MTP in Bangalore – How to choose the best MTP doctors or MTP Clinic?

Before we proceed into how to choose the best MTP doctor or MTP Clinic, let us have an insight into a few medical terms. Getting introduced with them will clarify the doubts, if any, pertaining to the use of terms which are wrongly used as synonymous to each other.

So, here are these medical key terms which are sometimes used interchangeably but are medically different.

What is meant by MTP? 

MTP is an acronym for Medical Termination of Pregnancy. When a pregnancy termination is carried out at a certified MTP centre by a qualified healthcare professional in a gynaecologist/ doctor’s office setting before the fetus has attained a viable age, it is known as Medical Termination of Pregnancy.

In routine, MTP is used as the term for an abortion done by either procedure, either with the help of safe abortion pills or through surgical intervention. But, the two procedures are entirely different in how they are performed and also the risks and complications are different. And most importantly, their efficiencies are also different. 

Therefore, in most cases, MTP is used only for pregnancy terminations proceeded with by the medical method of abortion

This medical method of abortion is prescribed only as an early option that can be availed only for early abortions, as early as up to 6 weeks of pregnancy. Beyond that, in India, abortion is legal for up to 20 weeks of gestation length in certain circumstances and up to 24 weeks under special circumstances.

What is MTP Kit for abortion? 

MTP Kit contains the combination of two different medicines to be administered for evacuating the unwanted pregnancy from the uterus naturally as a periodic menstrual flow. The two medicines contained as a part of an MTP kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. 

During pregnancy, the woman’s body starts secreting the hormone Progesterone, which is vital for the growth of the fetus.

Mifepristone the first pill is an anti-progestin medicine that halts the growth of the fetus by blocking the action of progesterone. 

Misoprostol, also present as a part of the MTP kit, is administered after Mifepristone. It brings uterine contractions which finally leads to the expulsion of products of gestation through the natural route.

Under no circumstances should you buy and self-administer the MTP Kit. WHY?

As a wise advice, no medicine should be taken without a doctor’s consultation and prescription. And in case of an unwanted pregnancy, it becomes more important not to self-administer MTP kit.

If you are carrying an unwanted pregnancy and to get it aborted, we strongly recommend you to consult a certified MTP centre due to the high risks and complications associated with self-administration of abortion pills. 

Firstly, it is illegal both to buy or sell an MTP kit without a prescription from a certified healthcare professional from a recognized and certified MTP centre. So, in the first place, self-administration of abortion pills is an illegal act.

Next, you are risking your own health and life. There are several risks and complications associated with an unguided abortion, many of which are life-threatening.

For instance, here are a few circumstances that a woman can face after self-administration of abortion pills.

  • Incomplete abortion: It may seem easy for some women just popping in a few pills and getting an abortion done naturally. But, abortion pills are not 100% efficient and may lead to an incomplete abortion. It can also happen if pregnancy has progressed far at the time when the medicines were taken.

What does it mean to have an incomplete abortion and how do I know it?

After taking abortion pills, it is expected that all the pregnancy products will be eliminated from the uterus. But, there are many chances that some products remain in the uterine cavity.

A woman with an incomplete abortion is presented by continuous bleeding, varying from mild spotting to heavy bleeding even after a week post-abortion. A transvaginal scan can confirm the same and finally, surgical abortion method will be required to clean the uterine cavity.

  • Ectopic pregnancy: If abortion pills are taken without a doctor’s consultation and the pregnancy is not intrauterine, then pills won’t work at all. In the event of ectopic pregnancy, if pills are self-administered before even determining the location of the pregnancy, the ongoing pregnancy may lead to a burst fallopian tube hampering her fertility and future pregnancies. 

Hence, it is very important to consult the gynaecologist who will prescribe certain blood tests and also a transvaginal scan to check for the exact location and the length of pregnancy. 

Coming to the procedure, What is done in MTP?

All pregnancy terminations shall be carried out only at certified MTP centres only by the qualified professionals, either by medical method or surgical, as specific to individual cases.

During the MTP procedure, which is generally the medical method of abortion, the gynaecologist will ask the woman to undergo certain blood tests and a transvaginal scan. These are performed to find out the exact length of pregnancy, its location and other health conditions of the woman. These tests are very essential for the aforementioned reasons and to avoid preventable complications. 

After the tests, the doctor suggests the best suitable method for abortion. If the pregnancy is early, meaning, it has not progressed beyond 6 weeks, only then the medical method of abortion can be prescribed, or she has a choice to choose a Gentle Care surgical abortion over the abortion by pills. 

And in this medical method, the two types of pills as mentioned in the MTP kit are administered. The first pill is administered either orally or inserted vaginally gently by the doctor.

For a second pill that is to be taken after a certain gap, either the doctor will require you to visit her again as per the schedule or give you the tablet to be administered orally at home. 

After the pills, the unwanted pregnancy will come out naturally like heavy menstrual flow.

During a complete abortion by this method, a woman can expect to be bleeding for as long as a week. If bleeding continues beyond, a doctor’s consultation is necessary. It may be due to an incomplete abortion. 

Is MTP Safe?

Any abortion or medical termination of pregnancy is safe only if it is carried out by a qualified doctor only at a certified MTP centre equipped with all the necessary facilities needed to conduct a safe abortion

Now, coming to safe MTP centres, if you are looking for MTP doctors in Bangalore, then certainly you are at the right place. 

Bangalore is one of the largest and healthiest cities in India. It, therefore, has many MTP clinics. If you reside in or are travelling to Bangalore to avail a safe abortion, you can find any search engine deliver a huge list for “MTP hospitals near me”. The list will be equally long if you choose to hit the search button for, “MTP doctors near me”. 

How to make the BEST choice of an MTP clinic or MTP Doctor in Bangalore?

Undoubtedly, there is a huge range of MTP hospitals, clinics and doctors that can be found in the vicinity in the Bangalore city. But, making the best choice for availing the safest abortion with complete care from pre-abortion to post-abortion recovery will need you to visit the best abortion clinic. 

Here, it is why we would recommend you to have the Gentle care abortion at AHB, Bangalore:

  • Certified MTP Centre in Bangalore: It is the top-rated, certified and accredited MTP centre that follows all guidelines for safe abortions as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Every abortion at AHB addresses the required medical, legal, social and ethical concerns.
  • Best medical facilities and faculty: The abortion team at AHB comprises of highly qualified gynaecologists and nurses who have availed an intensive training in the US, UK and other nations of international standard. Equipped with the best medical fraternity, AHB has gained international recognition from various prestigious medical institutions and hospitals for the centre providing safe abortions with Gentle Care.  
  • Proper consultation: Each patient is provided with a private and confidential one-to-one consultation and complete guidance into abortion, its effects and how to rapidly recover post-abortion

Each case is studied individually. All medical tests, medical history are taken into consideration before ascertaining the best method of abortion. 

Women who qualify for an MTP by means of abortion pills are given proper consultation into how Gentle Care abortion can be a better choice than the medical method of abortion.

  • Gentle Care abortion method: All abortions performed at AHB are safe abortions and the best part is that they are completely painless. Many women worry about pain during the abortion and for them, the good news is that they can avail safe and painless Gentle Care abortion at AHB, Bangalore.
  • Managing complications: There are certain risks and complications that may come with abortion, but they are completely preventable and treatable by the right treatment method. Doctors at AHB take all necessary precautions to avoid any complications that can arise during an abortion procedure. And in events which are presented by some emergency situations, the abortion team at AHB is well-qualified and trained to handle emergencies. 

Moreover, to deal with emergency situations like heavy blood loss, fluctuation of vitals, it is important that the MTP centre is equipped with all comprehensive resources that can be availed at just the right time without any delay. And American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) is a proud MTP clinic in Bangalore, not far from your reach, which serves as the One Stop Solution to all Unwanted Pregnancy problems. 

  • Ambience: Ambience at AHB is very relaxing. You can have the most comfortable abortion by the safest hands in the premises that have the best infrastructure. All hospital furniture comprising the hospital beds, chairs, operation table is extremely comfortable where the patient can feel relaxed throughout the time spent. 
  • Sterilization of medical equipment: At AHB, the procedure premises and all the medical pieces of equipment are properly sanitized and sterilized to make sure that no infection can complicate the abortion procedure. Moreover, antibiotics are co-administered with other medicines, wherever necessary to avoid any risk of infection.
  • Private and confidential abortions: Abortion can be a sensitive issue for many women, especially for unmarried women. Also due to the societal stigma involved with abortions, the medical team at AHB is completely aware of how important it is to have the privacy of the patient kept confidential.

At AHB, you can expect to be treated by a non-judgemental medical team and all your medical details will be kept confidential. No member of AHB can disclose any details relating to you or your abortion to anyone. 

  • Early abortions: At AHB, there is no waiting for abortion and hence you may not be coming into contact even with other patients as the appointment is scheduled for every patient. AHB understands how the delay of every single minute in an abortion can increase the risks, complications and change the choice of method for abortion. Hence, there is no waiting or delay at AHB. 

You can avail a safe abortion the same day of your appointment. It is, however, important to call and speak to a healthcare professional before visiting the centre so that you can come prepared with all the necessary medical reports and other things as may be needed during your treatment. 

  • Same-day discharge: The question of getting discharged after an MTP procedure or a Gentle Care abortion at AHB can astonish you. At AHB, you can leave immediately after an MTP procedure. And within a few minutes to an hour of relaxing after the Gentle Care abortion procedure. 

Abortion by medical pills is just an out-patient procedure. And with Gentle Care abortion, it may take as less as 3 minutes and not more than 10 minutes for the procedure to be completed. After the procedure, you can get discharged after a rest of a few minutes or an hour, as per your comfort. 

Why women prefer Gentle Care abortion over MTP by abortion pills?

Gentle Care Abortion Method compared to MTP Kit in India

MTP Kit in India Vs. Gentle Care Abortion

The best part with Gentle Care abortion at AHB is that when you step out of the MTP centre, you are sure and confident that abortion has been done.

With an MTP kit, there is always wondering in the mind if the abortion was complete, if it worked as it was expected to and this wondering continues until you are sure that the unwanted pregnancy has been completely dismissed.

In such events, women often tend to feel anxious as long as the bleeding continues which can range from a couple of days to more than a week. Anxiety causes light-headedness and restlessness in such women. Apart from the physical discomfort of bleeding for days, they have to deal with mental pressure as well. And what can be more distressing is the news of incomplete abortion. This can happen due to several reasons. After all, every woman responds uniquely to abortion pills. 

But, with Gentle Care abortion, you can be 100% sure of the unwanted pregnancy removed when you walk out of AHB premises. This is the biggest sigh of relief for women seeking an abortion. 

Yet another advantage of preferring Gentle Care abortion over a traditional MTP is that it causes zero to minimum bleeding. Since all the uterine contents being already evacuated during the procedure, women availing Gentle Care abortion may not even bleed at all or only a little only for a couple of days, more or less like a scanty menstrual flow.

Women arriving at AHB who are more than 6 weeks pregnant and seeking abortion in the legal age of not more than 20 weeks pregnancy are prescribed Gentle Care abortion. And they happily walk out with confidence after the abortion. 

While women who are early, i.e., less than 6 weeks pregnant have both choices open, medical abortion or a Gentle Care Surgical abortion. Most women prefer Gentle Care abortion over MTP kit for its 100% effective as compared to MTP kit where one has to wait until the bleeding stops or at least a week to ascertain if the abortion was completed successfully. 

At AHB, surgical is just a medical term for the abortion procedure which in reality is painless and very Gentle. Many women never realize a few minutes later after the procedure that they had even undergone one. 

Moreover, the ease of visiting only once, discomfort from bleeding for a week and painless procedure make Gentle Care abortion the preferred choice.  

If you are you seeking an abortion, you can easily find AHB as the top-recommended abortion clinic having a team of best MTP doctors in Bangalore.

If you are a resident of Bangalore, it is not at all far from you and you can locate it just by asking your search engine, “MTP Bangalore” or “MTP clinics near me” or directly by searching “American Hospital Bangalore”.

And even if you are not residing in Bangalore, travelling to Bangalore for a painless and safe Gentle Care abortion is just a flight away. 

Having served many patients coming from within the local region around Bangalore, Mangalore and Mysore in Karnataka, other cities in India such as Hyderabad, Chennai, Coimbatore, cities throughout Kerala and patients from several other countries, AHB supports women in their reproductive rights by providing them with the safest procedures at the best abortion hospital in India by giving them access to comprehensive abortion care (CAC). 

In case you need any medical assistance or any query relating to your health is bothering you, please comment below for help or speak to a professional by calling our helpline number.

Do not delay in getting an abortion if you are needing one. Call us today to schedule your appointment for a consultation or a Gentle Care abortion procedure in Bangalore. You can also drop us a message requesting a callback.