All you need to know about abortion in Fujairah:

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) have a lot to offer to its tourists. And a glimpse of each city can give you a refreshing and exciting experience. The next city will give you an entirely different escapade. Fujairah City, the seventh-largest city in UAE is located at a distance of just 90 minutes drive from Dubai.

The city offers exciting beaches for the ones who wish to relax in solitude. Scuba diving, snorkeling and beautiful landscapes are just perfect to serve the tourists.

But what about women seeking abortion in Fujairah?
Does the city or the country have anything to offer them legally, safely and privately?

A warm hello to all readers. This post carries a message for women in Fujairah seeking abortions. Please do not resort to self-abortion until you have read this.

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Abortion in Fujairah, UAE
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