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Hymenoplasty surgery in Bangalore India

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When It’s Essential to Restore the Original Appearance of the Hymen, Hymenosplasty Surgery Is Available at American Hospital

If there is ever the need or desire for a woman to have her hymen restored, whether to simulate virginity to for the improved self-esteem it could offer, it’s best to choose the most experienced doctors and nurses to perform this delicate procedure.

Why would a woman even consider hymenoplasty surgery?

There are numerous reasons why some women look into hymenoplasty surgery. In some cultures, the unbroken, undamaged hymen is proof positive that the woman is a virgin. This could be an integral aspect of arranged marriages or other agreements.

Even if the woman is truly a virgin, the hymen could become ruptured by a number of activities throughout life. By choosing hymenoplasty, the woman will be assured that her virginity is provable.

Some women want to feel rejuvenated, younger, and to find a way to overcome past mistakes. By choosing this procedure, they can feel renewed once again.

Would a doctor recommend hymenoplasty?

Each situation is different, but there are a number of reasons why an experienced, highly trained doctor would recommend hymenoplasty surgery. Repair of the hymen could be for aesthetic purposes, but it could also be for personal and health reasons.

What is the hymen?

The hymen is a small membrane that is situated over part of the vaginal opening. During intercourse, the hymen is most often ruptured, which is why inspecting the hymen in some cultures is commonly used as proof of virginity when this is an integral aspect of marriage or a relationship.

The hymen may also be ruptured in other situations, including but not limited to horseback riding or other harsh, aggressive behaviors.



In today’s modern society, with the advance of the Internet and extreme popularity of social media, it’s not always easy to keep some things private or confidential. Hymenoplasty and other treatments are often considered extremely personal decisions and they deserve the utmost confidentiality from medical professionals.

American Hospital has built a reputation through the years as being a leader in hymenoplasty surgery as well as maintaining the privacy and confidence of every single patient who steps through our doors.

Choosing a hospital and doctor is a deeply personal choice and we are honored that you’re considering us for this extremely sensitive and important decision in your life. We assure you the utmost professionalism, integrity, and privacy throughout the entire process, from your first contact to follow-up care.

If you feel more comfortable discussing hymenoplasty surgery, its benefits, or any other treatment options with a female first, we can certainly accommodate.


Feel rejuvenated. Life moves fast. It can come at you in a flash. Maybe you’re in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s and you just don’t know how you could feel young and refreshed again.

While it isn’t the Fountain of Youth, restoring the hymen could help you feel younger once again. Some people claim they never could have imagined the positive, youthful feeling they got after hymenoplasty, and it could be for you as well.

Erase past mistakes. Everyone has a past. It’s not a major problem, but if you want to do something to help you erase one mistake, hymenoplasty could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

You may be facing a challenge in your life whereas your potential mate’s family wants to ensure that you’re ‘pure,’ and you don’t want to disappoint. Hymenoplasty surgery is the solution.

Protects dignity. When your reputation is on the line, what can you do? Maybe you truly are a virgin, but your hymen has been damaged and/or ruptured. Is there anything that can be done? Yes, restoring it through hymen repair surgery.

Restore honor. Many women in numerous cultures around the world are judged based on their past. When honor is on the line or you simply want to restore proof of virginity, then this could be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Feel more confident. We all make a lot of mistakes in life. Some of them can haunt us for years. It can hamper our confidence, causing us to question whether you will ever be seen differently by the people who matter most in our life.

Restore the confidence you may have lost due to past mistakes, age, or accidents through hymenoplasty procedure.


You can’t escape your past just by having hymenoplasty surgery!

This myth is common with many aspects of life. Some people honestly believe that by choosing hymenoplasty, you’re simply trying to escape your past.

In truth, there could be any number of reasons why you want to restore your hymen, and if it involves feeling virginal again, this really does have some amazing and positive emotional repercussions.

Surgery is too extreme.Hymenoplasty is a relatively minor procedure. When people hear the word ‘surgery,’ they often think of slicing into the skin, massive scars, and a long recovery period.

Hymenoplasty is much simpler and non-invasive.

No one will be fooled. For women who are looking for into hymen repair surgery due to an upcoming proposal and they need to ‘prove’ virginity, whether it’s true or not, when done by the most experienced doctors throughout Bangalore, no one would be able to tell the difference.

You’ll deal with scar tissue. Again, as long as you choose a highly trained and experienced doctor, such as you’ll find at American Hospital, you won’t need to worry about scar tissue.

There’s no point, so don’t even bother. One could say this about nearly every procedure or situation in life. Maybe you simply want to feel youthful and pure again. Maybe you are a virgin and the hymen was ruptured due to some other activities you took part in.

If you want to look and feel restored, then that’s all the reason you should ever need.


1. What is hymenoplasty surgery?

This is a medical procedure that involves restoring the hymen over the vaginal opening. During intercourse and, in some situations, harsh activities, such as horseback riding, the hymen will likely rupture. Repairing it can be essential for a wide range of reasons.

2. Can you really restore the hymen?

Yes, without question. There are some situations where the hymen cannot be restored properly or fully, but they are rare. The best way to answer this personally is through a consultation with a highly trained and experienced doctor.

3. What does the hymen do?

This membrane serves no major purpose in health and life. It is simply a membrane that sits over at least part of the vaginal opening. Some cultures determine a woman’s virginity by inspecting the hymen, and with the best hymenoplasty surgery, they won’t know the difference.

4. Will a person know you’ve had hymenoplasty?

In most cases, no one will know the difference. In extreme cases where the hymen may have been damaged, there might be limits, but your doctor will discuss this with you prior to the procedure.

5. Is the procedure painful?

Everyone measures pain differently, but in most cases women who have undergone hymenoplasty reported little to no pain or discomfort.

6. How long will it take to recover?

Overall, it will usually take 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal. Most women can return home the same day, but it’s absolutely essential to rest, take it easy, and avoid any type of activity that could potentially rupture the hymen again.

7. What’s the hymenoplasty surgery cost at American Hospital?

Every situation is different, so the best way to determine cost is to contact American Hospital directly. Call us at +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 to learn more.

8. How will I feel after hymenoplasty surgery?

Once you’re fully healed, you may feel exhilarated. You might feel free of some past mistake, or relieved that whatever plans are made with a potential mate will move forward without hindrance.



There are numerous reasons why people choose American Hospital for a wide range of procedures, including hymenoplasty. Women choose American Hospital because of the experience our doctors and nurses have. Our doctors have trained at some of the most renowned hospitals in the U.S., U.K., and Germany.

Our nurses are also highly trained and go out of their way to help each patient feel comfortable, confident, and ready for the procedure ahead. We understand the sensitive nature of hymen repair surgery and when a woman has questions she may be reluctant to ask out of embarrassment or concerns someone else may find out.

We have an impeccable record for confidentiality with every patient who contacts us, walks through our doors, or relies on us for any type of surgery or other procedure. We are more than willing to sit down with you and discuss hymen repair surgery or other options with you. If you’re concerned about the cost, you’ll find our prices are reasonable, especially when you consider just how professional, dedicated, and experienced our team of doctors and nurses are.

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