Where to have a safe & confidential abortion in the Maldives

The Maldives, an escapade to the Heaven of Blue Hues has unparalleled beauty. You can live and love being in the Maldives for multiple reasons like beautiful landscapes.

Although the Maldives is extremely beautiful and a sought after travel destination for nature lovers, women and girls there struggle to end unwanted pregnancies.

Abortion rules vary with countries and even territories. And so does it in the Maldives. Unwanted pregnancies can come to any woman in any part of the world. But different countries do not give women equal rights to opt-out of unwanted pregnancies.

If you too have questions concerning abortion in Malé or anywhere in the Maldives, this post intends to educate you regarding your safe options. You will learn your abortion rights in the Maldives and also how and where you can obtain a legal, safe and confidential abortion.

Let’s begin with your legal abortion rights in the Maldives:

Abortion in the Maldives: The legal restrictions:

Abortions in the Maldives are governed by Section 416 of the Maldives Penal Code, 2014.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion is illegal in the Maldives except it is essential to protect the woman’s life or in events of pregnancies resulting from rapes/incest.

Consent for abortion:

Abortion in the Maldives for the permissible circumstances is available on the consent of the woman with the husband’s authorization. In the event spouse is unavailable, paternal parents or guardians need to give their consent for abortion.

This clarifies your question, “Can I get an abortion in the Maldives as an unmarried girl?”

No, you cannot obtain a legal abortion in Malé or the Maldives as an unmarried girl.

Gestation period:

Abortion in the Maldives for permissible cases is available for only up to 120 days.

Abortion in Maldives

Buying abortion pills in the Maldives:

An unintended pregnancy comes to many girls and women in a variety of situations. However, all girls and women do not have legal abortion options. So, they attempt unsafe abortions such as buying abortion pills illegally.

Unaware of the circumstances that a self-abortion can put them in, they consider it as their easiest and the earliest rescue from unwanted pregnancy.

They procure abortion pills illegally through unauthorized sources. Some of them even go ahead with manual abortions. All these methods of abortion are unsafe and can result in multiple complications. Some of the complications with unsafe abortions can even be life-threatening.

Let’s see some of the side effects of self-medication with abortion pills in the Maldives:

Incomplete abortion:

An incomplete abortion is the most common complication with abortion pills. There can be several reasons that can result in an incomplete abortion in the Maldives. Some of them include:

The inefficiency of abortion pills:

Abortion pills are not 100% effective and there is always a probability of incomplete abortion with abortion pills. Due to this very reason, many girls and women who visit the best abortion hospital for abortion choose the more efficient, Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion. Besides its efficiency, it has several other advantages over medical abortion. (Read them here: Medical or Suction abortion method: What may be best for you)

Wrong abortion pills:

When you procure abortion pills in a country through an authorized person, you may or may not get the right abortion pills. The supplier can trick you and give you some substandard or entirely different medicines. Since the supply was made through an illegal source, neither you can question nor can turn back to the supplier after realizing that abortion wasn’t as expected.

Wrong dose:

Just like all other medicines, dose adjustment is essential even for abortion pills. If you are suffering from any medical condition or taking any medicines that can interfere with abortion pills, their efficiency may have a negative impact. If you take abortion pills at a wrongly calculated dose for you, they may result in an incomplete abortion.

Gestation period:

Even with safe abortion pills, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends their use for early pregnancies, i.e., less than 6-8 weeks. Taking them beyond this period can result in an incomplete abortion.

Wrong method of administration:

Abortion pill administration can be done orally as well as vaginally. And only a qualified and experienced doctor can prescribe the best abortion method for a patient. Some patients need only oral administration while the doctor may consider internal administration better for other patients. As any girl or woman, you may not know what is best for you. And the wrong mode of administration can also result in an incomplete abortion.

Wrong timing:

The two safe abortion pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. They are not taken together. There is a time gap between taking the two pills. Again, the doctor will decide the best gap for every patient according to her pregnancy length and other factors. Hence, wrong timing can also result in an incomplete abortion.

What next?

An incomplete abortion is a medical condition that presents itself with bleeding from spotting to heavy even after the abortion for up to many days and weeks. Abdominal cramps, pain and even fever may accompany. The patient may complain of fatigue and tiredness all day.

And the main thing is that corrective surgery is necessary to complete an incomplete abortion. Womb cleaning is necessary as in the surgical abortion method.

And when you procure abortion pills illegally or you are not eligible for legal abortion in Malé or anywhere in the Maldives, how will you have access to this corrective surgery?

You shouldn’t self-administer abortion pills unless you consider your safe abortion option.

Ectopic pregnancy:

Besides an incomplete abortion, another risk with self-medication with abortion pills is a case of an ectopic pregnancy.

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

The pink lines on a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit can tell you that you are pregnant. But it does not tell you whether your pregnancy is normal or an ectopic pregnancy.

The difference between a normal and an ectopic pregnancy is the location of the embryo, the place where it has been implanted. In a normal pregnancy, the embryo travels from the fallopian tubes to the uterus and implants in the uterine lining.

Whereas, in ectopic pregnancies, the embryo may either remain in the tube or it may travel wrongfully to the abdominal cavity or the cervix. There are non-viable pregnancies that need immediate treatment. Since in such events, the embryo is not in the womb, ectopic pregnancies are also known as extrauterine pregnancies.

How can abortion pills with ectopic pregnancies result in serious complications?

When you administer abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion will not take place. Abortion pills may result in bleeding as a result of uterine contractions. But the abortion will not take place because the embryo was not in the uterus. So, how can abortion pills result in the emptying of the uterus?

The pregnancy may stay at the location where it is and can cause a rupture when the cells keep on growing in the narrow space. Such a condition with a ruptured fallopian tube is a medical emergency. Only an immediate surgery to remove the ruptured tissues, the fallopian tube and the connecting ovary can save the patient’s life.

This unwanted situation is preventable with early detection of an ectopic pregnancy. In such events, the condition can be treated medically and the patient’s fertility and life be protected.

Heavy bleeding:

Abortion pills work to stop the pregnancy from growing and expelling it through the vaginal route. In some cases, the bleeding may be in excess and the blood transfusion may be necessary for protecting the patient’s life.

When you procure abortion pills without a prescription, you may have no place to visit in such an emergency condition. You may take help in an emergency section of a hospital and have your life saved. However, the hospital can inform about your illegal abortion to the government authorities.

And in such events, self-abortion in the Maldives is a punishable offence.


Bleeding and abortion can result in infections. When you visit a registered abortion clinic, the doctor prescribes antibiotics to be taken prophylactically besides the abortion pills.

But when you self-medicate, you may not know what and how to take. You can put yourself at an added risk of infections. Infection can present with a fever that does not subside by 24-hours can spread further.

Whether infection spreads to the entire bloodstream, it can also result in sepsis, which can be life-threatening.

And infections of the reproductive organs like Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID) or inflammation in the fallopian tubes can also affect your future pregnancies.

Allergic reactions:

Sometimes patients may be allergic to abortion pills. And when you do not know that you are allergic to any ingredient, you may develop an allergic reaction. It may vary from mild to severe. Again, it is advisable not to self-administer abortion pills.

Coming next as to how can you have a safe, legal and confidential abortion.

Safe abortion options in India for women in the Maldives:

When continuing the pregnancy is not a choice or option, a woman or a girl cannot choose to terminate it at will in the Maldives. But she can avail the facility of medical tourism and travel to India for a safe and legal abortion.

Why should you travel to India from the Maldives for an abortion?

There are several advantages of having an abortion in India than in the Maldives when speaking of the legal benefits. The biggest advantage is that “Abortion in India is legal”. Let’s see the liberal abortion rules of India that make it the choicest abortion destination for women coming from different parts of the world.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legal for a variety of reasons. These include:

  • Contraceptive failure: Abortion in the Maldives is not legal if any contraceptive failure results in your pregnancy. However, you can obtain a legal abortion in India for this reason.
  • Rape/incest: Although you can obtain an abortion in the Maldives in case of rape/incest. However, you need your partner’s or parental consent for the same. Whereas, you can obtain a legal abortion in India only on your consent.
  • Protection of the patient’s physical and/or mental health and/or life: Abortion in the Maldives is available to save the woman’s life, but not to protect her physical and/or mental health. But you can obtain a legal abortion for this reason in India.
  • Fetal deformities: Abortion in the Maldives is unavailable for this clause as well unlike in India.

Gestation age:

Abortion in the Maldives for permissible reasons is available for up to 120 days. But abortion in India is available for up to 20 weeks for normal cases. However, in some special cases, it is available even beyond 20 weeks. This makes it nearly 140 days.

Marital status:

Abortion in the Maldives is available only for married women for the permissible clauses. Unmarried girls cannot obtain a legal abortion in the Maldives. They either have to marry and proceed with the pregnancy. But such situations may not be the likely needs of the present moment.

And even after marriage, you cannot ask for a legal abortion because you choose not to proceed with the pregnancy.

Whereas, abortion in India is legal regardless of the woman’s marital status. You can obtain a legal abortion in India both as married or an unmarried girl or woman or single woman.

Consent for abortion:

You cannot obtain a legal abortion in the Maldives without your husband’s consent. In events where the husband is unavailable at that time, paternal parental or guardian consent is needed. However, you can obtain a legal abortion in India only with your consent.

All adult girls and women, the ones above 18 years can ask for legal abortion for permissible situations only on their consent. They may choose not to involve their partner. Unmarried girls can choose not to involve their parents and seek a confidential abortion in India.

Abortion in India is legal for women from the Maldives:

Abortions in India are equally available to all women regardless of their citizenship. The set of legal rules and regulations that govern abortions are for all abortions that take place in registered abortion clinics of the country.

Many women living in the Middle East countries like the UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar travel to India for legal abortions. Women from neighboring countries like the Philippines, Bhutan, Mauritius also travel to India as a part of a short abortion trip.

Where in India can you have a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

India is a vast country and you cannot just visit India and ask for an abortion. Although you can do that, it carries a lot of hassle. It is always wise to plan an abortion trip and make every move accordingly.

You may choose to visit the best abortion hospital, American Hospital Bangalore (AHB) located in Bangalore in the Indian state, Karnataka.

AHB has world-class abortion facilities. It is the only clinic that offers personalized abortion services to patients coming here from various parts of the world.

Several advantages make AHB the best abortion hospital. Let us have a look at them one by one.

Ease of access:

Bangalore is a metropolitan city and hence has an extensive travel network both internationally as well within the country. Moreover, even within the city, the hospital location is easily accessible by various local means of transport.

You can book a flight from Malé  to Bangalore. It is a very short flight of fewer than 2 hours. Please have your documents for VISA ready. You can speak to the coordinator on AHB’s helpline number. You will receive all the help you may need in VISA clearance, your travel arrangements, abortion appointment and short-stay options near the airport or the hospital.

Within the city, a cab can take you from the airport to your hotel from where you can again take the cab to the hospital as per your appointment time.

Do not worry! Speak to the coordinator for hassle-free travel and stay options as a part of your abortion trip.

Esteemed abortion team:

The abortion team at the American Hospital Bangalore consists of gynecologists and anesthetists with high-level qualifications. Besides the qualifications, the doctors hold experience of multiple decades.

Then, there are well qualified and experienced nurses. They have received international training on all the latest tools, techniques and equipment to assist in abortions. Besides, they are highly professional, caring, supportive, compassionate and non-judgmental.

A nurse shall stay by your side throughout your stay at the hospital to make the entire abortion process a comfortable experience for you.

Advanced healthcare:

AHB has a world-class infrastructure and the latest machinery and equipment for all medical procedures. The hospital is equipped to perform all abortion procedures safely, precisely and in a painless manner.

The hospital uses the latest pieces of equipment, sterile surgical tools and disposable articles wherever applicable.

AHB follows the Comprehensive abortion Care (CAC) guidelines framed by the World Health Organization (WHO) for safe abortions according to the pregnancy length. These are:

  1. The medical abortion with abortion pills up to 6-8 weeks into the pregnancy.
  2. Vacuum Aspiration or Suction abortion with gentle suction for up to 12 weeks.
  3. Surgical or the Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) abortion for up to 20 weeks.

For ectopic pregnancies, AHB again follows CAC guidelines and treat it according to the case-specific by two methods. These include:

  1. Medical removal of ectopic pregnancy with the help of medicines, oral or in injectable forms.
  2. Surgical removal of ectopic pregnancy with the help of a laparoscopic procedure.

The doctors at AHB evaluate an individual patient’s medical condition and then prescribe the best abortion method for her.

Single-appointment abortions:

Abortions in India in different hospitals may need a patient to visit one to multiple times. There can be multiple appointments for consultation, diagnostic tests, repeated consultation after reports, the abortion procedure, overnight hospitalization, post-abortion follow-up and more.

But American Hospital Bangalore offers personalized abortion care. Therefore, its patient intake is limited. It provides complete abortion care to a patient in the same appointment for a single day.

When you arrive by your appointment time, the doctor shall provide you one-to-one consultation, read your case and advise some tests. The tests can be done in a nearby laboratory. The reports will arrive within an hour. Until then, you can rest in a private room allotted to you.

After the reports arrive, the doctor shall evaluate them and tell you your available abortion options according to your pregnancy length, location and other factors specific to you. Also, you will receive complete guidance as to what to expect from your abortion procedure.

As per your choice, you will receive the procedure.

Medical abortion:

If you choose to go for medical abortion, the doctor shall give you abortion pills. But the abortion will take place within the hotel room on the third day. And you can expect pain, bleeding, cramps for days. And then you will have to wait for the abortion to complete for up to a week.

You can choose to return to the Maldives. In most cases, abortions are complete and you may not need to visit again. But if it happens to be a case of an incomplete abortion, which is always a risk, then you may need to visit again to have the abortion completed.

Due to this reason, most foreign women opt for a Gentle care suction abortion at AHB.

Suction abortion:

If you choose this method, it is a short procedure of less than 3-10 minutes. It has other advantages of being painless, associated with zero to minimum bleeding and efficiency. You can return to the Maldives the next day with the confidence of a completed abortion.

After the abortion, you can take discharge within an hour. Then, you’ll receive guidance on post-abortion care for healthy and early recovery. After that, the cab can take you to your hotel. You can rest overnight and return the following day or as per your scheduled flight.

Surgical abortion:

If you are late in your pregnancy, the doctor may advise you to undergo a surgical abortion. At AHB, it is also a short procedure of fewer than 30 minutes. It is also painless abortion, Gentle care and efficient. You can take discharge within an hour post-abortion or as and when you feel comfortable.

The coordinator can help you reach your hotel. You can stay overnight and return to Malé as per your scheduled flight with the confidence of a completed abortion.

Since AHB takes in limited patients each day so as to provide personalized care to each patient, all seats for today may have been booked. Call the helpline to schedule the earliest appointment for a safe, complete, painless and comfortable abortion today.

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