How can an unmarried couple obtain an abortion in Chennai?

Unwanted pregnancies often come as unexpected consequences, especially when speaking of unmarried couples. Such couples, especially the girls struggle at various levels: physical, mental, social and emotional.

The clutch of struggle is sometimes so strong, that many unmarried girls take extreme measures such as unsafe abortions. And by doing so, most of them end up with complications. These complications may range from some acute ones to even life-threatening ones.

This post intends to help unmarried girls know their best safe, legal and confidential abortion options. This will help them to save their health, reproductive futures and lives. Moreover, they will recover soon from the bruises of struggle at different levels.

Let’s begin with the legal things you need to know about having an abortion in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

This section will help you get the answers to a few questions like:

“Is abortion in Chennai legal?”

“Is abortion legal for unmarried girls?”

“Do I need to involve my parents in abortion?”

“Can the doctor tell my parents that I visited the abortion clinic?”

“For how long can I have an abortion?”

Abortion rights for unmarried girls and single women in India:

Although you may be carrying an unintended pregnancy and looking forward to terminating it; consider yourself lucky for being in India.

And this is because unlike many places including Dubai, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Al Ain, UAE, Muscat, Oman, Doha, Qatar, Philippines, Bhutan, abortion in India is legal for unmarried girls.

Yes, MTP Act 2021 passed last year made a clear pathway for unmarried girls, widows and single women to have legal abortions for unwanted pregnancies.

Earlier, only married couples were legally allowed to abort unexpected pregnancies resulting from contraceptive failure. Due to this very reason, many doctors for abortion in Chennai and other parts of India were turning away unmarried couples when they tried to seek legal abortions.

Such couples then used to adopt unsafe methods of abortion. Most of these abortions were unsafe resulting in botched up abortions. And do you know, unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity in India?

To prevent these unprecedented incidences and the falling of unmarried girls into such complicated consequences, abortion in India has been made legal.

So, do not struggle alone. Do not worry. You can have a legal abortion in India.

Here are some more important things you need to know. These will help you in knowing your legal rights when you visit the abortion clinic near you.

Coming to permissible situations when you can obtain a legal abortion in India as an unmarried girl.

Permissible circumstances:

Contraceptive failure:

You can obtain an abortion in India as an unmarried girl if your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure. The earlier language in the law for this clause was, “a married woman and her partner”. But now, it says, “any woman and her partner” can avail an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy resulting from contraceptive failure.

And the law may not ask you to confirm what contraceptive method failed and resulted in your pregnancy.


Incidences of rape and incest are not very uncommon. And they often result in unintended pregnancies. Abortion in India is legal for both married women and unmarried girls for this reason too.

To protect the woman’s health and/or life:

Abortion in India is available to any woman if the ongoing pregnancy poses a threat to her physical and/or mental health and/or to her life. For protecting the life of the woman, there is no ceiling age as in other clauses for an abortion.

Fetal anomalies:

Most likely, unmarried girls may not be looking for pregnancy termination for this reason. However, you should know that abortion in India is legal if the fetus has been detected with deformities.

Coming next to the consent.

Whose consent do you need for an abortion in Chennai?

Unmarried girls can obtain an abortion for pregnancy only on their consent if they are above 18 years. All girls and women may choose not to involve their parents, partners or guardians in obtaining an abortion.

Parental consent is necessary for the abortion of minors.

For up to how many weeks can you have an abortion in Chennai?

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances. However, unmarried girls have obtained legal abortions even beyond this period for reasons like rape.

Let us now see what you expect from an abortion. Next, we will discover the best options where you can obtain the kind of abortion care that you are seeking. We did independent surveys in regions in and around Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu. And, we concluded some common things that unmarried girls are looking for when seeking abortions.

See for yourself! You too may be having a similar query and maybe we have your answer. Along with all the needs, we will also address how to come out of such situations.

Want of privacy and confidential abortion care:

This is the most common thing that almost all girls spoke of. They all have been looking for confidential abortion clinics. And due to the lack of private abortion clinics, they tend to buy abortion pills and resort to unsafe abortions.

Even if they manage to visit a private abortion hospital, they felt very insecure. Some girls told us that they visited such clinics. But seeing the huge crowds, they returned without seeing the doctor.

And the crowd presented them with two problems:

  1. Probability of meeting someone they know: Although most girls tried to rule out that they do not have a neighbor or someone known to their parents working in the clinic. However, the possibility of meeting a neighbor as a fellow patient was uncertain.
  2. Huge waiting period: This was yet another reason and very true in its sense. With a very low doctor to patient ratio, the want for a quick abortion was not possible. And queue means multiple appointments, meaning multiple visits to the hospital. And similarly, the probability of running into an acquaintance also multiplies.

So, what’s the quick rescue?

Most girls we spoke of took abortion pills. And some were struggling with unwanted pregnancies and they too had a similar thought of buying an MTP kit and attempting a self-abortion.

Incomplete abortions:

But the girls who had abortion pills had scary abortion stories behind them. Most of them faced incomplete abortion and they continued bleeding for up to weeks. They then had to seek help from gynecologists.

They not only had to undergo surgeries to complete their abortions but also some of them received very harsh comments from the doctors. Even the nurses treated them with indifference. Some received rude and mockery comments for being pregnant without being married.

So, they faced prejudice, judgments as well as mental harassment besides the physical pain.

Ectopic pregnancies:

Two girls reported that they were carrying ectopic pregnancies. They did not know anything about it and had even not heard before.

Discovering a pregnancy as an unmarried was a piece of very big and bad news for them. They didn’t think of what next. Due to fear of the pregnancy from progressing and everyone in the family and society getting aware of the same, they took abortion pills.

They bled for days and one of the girls was in the college classroom when she suddenly fainted. When taken to the emergency ward of a nearby hospital, doctors suggested immediate surgery after some diagnostic tests. She had a ruptured fallopian tube. The surgery saved her life but the cost of the abortion she paid is:

  • Loss of partial fertility and she fears whether someone will marry her if she tells the truth. And even if she marries, she will face another struggle trying to conceive.
  • Her pregnancy status became known to fellow students and teachers. She became stock for mock. Throughout her stay at the college, she was judged.

Another girl also faced a similar situation. She did not faint and didn’t have to undergo surgery. However, extreme pelvic pain became so unbearable that she had to tell her parents. They took her to the hospital. But her parents didn’t know the reason for her pelvic pain. They only thought that she may be suffering from appendicitis.

However, when the doctor told her parents that she is carrying an ectopic pregnancy, they did not believe the doctor at first. They even blamed the doctor until the girl told her parents the truth.

Since her diagnosis was timely, she managed to receive medical treatment. But to date, she feels guilty in front of her family.

Travelling to Bangalore for a private and confidential abortion:

These situations like the girls we spoke of are all preventable. The want for a confidential and private abortion is achievable by visiting a distant city. It will prevent your chances of meeting a neighbor or someone you do not want to meet.

You can consider visiting Bangalore for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Advanced healthcare facilities will help you obtain a safe abortion.
  • When you visit by appointment, you do not have to wait for your abortion. Besides, in private hospitals like American Hospital Bangalore (AHB), you will not get to see any fellow patients.
  • AHB offers single-day, single-appointment Gentle Care suction abortion. It is a short, quick and comfortable procedure available exclusively at AHB. Many patients from Belgaum, Goa, Mangalore, Mysore, Kerala, Udupi visit the hospital only for this comfortable abortion experience.
  • Bangalore from Chennai is easily accessible through various routes. You can book a short flight, or visit by train or a bus or a cab or your personal convenience.
  • At AHB, no patient details leave the hospital. So, your pregnancy and abortion status are in safe hands. You need not worry about the same. Whereas, in Chennai, an acquaintance can compromise your privacy.
  • AHB is a premier boutique hospital providing personalized abortion care. The doctor will see you in a private one-to-one consultation. And as per your abortion options, you will accordingly receive the abortion.
  • Also, you get a private room to rest and recover until discharge. After a Gentle care suction abortion, most women and girls are ready to return within 15 minutes.
  • In case of any problem in booking tickets and abortion appointments, you can always speak on the AHB helpline number. The hospital can assign a coordinator for you to guide you into all options and also arrange your travel and overnight stay if you like.

Schedule an appointment for a confidential abortion at AHB.

Want for a safe abortion:

Besides confidentiality, women very much worry regarding safety to their health. They have many concerns, some of which are:

“Will abortion affect my future pregnancies?”

“Can my future partner know that I have had an abortion in the past?”

“Is the hospital hygienic?”

“Can abortion lead to death?”

“How long will I bleed after the abortion and how soon will I recover?”

“Does abortion hurt?”

“What are the side effects of an abortion?”

Let’s answer all your queries concerning a safe abortion at American Hospital Bangalore.

Gentle Care abortion does not affect your future pregnancies:

Unsafe abortions like self-medication with abortion pills can affect your future fertility. Even some surgical abortions at the hands of an unprofessional can impact the uterus health. Its shape can distort that can pose difficulties in conceiving.

Unhygienic abortions can lead to infections of the reproductive tract. A recurrent reproductive tract infection can also impact your future pregnancies.

However, Gentle Care abortion at AHB is a safe and comfortable procedure. It is medically known as Manual Vacuum Aspiration. It is a very comfortable, convenient, short and quick procedure. Disposable vacurette is used for each patient.

The abortion takes place with the help of a small hand-held device that fits in the doctor’s palm. When you lie in a comfortable position, the doctor cleans your cervix region to prevent infections. Then the soft, thin and flexible vacurette is gently inserted in the natural cervix opening.

The doctor gentle creates suction with the device and pulls the pregnancy and other gestation products. It does not impact your uterus health or shape. No removal of the fallopian tube or ovary is essential. Also, the hospital premises are completely hygienic.

Sterilization is done for each medical equipment before and after each procedure. The doctor also prescribes safe antibiotics to take as a preventive measure. You will also receive guidance for a post-abortion diet that too helps keep infections off the bay.

So, a Gentle Care abortion at AHB does not impact your future pregnancies. And it can also not lead to your death.

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care abortion at AHB.

Gentle Care Abortion and its future knowledge:

No one will know that you have had an abortion in the past if you have a Gentle Care abortion. With medical abortions, you can suffer an incomplete abortion. And attaining help for completing the abortion with surgery may need you to involve someone in the loop. 

And again, surgery can also impact your future fertility. Also, a scar may be visible in any future scan in some cases. It can also impact your uterus health.

Since highly qualified, experienced and trained doctors perform Gentle Care abortion with great accuracy, precision and care, your uterus will not see any distortion. And the procedure is non-invasive which means no scar. So, do not worry. After a Gentle Care abortion, no one can ever know it in future.

Even your personal and abortion details are confidential at AHB.

Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care abortion at AHB.

Gentle Care abortion does not lead to death:

Please relax if you are thinking of abortion being lethal. Although unsafe abortions can be fatal. Even ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency and if it ruptures within the body, it can be life-threatening.

But early detection of an ectopic pregnancy can save your life. And it is treatable with the help of medicines. So, in case you discover that you are pregnant, it is essential to have an ultrasound to ascertain the exact length and location of the pregnancy.

This helps the doctor rule out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy and also justify the best method of abortion for you. Even if your pregnancy is ectopic, the doctor can prescribe you medicines to treat it differently.

At AHB, three safe abortion methods are available. These are:

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Gentle care suction abortion
  3. Gentle care surgical abortion

The doctor will first check your medical history, your pregnancy location and length before prescribing you the best abortion method.

So, please calm down and do not associate abortion with unwanted side effects. We say so because you can have a safe Gentle Care abortion at AHB.

Schedule an appointment for safe abortion at AHB.

Painless Gentle Care Abortion at AHB:

Since Gentle care abortion is a very short procedure and done very gently, it is painless. Well-qualified, internationally trained, caring, compassionate and supporting nurses shall help you relax before the procedure.

Many women come to the hospital with fear of pain when they arrive. They have many concerns but they leave the hospital premises with happy faces. They receive painless Gentle Care abortions. Even if you need a surgical abortion for your case if your pregnancy is past 12 weeks, it will be painless.

Surgical abortion may need to put the patient under mild anesthesia for a short while. And when you wake up, you will be confident of a completed abortion.

Abortion with pills may be painful due to abdominal cramps, similar to menstrual period cramps. Every woman and girl behaves differently and responds differently to pain.

But stay assured with a Gentle Care abortion, it is a painless abortion.

Schedule an appointment for a painless abortion at AHB.

Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) at AHB:

AHB takes its professional commitment to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to all its patients on a very serious note. Its personalized abortion care starts with the patient’s first call or message. Each patient receives guidance on how to travel. A coordinator can even schedule your travel and stay options.

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you arrive at your scheduled time, you see your doctor in privacy. The doctor will check your medical history and advise some diagnostic tests from a nearby lab. The coordinator can help you arrange all in time.

By the time reports are out, you can rest in a private room. Once the doctor goes through your reports, you will learn your early abortion options according to your pregnancy length and location. Certain patient-specific factors can also impact your abortion options. So, please remember to bring your past medical record if any.

And in case you are suffering from a co-existing medical condition and taking medicines for the same, please inform the doctor. These things can impact your abortion options and hence are necessary. While these considerations are most important to consider with a medical abortion, they usually do not impact Gentle Care suction abortion.

The abortion procedure:

You receive knowledge regarding what to expect from your abortion. Most women want to go home knowing that their pregnancy is over. Also, travelling again from Chennai to Bangalore is not what they’re looking forward to.

Therefore, their inclination is towards obtaining a short, quick, comfortable, painless and efficient Gentle Care Suction abortion. Patients who are carrying intrauterine pregnancy between 5-12 weeks are all eligible for Gentle Care abortion.

Although girls have an option of medical abortion up to 8 weeks, they prefer suction abortion for its advantages like:

  • Single-appointment procedures unlike abortion pills that may need more hospital visits. And women from Chennai may not want to travel multiple times.
  • Painless while abortion pills cause abdominal cramps that can result in moderate to severe pain.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding post-abortion unlike medical abortion which is like a very heavy menstrual period. And women can bleed for up to days or weeks. With a suction procedure, bleeding may be very light and will subside within a couple of days.
  • Nearly 100% efficient so that patient leaves the hospital premises with the confidence of a completed abortion. Whereas, abortion pills are not more than 98% efficient and can result in an incomplete abortion.

Post-abortion recovery:

As a part of your post-abortion consultation, you will receive guidance on the Dos and Don’ts after the abortion, what to expect and when to seek medical help. You will also receive information on future birth control options, diet guidance and supplements that you can take for rapid healing.

You can even call the hospital helpline number to speak to a healthcare professional in case of any follow-up at any time until your complete recovery.

Schedule an appointment for Comprehensive Abortion Care at the best abortion hospital in India.