Unwanted pregnancy abortion in Al Ain, UAE: Where to have?

A warm hello to the readers from the fourth-largest city of the UAE, Al Ain.

This garden city of the Arab nation, the oasis town has plenty to offer both in tourism and trade. An oasis offers relaxation to the inhabitants of the across desert regions.

But what can be an oasis for girls and women in Al Ain seeking abortions for unwanted pregnancies? Or for that matter, anywhere else in the neighboring Abu Dhabi or Oman or anywhere in the UAE?

This post intends to help all married women and unmarried girls living in Al Ain discover their oasis. Yes, although abortion in UAE is illegal. However, you do have safe, legal and confidential options to help you get rid of an unwanted pregnancy.

If you too are seeking one or are thinking of buying abortion pills in Al Ain illegally, please read this post before you jump in.

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