Is it possible to have a painless circumcision in Bangalore?

You may have heard that the circumcision procedure is very painful and it can seem quite scary to undertake such a surgery.  There is a lot of misinformation around about circumcision – myths like being unable to have a circumcision later in life, or that it is very painful or you won’t have good results.

The good news is that if you have your surgery with an experienced, qualified surgeon at an approved and
excellent hospital with professional staff, your pain will be minimal and you will have a good experience and the best possible result with your circumcision surgery procedure.

Is circumcision surgery painful?

Experienced surgeons will ensure that you have adequate local anesthetic to ensure the procedure goes smoothly with very minimal pain felt at all.  They will also give you specific step by step guidance on how to look after your surgical wound post-surgery to ensure it heals well with minimal pain and discomfort.

After-surgery care

It is very important that after your surgery you have the best after-care to ensure you are well looked after, you have the right medication and advice to ensure you get the best result from your circumcision surgery.

It is important after circumcision that you:

  • Wear underwear that is supportive and holds the penis in place as this will decrease any pain experienced. Loose fitting underwear will allow too much movement, and thus potentially pain.
  • Drink plenty of fluids as this will help to dilute the acidity of the urine and reduce any pain felt during urination.
  • Avoid strenuous physical activity for at least 3 weeks but be guided by your doctor. The wound needs time to heal, and you need a break from physical activity to help the area to recover without pain.
  • Your health professional will also guide you as to when to return to sex or masturbation – it is best to avoid these until your doctor recommends, to avoid any pain or discomfort.

Choose the best hospital with the facilities to have your safe circumcision surgery in Bangalore, India

Top rated surgical and medical teams, conducting circumcision surgery in compliance with US and International medical standards,  are able to ensure your circumcision is painless, bleeding after circumcision is prevented and that your recovery is seamless.

Expert and exceptional aftercare to expedite a painless recovery after your circumcision procedure is very important.  The hospital that specializes in circumcision surgery will be able to provide it’s patients with all the required facilities and latest technology to ensure the patient’s long term health and well-being.  This can make a substantial difference between having an incomplete painful procedure and having a high quality painless procedure, with quick recovery and the desired long term health benefits as a result.

An excellent team of doctors and medical professionals will pride themselves on giving you the best service and experience during your circumcision surgery in Bangalore India, from your initial consultation right through to your aftercare and recovery.  An excellent standard of after-care ensures you have a problem free and painless circumcision and recovery.