Struggling with unwanted pregnancy: What to do, how to plan

The news of pregnancy may trigger diverse nature of emotions. Some women may be happy with the Good news. While there may be others who find themselves in a state of confusion since the pregnancy may be unplanned. But for a majority of women, getting pregnant at some part of their life may seem no less than a nightmare.

This may happen in cases of unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. If you are also struggling with a similar situation, then relax because you are not alone. Many other women in different parts of the world are sailing in the same boat.

However, circumstances, situations and options ahead may vary. The scope of this post tends to revolve around an unwanted pregnancy and the best options available.

For unwanted pregnancies, the most likely option ahead is induced abortion. There is a very thin percentage of women who choose to take their unplanned pregnancies ahead. To expect this from unmarried girls, single mothers or socially or economically weaker section of the society is still thinner.

If you have just missed your period and are seeking options to end an unwanted pregnancy, here is a guide on how to plan and execute.

In this post, we will endeavour to answer all your queries and concerns associated with an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy. Please feel free to comment and ask us for queries and concerns that might still be occupying your mind. We will try to cover all your queries that are in the scope of this post.

Let’s begin with the most subtle questions and eventually move ahead step by step. It is always a better option to move in a streamlined manner. This prevents perplexity of the discussion and aids in guiding towards the best decision.

You are pregnant! Accept it.

Your concerns:

For an unplanned pregnancy, the first thing that pops up in any woman or girl’s mind on a missed period or a positive Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) is,

“How is that possible?”

“I cannot be pregnant.”

“We took contraceptives.”

“We took precautions.”

“I am not ready for the child.”

“I have other plans for the next few years and pregnancy or family is not likely my priority.”

“Will I have to give up my dreams by becoming a parent now?”

“My boyfriend and I are not planning a marriage for some time.”

“I don’t want to end up as a single mother.”

Do any of these sound similar? If yes, then these are just a few of the many thoughts and feelings of a woman on realizing that she is pregnant.

If you are reading this post, either you too or your friend or someone close to you may be much of the muchness.

And we are here to help you make the best decision.

A little friendly advice:

The first thing is understanding and accepting reality. Whatever be your circumstances and preventive contraceptive measures at that time, the truth is that today, “You are pregnant.”

Although you may be experiencing uncomfortable feelings, do not let any guilt take you down. Don’t suppress your feelings. You have the right to feel your emotions. Give yourself time to feel, process and absorb the fact that you are pregnant.

Try to stay calm and reclaim your mental space. This may help you in reminding your priorities. With the power of acceptance, you may be able to recognize that your well-being, your health and your life is your priority. And you need to take care of it. We believe

“Healthy is Happy”

and we want you to have the same spirit.

Unwanted pregnancy: What are your options?

Now that you are feeling better and have accepted the fact of being pregnant, let’s look at your best options.

  1. The first option is to carry on with the pregnancy and manipulate your plans and goals.
  2. The second option is to terminate the pregnancy.

So, just like a ‘YES’ or “NO’, you too have only two options and you need to make your choice as early as possible.

Choosing to become the parent:

In case you opt to take your pregnancy ahead, it is a piece of good news. And without any delay, you should schedule an appointment with your gynaecologist. Get yourself thoroughly checked. Get your pregnancy length and location ascertained.

And welcome to parenting! We wish you all the best!

Choosing to terminate the unwanted pregnancy:

Now, nearly 50% of the pregnancies that happen throughout the world are unwanted or unplanned. While a married couple may still think of parenting as their option, but what about unmarried girls?

There are incidences where pregnancies result from immoral sexual assaults.

And there are events when unmarried girls get pregnant. Many of them do not choose to get pregnant. This is is why the news of pregnancy is unwelcome for them.

The majority of unplanned pregnancies are either due to contraceptive failure or lack of contraceptive resources available. Or they may be due to a lack of knowledge on contraception provided to the people.

Whatever be the reason, the next step has to be planned now. If abortion is the best way out of an unwanted pregnancy, which indeed stands true, then delay is not advisable.

The abortion decision:

The abortion decision doesn’t come with a magic wand that you say I want an abortion and you get it and it’s all over.

But it is not even that difficult to have an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy if you have the right knowledge and the plan.

Many women who want an abortion still stay in confusion and delay in availing it because of some bothering concerns like,

“Is abortion safe?”

“Is abortion painful?”

“What is the cost of an abortion?”

“How to get an abortion?”

“Is abortion legal in my country?”

“Can I get an abortion as an unmarried?”

“Do I need to involve my parents in an abortion?”

“What will people think of me if I have an abortion?”

“I am unmarried. No one will marry me if the truth of my pregnancy comes out.”

“Shall I buy abortion pills online or from a pharmacy?”

“I am afraid I might not get pregnant again.”

Our answers:

Abortions and safety:

Yes, abortions are safe procedures when carried out at certified abortion clinics. As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), abortions are to be performed only by qualified, certified and registered medical professionals. They need to have received training for carrying out pregnancy terminations.

Moreover, abortion methods, the medicines, the tools and techniques to be used and precautions to be taken care of are all guided. WHO regards that each woman should have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). It starts before an abortion as pre-abortion care and lasts through post-abortion.

The guidelines are framed for each method of abortion which are dependent on the length and location of the pregnancy.

In addition, WHO regards abortion as safe, if it is performed in a manner that the woman’s health (physical and mental), her human rights, her confidentiality and her autonomy in decision-making are all respected. Furthermore, there may be no discrimination of any kind.

Risks with abortions:

When performed at the best abortion hospital, all abortions are not only safe but are also successful and efficient procedures.

However, we are afraid, the same is not true for unsafe abortions. We asked you to relax and calm down in the beginning so that you may not panic. In panic or hurry, a woman may fall into the trap of unsafe abortion.

Unsafe abortions may act as never-ending loops. They have many serious complications for which the woman may have to pay the cost of abortion with her lost health. In some cases, unsafe abortions may even be fatal.

Do you know, the maximum number of maternal mortalities and morbidities result from unsafe abortions?

Risks with abortion pills:

We advise you to never buy abortion pills through unsafe means. Risks with abortion pills may include:

  • Buying wrong pills
  • Failed abortion
  • Incomplete abortion
  • Allergies
  • Medicine interactions and many more.
  • Side-effects associated with pills

In case of an ectopic pregnancy, self-administration of abortion pills may even be fatal.

For detailed risks with abortion pills, you may click on the link given below.

Associated risks with abortion pills, some Myths and Facts

Risks with unsafe surgical abortions:

And risks with unsafe surgical abortions or the methods adopted to complete the incomplete abortions are further serious.

These may include:

  • Internal injury
  • Haemorrhage and shock
  • Loss of fertility
  • Infections
  • Loss of life

For detailed risks with unsafe abortions and how to prevent them, you may click the link given below:

What are the abortion risks and how to prevent them?

Abortion rules in different countries may come as obstacles:

Are you living in a country where abortion is illegal?

Does that mean you do not have any safe and legal way out of your unwanted pregnancy?

Are you thinking of buying abortion pills online or procure them through an illegal source?

Let us clarify that like all women in the world, you too have a better option for legally and safely terminating an unwanted pregnancy. No matter wherever or in which country you are residing, but look on the brighter side and you will find your escape route.

Refrain from unsafe abortions since their consequences cannot be ignored. You may overlook them for the time being. But the cost of abortion that you may have to pay with a co-morbidity or mortality may be irreversible.

You may never get pregnant again.

You may suffer a complication for which you have to be taking life-long medicines. Or the cost of an abortion if unsafe may even be your life.

Hence, think wisely. First, check out the abortion rules of your country. Here are some guidelines for a few countries which you may click on the given links and equip your knowledge bank.

Abortion in Dubai:

If you living in Dubai, the abortion rules and your best available options are: Abortion in Dubai compared to Abortion in Bangalore India – What are your options?

And the risk of buying abortion tablets for sale in Dubai are: What you must know before buying abortion pills in Dubai?

Abortion in Kuwait:

Are you seeking a safe abortion in Kuwait? Here are your safe abortion options and guide to planning the same: Abortion in Kuwait Versus Abortion in India

Do not buy abortion pills in Kuwait online. Here is what you may suffer at the hands of law and also the cost of abortion in terms of your health: Everything you need to know about abortion pills in Kuwait

Abortion in Bahrain:

Never tend to buy abortion pills in Bahrain. They may put you at multiple risks. You may even be imprisoned. And an unsafe abortion can have your future life disoriented. Here is the detail of what may happen and what are your safe options: Abortion in Bahrain compared to Abortion in India

Abortion in Bhutan:

Women from Bhutan often cross borders with neighbouring countries to avail themselves of secretive abortions. But they end up being victims of unsafe abortions. If you too are seeking a confidential abortion in Bhutan, you do have a better choice than an unsafe abortion.

Abortion in Qatar:

Being abortions illegal in Qatar, women and unmarried girls resort to unsafe abortions. If caught, they have to undergo brutal legal punishment. They sometimes have very bad unsafe abortion experiences and what to say about stigma? It is nearly associated with abortions everywhere in the world.

Qatar is not far from India and you can travel to Bangalore and avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion at American Hospital Bangalore (AHB).

If you are residing in any other country and are seeking a safe way to terminate an unwanted pregnancy, do let us know the name of your country. You can just drop the name of your country in the comment section below.

We shall discover the best possible options for you and help you avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Abortions and pain:

The fear of pain may be worse than the pain itself. The same stands true even for abortions. Many women hear from their friends or families or just read online abortion stories and start fearing pain.

It is the very nature of fear to keep the bearer in a frightened state. Sometimes, this fear gets overwhelming and may lead women to wrong abortion decisions.

If you too fear pain, we shall advise you to go for a Gentle Care Abortion procedure. It is easily accessible to any woman residing anywhere in the world and is ready to travel to Bangalore, India for a painless abortion.

Gentle Care Abortions are exclusive procedures performed by the highly qualified and experienced abortion team. It has been internationally recognized as the most experienced and safest abortion team with decades of experience.

There, you can not only avail of a painless abortion but can also be assured of some other things that you may want from your abortion:

  • Private consultation
  • Confidence of a completed abortion.
  • Confidential abortion.
  • Safe abortion procedures with minimized risks of abortion.
  • Non-judgmental and professional treatment.
  • Calm and relaxing atmosphere

The Gentle Care Abortion procedures:

“What may be my abortion procedure?” is a question often asked by women and is very valid.

Since Gentle Care abortion procedures are available at AHB, you will have to travel to Bangalore, India for obtaining them. It is very easy and convenient to plan a short abortion trip. Keep reading further to know how to plan and execute.

Getting to the methods of abortion, the Gentle Care abortion procedures are a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care.

The pre-abortion care will start with your first call to the hospital. You can expect to be asked about your pregnancy length and when would you like to visit the hospital for a private consultation. Though your immediate concerns may be answered immediately, however, you can schedule an appointment for a one-to-one consultation with the doctor and a short abortion procedure.

Surprised? Yes, Gentle care abortion procedures are like any Out Patient Dispensary (OPD) procedure. You may be discharged the same day after your abortion.

The method of abortion is dependent on the length and location of the pregnancy at first. Other factors that may be considered in prescribing the best method of abortion for you may include your existing medical condition, your allergies, medicines you may be taking, your comfort and convenience.

Then, you may be briefed about the best abortion procedure for you. All the details and the cost of abortion may be told to you beforehand.

Method of abortion based on pregnancy location:

Normal pregnancies are intrauterine. It means the embryo has been implanted in the uterus and is developing there. Such pregnancies are checked for their length and suitable method of abortion is recommended.

There can be pregnancies in some cases where the embryo starts growing at an abnormal location like the fallopian tube or the abdominal cavity or even near the cervix. Such pregnancies are extrauterine, meaning outside the uterus. They are commonly known as ectopic pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancies deserve immediate medical attention. If they are not diagnosed early, they may endanger the woman’s life.

Such pregnancies are not viable and hence they are technically not abortions but treatments. Early ectopic pregnancies may be medically removed by oral tablets or intravenous injection.

But in case of ruptured ectopic pregnancies, laparoscopy surgery may be needed immediately. Mostly, ruptured pregnancies are the ones in the fallopian tubes also known as tubal pregnancies. In these emergency procedures, the ruptured tube, the adjacent ovary may have to be removed.

This impacts the future fertility of a woman. Therefore, it is advised to visit a gynaecologist to have the length and location of pregnancy determined both for wanted and unwanted pregnancies.

Method of abortion based on pregnancy length:

The safe methods for performing abortions as per the guidelines of WHO are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion

Methods of abortion at AHB:

At AHB, all three methods of abortion are available. Let’s find out if they may be recommended to you.

The medical method of abortion: This method involves the use of two safe abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. At AHB, it can be prescribed to you if:

  • You are quite early and your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • The pregnancy is normal, i.e., intrauterine.
  • You are not allergic to medicines.
  • You are not taking any other medicines that may interact with safe abortion pills.
  • You are willing to undergo abdominal cramping pain and abortion at your home. Pain management tablets will be prescribed to ease the discomfort.
  • Moderate to heavy bleeding is not a problem for you.
  • You are ready to take 2-3 days off from work until the embryo gets evacuated.
  • Waiting period of nearly a week for a complete abortion is not a problem for you.
  • You are prepared to undergo a surgical abortion in case you face the complication of incomplete abortion. This is because the abortion pills method is only 95%-98% efficient.

Women who travel to Bangalore tend to opt for a more efficient and painless procedure. They want to return confidently and stress-free after having availed of successful abortion. So, even if they are early, they prefer the gentle VA method of abortion.

Vacuum aspiration method of abortion: This method involves gently sucking off the embryo and gestation products by applying suction. At AHB, it may be prescribed to you if:

  • Your gestation period is less than 12 weeks.
  • You have an intrauterine pregnancy.
  • A short procedure of 3-10 minutes in a single appointment is that what you may want.
  • You wish to confidently return home with a successful abortion.
  • It is nearly 100% efficient.
  • You want a painless abortion. Bleeding may range from zero to a minimum.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion: This is the surgical method of abortion and at AHB, it may be prescribed to you if:

  • You are in the second trimester but your gestation is not more than 20 weeks.
  • The pregnancy is intrauterine.
  • To complete an incomplete abortion as that may have happened with abortion pills.
  • You want a painless and single-day procedure.
  • This method is also nearly 100% efficient and you may return with a single appointment successful abortion.

It is very easy to travel to Bangalore. It is well-connected with different means of transport. You may arrive by domestic flight if you are coming from a city like Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh or any other city.

You can check for international flights if you are travelling from places like UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Dubai, Sharjah, etc.

Or if you are coming from a nearby city or are a resident of Bangalore, there are several options like trains, cabs and more. You can always travel by car. It will be better you have someone to accompany you to help you drive back home if you are coming in your personal car.

Schedule an appointment at American Hospital Bangalore and keep your stress off the shore.

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