Abortion in Anantapur: Your rights, risks & safe options

Several questions cloud the minds of women and girls seeking abortions. When remaining unanswered, women and girls often resort to unsafe abortions. Sometimes they are unaware of their reproductive rights. At other times, they act in a panic not knowing their safe abortion options. Or they choose an unsafe method over safe abortion fearing the kind of stigmas attached to abortions.

This post intends to help married women, unmarried girls, and single women seeking abortion in Anantapur know their reproductive rights. The real thing you may need to know is that unsafe abortions are the third major cause of maternal mortalities and morbidities in India.

This post is an initiative by a specialized abortion clinic to help women have access to safe abortions. American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) abortion team has come forward to help women access Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). The team has been providing safe, legal, confidential, painless, quick and comfortable abortion experiences since its founding in the year 1995.

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