Where to have a safe and confidential abortion in Kozhikode

Calicut or Kozhikode, the coastal Indian city is the second-largest city of Kerala. Although it is a metropolitan city, however women reproductive rights are stigmatized. Choice of abortion in Kerala is not an easily accessible option even when abortion in India is legal.

This post intends to help women in Kozhikode realize their safe, legal and confidential abortion options.

Before buying abortion pills in Calicut illegally or through an unprofessional, you must know that abortion in India is legal. And unsafe abortions come at a much higher cost than expected. They not only put your health at risk but may also put your life in danger.

This post brings you some must-know information if you are seeking a safe, legal, confidential and non-judgmental abortion in India.

Let’s begin with the legal status of abortion in Kerala, India.

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