Everything you need to know about surgical abortion in Bangalore India

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended certain safe methods to cease an unwanted pregnancy. These methods are considered safe when they are performed by keeping in consideration the safety requirements of the woman’s health and privacy. 

There are two methods prescribed by the WHO for safe abortions to be chosen under specific circumstances following each patient’s condition and gestation length to ensure a woman has a healthy and safe abortion. These are Medical abortion and Surgical abortion.

Surgical Abortion: When most people think of ‘surgery’ they think cutting, incision and suturing (stitching) is involved.  However, with ‘surgical abortion’, the procedures do not involve cutting, incision or suturing.

You can feel confident without fear, and comfortable getting a surgical abortion procedure in India at a certified MTP centre in Bangalore.

While surgical abortion is not a conventional surgical procedure, to ensure it is gentle, it needs to be done by qualified, well-trained and experienced registered medical practitioners only at certified Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres. 

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