How to choose where to get a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India?

The news of an unwanted pregnancy is typically not welcome.  And when it is not, abortion is often sought.

In India, women seek an abortion or are advised an abortion in events such as:

  • Unplanned pregnancy due to failure of contraceptives
  • If pregnancy can pose a threat to physical and/or mental health of the woman.
  • Fetal anomalies

Can you relate to any of these situations at present? If yes, you may be seeking an abortion. But, the next question is where to go for the procedure?  Should you be going to any doctor, a gynecologist, clinic or hospital? This decision can be a very important one that substantially influences your long term health and well-being.

If you didn’t know, abortions fall in two categories depending upon the safety of the woman’s physical, mental as well as emotional health. And these two categories are safe abortions and unsafe abortions. There is no connecting link between the two and you cannot stand in the middle of the road. Either the procedure is conducted by safe means or without safety as the priority.

In India, every woman has equal reproductive rights. Government policies try to provide Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) services to every woman. Right to abortion in India has been served well but having a safe abortion lies in your choice of the abortion centre.

Safe abortion:

 For having a safe abortion in Bangalore, the first and the most important thing is to choose the safe abortion centre.

An abortion centre is considered safe if it complies with the requirements of safe abortions on the following grounds:

  1. Medical grounds for safe abortions: An abortion is considered safe on medical grounds if:
  • It is carried out by qualified, trained and certified healthcare providers.
  • The World Health Organization (WHO)’s prescribed methods are used to terminate the pregnancy. And each method is chosen according to the individual case. Generally, abortion is done by the medical method until the 6 weeks of pregnancy. Between 6 to 14 weeks of gestation, the vacuum aspiration method is considered suitable. And surgical abortion method is the preferred choice if the gestation age is above 14 weeks at the time of termination.
  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs) are followed for the abortion procedure.
  • All the equipment used is sterile and the abortion is carried out in hygienic premises.
  • Risks to health are minimized at both physical as well as mental levels.
  • Prevents preventable complications.

2. Ethical grounds for safe abortions: An abortion is considered safe on ethical grounds if:

    • It intends to safeguard the woman’s health.
    • It safeguards the reproductive rights of the woman.
    • No ill-treatment or discrimination of any kind is made. Every woman is equal in the house of law and has equal reproductive rights as well as the freedom to choose.
    • Physical, mental as well as emotional health of the woman is kept in consideration throughout the procedure.
  1. Social grounds for safe abortions: An abortion is considered safe on social grounds if:
    • Confidentiality of the woman is respected. As required by the Indian abortion law, no name, abortion status or any other information about the woman seeking an abortion can be revealed to anyone except her.
    • Her decision for abortion has to be respected and not judged according to one’s personal opinion.
    • No irrelevant questions other than those required for the medical history are asked. They are inclined to make women feel uncomfortable.
    • Only the woman’s permission is sought for abortion. As suggested by the law, only the woman’s consent is sufficient and she cannot be asked to bring her partner or parents in case she is an adult, i.e., above 18 years of age. Parents or guardian’s consent for abortion is asked for only if the woman is below 18 years of age or has a challenged mental capacity to give her consent for the abortion.

A certified MTP centre that follows all these sets of criteria can be deemed fit for having a safe abortion. It is important to have a safe abortion because, though a small procedure, it can adversely affect the reproductive health and future pregnancies if not conducted safely. Hence, choosing the MTP centre is crucial not just for the procedure but also for a healthy future.

Why choose Bangalore India for a safe abortion?

An unwanted pregnancy can happen to any woman. But it is not safe to terminate such pregnancies anywhere. Which city are you settled in? Are you looking forward to having an abortion in your city? Before proceeding, have a look if your city provides the abortion care you seek or the comprehensive abortion care, access to which is your reproductive right.

Have you considered visiting Bangalore for abortion? Bangalore is the capital city of the Karnataka state of India. Let’s take a look at the benefits it has over any other place for a safe abortion.

#1. Health status quo: According to surveys conducted, India Fit Report 2019 crowns Bangalore (Bengaluru) as the healthiest metropolis in India.1 All the contributing parameters to health are in balanced proportion in people of Bangalore. Speak of lifestyle, health-conscious efforts, number of steps taken, Body Mass Index (BMI), water consumption, nutrition, sleep and rest, stress and anxiety levels and management, gut health and strong innate immunity, Bangalore out stands all other cities of India.

Healthy and safe practices evolve out of healthy ambience, atmosphere and society. Undoubtedly, Bangalore has the best healthcare practitioners when it comes to comparison at efficiency in work. So, on medical grounds, Bangalore tops the list for safe abortion practices.

The techniques used, technology applied, therapeutic procedures followed, standards complied and the healthcare facilities, services and service providers in Bangalore are invincible.

Where people are concerned about their health tend to be concerned about the health of overall society and intend to promote and protect societal health.

With a healthy society, educated people tend to have healthy social habits where stigma stays offbeat. So, the best city where you can expect not to be asked for irrelevant questions that can make you uncomfortable while seeking an abortion is certainly Bangalore. Here, rather than being judged, you tend to receive compassionate care and concern for your health as any and every woman deserves.

Therefore, Bangalore is best to choose for a safe abortion even on social as well as ethical grounds for abortion.

#2. Green and Clean: Being the third-largest city, third-most populous city of the nation and twenty-seventh largest city of the world, keeping it clean and green is challenging. Yet, Bangalore survives to be cleaner and greener than other Indian cities.

You can approach the city during any part of the year owing to its evergreen weather. Consistent weather is calming and relieving with positive vibes throughout the day throughout the year. Moreover, Bangalore makes its stand as one of the least polluted city.

Have you ever heard of complications in surgical procedures occurring due to humid climate? Have you ever seen an operation theatre having a dehumidifier? For your knowledge, surgical procedures are performed only within restricted humidity range within the operation theatre. Bangalore as a city has a low humidity rate in general. This helps in quick healing and low chances of infections after surgical procedures.

Bangalore welcomes its visitors with greenery. You can expect to find most of the roads being shaded by trees. The serene nature promotes mental health and your anxiety burden will be lessened.

#3. Connectivity: Bangalore is a metropolitan city with huge connectivity at both intra-national as well as international levels. Even within the city, most of the places have last-mile connectivity. It is not at all difficult to reach any look-out with plenty of travel options to board.

#4. Women’s safety: Being a woman, whether you are travelling alone or with a companion, Bangalore is the third safest city in the nation for women. You can feel at ease even if you are visiting here for the first time as a medical tourist.

#5.  Language: Most of the people before visiting a place have a concern for the language problem, especially in South India where regional languages are widely spoken. But this is not the case with Bangalore. It is an ethnically diverse city with people belonging to and coming from varied regions, following multiple cultures and having disparate mother tongue. It welcomes medical tourists from all around the world. You can easily find people who can easily understand and speak with you in your preferred language. Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, as well as English, are all spoken across the city. Language is no barrier to communication in the city for most of the people.

#6.  Short stay options: If you are not a resident of Bangalore or are coming from a distant place, there is good news that any abortion procedure lasts not more than 30 minutes. You can return the same day if you are not coming from a far-off place. But you should take a day’s rest and return the subsequent day in case of the surgical abortion procedure. Even in abortion by medical pills in Bangalore, you may want to stay back for a day and rest. And why not when there are a plethora of different budget options for a day’s stay. So, you can return with a completely healthy state of mind and body the next day.

#7. Cost: No cost exceeds good health. And for quality healthcare services, Bangalore has all the world-class facilities. Some of the losses can be permanent that no cost could buy ever again. So, it’s better to seek a safe abortion rather than compromising with health for monetary reasons. And seeking safe abortion in Bangalore is very likely cost-effective for the efficiency and the comprehensive care it offers. It offers the best quality comfort and convenience for all the women travelling to Bangalore for abortion.

Wherever in whichever city you may be residing currently, Bangalore is not far away if you seek a safe abortion. You can reach by car, train, metro or by air according to your convenience and the connectivity options available from your place of start.

Apart from people travelling to Bangalore for medical termination of pregnancy, the local residents have the best option within the city. The high-end comfort and care they seek can be met quite easily at a certified abortion centre. Yes, quacks can be present in any corner of the city also, but you need to beware of them.

Bangalore is one of the growing premier medical destinations not just for Indian citizens, but many foreign citizens fly into Bangalore for medical attention and safe abortion is one of them. Do not forget, even in Bangalore, the most important thing is visiting a certified MTP centre only.

What to expect from a safe abortion centre?

Abortion as a decision may be prescribed or elective and it is sought for a variety of reasons. Every individual has a different opinion and the need for an abortion. But all abortions are required to follow the guidelines to ensure comprehensive abortion care to all women without any discrimination of any kind.

Not all medical facilities are certified for conducting abortions. Only certified MTP centres are permitted by law to perform abortion procedures.

It is always good to be equipped with information. A well-informed seeker is best prevented from illegal and false service providers.

Selection of the right MTP centre:

Here’s a checklist for you as an abortion seeker to check about the abortion centre before you get ready for the procedure.

  • Check for the certifications of the abortion centre and ascertain whether it is certified to conduct medical termination of pregnancies. If it is certified, you can be sure that:
    • The healthcare professionals will be trained, experienced and registered to perform abortions.
    • You will be prescribed the abortion method according to your individual case requirements.
    • All the legal, as well as medical guidelines will be followed.
  • Check for the appointment for abortion at the centre. It is advised to make a call before you visit the centre. You may not want to travel unnecessarily from one centre to another for getting the procedure done at the earliest. Also, the waiting period, if any can be confirmed on your first call itself.
  • Check for the privacy and confidentiality of your abortion procedure. We understand how important it may be for you to keep your privacy. So, always check it with the centre if they will keep up the information regarding you and your abortion as confidential. Legally, it is required by all certified MTP centres to keep the patient information safe. No hospital, doctor, nurse or any other concerned employee can disclose the private information.
  • Check for the reviews and testimonials of previous experience holders with the abortion centre. This will give you insight into the satisfied as well as dissatisfied patients and their experiences. This will help you in choosing the best rated and reviewed abortion facility. You can learn from the experiences of others and avoid falling in for unsafe abortions.
  • Check with the centre as what to bring along while coming for the procedure. It is good to inquire whether you are supposed to bring any test reports or you will have in-house tests done at the facility.
  • If you are coming from another city or country, please make your reservation to stay complying with your date of appointment for abortion.

Best abortion centre in India:

The best abortion hospital in India, located in Bangalore city is the American Hospital Bangalore. It is a top rated, certified and accredited MTP centre equipped with best medical facilities and medical fraternity.

American Hospital Bangalore is the best abortion centre in India, that combines world-class medical facilities with compassion and care to offer the best abortion care. At AHB, abortion is not just a medical procedure, but a health concern which starts from your first call and prevails until complete recovery.

All abortion procedures are conducted by the US, UK and International trained doctors and medical staff ensuring internationally recognized standards of care. AHB’s priority to address all medical, ethical, social and legal concerns for all abortion procedures makes it the utmost choice for safe abortions. Making an appointment for abortion at AHB in Bangalore is just a call away.

Apart from the best and high-quality facilities, AHB ensures to provide you with the abortion services at the earliest possible. Delay is what they do not prefer and waiting is what you may not have to experience with AHB. But, it is advisable to make an appointment call to avoid any last-minute hurry.

Best abortion clinic in Bangalore India

All you need is to drop your baggage of worries and gather your strength only for what is needed. Instead of worrying, you should make a call and talk to experts. You’ll have all your concerns addressed well.

Safe abortions are performed by safe hands. Reach out for the safest hands at American Hospital for abortion in Bangalore India.  Need any help or have any questions?  Don’t hesitate. Call us today to make an appointment or drop a message. You can also reach us via Whatsapp call or message. We look forward to serving you as our next satisfied patient.

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