What to do and how to deal with an unwanted pregnancy?

Sometimes, life is going on smoothly and suddenly something like an unwanted pregnancy strikes hard. An unwanted pregnancy can come to any woman coming from any walk of life and living anywhere in the world.

Women may consider different options as per their convenience and preferences. But most women opt for abortions. Going ahead with childbearing may be an option for those who consider it. But what when it is not a going-forward option?

Most women may choose to terminate unwanted pregnancies and move on in their life. But sometimes, abortion also becomes difficult when women do not have it as a legal right.

A similar problem is being faced by many women living in Middle East countries like the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and others. Abortions in these countries are illegal and women really are unable to figure out their next steps.

Sometimes they are forced to make irrational choices like unsafe abortions and abandoning the newborns.

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This post intends to help women struggling with unwanted pregnancies in countries where abortions are illegal. And to guide them into their safe abortion options.

Abortion: The decision-making process:

When we are shopping, we often look towards our available choices and then, pick the best. We may walk-in shopping centres, malls, retail shops. Now, online portals have widened the options.

But unwanted pregnancies still come with very limited choices. And we completely understand that why an abortion decision can be quite a difficult choice. And here we are to help you know that it may be your best choice.

There are many emotional highs and lows when we are making any decision in life. And abortion is something that impacts the woman throughout her life. This is why she should always take a safe abortion.

A safe abortion can be an easy and comfortable choice to obtain and you can move on with a healthy and happy life.

If you have discovered that you are pregnant and maybe you do not want to go ahead with it, it is absolutely normal. So, please don’t panic. Stay calm and relaxed. An agitated mind cannot make wise choices.

The first question you need to ask yourself is that, Do you want an abortion? And, then you have to pick the pros and cons of both: having the child or having an abortion.

Even in medical terms, abortion is to terminate a pregnancy that has not yet attained a viable age. And when you are sure of not having a child at this particular time of your life, abortion can be an easy-to-go process. However, always choose safe abortion options.

Some abortion messages from some famous personalities:

For women with complete families or unmarried girls, abortion is the most likely choice. Even unmarried girls or women in their early years of professional life choose a career as their priority rather than childbearing. So, if it is you who is seeking an abortion, please do not let the negative thoughts weigh you down.

We have gathered messages from abortion stories of some celebrities and here’s how they read. Maybe you can find a case similar to yours and can get the emotional help and an answer to questions like:

“Is it right to have an abortion?”

“Am I doing it right?”

“What will people think of me for having an abortion?”

“What if someone comes to learn about my abortion?”

So, here are some motivational messages that may help you in making your abortion decision.

“I really credit it as something that changed my life because I got a job, I took care of my business, and I moved on.” (Kathleen Hanna: an American singer, musician, artist, feminist activist)

“I was a teenager…It’d be contradictory if I said I wasn’t pro-choice. To be true, I wasn’t ready and I didn’t have anything to offer a child.” (Nicki Minaj: A rapper, singer, and songwriter)

“I wasn’t sure that I wanted to be attached to this person for the rest of my life.” (Jemima Kirke: an English-American artist, actress and director.)

“It took me a year to get over it, but it was the right decision.” (Sinead O’Connor: an Irish singer-songwriter)

“I knew that’s something I was not prepared to do or fight, or struggle with.” (Vanessa Williams: an American singer) 

Did you find something similar?

Just like these women, you too may not be ready for the child at this very moment. 

What next?

Now that you’ve decided to go for an abortion, next thing is to see where and how you can get one.

Although you may want an abortion, you must abide by the rules of the country where you are living. And abortion laws are not liberal all around the world. Some countries may offer you legal ways to opt out of unwanted pregnancies. Whereas, there may be other countries where abortion rules may be restricted.

So, the next thing is to find out whether abortion is legal in your country. And in what circumstances can you obtain an abortion there? Can you get an abortion either as a married woman or an unmarried woman? Do you need your partner’s or parental consent for an abortion?

Once you have worked on these questions, you’ll ultimately know the legal restrictions of having an abortion in your country.

For knowing your legal rights in various countries, you can just hit a search on the Internet and you’ll have your answers.

If your particular case permits you to have an abortion in your country, you can choose the best abortion hospital and obtain a safe abortion. But please do not go for any unsafe abortion method like that of buying abortion pills or manual abortion.

Unsafe abortions can have many side effects and complications. In fact, the leading cause of maternal mortalities and morbidities are unsafe abortions.

Women may opt for unsafe abortions for multiple reasons like legal restrictions or stigma with abortions. However, you can dig in a little more to find out a safe, legal and confidential way out of your unplanned pregnancy.

You can obtain a legal abortion in your country if it permits so for your case, but what if it doesn’t?

What next?

Now, this section of the post is for women who have found out that they cannot obtain a legal abortion in their native country. So, this message comes for women living in the countries like the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Bhutan and more.

To be very frank, you do not have a legal abortion option there whether you are a citizen there or an ex-pat or just living there for a short time.

To know the abortion rules of these countries, please check the enclosed links:

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Abortion in Bhutan: Abortion in Bhutan Compared to Abortion in India

Now, abortion is not only illegal in these countries but even a punishable offence. So, where to go for an abortion?

Obtain some tests as soon as possible:

Now the next thing is to have an ultrasound done for the length and location of the pregnancy.

If you are a married woman, you may be able to get a maternity file with the consent of your husband. And then, you can undergo these important tests. But remember, you can only get the test done there. You cannot simply ask for ending the pregnancy because you want it.

But unmarried girls or single women or married women who do not have a partner’s consent in the same cannot even have these prenatal examinations without a maternity file. Maternity files are opened only for married women.

So, even if you plan to give birth to the child and raise him/her as a single mother, you cannot give birth in most of these countries. You may have to visit some other country, give childbirth and then you can return.

Or if abortion is the choice, you can choose to travel to a country where abortion is legal.

Travelling to a different country for an abortion:

Abortion in India

Where to have a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

So far, this is certain that you may have to travel to a different country for an abortion. So, if you belong to a different country and abortion in your country is legal, you can visit there.

Which country would you choose to travel to for an abortion?

There can be two different picks for you to choose the country for an abortion.

  1. Your native country
  2. The nearest neighboring country

But what if an abortion in your native country is also illegal? For example, Filipino ex-pats living in the Gulf countries cannot visit the Philippines for an abortion.

And what if the nearest neighboring country also does not allow a legal abortion?

So, should you buy abortion pills illegally and attempt an unsafe abortion? By no means should you attempt an unsafe abortion for its risks and side effects may be life-threatening. So, where to go if neither the native country nor the nearest neighbor permits a legal abortion?

Although the world is big, but not bigger than you need at the moment. And with several connecting and non-connecting flights, you can plan a short abortion trip. You can visit any corner of the world, have a safe abortion procedure and return. But where to find this best corner in the world to have the best abortion care that you may need?

Let’s figure it out so that you can make your own checklist and narrow down the choices with each relevant factor.

The checklist questions to choose the best country for abortion:

So, whatever country you are looking forward to, please just do not drop in without knowledge. Here is a checklist that you need to see and find answers to for the country of choice for an abortion. Here you go!

  1. Is abortion in that country legal?
  2. Is abortion in that country legal even for foreign women or expatriates?
  3. What are the documents required? Do they need a marriage certificate?
  4. Is abortion for an unmarried girl or a single woman available in that country?
  5. Up to what gestation age do the country allows abortions?
  6. In which situations or under which circumstances can a girl or a woman obtain a legal abortion?
  7. Whose consent is required for a legal abortion?
  8. Who can perform a legal abortion: the qualifying doctors or midwives or nurses?
  9. What are the institutions where a safe abortion can be obtained?
  10. Does that country allow abortions as a part of medical tourism?

Once you have figured out all the answers, you will know the best country to travel to for an abortion.

Since we have spoken to many women and have even shared abortion stories of many of them, we have done our part of the research. And maybe you can think of India as a country to visit for a short abortion procedure.

Why India?

So, here are answers to all the above questions if you choose to travel to India for an abortion:

  1. Abortion in India is legal.
  2. Yes, abortion in India is legal for all women, either citizens of India or expatriates or coming from any other country. All abortion procedures performed in India are required to follow the abortion rules framed under the MTP Act 1971 and its amendments. And abortion in India can be obtained by any woman or girl legally regardless of her citizenship.
  3. If you are coming from a different country, you may need VISA clearance and that’s all. No, you do not need to present your marriage certificate for abortion in India.
  4. Absolutely, yes, with MTP Act 2021 in force, abortion in India is legal both for married women and unmarried girls. So, you need not attempt an unsafe abortion if you are unmarried. You can get a safe, legal and confidential abortion in India regardless of your marital status.
  5. Indian abortion law permits abortions for up to 20 weeks under normal circumstances. In special cases, it is permissible for up to 24 weeks.
  6. Abortion in India is permissible for contraceptive failure which is the major reason for unplanned pregnancies. Next, a woman or girl can obtain an abortion in India for a pregnancy that has resulted from sexual assault. Abortion in India is also allowed to terminate pregnancies to protect the woman’s health and/or life. Even in case, fetal deformities have been detected, abortion in India is permissible.
  7. Abortion in India is available only on the woman’s consent if she is an adult (above 18 years). Parental consent is needed in the case of minors. Spousal consent is not necessary.

Abortion Practice in India:

8. Only qualified and registered medical practitioners who have received sufficient training for performing safe abortions are allowed to terminate pregnancies in India.

9. Abortions in India are allowed to be performed only at certified and registered abortion hospitals and clinics. All hospitals are checked for their facilities, equipment, qualifications and registration of the practicing doctors and then they are certified as abortion hospitals.

10. Yes, India allows abortions as a part of medical tourism and hence you may not face any difficulty in VISA clearance.

And reputed hospitals like American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) have coordinators to help patients coming from abroad for abortions. They make all the necessary arrangements for travel and stay and also provide single-appointment procedures. They may also help in VISA clearance by scheduling your appointment at the earliest possible time.

For similar reasons, many Malayali women living in the Middle East countries prefer to travel to their homeland, India for abortions. But rather than their state, Kerala, they prefer to travel to Bangalore, India for abortion.

And so can you too!

Let’s find out why.

Why should you travel to Bangalore, India for a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

Now, India is a vast country and has many abortion hospitals and clinics. But, can you just dive in without knowing where to go, where to stay, what are your abortion options? Of course, knowledge has no substitute just like experience. And hence, your next step comes to be deciding the best abortion hospital in India for an abortion procedure.

Now, the country is sorted. Let us look at what should you find in the abortion hospital to shortlist the best ones. And then, you may finally choose the best abortion hospital that suits your criteria and schedule an early appointment.

So, here are the things to consider while choosing the best doctor and the hospital for an abortion.

Choice of the Indian city:

The first thing is, of course, you should be able to easily access the city in India. So, pick the city that is easily connected to your nearest airport. There are 34 international airports in India. So, find out the best flight schedules and short-list the cities where you have easy access.

That will come to nearly less than 10 cities where you can find good connectivity. Next is the time to choose the hospital. So, you can run a search on the Internet for the available abortion hospitals. But remember, as far as healthcare and medical tourism is concerned, Bangalore tops the charts.

Bangalore has world-class medical facilities since people from all around the world visit here for various medical procedures. It is a metropolitan and a very progressive city. Stigma with abortions may be seen in other cities of Kerala like Alappuzha, Trivandrum, Kochi, Thrissur, etc. However, Bangalore has a lot to offer when it comes to non-judgmental, professional and best standard abortion care.

It also has a busy airport which means you can have easy non-connecting flights to Bangalore which may be as short as nearly an hour.

Choice of the abortion hospital in Bangalore:

Now, the things you need to look to choose the best abortion hospital are:

  1. Hospital infrastructure
  2. Whether the hospital is certified and registered abortion clinic or not?
  3. Qualification and experience of the abortion performing doctors.
  4. Qualification and training of the nurses and other medical assistance staff.
  5. Available abortion procedures
  6. Does the hospital provide walk-in abortions or you may need to book an appointment?
  7. Will you need to wait for an abortion or spend a day or more in the different appointments?
  8. Do you need hospitalization or you can have a single-day abortion procedure?
  9. Whether you’ll need to stay in a general ward or will get a private room for your privacy?
  10. Will your abortion details kept confidential?
  11. Does the hospital provide personalized abortion care as you may be expecting and deserving?
  12. Will you be judged for having an abortion or for carrying a pregnancy as an unwed girl? How shall the doctors and nurses treat you in terms of non-judgmental behavior? Will you receive the care and compassion that you need as your support?
  13. Also, will you receive Comprehensive abortion Care (CAC) that starts from pre-abortion consultation and lasts through post-abortion recovery?
  14. Is the hospital reachable for follow-up post-abortion?

Visiting American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

With the help of independent Google reviews, ratings, hospital testimonials, online surveys and reliable sources, we can conclude AHB to be the best abortion hospital in Bangalore, India.

Do not take our words for it. Take a look at the answers to all the aforementioned queries regarding abortion care.

The hospital infrastructure and the abortion team:

  1. AHB is a boutique hospital that has combined technology, innovation and medical facilities with personalized abortion care. So, the hospital infrastructure is completely in alignment with its concept of personalized care to each patient. You can expect a calm, relaxing and truly pleasant and comfortable hospital stay throughout your procedure.
  2. AHB is a certified and registered MTP centre.
  3. Gynecologists at AHB are highly-qualified and experienced in performing safe abortion procedures. They specialize in abortion care and have experience of more than 20 years.
  4. Nurses at AHB are also highly-qualified and internationally trained to provide you with the best abortion care.

The abortion procedures:

5. American Hospital Bangalore is equipped to give you the best abortion as per your specific medical condition. Depending on the length and location of your pregnancy and other medical conditions, you will be prescribed the best abortion method.

For terminating pregnancies, the hospital follows all the guidelines framed by the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure women access to CAC.

For abortions of intrauterine pregnancies, three safe abortion methods are available:

For terminating ectopic pregnancies, the hospital is equipped both to terminate the ectopic pregnancy medically as well as surgically.

Each abortion at AHB is performed with care, caution and precision to minimize the risks with abortion. You can expect a safe and successful abortion.

Abortion care at AHB:

6. Since the hospital provides personalized abortion care, you may need to book an appointment for early abortion. You can speak at AHB’s helpline number or via WhatsApp (+91-9343826182). You can also avail the facility of a coordinator to make all your travel and stay arrangements. From international flights to booking your hotel, cab for local travel and the best abortion care, all are just a call away.

7. At AHB, there is no waiting period or crowded waiting halls. You can expect private one-to-one consultation with the doctor.

8. At AHB, you may not need to wait or need several appointments. Yes, visiting other abortion hospitals in India may or may not provide you with single-appointment procedures.

9. Each patient at AHB is allotted a private room equipped with all the facilities for the comfort of the patient and the companion.

10. AHB does not reveal any details of any patient, either medical or personal to anyone besides herself. So, you can expect a completely confidential abortion at AHB.

11. Yes, AHB is the only personalized boutique abortion hospital specializing in abortion procedures.

12. The hospital staff is highly professional and non-judgmental. Your privacy, decisions and choices are respected, not judged at AHB. All the medical staff at AHB are highly compassionate and caring. You can expect a truly peasant and friendly experience. A caring nurse shall stay by your side all through the procedure to attend to your needs.

13. Abortion care at AHB follows the international US medical standards for care. Each patient receives pre-abortion consultation, safe abortion and post-abortion guidance for a speedy recovery.

14. You can approach the hospital anytime for the follow-up until your complete recovery.

Schedule an early appointment at American Hospital Bangalore for a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

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