Two ways to stop bleeding after circumcision surgery for adults

Bleeding typically occurs after your circumcision procedure.  A slight amount of bleeding is normal after a circumcision procedure.  However, if you have your circumcision at a safe, reputable and quality hospital like the American Hospital Bangalore, you will reduce your risk of infection as well as excessive bleeding. The circumcision team will also look after you through each stage of your surgery, and your after care, to ensure you recover as quickly and well as you can.

Circumcision procedure 

Circumcision is a procedure which involves the surgical removal of the foreskin. The foreskin is what covers the head of a flaccid penis but when the penis is erect, the foreskin pulls back to reveal the penis head itself.

The circumcision procedure involves your doctor cutting away a portion of the foreskin. It is a short surgical procedure done as an outpatient. Your doctor at the American Hospital Bangalore will work cleanly and effectively to ensure a faster healing time, and less blood loss.

How to reduce, stop and prevent bleeding after circumcision in adults

It is important to prevent bleeding after your circumcision surgery, and if your surgery was done by a qualified, experienced doctor there should only be minimal bleeding. American Hospital Bangalore’s circumcision procedure is safe and performed by reputable, experienced doctors which will help prevent excessive bleeding after surgery.

  1. It is normal to see some blood through the dressing after your circumcision. Don’t worry – it is normal for the wound to bleed slightly. If the bleeding continues after the operation, hold your penis in your hand, as you were shown by the competent nurses after your surgery, and squeeze the bleeding area gently.

Use the gauze provided at the hospital while applying pressure. Apply constant pressure for 5-15 minutes, with 5-minute intervals. Check to see if bleeding has stopped, and if the bleeding hasn’t stopped, continue gentle squeezing or call your caring doctor at the American Hospital Bangalore as they assist you with this.

  1. To reduce the bleeding after surgery, it is important to wear comfortable but supportive underwear that will help to hold the head of the penis toward the belly button, and keep it lying flat. Do not indulge in strenuous physical activity including exercise, lifting weights, swimming or sexual activity, during the healing time period as mentioned by your doctor, as this could cause your wound to open and cause bleeding.

American Hospital Bangalore is the leader in optimal care, safety, and the best results for circumcision surgery in Bangalore India. The doctors have decades of International medical experience and they received their training from some of the world’s most renowned universities overseas. They pride themselves on giving you the best service, from your initial consultation right through to your aftercare and recovery.