5 critically important factors before an abortion in Qatar

Although women in Qatar can vote, run for municipal elections and even participate freely in all public and social events, they struggle a lot when it comes to their reproductive rights. Seeking an abortion for unwanted pregnancy in Qatar is not only illegal but also a punishable act.

This post intends to help Qatari women, either its natives or expatriates know their safe abortion options. Most women in Qatar and other neighboring countries like the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait try to procure abortion pills for sale in the illegal market.

This post shall let you know the 5 critically important things before you attempt a self-abortion in Qatar. Also, by the end of this post, you will receive guidance on your safe and confidential abortion options.

1. Abortion in Qatar is illegal and punishable.

The majority of women and girls in Qatar already know this fact. Yet, an unwanted pregnancy can come to any woman or a girl in diverse circumstances. Some women may get pregnant while not wanting to be as a result of contraceptive failure.

Some others may get pregnant as a result of rape/incest. Many women are unaware of the correct usage of contraceptives. Whatever be the cause, the result is an unexpected or unwanted pregnancy. Now, what next when an addition is not likely wanted?

And abortion is also not available as a matter of legal fact. Such women, therefore, tempt to fall into unsafe abortion methods such as buying abortion pills.

Abortion rule in Qatar came into being in 1971 for the first time. According to the same, an abortion may be permissible to married women only in cases there is a severe threat to her life. In these cases, the consent of both the woman and her husband is essential.

In the absence of the husband, the paternal guardian’s consent is necessary. With some future amendments, abortion in Qatar received legal green ‘GO’ in cases the ongoing pregnancy poses a serious threat to the woman’s life. And even in some cases where the child may born with serious developmental disorders.

But the ceiling length in these cases was only for up to 12 weeks or four months into the pregnancy. Consent of both the parents is essential and only married women can obtain them.

In events where the illegal abortion is caught, the woman and her helpers are all punishable. They may receive punishment in the form of imprisonment for up to 5 years. So, do not perform an illegal abortion in Qatar.

2. An illegal abortion pill supplier may trick you.

Do you what are safe abortion pills?

Do you know how to take them, when to take them?

We are sure you may not be knowing the answers to these questions. Also, you may not be knowing the risks with the self-administration of abortion pills.

So, if you are planning to buy abortion pills for sale in Doha or anywhere else in Qatar, please note that you can get in the trick trap.

An illegal supplier can give you the wrong pills in open packets claiming them to be abortion pills. He/She may even charge you a lot for the same. Many women often fall into this trap and pay the cost of abortion with irreversible damages to their health. Some even pay the cost of abortion with their lives.

Even if the supplier gives you the right abortion pills, you may not be able to tell whether they are of good quality. The black market receives a lot of dumping of expired medicines and sub-standard or spurious medicines.

They may not work as you may expect them to. Having such pills can pose threats like:

For the want of easy money, illegal suppliers often do this to the vulnerable section. And women in Qatar, especially unmarried girls who do not think of safe abortion options are most likely to fall into them.

When girls and women present with these complications, these suppliers do not help. At the time they make the supply, they often say,

“After this, neither you know me nor do I know you. Our paths shall not cross again. Bye!”

So, you may be left on your own after a botched-up abortion.

3. Abortion pills in Qatar can be fatal.

Even if you manage to get the safe abortion pills somehow, you may not be knowing your pregnancy location. In a case, your pregnancy is faulty, i.e., an ectopic pregnancy, abortion pills may lead to your death.

Ectopic pregnancies are the ones where the embryo misroutes. It may either remain in the fallopian tube from where it has to travel down to the uterus. In some cases, it may travel to the abdominal cavity or somewhere else, like the cervix.

These are the cases of extrauterine or ectopic pregnancies. Here, the pregnancies are not viable but they also do not terminate with abortion pills. When women and girls take abortion pills for ectopic pregnancies, of course, unknowingly, the abortion doesn’t happen.

The embryo growth may come to a halt but does not stop altogether. And one day, it may rupture if left untreated. A rupture of the ectopic pregnancy is a life-threatening condition. It presents itself with internal bleeding. The patient can go into shock.

It is only when she is taken to the emergency on time, laparoscopic surgery is essential to save her life. During the procedure, the burst tube, attached ovary and pregnancy tissue removal can save the patient’s life.

If the medical attention is not received on time, it can turn into an irreversible cost of an abortion at the cost of life. Even if the surgery saves the patient’s life, the cost of abortion will be loss of partial or complete fertility. So, unsafe abortion in Qatar can affect your future pregnancies and reproductive health.

4. Abortion pills in Qatar can lead you into midway with an incomplete abortion.

So, what is an incomplete abortion?

When the complete emptying of the womb does not happen, an incomplete abortion presents itself as a complication. Although pregnancy may terminate and expel, some products of conception may remain attached to the uterine wall. These are the cases of incomplete abortion.

Now, if you think that taking another set of abortion pills for completing the abortion is a good idea, then wait a minute!

It is a vague idea just like buying abortion pills in the first place.

Do you know what happens with an incomplete abortion?

You may receive information from your supplier that you will face moderate to severe abdominal cramps and bleeding. But you may not know that if the bleeding does not stop or abdominal pain gets worse, it may be due to an incomplete abortion.

An incomplete abortion case presents itself with continuous bleeding that may range from moderate to severe. Some women experience only slight spotting. In successful medical pregnancy terminations, bleeding stops within a few days. But with incomplete abortion, it may continue for up to days and up to weeks.

Now, incomplete abortion treatment is possible with surgical intervention. You may need to visit a registered abortion hospital to get the abortion completed. Or the pregnancy remnants in your womb may result in severe infections.

Do you think in a country where abortion is illegal, you can visit a hospital for completing an abortion?

Again, if you think it will be a good idea to get a manual abortion from an unprofessional secretively, then again your bad!

You can only end up with further complications, some of which can cause irreversible damage to your health.

5. You can have a safe abortion as a Qatari woman.

The above section of the post was not to scare you but to prevent you from falling into danger. And this section has all that you have been waiting for. So, let’s dive into the knowledge of:

How can a woman in Qatar obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

The first question is,


And the answer to this is:

You can have a safe and legal abortion in India.

Wow! That’s a piece of good news because COVID-19 restrictions have been eased. This means you can easily travel to India via a short flight from Qatar to Bangalore. You can get your VISA arrangements as a part of medical tourism.

And American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in Bangalore, India can help you in getting the clearance. Accordingly, you can plan your travel. Do not delay since abortions are to be dealt with within the first few weeks of pregnancy. We will be learning more in this post as to what are your abortion options according to your pregnancy length.

You can speak on the AHB helpline number or chat via WhatsApp number. A coordinator can guide you in making the travel and overnight stay options besides your abortion appointment.

So, what are you waiting for?

Speak on the helpline number today!

If you are wondering about the legal status of abortion in India, read the points given below.

The legal scenario of abortion in India for Qatari women and expatriates in Qatar:

Abortion in India is legal as per the MTP Act 1971 and future amendments. Any woman, whether an Indian citizen, an expatriate or a foreign woman can obtain a legal abortion in India.

You need not be married. You can obtain a legal abortion even as a single woman or an unmarried girl and that too with your consent only. For an abortion with your solo consent, you need to be above 18 years.

Abortion in India is legally available to all women for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances. These include contraceptive failure, pregnancy resulting from rape/incest. Even if the ongoing pregnancy endangers a woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life, she can obtain a legal abortion in India.

So, if you are looking for early pregnancy termination options, you can schedule an appointment for a consultation.

Your pregnancy length, location and certain medical conditions specific to your case will help the doctor prescribe you the best abortion method.  

What to expect with abortion at the best abortion hospital?

American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) established in the year 1995 is a provider of personalized abortion care. Patients from different parts of the country and the world often travel here to seek Gentle Care abortions.

Gentle Care abortions are exclusively available at AHB. And any woman residing in any part of the world can travel here easily and obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

These abortion methods are premiered by the hospital founders. They regularly update them with upgraded techniques and technologies. The physicians and nurses at AHB receive regular training for keeping abreast with the latest advancements in abortion care.

When you land at the Bangalore airport, you can hire a cab to a hotel nearby. Or you can speak to the coordinator to have one booked for you near the hospital. He/She shall also arrange for the local travel via a cab. You can check in the hotel, rest for a while and have some food.

Then, a cab can bring you to the hospital as per your scheduled appointment time. Now, a piece of good news is that you will receive a warm welcome at the hospital. The hospital sees many patients from Qatar each month and everyone there is familiar with what a Qatari woman likes.

So, you shall receive similar care and treatment to make you feel at home. You shall receive the similar title and respect as you receive in Qatar, “Sheikha!”

Besides, the hospital also understands that Qatari ladies are not kept waiting in their country. And similarly, your needs shall be attended to with priority at AHB.

Coming next to the abortion methods at AHB.

Gentle Care abortions at American Hospital Bangalore:

AHB follows guidelines and standards as per recommendations received from the World Health Organization (WHO). Each patient receives Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) which starts with pre-abortion consultation. It lasts through your post-abortion recovery.

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you arrive at the hospital, you will not have to wait to see your doctor. A friendly, caring and supporting nurse shall take you to the doctor. You can receive consultation in a private conversation with the doctor. You may choose to visit with your companion.

The doctor will ask for your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date, shall evaluate your medical conditions. She may check your vitals. You should tell your doctor about any history of illness or any co-existing medical condition. Even if you are taking any medicines, you should tell your doctor about them. And never hide any allergies, if you have and you know.

Then, the doctor will ask you to undergo a routine blood examination and an ultrasound. Both the tests will take only a few minutes and you will also have their reports well in time. In the meantime, you can rest in your private room.

When your reports are out, the doctor shall evaluate them. These tests will help the doctor get to the exact length and location of your pregnancy. These things are important in deciding the abortion method.

There are three safe methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies or normal pregnancies. The choice of method will depend on the exact pregnancy length in these cases. Patient-specific factors are additional factors that need consideration before deciding on the abortion method.

Ectopic pregnancies are rare but their probability cannot be ruled out. And therefore, the ultrasound before the abortion procedure is essential to avoid ectopic pregnancy complications. In case your pregnancy is found to be ectopic, early detection will help in its treatment with medicines only. In some cases, surgical removal may be essential.

The abortion procedures:

As mentioned earlier, AHB follows WHO guidelines for its safe pregnancy termination procedures. Hence, the three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies are:

  1. The medical abortion
  2. Gentle Care suction abortion
  3. Gentle Surgical abortion

The medical abortion at AHB:

Your eligibility:

The doctor will check your eligibility for a medical abortion considering the following things:

  • Your pregnancy is intrauterine and less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are not taking any medicines that can affect the abortion pills working.
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition that can again interact with the abortion pill working.
  • If you want to have the abortion in the comfort of the hotel room by the side of your loved one.
  • You don’t mind abdominal cramps, bleeding and associated pain. Although the doctor will give you pain management medicines since medical abortion is through the natural route, you can expect mild to moderate pain.
  • You are ready to wait for a few days for the abortion to complete. This may mean you will have to book the hotel room for quite longer than with in-clinic abortion methods.
  • If you are ready to make another visit to the hospital just in case your abortion does not complete with pills.

The procedure:

When you are ready, the doctor will decide the best dose of medicines for you. You will receive the first abortion pill, Mifepristone at the clinic. You can take it orally. The doctor shall hand you the second pill also in this appointment and will direct you when to take it.

Normally, it has to be taken after 24-36 hours after Mifepristone. But the doctor shall decide the best gap for you. If the doctor feels that you may need a vaginal mode of administration for it, you may need to visit on the second appointment.

After taking the second pill, abortion shall take place in nearly 4-6 hours. So, do not go anywhere after the second pill, except for staying in your bedroom. Abdominal cramps will begin and the embryo shall expel out. It happens mostly like your menstrual period however with large size blood clots.

In a case, you want a painless abortion that gets complete within the clinic itself, you can opt for a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Schedule an appointment for an early abortion today.

Gentle Care suction abortion:

It is the method of choice for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. This means all intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks are eligible for Gentle Care suction removal.

In this procedure, the nurse shall take you to a private examination room. She will help you lie in a comfortable position and also disinfect your intimate area. Then, the doctor will insert a thin, soft and flexible tube through your cervix region into your womb.

She will gently apply pressure with the help of a small device called, an aspirator. It is better than an electric suction where the doctor cannot control the pressure. This makes the process absolutely painless.

Your pregnancy gets over in less than 5 minutes. And then, you can relax until you want to take clearance to go back to your hotel.

AHB premises are highly hygienic, furniture comfortable and ambience calming. All sterile pieces of equipment go into any medical procedure. You can return to Qatar the following day with the confidence of a completed abortion.

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care suction abortion today.

Gentle Care Surgical abortion:

In case your pregnancy is less than 20 weeks but already progressed through the first 12 weeks, then the doctor shall use this method. It is also a 100% efficient in-clinic abortion that gets completed within less than 15-30 minutes.

Mild anesthesia makes the procedure painless. It is entirely different from conventional surgical abortions. A Gentle Care Suction abortion does not impact your future pregnancies, your reproductive health and your life.

You can have a healthy life after the abortion.

Post-abortion consultation:

With any abortion procedure, the doctor shall prescribe you some antibiotics and supplements. These will help you heal early and lead a happy life ahead.

You can speak to your doctor any time during your recovery phase. You will receive all the help you need throughout your abortion journey.

Schedule an abortion appointment today.

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