Abortion method at AHB ensures that all side-effects and complications are avoided at first hand by taking necessary precautions. 

Gentle Care Abortion at AHB includes care for the woman’s health from her first call and lasts until the complete recovery. From pre-abortion care to post-abortion care, AHB offers comprehensive abortion care under its premium Gentle Care Abortion method and services.

Q. What will the doctors and other medical staff think about me? Will my decision for an abortion be looked down upon? Will I be judged?

Ans. Doctors or other medical team members are professional healthcare workers, but they are also individuals and can have their point of view regarding a woman having an abortion.

But, this is not the case with the most caring and compassionate doctors and nurses at AHB.

Gentle is not just in their touch, but also in their behaviour. Regardless of any woman’s reason for seeking an abortion, doctors at AHB are entirely professional and are non-judgmental. For them, the priority is your health and safety.

Q. Which is the best and the safest centre where I can have a safe abortion?

Ans. Nonetheless other than American Hospital Bangalore since it is the only abortion clinic offering the Gentle Care Abortion method for safe and comfortable abortions.

Without a speck of doubt, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is the premier abortion clinic in India and worldwide.

Gentle Care Abortion method and services at AHB in more detail

  • Conducive ambiance: It can be expected from every woman to be a little nervous before undergoing an abortion procedure. And hence, it becomes important to give her a calming and comfortable environment from her first visit to her last follow-up.

While non-personalized hospitals have large waiting rooms with a lot of crowds, this is not the case for patients in or travelling to Bangalore and taking an appointment for an abortion at AHB. 

At AHB, each patient is examined and offered treatment in a private room where she can feel relaxed and stay calm.

Big and cold operation theaters often add to the patient’s anxiety. But, at AHB, you can expect a truly calming atmosphere where you can have a stress-free abortion procedure.

  • Consultation: AHB offers one-on-one consultation of the patient with the gynaecologist. Before prescribing an abortion procedure that suits best to your health benefit, the doctor studies each case in a comprehensive manner.

The doctor takes down all necessary medical notes, conducts necessary tests and ultrasound scan before the procedure to make sure that the best-suited abortion method is prescribed. This helps in prescribing the best medical treatment specifically for each patient, versus a generic approach that may not be suited to an individual patient.  

  • Personalised healthcare: At AHB, you can expect to receive high-quality highly personalised healthcare of international standards, well recognized and accredited on the global table.

The latest techniques are used to make abortion experiences completely painless and comfortable so that the patient can resume normal activities at the earliest.

All the guidelines and Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed to prevent complications and make each abortion a safe abortion in terms of both health and privacy. 

All our medical staff is technically as well as professionally highly proficient. Their kind and caring attitude and non-judgemental behaviour will make you feel comfortable throughout your stay at the AHB.

  • Caring and supporting medical staff: In large non-personalized hospitals, a companion is generally not welcome with the patient. And every doctor and nurse has to attend to many patients which limit the access to personalized and individual attention for nursing support. 

At AHB, you can expect a one-to-one conversation with the doctor. Besides, there is one nurse assigned to each patient during her procedure while the doctor examines and performs the abortion. This ensures that all needs of the patient at the individual level are met without any compromise. This also helps in avoiding complications by managing all situations well in time.

With a caring nurse by your side, you will feel very stress-free and relaxed. 

  • Same-day procedure: At most of the hospitals, some limited doctors and nurses have to attend a large number of patients and hence, there’s waiting. But, at the premier abortion clinic, AHB, there is one-to-one consultation and no waiting at all.

You can call to book an appointment and can avail a safe abortion on the same day itself without any delay. Moreover, since you will have a scheduled appointment, you will not have to spend your time in the waiting area once you arrive at the scheduled time.

Our efficient system and processes ensure that you have a hassle-free safe abortion. 

  • Cleanliness: When it comes to health, a large part of it depends upon the cleanliness. Many women catch infections during or after abortion procedures if they are performed in unhygienic premises or using equipment that has not been properly sanitized.

At AHB, with our Gentle Care Abortion method, great concern is kept on cleanliness so that each patient can experience a safe abortion. All the medical tools and pieces of equipment are properly sterilized before and after each procedure.

This helps in preventing the occurrence of any infections. Moreover, dehumidifiers and air conditioners keep the environment completely conducive around the clock around the year. 

  • Post-recovery diet: After the abortion procedure, many hospitals do not offer a post abortion recovery program and diet to the patient. But, at AHB, each patient is provided with a post-abortion diet to help her with an instant energy source that can help her feel recovered soon enough. 
  • Personal Comfort: Apart from the world-class health facilities, AHB provides several other features which distinguish it form any other abortion clinic. For the comfort of the patient and her companion, AHB provides facilities like a comfortable resting area, access to Wifi internet and cable television to help them feel relaxed during their stay at the facility.
  • Same-day discharge: Many hospitals use conventional surgical procedures for abortions which may need a day’s rest at the hospital. But abortion procedures at AHB are done using the latest medical techniques and tools which enable most convenient short procedures where the patient can be discharged on the same day in most of the cases. 
  • Ease of access: American Hospital Bangalore is located in the heart of the city with a well-connected travel network. So, if you are flying to Bangalore, you will have no inconvenience in reaching us. 
  • Private and Confidential abortions: Each member at AHB realizes the importance of privacy of abortion for any woman and we respect the same. You can expect a completely confidential abortion where no details of your abortion status will be revealed to anyone. 

Abortion experiences differ for every woman

Have you experienced an abortion before? If yes, feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below. We love to connect people through their experiences so that people wanting abortion can be helped with information and resources. 

Many women have traumatizing abortion experiences. Some face the harsh behaviour of the staff for seeing abortion decision with stigma, especially if the woman seeking an abortion is unmarried. 

Every abortion story is different. Let’s see how having availed the Gentle Care Abortion could change your experience, from some abortion stories at other MTP centres.

#1. “I experienced harm and trauma and abortion was a very painful experience.”

At AHB, all abortions are performed by gentle touch using the latest medical technology so that each abortion is entirely painless.

Moreover, abortions are performed under anaesthetic conditions to keep the patient calm and relaxed during the procedure. The above experience could have been different if the abortion was availed at AHB.

#2. “I went for abortion, but my pregnancy was not intrauterine. It was ectopic. But, I was given abortion pills to terminate my pregnancy without any ultrasound scan only through a positive urine pregnancy test. A couple of days later, I fainted. When brought to the doctor, I was diagnosed with a burst ectopic pregnancy and I had to lose my fallopian tube and ovary of the left side which were removed surgically. Now, two years later, I am still struggling to conceive .”

At AHB, the abortion story could have been different. The highly progressive abortion team ensures the location of pregnancy through a transvaginal ultrasound before prescribing any abortion method.

Had the ultrasound been done earlier at the time of the missed period, ectopic pregnancy removal or an ectopic pregnancy surgery could have been done gently at an early stage.

Moreover, abortion pills do not terminate ectopic pregnancies. It has to be treated differently with a different set of medicines. This abortion story could have been entirely different if the abortion was performed at AHB.

#3. “I was unmarried at the time of my abortion. The doctor and the nurse were very harsh towards me and used comments that I can never forget in my life. They judged me without any consideration for my medical status or my decisions. They did not know what I was going through. They further hit me emotionally.”

At AHB, all the staff from the doctors to nurses to other helping staff are full of empathy and kindness. Their professional behaviour has no room for judging anyone’s condition, decisions and choices.

No patient is judged for anything. For us, each patient has the right to a safe abortion regardless of any other thing. This story could have been different at AHB.

In the end, it is all about you being healthy yourself. And any decision in this regard shall be treated professionally without being judged.

It is the right of every woman to have access to safe abortions and AHB makes sure of providing Comprehensive abortion care and that too gently.

Call to seek professional help at our helpline number for a Gentle Care Abortion procedure in Bangalore India